Friday, September 9, 2022

National Pain Awareness Month! #LifeWithPain

Support All of US and/or family members. friends, or Caretakers that are living in a "World of Hurt" due to Chronic Pain 



Thursday, September 1, 2022

WICKED MEMORY (Memories)... (New song lyrics I am working on)



 I've had a new "some lyrics" come to my mind since yesterday... but I only have the "chorus" started.... The name of the song will be "Wicked Memories"... and something like "You left me here, but left your Wicked Memories to fill days with burning pain, even buckets of tears I've cried for you could not put our those fires, only months of rain could put out those flames... and in the blood stained nights, with your rattling chains, that squeeze my heart and bruise my soul. you left me standing, with all the doubts and fears, and a bruised & tattered heart plus a love that's grown cold..." I have MORE floating lyrics around in my head, and can kind of hear the music but this is a hard one for sure...

I watched on that fated evening you walk out that door .. just like you did a dozen times before... this time when you slammed that heavy door...yet this time your tattered picture fell and shattered glass all over the floor... pricked my fingers and made them bleed.. that when I felt the 1st pain of your Wicked Memory... my heart bound by that ball and rattlin' chains.. my days filled with your evil face.. nights haunted by that ball & rattling chains, bruising my heart with their squeeze making my fractured heart bleed.. you took everything but forgot to take your Wicked Memory. I finally fell down upon my knees... broken and bent.. Unwell to everyone it seems... impaired by thoughts of what we used to be and all that you left - that Wicked Memory.. all those buckets of tears I cried could not douse those melting flames, begging and pleading for the fires to fearlessly go away.. it took months and months of cold pouring rain, to put out the fires & stop those licking fiery flames.. As I built a coffin to put in what you left behind, on top I found a place perfect it seems, that where I'll bury your Wicked Memory.. I nailed it shut, sealing it forevermore... Under that old oak tree I buried it 6 foot under the ground., and quickly the tree was dead limbs and withered leaves, cause you wretched it with your Wicked Memory.. Now when she leaves you and she slams that hardwood door, her tattered picture crashes to the floor...shattered glass cut your fingers & pierces your cold soul, when you start to bleed finally you'll know about a wretched feeling of a Wicked Memory.. but don't come around here knocking on my door.. I don't want to hear your voice or see your face anymore... nothing you could do would make me love you anymore.. you tore my heart into pieces for that last time, as you did before.. so go cry your own tears in buckets of pain, I'll bet even months of cold pouring rain, will never put out her fiery burning flames.. and someday when you fall down upon your knees, You'll be surrounded by Her Wicked Memory...