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Friday, April 28, 2023

Study Linking Suicides to Rx Opioids Not Supported by Data


Study Linking Suicides to Rx Opioids Not Supported by Data

..."Recently, an article in the American Journal of Psychiatry (AJP) that was widely covered in the lay press, suggested that reductions in the chronic use of prescribed opioids for patients with pain slowed an otherwise discouraging national 20-year rise in suicides. Further, the paper suggests its findings should alleviate concerns about dose reductions in pain patients who have relied on these medicines long term. However, these conclusions were not supported by the data in the study or in any other available data.

Given rising national concern about a burgeoning opioid crisis, many doctors forcibly reduced doses in long-term recipients of prescribed opioids, often under pressure from regulators and boards. Unfortunately, suicides started happening among patients who were taken off their medication. "

see the rest on the link....

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Nightmare At Pain Doctor's Office!

 For those who go to "Pain" Clinics" or Pain Doctors, the government REALLY SCREWED "real chronic pain patients". I went into Wednesday a week ago, so I could get more oral meds tillI a well enough from the infections to have the pain pump surgery to replace it. Well, my doctor was NOT there. He was out of the office for 2 WEEKS is what the nurse told me. So, this "woman" who I did not know; I had never seen in the office at all (and this is after the nurse even acted strange). She quickly said her name which I didn't even get and never told me exactly "what she was". Now this woman i holding my file, with all the info. plus what update I had just told the nurse.She would not allow me to speak, she spoke "over me", and asked why I needed the oral pain meds. I explained Dr. C. knows all about & she said well, yeah I see here som situation going on and I want to now why you take "diazepam"? I looked at hr & said I've been on it for at least 25 years due to trauma in my life, more recent trauma, a husband who left me & then killed himself FEW MONTHS LATER BUT it has always been to also help with the severity of my chronicI said I was l told to come into the office to get my new script for pain meds, for a quick update. Not to be interrogated about meds the doctor already knows I take. pain. Then she asks if I had ever had a "sleep study"???? So, she walked out for a moment came in, mumbled FEW WORDS, AND told ME THE SCRIPT HAD BEEN SENT THROUGH FOR 1 MONTHS WORTH. So I l was by this woman who barely told me who she wast teated me like some street drug addict, SO I WAS PEEVED FOR SURE! I went by my pharmacy about an hour later THEY HD NO SCRIPT, so they said sometimes it takes a few hour (BULL MY DR HERE CAN SEND ONE OVER , I CAN WALK OUT OF THE OFFICE GO TO THE PHARMACY AND THEY HAVE IT & SOMETIMES ALREADY FILLED! So I call & get some idiot who could barely English & he calls some where over to the nurse clinic & the give him som bull that DR..C. has t okay it which he already had it was in the womans' hand when I was there! So, I hung up and called about noon the next day (I went n Wednesday) & I get told the doctor has to send it himself & he will from "wherever he is at".??? NO script, same thing Friday, Monday the same, then TUESDAY AFTER BEING OUT OF MEDS INCE THE THURSDAY BEFORE..I get a call from the nurse at the clinic my med were sent in. I figured it out that ignorant(found out later she was an NP, she called this "Lucid Lane" Place & they called m e to set up an appt over the internet to go over my meds so nothing is wrong!!!!????? Then when the witch (NP) found out I made an appt she had the medication sent in by another doctor the helps mine when he is gone !!! This was none of her business, BUT I KNOW WY THE GOVERNMENT JUST PUT NEW LWS OUT AND MADE IT EVEN WORSE THAN IT WAS ON REAL PAIN PATIENTS AND REA; GOOD PAIN DOCTORS, SO THEY HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH HOOPS TO EVEN GET THEIR MEDS!!! So I went ahead with this "interview assessment to shit her up. The woman that did this was awesome. About 5 minutes after talking with me she said you really i not need to be put through this BUT due to "new" rules & I said let me guess the government mess that just happened the 1st of January! Her name is Michelle & she could not "say" it n those words BUT she basically said what I did Doctors who help give chronic pain meds are COVERING THIER "BUTTS" Due to government crap. She said just in case the "authorities" probably DEA comes in & checks files that info is in yours is all is well. RIGHT Now IF I WERE WELL, I WOULD BUY A TICKET TO D.C. & GO TO CONGRESS & GIVE EVERYONE I COULD FIND A PIECE OF MY MIND!!! WE HAVE GOT TO GET TOGETHER & FIGHT THIS!!! IF WE DON'T DO SOMETHING, WE ARE GOING TO SEE IT GET WORSE, THEN WHAT???

Thursday, September 1, 2022

WICKED MEMORY (Memories)... (New song lyrics I am working on)



 I've had a new "some lyrics" come to my mind since yesterday... but I only have the "chorus" started.... The name of the song will be "Wicked Memories"... and something like "You left me here, but left your Wicked Memories to fill days with burning pain, even buckets of tears I've cried for you could not put our those fires, only months of rain could put out those flames... and in the blood stained nights, with your rattling chains, that squeeze my heart and bruise my soul. you left me standing, with all the doubts and fears, and a bruised & tattered heart plus a love that's grown cold..." I have MORE floating lyrics around in my head, and can kind of hear the music but this is a hard one for sure...

I watched on that fated evening you walk out that door .. just like you did a dozen times before... this time when you slammed that heavy door...yet this time your tattered picture fell and shattered glass all over the floor... pricked my fingers and made them bleed.. that when I felt the 1st pain of your Wicked Memory... my heart bound by that ball and rattlin' chains.. my days filled with your evil face.. nights haunted by that ball & rattling chains, bruising my heart with their squeeze making my fractured heart bleed.. you took everything but forgot to take your Wicked Memory. I finally fell down upon my knees... broken and bent.. Unwell to everyone it seems... impaired by thoughts of what we used to be and all that you left - that Wicked Memory.. all those buckets of tears I cried could not douse those melting flames, begging and pleading for the fires to fearlessly go away.. it took months and months of cold pouring rain, to put out the fires & stop those licking fiery flames.. As I built a coffin to put in what you left behind, on top I found a place perfect it seems, that where I'll bury your Wicked Memory.. I nailed it shut, sealing it forevermore... Under that old oak tree I buried it 6 foot under the ground., and quickly the tree was dead limbs and withered leaves, cause you wretched it with your Wicked Memory.. Now when she leaves you and she slams that hardwood door, her tattered picture crashes to the floor...shattered glass cut your fingers & pierces your cold soul, when you start to bleed finally you'll know about a wretched feeling of a Wicked Memory.. but don't come around here knocking on my door.. I don't want to hear your voice or see your face anymore... nothing you could do would make me love you anymore.. you tore my heart into pieces for that last time, as you did before.. so go cry your own tears in buckets of pain, I'll bet even months of cold pouring rain, will never put out her fiery burning flames.. and someday when you fall down upon your knees, You'll be surrounded by Her Wicked Memory...

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Saturday's Copy of My News Paper! "Life Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Systemic Diseases & Dementia®"

"Life Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Systemic Diseases & Dementia®"

All aspects of autoimmune/chronic pain illnesses, fighting to survive & grow past them, as I now stand alone to disallow these to get me down.

The latest in health news from pain, RA, Lupus, Heart disease, and all types of other Autoimmune Illnesses... along with other diseases, syndrome's and more. Sign UP on the link to get your copy online daily!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Our "fur-babies" & just how critical they are many of us our Live's, chronically ill, unable to get out, or have little or no family nor friends

I realize many people in the nation and around the globe have "fur-babies"... I know there are a great deal of us that think of them, as a family member, & crucial to our daily living.

When you get a puppy, kitten, or any type of animal that you can "bond" with, that bond can be so tight that either "you" or your "Fur-kid" can be severely upset for one or the other to not be around.

I know for me, if I didn't have my two "fur-babies" I don't think I would survive with all of the health problems, loss of two other precious pups, so much pain, & the "difficulty" in life to survive all we go through.

Those with pets, know they love unconditionally, they are loyal to the "inth" degree, and they treasure YOU as much as you treasure THEM!

It even makes me upset just to have to go away for a day and night, and them not be able to go... I worry like it was another "human" family member, they are who keep me smiling when I want to "pitch life" down the drain and say to hell with all of it.

So, I "lost" two of the most precious pups of my entire life... my dearest Tazzy, my Pug that I got for a Christmas present and she was only about 7 weeks old when I could finally pick her up. She was everything to me, no matter how sick, how much pain I had, how things seemed just out of kilter, there Tazz was to make me smile... Then several years later, I decided to add a 2nd fur baby to my home. So, Bubba Gump, (Bub's as I called him) who was part "doxie" and part "chiquawa" but I didn't see much of the 2nd part in him... they called him a "Chi-weenie" but the "Chi" was not there in looks. Anyway, he also came along at about 6 weeks old, so tiny he could sit here on my desk with me. Tazz was about 6 almost 7 years old, when one morning I noticed she was "acting odd". From the time I got her, about 10 times during her entire life she would get a "seizure like" episode, and would shake, shiver, get tired, and we had to hold her, talk to her, and in 15 minutes she would usually calm down, and be fine and ready to play. One morning, she just acted like she didn't have an energy to even walk to the kitchen. I went to look for her, since she was not coming when I called her, and she was laying beside her water bowl, so weak I had to literally help her put her head up enough to get some water. I almost had a heart attack.... I went into almost the worst panic attack I had ever had, and immediately picked her up, wrapped her up and rushed to our Vet, who thank goodness is only about 3 blocks from me... they took blood work, and Tazzy, just was limp and weak... and my heart broke to see her like that... I will never, never forget that feeling I had... so the Vet said she felt like taking her home with me was the best idea and then bring her back the next morning for more tests... Well, I think the Vet and I both knew Tazz would not go to the Vet the next morning....

It's taken me a while to even try to finish and post this. I still feel the pain from such a great loss, of my two fur-babies. Those that don't have pets, may not understand the way they become a family member. When you live alone, or don't have much family, or many friends around, that one or more pet, whether it be a dog, cat, or others, are what keep you going. The days when the pain is severe or any number of symptoms arise, I can look down at Bella and Peanut, and know that I am "needed and loved unconditionally by those two small tiny fur-kids....

I wanted to get this published, but I will close this one now, and do another in a few days.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Arthritis Foundation and Washington DC March 2018!

It's Time to be United! In the Fight Against this horrific life altering diseases

It is almost here! Another year gone by and time to get to Washington DC with the Arthritis Foundation to get on the bandwagon and get the House of Representatives off their "kiesters" and on up to getting a Cure for RA, Osteoarthritis, and all the many other diseases that an be "packaged" into these... we keep hearing more and more about "pain" and now this "opioid crisis"... 

If there was a "cure" or a way to "regenerate" the damage that so many of this horrid illnesses cause some would NOT NEED pain medications!!!

So, those who get to go, tell them YOUR story, your children's stories, or whomever you are there to represent!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Wishing You and Yours a Beautiful, Peace filled, loving, and blessed Christmas, and May 2018 bring much needed "good events" to us all!!!

I realize MANY MANY of us have been "touched" by severe weather, threats from those who wish to harm us, Mother Nature's wrath, from fires, to hurricanes to tornado's... people that "abuse" others, and just now after MANY years they have the "courage and voice" to speak out...
So, as you gather around friends, family, the table, food, trees, gifts and more... Remember to keep "HOPE" Alive and burning brightly in your heart, say a prayer for those less fortunate, even though many of us are on that "list" of misfortunes also... hold your head high, and don't allow others to take over your life... PRAY that somehow the WORLD finds "PEACE" and always hold onto those you love and let them know everyday that you do...

Many blessings I wish for all of you and again hoping that the New Year of 2018, brings much goodness to us all!!!! Below is a "montage of photo's of myself, my daughter and her family, my 3 Grandkids, and my 2 Fur-Babies Bella Doxie and Peanut!

Monday, December 11, 2017

As Always, "Shi*" Happens, and it if will happen it will be me... 3 strikes are enough for sure, home repair, chronic illness, expenses rise, and benefits fall....

Well of course when it "rains it pours with me"... first it was the ceiling fan in the living room, of which is still sitting in my back bedroom not put up yet, then the dryer goes out and I STILL do NOT have MY new washer and dryer... they were going to bring them yesterday BUT I've felt like heck now for about 3 or 4 days, a BAD, BAD HEADACHE, a very, very nauseated stomach, and I've just not felt well at all. I STILL did not sleep last night, and I woke up with my head still hurting and my fingers are so bad with the eczema or whatever is wrong with them, that they are bleeding cracked, and then at night they swell, and throb so badly it wakes me up...

they really got bad after the colder weather hit... anyway, I just about got our decorations all on the tree, in fact I took pics but I don't think I even put them up here yet., so yesterday I was getting out of my HUGE HONKIN TUB as I call it, in fact I will post a pic of it, I found one just exactly like it a bit ago... anyway, I looked up at one of the side panels and thought I saw a "crack" in it! I was like it can't be... there is no "strain" on the 3 back panels, and I am the only one in it, unless I give the pups a bath, and then when I got to looking there were 2 in one panel and then on the other side I saw a crack in it! Now I bought that tub in 2006, several months after we moved in. When we did all of the remodeling, made the bathroom larger, put in new plumbing, electrical and lots of other work to the house, I ordered that tub... and it came in in about 5 huge crates, and we actually put it in ourselves. 

So, I got to thinking about it, and the 
ONLY thing I could come up 
with is that the panes of glass that enclose it are HEAVY!!! There are the two that slide, but then on each side, there is also panes... so that is a great deal of weight on those two panels over the years, especially with the two sliding back and forth to open and close it, and then like I said they are very heavy. Other than that I could see if it was in a bottom, or bottom side of the tub itself but it just does not make sense for cracks to be on those side panels... Anyway, I am going to silicone them for now, because about 3 months ago,

I began to notice the closets, and one of them opens into the back of that shower, and we have it where we can take a piece of the back of the closet down and see all the plumbing and electrical for the shower, I began to notice some kind of "odor"... well I know due to the humidity here in TX anyway, then the heat of the summer especially, it can get kind of a musty smell, and I keep stuff in the closets to absorb moisture, and change it frequently due to the moisture from the tub also... and I have to wonder now, if those small cracks are beginning to cause a bit of a seep from them, and that maybe causing that musty smell, if so, I don't know of a thing to do, but take out that shower, and put a smaller, just walk in shower with a bench for me...

I knew someday it may come to me having to do something else, because of the hip fractures, all of my joint surgeries and so forth, it can be a bit slippery now getting in and out of this particular type of shower, sauna/tub ... I pray it waits though after the mess with NOT getting the guy to finish my house outside, and taking all of that money, now the washer and dryer, the ceiling fan, and last night dammit, I was washing my crock pot and it slipped and knocked a piece out of the handle of it... It is not inside anywhere and I glued the piece back on, but I doubt it holds long, and my crock pot is one of my most used items in my kitchen almost! So, when it rains it pours as I said... I HOPE "Murphy's Law" leaves me alone for a while, I am going broke with things BREAKING! Below is the exact one I have...

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Trying to "find a new path" and Easier "lifestyle" for me, because i simply am not able to do all the stuff around my house I need to...

Lots going on, and much of it to do with my house, the lease on my car, and trying to "cut down" on my stress level, on my expenses, and get myself where I can spend more of my time doing the things I want to do, rather than drive myself insane with worry over "fixing" something every week at my house, and my own health, and pouring money into it that it is getting out of hand..

I never thought I would "want to live" in an apartment agai, BUT with the ways things are, the expenses of trying to keep a house "together", painting, roofs, inside work, floors, putting walls up in the laundry room, MANY trees that either need to be cut down or trimmed, and more.., the list is endless, and I have to face the fact I can no longer, "hang ceiling fans" and stand on a ladder to paint, or buff hardwood floors, fix a dryer again that has gone out, try to "fix" what the "scam artist" made a mess of with the repair and paint "job" he was "supposed to do on the outside of my house, and again, everyday there seems to be more, that keeps me away from my writing, my blog, my advocacy work, spending time doing the things I "want" to do, rather than a never ending realm of "repairs"..... so after the holidays, I am selling my home, and moving probably closer to my daughter around the Corpus Christi area, in an apartment, where I am no longer having to do ALL OF THE UPKEEP, MAINTENANCE, AND EXPENSE OF LAWNS, AND SUCH!!!

Well Hell, Just AS I THOUGHT! The dryer had the thermostat for some reason "short out" I think by the looks of it... so it (I can see) it "burned one of the tiny connections on the heating element... the element looks "okay" but with that piece damaged, I didn't take a chance. I ordered the ENTIRE ORDEAL, thermostat, the thermo fuse, heating element, and then the wires that go onto the thermostat and heating element. This is just about what happened before. I looked it up and it was in mid 2013 that we replaced all of that before. 

Thank goodness for AMAZON and keeping up with orders. I could go back and see exactly what I ordered then and so I knew exactly what I needed!!! It does piss me off that in 4 years it has gone out again, BUT when I MOVE, if the apartment does NOT have a washer and dryer, I am leaving mine to go with the house, or selling them and will buy a new washer and dryer. I bought them 2005, or early 2006 when we first moved back to Ennis, so they have served their purpose. We did have to replace the parts before 4 years ago just like this in the dryer and then I know there was also the front "button" in the door that broke, and we replaced that, and I "think" something on the washer had also gone bad at one time and we replaced it also.,, SO ON THIS DREARY VERY COOL, RAINY CRAPPY DAY, I'VE been pulling the back off my dryer in that very TINY damned laundry room that has NO light worth a damned, so I was trying to hold the flashlight and the the damned hex screws loose from the back of the dryer, LOL..."Tis done and I've put the order in for the parts, which will come in on Friday! But, of course I may not get them early enough to put it back together until Saturday... 

I was SUPPOSED TO ONCE AGAIN GO TO THE CASINO ON SUNDAY! But, now I am not sure if I will, Bella has surgery next Wednesday bless her little heart...I had to postpone it from this past Monday, I've been under the weather with a headache, sore throat, very hoarse, and my right shoulder and elbow are about to drive me nuts. I guess I've been using it painting outside and putting down that edging that I have to use a rubber mallet to drive the stakes into the ground that hold that edging down... plus cut more tree branches down and still need many more. but today I "think" I am just about through for the day..., I got up again very, very early and didn't sleep worth a damned, and I am exhausted honestly..  it seems to be non stop worry over this house, the yard, how many trees need to either be trimmed or cut down, and I am just no longer able to do even with the "cordless" mower, weed eater, chain saw, and so on...

If my neck and shoulder specialist "knew" what I've been doing he would probably have a cow! I am really taking a chance with much of what I have been having to do myself, between the hip fractures last year in December to the 4 month ordeal getting over neck surgery this past April, along with my lower back, now the shoulder that has been replaced and that elbow on the right side just giving me hell with pain, and the weather does NOT help for sure...,


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Kratom??? Have YOU heard of it? Used it? Know more about it.

Kratom, it was shown to me by a friend on Facebook, 


that swears by it. She said it has totally changed her life, and given her freedom from Chronic Pain, and many of the horrible effects of other medications, she has been able to either cut down on or stop.

There are several "strains" of this "herb"... that is derived from a leaf on plants found in

"Kratom is a plant that takes its origin from several countries belonging to the Southeast Asia. Also, known as Mitragyna speciosa, it is a traditional remedy in Thailand and other nearby countries for several ailments"

The strains are different, and some are used for anxiety, others for pain, stress, to be even a "pep"pill, and give you energy.... each one seems to do something different, and it depends on the type, and how much used for whatever ailment you may deal with...

So, here are a couple of links below and I would LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!


 THESE ARE just a few links and there are many more, and many about the different "strains" and what they are used for....


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rheumatologist appt today, hoping for Xeljanz, severe finger, thumbs, wrists pain, stiffness, swelling & needing relief - Also thinking that I have "shingles" and not something biting me

Today is the day! To the Rheumy I go. So far, my hand fingers, thumbs and wrists are hurting and swollen I hate when I go to a doctor and by the time I get there whatever is going on seems to be "better" that particular day! Since this has been going on now for a good while, they have been really bad on my right hand where i do well to type here, cannot open jars, cannot carry much of any weight with that hand and arm to the point it is really affecting my left arm and hand. My left elbow is now a mess I think. I know some of it is coming from my neck, but I knew the elbow has been bad for a long while. I've spoken about it before, after surgery on it in about 1998, now it is getting bad again, and I know it is due to me having to use my left hand, arm, wrist and shoulder much more than my right one. I could barely get my tea holder open this morning, because it hurts so badly to pull the lid off of it. I dread the drive up there though. His office means going on I-45 but then I have to make this horrid couple of miles that is a nightmare in order to get over to I-35 where the offices are for the SW Med Center. 

So, I always hate the traffic. My appt is early afternoon so that will help some, plus I will leave in plenty of time just in case there is issues with traffic, but still just the regular traffic that particular way is terrible any time of the day. Plus the drive home is almost as bad... same deal you HAVE TO be in the CORRECT LANE in order to make the cross back over to I-45 and that is about a 6 lane or more highway there, and goes all directions. Plus they have been doing a great deal of construction in that area so that even makes it worse. Then you have the idiots that don't get in their right lane until they have to cross over 4 lanes of traffic at the last minute and risk a chance of hitting someone with their stupidity. 

I know most of them are from that area and they think the "know" just how to move in the lanes, but usually even if they are driving like maniacs, it gets them no quicker there, than me, who is driving in the correct lanes with the flow of traffic. Speeding, is something I just don't do, BUT as many know in huge cities, with that much traffic sometimes driving the "speed limit" will get you ran over also. So, I've learned over the years in those places to try and drive with the flow of regular traffic, thus usually it makes it a bit easier to be in the lane you need to be and give yourself time to be there. I am a good driver as far as I am concerned, but it the other fools on the road that bother me... trying to look out for all of them, in so many lanes at once, and then trying to not hit someone when they cram on their brakes, or avoiding someone behind you hitting you because they are not watching to see brake lights coming on or they tail gate, which pisses me off to no end. Those that tailgate are just accidents waiting to happen. Anyway, I am hoping we try Zeljanx. 

That is my hope BUT since I am facing cervical neck surgery in probably a month, my fear is that they will not want to put me on the medication, until after the surgery, and a few weeks after it until I am kind of out of the woods for any type of infection. BUT, hopefully that won't happen, and I can get approved for it and get started quickly. I know they will have to send paperwork into my insurance company to get that medication approved. After all of the crap going on now with the government, my fear is many of us will wind up having to either NOT take our medications, because they will not cover them, or our co-pays will be higher, or we will have to try and get the drug companies to help with the costs, which many of them will do now just to be able to get the meds out there and hope the insurance will finally wise up, but I think it is worse when you are on any type of Medicare, especially a Medicare Advantage Plan. So, I am going over things and checking email etc. I will have to get out of here a couple of hours before I need to be there. by the time I get to the Valet parking, and then get in to check in, fill out paperwork since it has been so long since I was there and then all of the things to tell them. They are not aware of my hip fractures and my ankle/foot issues, or the complication with the hematoma on my hip and so forth. So, hopefully this visit WILL help and be one that is not worth going for as they do sometimes. 

I feel that maybe is my what I thought was some type of "bite" or sting, could be shingles. With them being on one side of my body, on my upper arm and on my torso, it sounds like and kind of appears to be those... I take the medication daily for my cold sores, which is the same family of virus that the shingles come from, so my thought it that my case might be "less" due to the medication... 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Catching Up, Letting You know what is going on in my neck of the woods, and telling you I am still here and will be working on my blog.., so don't give up on me....

 What's Going On with Me, Facing Surgery on my neck and lumbar spine, The RA getting worse, going to the "casino" hopefully & giving you a thumbs up I am STILL HERE!

I've got my reservations to go to Winstar on Monday and stay overnight. Of course I've tried to go at least 3 times over the past couple of months., and something always either happens, or the Lupus Flares on me, so I have to postpone my trip. I DO have many things to attend to, and feel guilty even running off overnight. But, unless this "cold" or whatever the hell hit me a couple of days ago, I hope to be able to get away for a day and night. Lord knows I need it. Actually I need about a week's vacation away from everything. But, then I have the fur-kids, and they already give me enough grief when I leave for a few hours, even with the "sitter" coming in a couple of times a day, they would be a total mess, if I left for that long.

Ironically, now that I am just "me" and "them" (Bub's and Peanut) I spend more times "talking" to them, or talking to me, or singing if I am in the car, or I go into the stores, and I am constantly trying to "quietly" talk to myself. My way of making sure, I don't forget anything important when I go out and do errands.

I've got several decisions to make, some of them have got to be made SOON, like about my Humana insurance. Open enrollment will end on Dec. 7th or so, so I have to make up my mind whether to keep what I have or go to a different plan and so forth. Some things are probably going to change now as far as my insurance, etc. I feel my best thing is to stay with what I have now, even though a couple of my own doctors are not "preferred providers"... this plan allows to me go to a "non-network" provider, and the insurance will pay some after I meet the deductable. That seemed to be okay last year. The only real issue is that my special orthopedic surgeon, unless things change is NOT a preferred provider, so I have to pay his portion of surgery out of pocket, but I know last year that was not all that bad, and the hospital WILL get paid as a preferred provider, so, that makes it a great deal better. I've learned after my hernia surgery, when my doctor was NOT a preferred provider, but the surgery center was, he was kind enough to knock down the price on his end, so I didn't have to pay him a great deal, and in fact I think they sent me back a little bit of a refund.

But, of course, since I put off TWO surgeries last year, both of which this orthopedic surgeon is the ONLY one I trust to do anything to my neck or spine, I will have to encounter bills from him for that. By the time one surgery is done though, I should meet that deductible thus that way, I may not be out of pocket a great deal for the 2nd one. My neck is a must. Plus I don't know what we are going to do about the RA. My right hand, of course my "dominant" hand, is in such horrible shape now, that after trying to stir something, or cut a couple of small limbs, or paint on a wall for even a half hour, cannot open jars, and I can't carry much of anything with that hand and arm. The swelling had increased so much between my thumb, forefinger, and now I have developed a "lump" on my forefinger, which is probably from the RA, and that arm and hand, wrist, continue to grow weaker all the time. I FORCE myself to use it, so I can keep at least some strength in it, but it will almost "lock up" at times, with the RA, so bad. I had a follow up with my Rheumy about 6 weeks ago, and they put me back on the MTX, but it is not working at all. The dose is not as much as when I was on it before, but I don't think it will be the answer.

I also suspect that some of the pain, weakness, and so forth are from my neck, rather than just the RA. With one almost completely flattened disc, and another one probably almost as bad, those in themselves can cause the weakness, pain, stiffness, and some of the symptoms... plus now I find it harder to turn my head, my shoulder blade is beginning to have that "burning sensation" from the compressed nerves in my neck, and now even sitting here for a little while trying to type, that hand, arm, shoulder blade, and even down into my "side" are hurting and feel like muscle spasms, especially in my right side. Of course everyone with any type of joint, cartilage, and bone issues, know that when this weather changed, it did NOT help matters.

As I mentioned at first, I'm either fighting off a cold, or hopefully NOT some type of throat infection. I even almost felt as if I was losing my voice, late yesterday afternoon, and my throat has been kind of sore, along with my lymph nodes once again hard as marbles under my ears.

So, that is why I said I "hope" to be able to get to go to the Casino without having to postpone it again, since my body is trying to fight off "something"... here in town there are a growing number of strep throat issues, along with what they may call it scarlatina, It is a very red rash that goes along at times with strep throat, and there was an article last week in the paper here that our doctors are seeing many cases cropping up...

Out of everything I HAVE had, (I hope I don't jinx myself) I've never had "strep throat".... I had horrible tonsillitis & had those taken out when I was about 12 or so. But, I've never tested positive for strep throat, which is a good thing. You can be a "carrier" though and not have a case of it. Neither one of my kids had strep either, ear infections, they outgrew, but not strep.

Anyway, I am actually working on a "list" or in the process of, the things I need to get done (LIKE GET MY HUGE HOUSE PLANTS IN) before the weather gets too bad on them... and believe me, almost all of them, especially 3 of them are so huge, thank goodness I have this "roller type dolly" made for plants to try and get them in the house. My Palm tree now that has put on 3 or 4 new prawns over the summer, stands taller than my front door. And my fern, that started from a half dead 2.00 one I got at HEB is about 20 feet or so in diameter, and they take up a great deal of space, and are very heavy.... plus I have 4 HUGE Airplane plants, that are as large as I've ever seen so they also are extremely heavy and bulky... so again I am glad I bought that plant dolly a couple of years ago.

The BEES are about gone! He came back out last week and collected as much honey out of that bus as he could reach. It was between two of the heavy metal pieces inside the bus, and he had to cut into all of that to get to the main hive, found the queen, and he said there are now more than 40,000 bees, that came out of that bus!!!!

But NOW, getting someone who has the truck, trailer and wench to pull that piece of heavy bus up onto a flatbed, and haul it to Maverick or someone they can sell it to, will be a chore. I've tried to get the word out, because I am sure with all the heavy metal in it, it would bring some bucks, if you could get it hauled to somewhere like that, that buys scrap metal.

Anyway, there are always a billion and one things you can find that need to be done when you have a home.... I had almost forgotten I STILL HAVE THAT DAMNED BROKEN GLASS in my back bedroom... that I have almost solidly taped in with Duck Tape, and have cardboard over it, but I fear at anytime it could come crashing out of there. I could put a new piece in myself, but needing someone else to help hold it up while it is "pinned" in and then glazed or hell I've put some caulking in a couple of mine in that back room for now. It helps to sturdy that old glass pane stuff, for now, and really those 5 windows need the other "storm type windows" put over them like the rest of the house...So again another project... they just keep coming and coming...

I have got to get busy, so I close for now.... again still lots of stuff needing to be done, taken care of, and so forth... thus the reason I am not here very much. I am online some, looking things up and so on, but I don't have a great deal of time to post on FB. I do well to post on my blog, and do a couple of other things...

Hope all is well with each of you.... Me....

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Pain Patient Bills of Rights"

In Honor of Pain Awareness Month Here is one "Chronic Pain Bill of Rights"

Brought to you by "Pain Doctor"

Many may think some of this is just "a normal way it should be for those suffering. Yet, you would be shocked at those, even medical specialists that STILL DO NOT BELIEVE how badly Chronic Pain can be, and just how it steal your entire quality of Life!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday, Rain Finally, Catching Up, WEGO HEALTH 2016 AWARDS! and my Nomination - Check it out!

Rainy here finally, not a hard rain but nice and slow like we need... not a great deal either...but it appears "if" things go as they show, we will be getting more over the next few days... I am concerned about thunderstorms, mainly hail... I am in the process of going to paint for awhile at house #2, but I certainly don't want my Prius hailed on... that would be a disaster... but I don't think hail will be an issue, maybe lightening and thunder but so far this morning, we have not had any of that just lots of heavy rain clouds, much COOLER temps thank goodness, I had to turn off my A/C for a bit this morning... so that is a good thing... anyway, got some stuff done yesterday at home #1 - I had some paperwork to do, had a few other things that were beginning to pile up on my desk, so I got some of that done...

 I've got to take the Elantra over to Wal-Mart - depending on the weather, maybe tomorrow, the battery has had it, and I can charge it, but due to it sitting and not being driven any, it runs down... but it needs to be changed anyway. It already was old and not working as it should... so I need to take back some "horrible" paint brushes I made the mistake of buying at Wally World and I am taking those back , plus I had bought some french onion dip mix at HEB, and two mini rose bushes, that had for $1.99 each last week... it was kind of "odd" to me that they had them marked down so low... they "appeared" to be healthy!!! BUT, within 2 days, one of them just died... no apparent reason, I had not done a thing but put a bit of water on it, and it just died... the other one, was not looking the best, but I decided to re-pot it to see if it would be okay... hell NO, it died also... the onion dip package had a hole in it, so it is hard as a brick... and I believe I had mentioned those things over the weekend... but I threw away the small pots the roses were in from the store... I have the receipt and the little plastic explanations about them, and one of them I still have the paper that was around it, but I only have the one bush left, that is already in another pot, dead... but I REALLY don't want to go the the trouble of taking that dead rose bush in... so I am going to take the receipt, the dip mix, and tell them about the roses... I THINK THEY KNEW something was WRONG WITH THEM... SO THEY MARKED THEM DOWN... to get them out of the store before they died... somewhere someone either put something wrong on them, or did something, and they knew those bushes were going to die... I just can't believe both of them died within 2 or 3 days of me bringing them home... I have two from a couple of years back and in fact both of them are on the porch and both have blooms on them right now... other than that if you have TIME -

PLEASE GO TO THE WEGO HEALTH NOMINEES FOR AWARDS THIS YEAR AND put a "good word" in for my nomination... I have not said much about it, but I am nominated right now for my blog, and there are many other awards that you can be nominated for... so not just me, but anyone and in any of the categories you feel should be recognized and get an award (I would get a special graphic to put on my website, plus they send the winners each year a box full of goodies, balloons, a little award, T-shirts, pens etc... I actually also judged the past two years for them also.. so they may ask me again to judge... that was kind of fun.... Here is the link and I've got to get my butt in gear and get to painting....

Link to my WEGO Nomination and "bio"!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday's A.M Addition to my Newspaper All things Autoimmune, Chronic Pain and Dementia! And Suggestions?????

My Brand News Newspaper for Sunda AM is OUT and Here is the link:!headlines

This is MINE to Add, change, or whatever I feel my audience" wants to read, see, hear more about and so forth (as far as health issues go) PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE SUGGESTIONS...if yu have another health issue, or would like to see more about something in health, let me know and I can go in and get more article and information about those topics as well as the ones I am giving you!

I am DOING THIS FOR YOU!!! "My "Audience) So, post, email ,speak up even post on the paper itself and give me your personal thoughts and issues!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Thank you Extended Thoughts, Gratitude, Life, Lupus,RA, & All of the Health Issues In between...

First of all, I want to extend a very heartfelt Thank You, in behalf of myself, and my family for all of the support, thoughts, prayers, and the many that lifted myself, Mom and family UP, while she went on to be in a much better place last Thursday morning.

It was serene and surreal - both - me there with her, holding her tiny hand in mine, as I "knew" like I said I would that "time" was near, and she was ready to go "home" to be with my Dad, and all of the loved ones, that had passed away before her. As I sang several hymns to her, all of which were songs that she so loved to hear my Dad sing, and did here him sing, many, many times over, and I finished the last of the old hymn "Pearly White City", Mom drew one last breath, and that was it, and it goes "Tis' finished".

There was such a mixed emotion there just the two of us, so silent, yet the moment spoke in volumes that I knew she was at peace, no more pain, no more suffering, no more of laying there, having no quality of life... and I had lost not just my Mom, but someone I had grown very close to over the past 10 years in different ways, and the thoughts of all of our laughs, fears, talks, trips to the Winstar over the years, and all came flooding over me, like some of the floods we have experienced as of late, yet much in a good way.

I suddenly felt "peace" also. I suddenly in my heart of hearts knew, that all we had "endured" over the past at least 8 to 9 months and really much longer, now was over, and we could both rest in the fact, that she moved on to be "better" and my own "job" here on Earth is far from finished.

Not just "things" to do because of her passing, but LIFE to live, that I know now was waiting for this to happen. NOW, is when after things are settled that I shall finish my 3rd book, because "her story" shall be a part of that book.

I want to once again extend such a thank you to our Physician's Choice Home Health Care here in Ennis, as well as our Family First Hospice. All of them, especially that last week with the Hospice people would been so much more difficult had it not been for them. They look this horrible situation, and made it a bit easier to bear.

I am in gratitude of Keever's Funeral Home, Father John from the St. John's Catholic Church here in Ennis also, the Ennis Flower Shop who did such a beautiful job on the casket spray, and everyone else who sent their wishes, flowers, donations, and put their love and arms around my family, as we dealt with and continue to deal with a very sudden loss.

As the days move forward I will now be able to begin another realm and branch of my journey here, in my writing, and in my life. Of course there are still many things on the "list" of to do's, yet as I do those, I will now be able to get more back into my own writing, and pray that my "voice" shall once again speak to me in order for me to complete my 3rd book, and publish it.

I also have more advocacy work to do, since Alzheiemer's/Dementia, especially Lewey Bodies Dementia, will become a huge part of my advocacy work....

I wanted to catch each of you up, and let you know what is happening, give you some links also, and again tell you how much I so appreciate your reading my posts, and continuing to follow this journey we call life.....

Saturday, May 7, 2016

One "Mixed Emotional" Mother's Day tomorrow.... And A Happy Mother's Day to ALL Mom's everywhere!


Tomorrow, Our Upcoming "Mother's Day" will be one of the most difficult Mother's Days to remember. As the overwhelming realm of mixed feelings, thoughts, emotions, all surround me, I am just at almost a loss for words today. 


My "Mom" once again did not know who I was today, nor yesterday. I got there, and she told me she had "company" yesterday afternoon and I said you did, who? She said " I am not sure" and then I asked her if she let them in the house, and she said, No, they had a key, I guess.... Well, the "company" that visited yesterday afternoon was ME. I brought her some chicken nuggets and fries for dinner around 5PM yesterday, so I asked her if they brought "chicken nuggets and fries"? She said, well, Yes in fact they did... 

I did not now whether to sit in the floor and cry, or sometimes when she "does not know" my as her daughter, I will say, Mom I AM your daughter.... yet it is difficult when I am sitting in the middle of this every day, 7 days a week, and when I am not there for those hours I go, then I worry, maybe I should not leave her, BUT, I am totally drained, exhausted, and my own pain level today is well over any "10" 

I realize my neck and lumbar spine are continuing to get worse, AND all that I am doing is not helping.... BUT she is my MOM, somewhere inside there she is my Mother, and I swore I would always take care of both my parents no matter what... so "Happy Mother's Day" to ALL of the MOM'S, Grandmother's, "Son to be 1st time Mom's" and the many that are "active" in being a Mom in one way or the other... I bid you peace tomorrow, love and hope.... and even when there is just a "shell" of a Mom you once knew, remember SHE is there always in your heart....

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Question We Often Avoid - Why do "Chronic Pain Patients Commit Suicide?

This is a subject we often do NOT want to speak about. But, it happens daily in our lives, for all kinds of reasons... this U-Tube Video is a gentleman speaking about a questions asked to him in a group setting about "Why Chronic Pain Patients Kill Themselves?" 

I watched the video and what he says is true... there can be all kinds of reasons, but for anyone who had been "healthy and stable", and suddenly something comes into play that takes away all "hope" then those are people that can suddenly decide they no longer can take another day, due to the pain, there is no "hope" for something better in the future and so forth... so I wanted to share this with all of you today...