Saturday, March 30, 2019

New Clinical Trial for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

 Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

After an IPF diagnosis, it can be difficult to find options. Clinical trials research potential new treatments, and need volunteers to take part. A new IPF clinical trial is now looking for volunteers in your area.
The trial is researching a potential new treatment for IPF that is being studied to see if it may prevent or reduce disease progression. You may qualify to take part if you:
  • Are at least 40 years of age
  • Have had a diagnosis of IPF within the last 3 years
If you or a loved one suffer from IPF, click to learn more about the trial.
Learn why I’m talking about Clinical Trials

You may qualify for an #IdiopathicPulmonaryFibrosis clinical trial if you are at least 40 y.o. and have had a diagnosis of #IPF within the last 3 years. Learn more! #sponsored #cureclick

Friday, March 22, 2019

Pacemaker? or No Pacemaker? - So what decision do I make???

MMMMM... Well at least I know I am NOT INSANE! (or anymore than I've always been) :)... My tests from the 24 hour Holter monitor on my heart rate DOES SHOW THAT 17 HOURS OUT OF 24... my heart rate runs ABNORMALLY LOW.... as low as 42 BPM 7 hours out of that time and then in between that and 55 it never really got to "normal" even when I was out and about doing things during that time... so now I can decide "if" I want to do something, like have the pacemaker put in... or wait....

my issue is that I noticed the past 6 months, I tire so easily.... by the time I get up and do a few things either around the inside or outside of the house, or make a trip to the market, get the groceries in the car, home out of the car, and put up.... and get changed..

I feel exhausted... today I did some weed eating in the back yard, and within 30 minutes I could barely lift my feet to get in the house, change, and if I ever sit down, it's like I am just too exhausted to do anything else fr the day.... plus I am not sleeping, and I found out that could be why my ankles are swelling so badly again... and having a slow rate also can cause nausea, which I am seemingly nauseated every day darned near it. But, of course once a pacemaker goes in just like the pain pump, it is there "for life"...

you can't decide in a year or so that you 'don't want it any longer" ... and of course I know every about 8 years or more, the battery has to be replaced...good thing that is NOT so invasive like my pain pump... when it "goes out" I have to undergo major surgery to completely replace it...not just put a new battery, I decided to do some research more and give it some thought over the weekend... and then see if I want to go in and discuss it more with my cardiologist....

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Happy 1st Day of Spring & Hope Nice Weather Brings Less Pain, Less Flares & Feeling More Energy!


Wishing us all better days ahead. I .along with many of us have had a rough time this past winter from all of the rains, snow, ice, cold, bitter cold, and then from "warmer" to "cooler" over a day's time.

I found it interesting that this winter I spoke with many people who had never had a "joint" problem, or pain, stiffness and bad issues with joints. Yet, everywhere I went there seemed to be those that never experienced symptoms of arthritis, & other joint issues that have really suffered over the past several months...

It seems more people are beginning to suffer than ever before. I know I've pondered the reasons why may, that never had problems are now limping, stiff, in pain, and having major joint problems... weather? age? temperature? our polluted air water and land?, all of the "preservatives" in our food??? Makes you wonder for sure...

Monday, March 18, 2019

Now the Government wants to "have our "Social Media" used to determine if we are Disabled??????

Talk about a crock! They will do anything to try and take away our benefits many of us worked for years and earned SS and Medicare, when after 25 years or more we become too ill to work and need our disability!

This is just absolutely ridiculous! I feel like they prefer we pass on, rather than try and live what life we have with our family, friends, spouses, and enjoy the days that are often few that are good.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

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