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My "Illnesses, Surgeries, and Medications
When I begin to see others about my "illnesses" , the many surgeries I have endured, and the number of medications it takes to keep my body in a state of somewhat "normality", even Doctors and Nurses have gone into a state of "shock".

Illnesses: Lupus, Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren's, Severe Osteoporosis, 2 Myocardial Infarctions (1 heart attack at age 40 and the 2nd at age 50), High Blood Pressure, "probable" Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Degenerative Joint and Disc Disease,B-12 Deficiency (Pernicious Anemia), Chronic Double Vision, Chronic Vertigo, Menieres Disease, Chronic Migraines, Kidney Stones (and I probably left something out)

Surgeries: 2 Total Knee Replacements (after at least 2 arthroscopies on each knee), Right Total Reverse Shoulder Replacement, 2 other arthroscopies on both both shoulders, a 4 level Cervical Discectomy/Fusion, an Internally Implanted Pain Pump, Gallbladder Removed, Hysterectomy, Bladder SurgeryLeft Elbow Surgery, Left Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery, Temporal Artery Biopsy & once again I have probably left something out.

Medications: Methotrexate, Plaquenil, Rituxan( 2 infusions two weeks apart every 4 to 6 months), Lisonpril, Pravastin, Prednisone, Forteo(daily injection), Lasix, Valium, Robaxin, Meclazine, Gabepentin, BC Powders, Folic Acid, Nexium, Promethazine, Zofran,B-12 - 1 injection monthly, B-12 tablet daily,Nystatin and Lidocaine (for oral mouth ulcers, sore throats), Carafate, Monekuite, Singular, Metropolol, Ranexa, Multi-Vitamin & I once every 3 months I have to go in and have my pain pump refilled, plus there is probably something I am forgetting.

This does not even account for some of the other illnesses/issues/symptoms caused from not only these illnesses, BUT also from the medications I take. things such a quick deterioration of your teeth from Sjogren's due to the lack of moisture from your mucus members. Fatigue, Stiffness, Pain Chronic, Severe Mouth Ulcers and sore throats, Lupus Migraines, skin thinning, hair thinning, the "Lupus Mask" over the cheeks and nose. (by the way, an interesting fact… Lupus means "Wolf". The illness became named this due to the "reddish brown mask on the cheeks and nose that almost looks like a mask on a Wolf's face).

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