Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Pain Patients Get Relief from Results Positive from on Opioids from U.S. Agencies!

Pain Patients Get Relief from Results Positive from  on Opioids from U.S. Agencies!

from the Scientific American


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Friday, April 12, 2019

MTX AND folic acid crucial together for many!!!


Methotrexate is a medication that doctors prescribe to treat certain conditions, including adult rheumatoid arthritis, some cancers, and severe psoriasis.


Saturday, April 6, 2019

Lupus Flare, RA Flares, UTI's, Kidney Infection Severe Pain Stiffness, Swelling and the list goes on...

Lupus Flare, RA Flare, UTI's, Kidney Infections... All of the Severe Pain, Tiredness, Fatigue, Joint stiffness, Swelling and WHY Can't they stuff fIND SOMEWAY TO RID US OF THESE HORRIBLE CHRONIC AUTOIMMUNE ILLNESSES????

Of course I get "good news" over the whole endoscopy/Colo-Guard thing... THEN after suffering for WEEKS HONESTLY with what I knew was a Severe Lupus and RA flare(s).... The pain was so horrible I honestly thought my meds were "placebo's".... 

of course I knew better, but the stiffness, pain, in my hips, lower back, ankles, thumbs, wrists, shoulder, all were just about to drive me nuts. I had appts. already with my PCPC, last week, then I see my Pain Doctor this coming Monday and was supposed to also see my rheumatologist Monday so I only had to make ONE TRIP to Dallas, - 

My Heart Doctor and I have an appt at the end of April to discuss the possibility of the pacemaker, which I had been outside during the past couple of weeks, when we had "half decent" weather trying to catch up on killing a back yard FULL OF KNEE TALL WEEDS, from so MUCH rain and more still to come, and trying to do all of the "spring stuff"... but I was in so much pain, so tired, weak, dizzy at times... I just felt it was the Lupus and tried to move through it, until the flares were better. By now, usually I would have went to Urgent Care, got a shot of corticosteroids, the huge 14 dose of prednisone, to get over the flares, but as I said I already felt so lousy, wanted to get stuff done in between the sofa, TV and trying to stand the pain... and get groceries,

so when I noticed about 10 days ago or more now, I was having to pee so much, which hot weather, drinking lots of green tea and water, and the Lasix, does that to me... but I noticed it was "way worse" than the usual.. then I noticed I was burning, and the pain began to feel more like "kidney stones" as I had before, but it had been years ago from the last time.

I had just moved back here, and this was before I had my Medicare, but I spent 4 times in one month, at the ER in a neighboring town, with 4 kidney stones,.. trying to get them to pass with lots of IV fluids, pain meds there, then they would sent me home with a few, and within about 5 or 6 days, the pain was back and I was back at the ER... repeating... finally I passed all of them, but it was a nightmare... after that, I have probably had a couple of small ones I passed... but I don't usually get UTI's and if I do - most of the time,

I really don't have "symptoms"... or thought I didn't, but this time I KNEW this was more than Lupus and RA Flares... sure enough, a severe UTI, so shot of corticosteroids and a huge 14 day round of Prednisone, and Levaquin for the kidney infection... I got the meds on Wednesday last week, and even yesterday, I am still not getting over any of it as fast as I felt I would. SO yesterday, my Rheumy's office called late to tell me they are NOT in the OFFICE MONDAY! So that means TWO trips anyway to Dallas, because I have to see the Pain Doctor Monday, my pump has to be filled....

I have SO MUCH I "want" to get done and some I NEED to get done, but I also know I HAVE to get WELL!!!! I am thankful for the good news on all of the colon and endoscopy stuff... really, but I just wished these stupid other CHRONIC ILLNESSES and PAIN would just give me a few months break, I HATE to ask to "go up" on my daily Prednisone which now is 5 mg daily... BUT it looks like if all of the other meds, Plaquenil, MTX, Enbrel, Prednisone small dose, etc d not start working better after these flares I may face a higher dose of Prednisone for a at least while, then taper back down again,... I still have the appt also with the Endocrinologist at the end of the month ... to see if the Thyroid and/or Parathyroid is still too HIGH and what we do about that. From what I've read and researched, the Parathyroid often is cause from a small tumor (usually benign) and may take a small surgery to get rid of... and of course "thyroid: issues run in my family, and medication often fixes that, unless again you have a "goiter" that has to be removed.... so again lots of "stuff" (when it rains does it ever pour)!

More Information Below on the Parathyroid gland and the Thyroid Glands, What they Do in the body, and all of the issues that can happen due to any diseases of these glands....



Friday, April 5, 2019

Colo-Guard Easy Extremely Reliable (colon cancer Biomarker/lesion screening) NON-INVASIVE and 95% Accurate!

Colo-Guard Easy Extremely Reliable (colon cancer Biomarker/lesion screening) NON-INVASIVE and 95% Accurate!


Ever had a "colonoscopy"? Te test itself is fine.. BUT THE PREP FOR MANY IS UNBEARABLE!!!! I "tried twice" and there was no WAY I cold possible follow the guidelines for the PREP! It made me literally sick for a week!

SO MY REGULAR PCP DID THE OLD FASHIONED, CHECK FOR 'OCCULT BLOOD" in the stool sample,, which came back "positive" - I needed an Endoscopy due to Barrett's Esophagus, which is far less an issue. You don't eat or drink after midnight, go in the next morning, are put under, and within a couple few hours unless they must do ablation to the Barrett's due to changes (which mine was fine)....

So I went online and found COLO-GUARD! I saw my General Surgeon and was telling him about it and he was going to suggest it since I just cannot go through the "prep" of a colonoscopy... He sent off the orders for the lab, they sent me the testing kit, which is easy to use, you send it directly back to the lab, PREPAID by them, they file your insurance, and within a week my doctor called with my results, NEGATIVE NO BIOMARKERS AND ANY RESULTS OF LESIONS IN MY COLON! :):) 

so NO COLONOSCOPY!!!!! THE ABOVE LINK WILL GIVE YOU LOTS OF INFORMATION, AND IF YOU are being told to have a colonoscopy, and your prefer NOT to go through hell of that horrid PREP mess, then talk to your physician about Colo-Guard!

I am very, very satisfied with the test and with the results. 

Monday, April 1, 2019

New Clinical Trial sponsoroed by Cure Click Primary Biliary Cholangitis

Itchy from PBC? A clinical trial is researching an investigational medicine that aims to treat the itching associated with PBC. #sponsored #cureclick 

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