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Each of us have a "story". Each one of us have more than our fair share of diagnosis, medications, tests, lab work, doctors, and probably feel like me… a "tried, tired and tested" human guinea pig… but in a nice sense of the term. At the present moment, we have many "guesses" from the very "best of the best" teams of researchers, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, host after host of internet sites to describe every detail of what "Autoimmune Arthritic Illnesses" are and what they "do" to a human being. All too often we get those answers much "too late". Too many times I hear the exact same story as mine, I waited YEARS BEFORE getting diagnosed and treated! Thus we have to surrender to the damage that is already done. So, my "journey" thru writing, through my own Autoimmune Arthritic illnesses and every mountain I have crawled my way up to, I surrender to YOU! My hopes are that through my own experiences you will find HOPE, faith and know that you are NOT alone…

Hashtags, Twitter and Our Ever changing technology...

As our "methods" of finding information online, or passing information around online continue to evolve, it is sometimes almost impossible to keep up with what everything means... we now have "twitter", and also "hashtags", we have Facebook groups, pages... we have Pinterest, blogs, Linkedin, we can "follow" some page, group, non-profit, we can be volunteers, Advocates, Activists, Ambassadors, we can be the ones ill with chronic pain, chronic illnesses, and the thousands of online sites you can get to for information about everything from doctors, medications, Pharmaceutical Companies, we can find kin folks, friends, classmates, ancestors, family trees, online books, online instructions... we can order online & get things in email, or by "snail mail", or pay bills online and have it in "real time" post to our accounts.

Our "daily" online world changes what seems like every moment. If something happens in a country thousands of miles away, we can know it in an instant. We can save hundreds of thousands of lives in knowing about large storms, violent eruptions, medical history in the making, watch surgeries online, watch directions of how to online, see our friends and family online, talk to everyone online.

I find I have a difficult time keeping up with exactly what some of our newest "ideas" mean. About the time I "almost" figured out Twitter, and hashtags, then this new "hashtags" main came out, and I am trying to figure out the proper way to use them. It seems they can be an "instant link" to every "search term", site, Facebook page, everyone on Twitter... technology in the making when you breathe in and out, something new has happened. So, I am "listing" some hashtags that you might find useful in a general sense of your searching for different things.

I will add to this list as I go along. In fact I may put this into a different "page" so it will be on top and available for you....



















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