Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Nation Shall never be the same...

I don't know how many of you understand the full blow to America that the Supreme Court has dealt us after their decision to allow corporations to be considered "people", but I hope you are mad as hell. If not yet, once you see the video attached, I hope you are just as torn to pieces inside and out as many of us are. Here we have fought tooth and nail, for decades to make sure democracy stands. We have fought to make sure our amendments written by our own forefathers so many years ago stand as our own way to voice how the people. by the people and for the people stand. Whether it be who we choose to elect into government, what church we attend, what college we attend, what we choose as our own profession for work, all of those decisions have been upheld because up until now the upholding of the constitution giving us the rights has been intact...but no more.. all that our forefathers fought for, all of the blood shed that gave us, and generations to come has just been trampled into the dirt, rolled up into a ball, and thrown into a fiery furnace called corporate America. They will rule who is our President, they will rule who is in our Senate, their dollars pumped into ads for who they choose to be in the Senate, House and even the Presidential office, shall be taken by them, and our votes will mean basically nothing.... how can any one sitting as a Supreme Court Justice see that giving corporations rights as a person is a good thing for our country? Talk about senile?? I have to wonder if Alzheimer's has set into our Supreme Court and delusions are coming from our Justices, yet no one has noticed that have lost their minds... Be scared.... be very scared.... this is going to mean our rights, will be the rights of corporations yet they are the ones with the money to back up whom they choose... the shall buy Senators and have them in their own hip pockets, like puppets on a string... dancing to the beat of what greed has already done to this nation.... the poor get more poor and the rich get richer and greedier!

I hope this video makes you mad.... really mad.... mad enough to open your mouths, voice your opinions and say hell no, we will not stand for itl...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Incredibly Good News About my Grandson!

I have incredibly good news! Logan is going home today. They feel he is doing fine, but he is going home with several asthma medications and inhalers as well as some type of new nebulizer for breathing treatments. Today makes it 10 days since he was admitted. Please continue to keep Logan, Amanda, my daughter and the family in your prayers. My daughter is just completely exhausted in every way, physically, mentally and emotionally. Plus I know the next few days and especially nights will be worrisome for her. I am sure she will be sitting by his bed for a few nights making sure he is breathing okay. Bless her heart and his. She wanted me to tell all thank you for the messages, the prayers, the concern.... she appreciates each and everyone of you. As of course well I myself also.. thank guys and gals for being so caring, for I know uplifting Logan through prayer, as well as uplifting his doctors in prayer had helped to get him back home and on the road to be completely well. A Huge Hug to all, Rhia

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I have a really special story about one of our dearest friends that lives in San Fransisco. He is a nurse there, and actually his schooling puts him higher than an RN actutally. He works the ER and that is what he loves, is helping those coming in many times you never know what you might do that day or night to save a life.
His name is Danny. He is about 42. He is a member of a nurses union in California. The head of the union approached Danny, as well as a couple of others from their hospital about joining the volunteer efforts for Haiti by being on the USS Comfort, which is one of the floating military hospitals, something like it holds 900 beds... and it completely self contained.

So Danny said yes!! He leaves this coming Wednesday to fly to Jacksonville FL where he will board the ship. He will be gone at least two weeks. :) I commend him and all of the civilian people who are donating their time they could be pulling shifts and earning their wages, to make such an amazing difference and with any Have to think about it, he said YES! immediately! We are so incredibly proud and envious a little of him. For I have said it 50 times, if my health was not an issue and they needed me for something I could help with, I would be on the first ship or place, headed that way.

So through Danny's unselfish act, we are living the situation through his eyes.It is truly incredible that he, as well as the other thousands of volunteers go to provide rellef to those who otherwise might perish with the thousands that already have.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mother Natures Wrath- Greatly Shadows our own pain

As the pictures came rolling in one by one this morning of the Nation of Haiti, and all that no longer exists for one of the poorest nations in the world, it puts our own pain and suffering into perspective, as that horrific disaster continues to wipe our hundred’s of thousands of innocent lives. Mother Nature spares no one... from the youngest of infants to the eldest of elders, body upon body, sheets, plastic, or whatever they can find to cover the dead over, while the ones that have been released from the mortuary to their loved ones... and are laid to rest by their own families having to dig the graves. Many thousands will not be claimed, since it is very probable entire families are wiped completely out, thus mass graves, one today of 7,000 people was dug and they brought corpse after corpse laying them to rest together forever, not one living to be able to tell of the horror that was in their hearts during those devastating minutes when the Earth literally shook so hard beneath their feet, it knocked down 4 and more story buildings, obliterated the Embassies, schools, hospitals, houses, stores, sending every stone to lie upon the ground like an atomic bomb had hit the entire 1 million plus people, and the Capitol of Haiti. These people already know daily struggles and suffering. Many of them already living in cardboard boxes, in small shacks on the mountain sides, now not a one standing. Often many of those millions living off of less than 2.00 a day for an entire family. Now, the most valuable thing there is no longer monetary, but life saving water and food.

There are visions of children injured wandering around as they pass those not so fortunate laying covered up around their feet. The injured sitting in the street, some not able to walk, no one to help them, for those that walk by, cannot even help themselves. I cannot begin to explain in the depths of my heart, just how fortunate I feel. Even though we suffer from Chronic Illnesses, Pain, and so many hardships, nothing compares to what those Haitian survivors are dealing with. Homes and all wiped away. Many of their loved ones dead, or buried beneath the massive piles of rubble. No shelter from aftershocks that range sometimes over 5 on the Richter Scale. No clean water, no food and n0 fuel to go and be able to get supplies. As many countries including our own US go hurriedly to help, it will be lifetimes for some of those before they will ever see what seems like home. It is a day of sorrow, it is a day of bravery, it is a day of sacrifice, of humbleness, of mourning for those that lost their lives, and even more grief for those surviving knowing all too well without medical assistance, water and food, they may die also.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 Awesome Exciting Achievements in Lupus Research For Medications and More

This is an exciting situation for those of us suffering from Lupus (SLE) and other autoimmune diseases. There are several medications that are on the brink of being possibly approved this year 2010 for combating the horrible symptoms, and the damage that Lupus does. Positive results for slowing down, shortening, and possibly halting flares have been shown in clinical trials, along with little or no serious side effects. Plus there has been much advancement in finding the bio-markers that could be partially or all the cause of those of us who come down with Lupus and/or other related autoimmune illnesses.

I am so thrilled and cannot wait until I can possibly try one of these medications.

I hope all of you who are Lupus patients, family, friends and caretakers are as excited as I am...


Monday, January 11, 2010

My Grandson, Logan is hospitalized

My Grandson is ill with the RVS Virus. He had to be hospitalized today, due to complications with his asthma. He is only 7 months old. Please keep him, and my daughter, son-in law and her two other kid in your thoughts and prayers please.

I appreciate your thoughts and prayers so much. It is difficult for me to be this far away. They live about 30 out of Corpus, so they are ove 6 hours away from me. When I find out more, I will post and let you know...

Hugs to All, Rhia

Friday, January 1, 2010

Limbaugh ill - Palin makes me Ill

OMG! LOL! I guess I am not the only one in the boat! The first thing out of my mouth when I heard this on the news yesterday was "IS He dead?"!!!!I I know that is not the Christian thing to say, but it appears if we are going to hell wishing that upon this scum bag, bigot, hate mongering, soul sucking, demon possessed lying bag of monkey crap, that has spewed his vile, hatred around our country and the world, then I shall be in good company! I will not apologize for how I feel about his gruesome, cold hearted, yelling, ill willed, hateful, and full of bigotry statements he makes about our country, our President, and everyone that we should respect. I will not apologize for hating what he stands for... which is what most of us loath. I will also say it will be a cold day in hell before I ever listened to one of his radio shows. And of all people, if Rush decided to kick the freaking bucket, NOT PALIN!!! That would be the sin of all sins. That colored dyed red headed witch can keep her frozen broom stick up there in her igloo & remain there for eternity as far as I am concerned! She does not know how to speak proper English, so how the heck would anyone think she could do a radio show? I would rather hear an intelligent monkey, or even far better than that, my "talking" Chi-weenie, Bubs, can speak better than that old wind bag of what some call a hockey Mom. I would love to tell her where she could put that hockey puck and stick! I say we ship both of them to the South Pole in a rubber raft, with NO RADIO, no phone, and only enough food and water for a week! They can share an igloo down there with the penguins.