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Thursday, August 24, 2017


PLEASE EVERYONE !!!!!! Keep my DAUGHTER, HER FAMILY AND FRIENDS IN YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS OVER THE NEXT SEVERAL DAYS AS THIS HURRICANE COMING IN TO THE GULF COAST COULD BE RIGHT OVER THE TOP OF ALL OF THEM!!! They live only about 30 MINUTES from Corpus and it is NOT LOOKING GOOD while the storm picked up to a Cat 3 hurricane, and appears to be making landfall very close to them. Also, pray for everyone in the areas that are in the path if this monstrous and extremely "slow moving" storm which could mean much more flooding and damage to the entire Gulf Coast all the way from the Corpus area, all the way to Houston.. 

It could also bring torrential down pours even through the San Antonio area, and up through my way, we could have a great deal of rain from it.... also our Eastern Seaboard is experiencing severe storms due to the HOT and now a cool front coming through that can cause tornado's, high winds, lots of electrical stormy weather, flooding, hail, wind damage and more.... So, many of us are either in the path of something horrendous, or have family and friends in the zone of these storms....

 I pray all are well, homes are well, electricity stays on, and no one loses life or limb to high waters and other things that come from these storms....

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Catching Up on Doctor Bills, talking about my surgeries, my hip "complications" with sudden pain in that thigh, my RA, Lupus, and all acting up due to the weather, and more...

Well, Peanut is much better. He is back to himself just about. I've been very, very careful as to what he eats, so he has been getting plain rice, potatoes, a bit of turkey and this morning he wanted "Cheerios" so I fed him a few at a time. I think it may have been some dog food I gave him early last week so it's going in the trash, and I am going to keep a close eye on him... fortunately he kept drinking water the entire time, so he didn't get dehydrated, but now is just hungry, so he is getting a little at a time.... gosh he had me so worried, we were going to the Vet Friday morning, but he had stopped being sick Thursday afternoon, and was kind of much better Friday morning, did not get sick, ate just a bit and was back to wanting to play some. 

So, I waited, and as the day went on he felt much much better, so I decided to give him the weekend, and so far, other than being tired, he didn't sleep much those couple of nights he was sick and neither did I... so both of us are warn out, then I had a horrible dream that I woke myself up, hollering and mad in the dream, but I was also actually loudly talking out loud, so I got up about 5AM and decided to just stay up and have coffee... I've been so damned "out of it" though ... I guess the weather being rainy and thunderstorms, then my body hurting all over., and almost was having an upset stomach also and feeling lousy, kind of like Peanut, but out Vet has posted that the dogs have also been coming down with the flu. Which is actually the same type of flu that humans can have. So, I was concerned that he may have had that, although he had not been anywhere to come in contact with it, but I could have came in contact with it, and possibly had it on me, and he got it. But, since he is well, and not showing any signs of being ill anymore, I think it was more something in one of the dog foods I gave him,.. bless his heart, he saw me crying and came up, got in my lap, and was licking the tears from my face... I was so scared... after losing Tazzy suddenly, then Bub's passing away while I was in the hospital with my broken hip, I was terrified I could lose him, and I would not survive I don't think if something happened to him.... the nurse from my insurance who comes every week once a week to check on me, her "weenie dog" will be having puppies in a couple of weeks. 

So, I am going to try possibly and get one of those. I think she would either let me have him, or won't charge me very much, and I will just take the puppy, get his or her shots and have it neutered or spayed myself.... Peanut needs his shots, but with my neck like it is, I can't really take him by myself, and get him in and out of the car etc... I've driven a couple of times, down the street to my grocery store, which is just about 5 blocks away, but I wear my soft collar driving, then put the hard collar on to go in, and I won't go alone if i need anything very heavy or if I need a larger amount.... if it is just a few items, then I go myself and just be extra cautious, and take a back route, where there is not a great deal of traffic....I've got to go this coming week and have my hip X-rayed... since my thigh and hip on that side where I fractured it has been hurting now for several weeks, my PCP gave me an order last week to go and get it X-rayed to rule out that one of the screws or something is out of place and causing the pain...

I can barely stand to walk on it some days... then it will get better, then get bad again.... I don't want to go over to my surgeon until I know whether something is wrong or not... he charges me a fortune, and the X-rays there are 5 times as expensive, so I can go even to Urgent Care to have the Xray done, much less expensive, and find out before going and spending a fortune when I am still paying for the surgeries. I thought I was about done paying his bill, then I get another one for the 2nd surgery with the hematoma... I thought it had already been in with my bill, and I've paid at least 700.00 or more to the surgeon alone, then find out i may owe another 240.00 or more dammit.... And the neck surgeon, I owe him 1,600.00!!!! and that is just the doctor, the hospital was less, 

I paid my outpatient co-payment, but my surgeon is "out of network" so I have to pay more for his bill, than if He was "in network"... but I don't trust anyone else, so I bite the bullet and pay more.... go figure... I dread to see what the hell the government does with Medicare...I hope leave it the hell alone.... I already pay more than I can afford for any type of surgery especially.....

That 5 days in the hospital in December for my fractured hip was over 1,600.00 and then another 325.00 for the outpatient hematoma surgery, which I should have not had to pay for, since it was a damned complication of the initial surgery, that should have been "caught" weeks before when I first said it was "developing" I noticed the lump getting larger on my leg, like 3 weeks BEFORE MY FOLLOW UP VISIT, and he still just asked the nurses to "take a photo" and email it to him.... well it only got worse over those two next weeks, and I kept complaining but he still did not see me until it was the size of a SOFTBALL!!! It should have been looked at and dealt with as soon as I began noticing it..... goes to prove sometimes our doctors "ignore" what is right in front of their faces....

Monday, May 11, 2015

A VERY "BLAH" Monday!

Well for many of us we got to celebrate a wonderful Mother's Day!!! Then for all of us, like myself, that got tremendously hindered by severe weather, we shall have to have a later celebration.

Well, I hope to be able to. I changed my reservations AGAIN for the 4th time for Winstar in OK. Yet, even this next weekend shows that we could be right in the same shape again, bad, bad and more bad weather. So, we shall see how the week goes.

Plus I am not feeling well at all today. I really felt lousy all weekend. Between allergy mess, my hips and legs, my right shoulder blade for some reason, and just a general upset stomach, and feeling like the fatigue has kidnapped my body and take it over, I just feel like HELL honestly!

Of course for now the "severe weather" has moved on, but I am sure it will come again soon, from what my joints say, and my body, plus of course the "forecast".

So, I am not going to be online much today. I got involved in baking, and all of that yesterday, so I really didn't spend much "down time" for Mother's Day. So, today I am headed for the sofa with my pups to hopefully get some relaxation, rest, and get this awful fatigue under control once again.

I am never "far away" so send me a message, email etc... I will be checking my computer off and on during the day....

By the way, our friend and client, did go through about 4 hours of surgery on his brain last night due to the hemorrhage. The removed a piece of his skull in order to create room for the swelling and to relieve the pressure from his brain. It seems he is "stable", but they are still not quite sure what caused the brain hemorage yet. He is somewhat alert, and responding. Plus they said his "breathing" is over and beyond the ventilator, so that is a very good thing. But, he has NO movement at all right now on the left side of his body. The bleed seemed to be on the right, so that would make sense.... I shall post more later when I get updated! Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers.