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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Mom - Lewy Bodies Dementia and Missing her Everyday!

Had it not been for what we felt was Lewy Bodies Dementia, my Mom would have been 83 years old today!

It seems as if just yesterday she and I were planning a night away for her birthday, to the Casino!
The last time was around January 2016... and she passed away in June 2016. It took her so quickly, none of us had time to even give "thought" to how ill she was, so quickly, without warning.

Unlike some other Dementia's and/or Alzheimer's, some live for years with them... But, it took Mom so quickly, and I watched what seemed like Hour to Hour her "getting further" and further away...

Love you and Miss you Mom, each and every day!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dementia linked to Autoimmune Illnesses? This is both interesting and frightening....

Dementia Risk Up with Autoimmunity

Here are a few excerpts from the article on Medpage Today...

Among the 25 autoimmune diseases, 18 had significant positive associations for dementia (P for all <0 .001="" p="">
  • Addison's disease, RR 1.48 (95% CI 1.34-1.64)
  • Multiple sclerosis, RR 1.97 (95% CI 1.88-2.07)
  • Psoriasis, RR 1.29 (95% CI 1.25-1.34)
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus, RR 1.46 (95% CI 1.32-1.61)
  • Thyrotoxicosis, RR 1.31 (95% CI 1.27-1.34)

Of the 81,502 patients with autoimmune disease who also developed dementia, the subtype of dementia was identified in 42,568 -- 20,032 with Alzheimer's and 22,536 with vascular dementia.

Risks for vascular dementia but not Alzheimer's disease were increased for idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, pemphigus, scleroderma, Sjogren's syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus, and most notably, for polyarteritis nodosa, with a rate ratio of 2.12 (95% CI 1.42-3.05, P<0 .001="" p="">
I have a "genetic" factor for autoimmune illnesses on my Mom's side... and also Dementia and Alzheimer's on my maternal side... Cause to really be upsetting and hope they do much more research into this....

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday's Addition of my Newspaper "Life Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Systemic Diseases & Dementia

For All of you that may not know that I also have a Daily Newspaper that contain all types of articles about Chronic Pain, Dementia, RA, other Autoimmune Diseases, Lupus, and everything that pertains to these types of Systemic Illnesses, Chronic Illnesses, Dementia and Chronic Pain Issues.

From articles about medications, and the "trauma" we are in as far as getting our pain and Opioid prescriptions, our doctors, the government involvement in medications, Chronic Pain people and how more and more people are becoming "victims" of these diseases, Sjogren's is another one.

There are articles about Cannabis and how it is helping some Chronic Pain patients, and other alternative types of treatments, from Acupuncture, Yoga, other relaxation treatments, and the latest on research of new and upcoming medications and other things to help ALL of the horrible illnesses and diseases, plus I also put my blog posts there usually. But, there are video's and articles from anywhere like the Arthritis Foundation, to Lupus, and the Alzheimer's and Dementia Non-Profits.

Please stop by daily and check it out. I would really love to have you come by. I update at least once daily, sometimes more than that, so it is always current.

The name of the Newspaper is:

Life Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Systemic Diseases & Dementia®

Friday, October 14, 2016


Again this is so critical to me in such a very personal way. If you and a loved one has been diagnosed, or shows "signs or symptoms" of this extremely rapidly degenerating type of Dementia, you can screen for a Clinical Trial sponsored by Cure Click. I watched it take my Mom within 6 months. She had "some signs" of dementia, forgetfulness, and several others about a year or two before. Yet, none that led to a real diagnosis, then this horrid disease seemed to "take over" suddenly, and I literally watched her "change" day by day, as I've told the story so many times. This is NOT your "typical dementia or even Alzheimer's) not that they are not awful, yet Lewy bodies as a whole different type of dementia, aggressive in nature... and honestly, they still lack a great deal of the "why's" of this particular one.... Please share this with others. I would so appreciate you giving out this to others that may have someone they have seen in this type of rapid declining of mental, physical, and emotional realms so suddenly.

Been told you or a loved one have #LewyBody #Dementia? Participate in a clinical trial! See if you qualify. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Surviving - Being a Caretaker even after the person passes away, dealing and coping with loss & still "feeling" someone still having a hold on you from the "grave" - Decisions when you are chronically ill, in pain & trying to make everyone "happy"

I've been trying to "get over" what all has been left behind for me to deal with since June 9th, 2016 - Actually more like the start from about 9 or so years ago, when I came back to TX, to help my Mom.

Most of you that follow me, know I was an only child, my Dad passed away in 2005, and by December 2005, I moved back here from Seattle, to help my Mom. I've talked about due to Dad's upbringing in the "Depression" back in the 20's and 30's Dad's "way" of handling life was much different than those who were younger. Not that he had "bad ideas" but there were many things he could never accept, that were just a part of life, as it evolved and changed.

We each know life does not remain standing still. Each day, there is something new, whether it be something horrible like the "wars" overseas, and innocent lives, even children suffering for no reason but greed from others who want to "rule" over people,

There are also many good things that almost change daily, from cell phones, to technology, jobs, the way our country is ran, and all types of good things that can change within a breath's space.

My life, as well as many of yours have changed, evolved, grown, fallen, gotten up, and tried to march on, even through the pain and suffering, the embarrassmentand the good, bad and indifferent of this world.

Speaking of, our nation and world are in such a torment, chaos and it's hard to fathom other humans can do some of the things they do to those like them, humans. Each day the news seems to worsen over not just all of the overseas fighting, hatred, war, and such, but right here in our nation, each evening, I watch almost in horror of what act of violence has happened that day.

I was left to "take care of" all of Mom's affairs, of course Executrix of her Will/Estate, as you can call it.

Mom had made some really "bad" choices when she was alive. She did some things that as much as I had tried to help, explain, and give her insight along with her financial advisor at the time, to get her to understand, some of what she was trying to choose, could cause family issues someday after she was no longer here.

I never "told" her what to do or not do, but helped her, by explaining why I felt one way or the other, as well as her advisor also helped to guide her into not causing family grief, anymore than we would already have after she had passed away.

I had been here over 10 years, and for most of that time, I helped her with just about  everything, from bills, to putting gas in her car, to helping her and doing her taxes, explaining things she did not understand, you name it, I did it... I am an only child, and I felt it was my responsibility to help her in ALL ways, that I possibly could. I can hope that I did for the most part a decent job at it.

Although a couple of things fell through the cracks, and as I said years ago, NOW, we have a family "uproar".... that although one member "seems" to not be hurt by what has taken place I feel badly that it has, and even more upset that the other 3rd party is NOT helping, and is acting like a damned toddler, rather than a grown up adult.

I am going to go ahead and publish this although it is not finished... I will finish it and post the rest very soon...

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Just a look at what I've been working on, even with a right hand so swollen I can barely move my fingers - NEVER let ANY DISEASE make YOU think YOU CANT - YOU CAN!!! (or most of the time you can)

WELL!!! The Living Room is almost done. Of course the ceiling is not painted, and I still have to do the floor, but I got it all painted, and the chair railings all up and finished this afternoon! I am quite proud of my work, although I can see the “mistakes” hopefully no one else will notice. Then the kitchen wall, and I got it almost finished and have the chair railing up in there. Now the “red” blob…

DO NOT make fun of me yet… LOL, When I finish, I hope it will turn out half as well as the hallway did in my house here… I found the “glitter” to go into the gold paint, so I will paint the upper half red, and white on the bottom, same as the others, but I am going to “sponge”, use newspaper, paper towels, possibly rag roll the gold over the red. If it turns out like I can picture it in my mind, along with my red and yellow curtains, plus my bedspread that has all of those colors mixed in,

 I think it will turn out awesome… if not I guess I will be repainting the bedroom! LOL!! That is the ONE thing I figured out after all of my years of DIY at homes, whether painting, fixing, repairing or whatever, if you feel you do not like it, like coloring your hair, just do it over another way! It can be “fixed” ….. anyway, I am exhausted and my right hand is so swollen you can barely see my knuckles.. and that “sawing” was all done by ME, by HAND with a “miter saw” by the way… no electric saw of any kind, it cut all of those railing pieces by hand…. :)

I know I shall "suffer" the pain and swelling, and all that comes with undertaking a project when you are in chronic pain, and living with several chronic illnesses.., BUT AT LEAST "trying" to partially do something you love, whatever that is, is a WIN WIN even if you Can't FINISH it, you are still a winner because you TRIED! We "try" to never allow chronic pain and illnesses to ruin our "want to's" and joys in life...although at times they take over, when we have a fighting chance, we FIGHT!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Thank you Extended Thoughts, Gratitude, Life, Lupus,RA, & All of the Health Issues In between...

First of all, I want to extend a very heartfelt Thank You, in behalf of myself, and my family for all of the support, thoughts, prayers, and the many that lifted myself, Mom and family UP, while she went on to be in a much better place last Thursday morning.

It was serene and surreal - both - me there with her, holding her tiny hand in mine, as I "knew" like I said I would that "time" was near, and she was ready to go "home" to be with my Dad, and all of the loved ones, that had passed away before her. As I sang several hymns to her, all of which were songs that she so loved to hear my Dad sing, and did here him sing, many, many times over, and I finished the last of the old hymn "Pearly White City", Mom drew one last breath, and that was it, and it goes "Tis' finished".

There was such a mixed emotion there just the two of us, so silent, yet the moment spoke in volumes that I knew she was at peace, no more pain, no more suffering, no more of laying there, having no quality of life... and I had lost not just my Mom, but someone I had grown very close to over the past 10 years in different ways, and the thoughts of all of our laughs, fears, talks, trips to the Winstar over the years, and all came flooding over me, like some of the floods we have experienced as of late, yet much in a good way.

I suddenly felt "peace" also. I suddenly in my heart of hearts knew, that all we had "endured" over the past at least 8 to 9 months and really much longer, now was over, and we could both rest in the fact, that she moved on to be "better" and my own "job" here on Earth is far from finished.

Not just "things" to do because of her passing, but LIFE to live, that I know now was waiting for this to happen. NOW, is when after things are settled that I shall finish my 3rd book, because "her story" shall be a part of that book.

I want to once again extend such a thank you to our Physician's Choice Home Health Care here in Ennis, as well as our Family First Hospice. All of them, especially that last week with the Hospice people would been so much more difficult had it not been for them. They look this horrible situation, and made it a bit easier to bear.

I am in gratitude of Keever's Funeral Home, Father John from the St. John's Catholic Church here in Ennis also, the Ennis Flower Shop who did such a beautiful job on the casket spray, and everyone else who sent their wishes, flowers, donations, and put their love and arms around my family, as we dealt with and continue to deal with a very sudden loss.

As the days move forward I will now be able to begin another realm and branch of my journey here, in my writing, and in my life. Of course there are still many things on the "list" of to do's, yet as I do those, I will now be able to get more back into my own writing, and pray that my "voice" shall once again speak to me in order for me to complete my 3rd book, and publish it.

I also have more advocacy work to do, since Alzheiemer's/Dementia, especially Lewey Bodies Dementia, will become a huge part of my advocacy work....

I wanted to catch each of you up, and let you know what is happening, give you some links also, and again tell you how much I so appreciate your reading my posts, and continuing to follow this journey we call life.....

Thursday, June 9, 2016

"Dare To Dream" Sponored by Cure Click and About "Dreaming" and Clnical Trials

If you are a research volunteer, share your story! Tell others what it was like.
If you don't know, but you're curious, check out the stories of real people like you, helping advance science.

Project D.R.E.A.M. Dedicated to Research Education and Awareness Movement


Friday, June 3, 2016


Congrats to My AWESOME GRAND DAUGHTER!!!!!! Heather I am so INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOU :):) As you move forward in your life may nothing stand in your way, of you following ALL of your Hopes and Dreams! You are truly a Treasure and I could not ask for a better Granddaughter, and those two wonderful brothers of yours ;) Have fun, be safe, and live your life as if you are on top of the mountain! Nana Pam


Just a quick "Hello" and thanks all. Today is such a mixed day mentally, physically and emotionally.. I SO wanted to be at my GRANDDAUGTHER'S GRADUATION TONIGHT NEAR CORPUS, but alas with Mom as she is, and the WEATHER making life hellacious for everyone just about, I had to postpone my trip. Then I hate to whine, but MY BACK, LEGS, BUTT AND HIPS ARE ON FIRE!!!! after I got Mom in from the hospital night before last... dumb move on my part, but stubborn I guess shows me I should ask for help... at the moment I did not have one clue who to ask... but she is resting well. The aide came and got her all cleaned up, and I gave her all of her "comfort" medications, got things done there, and I just had to come to "home" for a bit, for the puppies, for me, and I need to get off my feet at least for a while.... love to all... and I am totally more than exhausted... so if I don't post, or accidentally don't answer the phone etc... I am just totally out of any "brain wave" at the moment.... 


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Deciphering "Alzheimer's", all types of "Dementia", which includes even Parkinson's, and many more...

Deciphering "Alzheimer's", all types of "Dementia", which includes even Parkinson's, and many more... A cry out for answers, as I wade through this monumental amount of research and searching I am doing!!!



I also would like for anyone that has dealt with a loved one, or someone close to you who would know about a "fast type of dementia" or Alzheimer's and so forth. This situation has went from mild "memory" issues, and forgetfulness, to telling certain "stories" I felt may not be entirely true. That was about 2 to 3 years ago... as I watched I began to see worse issues, could not keep up paying bills, making doctors appts, and many other things that were "off"... Then about 6 months ago, it went nuts....
 We went to losing 2 different credit cards THREE TIMES within a WEEK, not "recalling" how to put a car in "drive" or reverse, not able to turn on and use an oven that has been there and fine now for 12 or more years, either taking TOO MUCH medication, or like last week DID NOT TAKE ANY MEDICATIONS, stays in the bed till noon now, has not watched a television in 6 months and used to watch daily. 
Not eating anything healthy, just junk basically, cannot even make out a check correctly, fill in paperwork of any kind at all by herself, losing things, cannot remember after being told 7 times within an hour what the "day" was, which was Tuesday, plus that information is ALWAYS ON A CLOCK, WITH THE TIME, DATE, DAY OF THE WEEK, MONTH and even temperature on it. Never realized it was "time to change the clocks", suddenly cannot "dial my or no one's phone number correctly, most of the time), now is complaining and has been lately, of not just having issues with going "Number 2" toilet wise" but is "obsessed" with "toilet habits, and I "think" I am came to understand now, sometimes just does not know they need to "go", so there are now "accidents"..not going to the restroom when they should, cannot recall "talking to me" later on the same day she called me, and not recalling what she even said. Has no clue most of the time about naming "objects" or rooms, etc... at least 85% of the time... not recalling even the month it is... these are but a "few" of the many, many things I've seen over the past about 4 to 5 months with my Mom. And it leaves me with "all kinds of issues" that I have to get her to talk about BEFORE things are too bad and her memory is so much worse...
 I almost think I can add "hallucinating" maybe at times...I know a doctor told me that sometimes when someone has one of these illnesses, and they "forget", they just kind of "make up
" and fill in the gaps with something that can remember... so it will make sense to them and everyone else or is supposed to.... 
PLUS from another post of mine today! :) 

                                HELP NEEDED ON THIS also!

I have several issues going on, a NEW ONE is the Honey Bee's in this old piece of bus in my back forty, behind my house! They had built there before then went away, and now they are back again making a "hive" and swarming a part of that old bus. 

I also WANT TO GIVE that bus to anyone who wants to take it, and sell what is there for scrap metal. Plus there are lots of downed trees, or some that would be easy to get down, and some of it is pecan wood, so it could be someone may want some of these dead trees and limbs... plus I Know I am going to probably have to PAY someone to bring a small tractor in and mow that back "forty"... with all of the rain, and such, I've tried to knock some of it down, but now with the bees on one side, and as tall as the weeds are getting, even me with the weed eater yesterday, 

and got some down, some I have already sprayed with weed killer, and still I feel the city will be by wanting me to get it mowed down... so there is a large enough gate on the back of that property where a flat bed trailer, or small tractor can get through with no problems... I have some trees in my back yard, one in particular that needs to be cut down, again, several are dead, and I have gotten a great deal of the things off of it I can but I cannot reach much of the tall stuff, 

plus I don't want to try and stand on a ladder to try and cut more off of them.. so I really want to get rid of the bees and the old bus, plus all of those old trees and limbs, and get that back lot mowed where I can keep it under control.... PLEASE anyone YOU MAY KNOW, OR WILL DO THIS FOR A REASONABLE PRICE I WOULD APPRECIATE IT... JUST Message me here and we can go over details thanks, Rhia

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Now as if things are not screwed up enough!!!! MOM TOOK ALL HE MEDICATION MORNING MEDICATIONS THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THROUGH FRIDAY! all of them already! THEN ONLY TOOK "PARTS" OF THE BEDTIME MEDS... WHEN I asked her why she just looked at me and said well it is so simple I really do not know why I can't "get it"????? Then she DID NOT TELL ME that her legs and ankles were VERY SWOLLEN... now this is since Sunday - well she did NOT take her LASIX all week last week, because she did not take ANY meds last week... and SHE said Well they were "worse" they are better now... BULL, SHE is playing with "fire"... the entire reason for being SO CAREFUL about swelling is TOO much FLUID can cause that "heart valve" to act up and then she is facing open HEART SURGERY!!! So, I MADE HER TAKE ANOTHER LASIX and watched her and then increased it over the next 5 days to 2 every other day, which is what her heart doctor wanted her to do in the 1st place!!!!! 

Then "THEY ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!" I was in the back yard a few days ago, and in the back forty lot over some of the "weeds" I saw lots of what I thought were those damned "May Flies" which I hate swarming... BUT NO, THANK goodness I went back today and looked, because earlier I was out there with the weed eater trying to knock down some of the tall weeks before the city freaks and wants me to pay to have someone come and mow it with a tractor... 

BUT I stopped and decided I had enough room to spray weed killer as usual and should knock it down enough, it is all weeds and no grass... BUT, I LOOKED BACK AT THAT OLD BUS again a bit later AND IT'S THOSE DAMNED HONEY BEES!!!! WE "RAN" THEM OFF WE THOUGHT' They built in the neighbors walls... and he almost never got rid of them and NOW THEY BUILT OR ARE BUILDING BACK IN THE DAMNED OLD PIECE OF BUS ON MY BACK FORTY!!! I have been wanting to get someone to haul it and a bunch of old dead trees and tree limbs out, but finding the money is not easy... SO CRAP I have to do something... I just hope I can find someone who will come and "move that damned hive".... what a mess... 

Bub's is better, and I still never "found" what bit or stung him, and he is still not all the way over it, but all of it is looking much better, and I can tell he feels much better... what a damned nightmare... I do not honestly know what to do about Mom... and then I find out something about my car lease that I am really pissed about, but I will "save" that story until I do some research..... anyway, things suck even worse, and I am worn out.... and sick and tired of it all..... does it ever end!!!????

Friday, March 11, 2016

Dealing with Eldery Parents who have Alzheimer's or Dementia, when you, yourself are dealing with Chronic Pain and Illness...

 posted this on my FB page, and I will put it here also... I will be doing some work on my blog, my book, my new newspaper I have began, as well as some other things around my home, and some thinking about life... and how to deal with some really tough issues.... I maybe "away" from FB for a couple of days. 

There are some things I really need to get to working on as far as this new newspaper I am staring. I can customize is a great deal and it could really help me with my blog, as well as with my books , and my next lots of my advocacy work...getting information out there that would really benefit many people and help make what I want to happen possible ( I Hope)...I have also had some new ideas for my 3rd book unfold in my mind over this past couple of weeks, and although I jotted some of it down, I would like to start writing on it, in the beginnings of the book itself.... There are also some "personal matters" that honestly came up this morning, mainly to do with all of this mess with my Mother, and at this moment I am totally at my wits end, I have no clue where to go or what to do, other than leave her alone, and allow her to figure out "all is NOT RIGHT in her world".... she really hurt me earlier... calls me well before she is usually even out of bed, wanting to know "why I had not called or been by"...

well for one I was there two days in a row, just yesterday for one, and besides she is usually never even out of bed until after noon time... anyway, she asked me what I was doing, and then she told me I was a "blabber mouth", and I should NOT be telling my own kids what is going on... well I tried to tell her the kids are NOT stupid, and they "hear and see" and then she says they are never here nor never call so how do they know anything? So, I hung up... well I called back about 30 minutes later, and began to tell her to NEVER call me a "blabber mouth" again... that it for one hurt my feelings, and for two was NOT the truth, so then she began to tell me that losing her credit cards, not being able to work her stove, put her car in gear, not pay a bill correctly, not take her meds correctly, not know why the alarm clock blinked etc "meant nothing" and why do I even "care"... it is in the past... 

and when I said MOM jut yesterday I WENT TO GET YOUR MEDS AND GO TO THE STORE BECAUSE YOU DID NOT FEEL LIKE IT... so it not in the PAST it is right now... and she made some snide remark oh well, when we get there or if we do, we will handle it then... well WE ARE THERE! And she cannot continue to live alone, and if I tell the doctors about the car incident and and a couple of other things, they will tell her she cannot drive NOT live alone! As I told her and "building you a room" takes more than a few days.... she began to tell me I was full of crap, and nothing was wrong with her.... so I hung up with Okay, I will not "bother" you again, I am NOT calling, I will NOT come over there, and "if" you need me, then call, otherwise, I refuse to be hurt and used like a doormat and then laughed at when I told her that her calling me a "blabber mouth" hurt my feelings... and she said "she never even called me this morning"..... 

so, I have LOTS of things I want to do and get done, and I honestly right now am so totally sick and tired of this crap.... that she may wind up in a nursing home, if she does not want to listen to me.... I don't know what else to do.... but I need to get some rest myself, and do some thinking about several things... so if you do not see me here much, I am okay, just "out of touch" for a few days....

Thursday, March 10, 2016

I NEED HELP as Soon As Possible - I need an additional room built onto the back of my home for my Mom


Many of you may have already read my posts about Mom and how rapidly she is regressing into what I feel is dementia or Alzheimer's. Over the past couple of weeks the situation has turned grave and dangerous... too dangerous for her to stay alone much longer... so I need to build a room for her on the back of my house... see my post below...

Anyone that maybe close to my area in the Ellis County area, or near, that may know of someone that can "build on" a room for my Mom onto my home, along with doing some finishing work on my own home, as soon as possible, please contact me by private message. If you have an idea of someone that can do a great job, at a decent price, give me a free estimate, and will get it done as soon as possible would be so appreciated. My Mom cannot stay in her home much longer alone. Even though I am there everyday, or call if I cannot go over and she is only blocks away, things are rapidly getting too bad for her to stay alone... after all I saw and went through yesterday, something has to go be done and done quickly, Rhia

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hallucination, Premontion, Trying to Help My Mom Understand an ODD Happening... sometimes we just do not totally understand odd things....

Okay, I have a very odd situation going on with my Mom. I called her yesterday evening about 7PM or so, and she was crying. It scared me to death, thinking something was really very wrong, and then I was upset she had not called me. So, she starts out telling me that my (sister in law) Madeline, who has not spoken to any of us since my Dads funeral in 2005. My step brother Larry, and her were at the funeral home I guess they day they were picking out the casket, and so forth. I had not made it in yet from Seattle, so I was not there to know what happened exactly. 

But, from what Mom said, Madeline (who honestly always acted like we were trash, and not good enough since we did not live in a huge fine fancy home and so forth) is was born and raised in England, and had a little girl Karen who was just about 3 years younger than me. 

Anyway, I could make that a long story, but anyway, something came up at the funeral that Larry asked my Mom about some (insurance policy) that I guess my Dad had many, many years back, and he had probably used it for his burial, so it was no longer there. But Madeline must have stuck her nose in the middle of it, and began asking I guess about that policy, the money on it, and felt it (belonged) I guess to Larry and her! Well, Mom was already in a state of shock, as to how my Dad died so suddenly from a knee replacement that went very wrong... and to this day we are not really sure exactly what happened to cause him to die... but after whatever words transpired, Larry and her would NOT speak to ANY OF US! 

Not Mom, not my two kids who were there, and NOT ME! And I had nothing to do with this, and did not even know it had happened.. so I was totally in the dark as to why they ignored me at Dads funeral, and then at the meal afterwards... and finally I was told that there had been words at the funeral home, before I even arrived.... well, I only know what I have been told... BUT they have not TALKED TO ANY OF US, NOT CALLED, NOT CAME BY TO CHECK ON MOM... AND she helped to raise Larry, as a teenager, and then he stayed at the house even after I was born, and he was there until I was about 4, then he enlisted into the Air Force... he was stationed in England a couple of different times, thus that is where he met his wife Madeline, and finally adopted Karen the daughter... Okay so there is the background a bit... so night before last, Mom said she was in bed, but just got in the bed and was fully awake, and she heard footsteps coming down the hall. Madeline always wore high heels, no matter what, and always was dressed to the (Nines) when they visited, which she rarely would come... anyway, Mom said she sat up, and Madeline was standing at the bedroom doorway, dressed in black, and she is already tall, and in heels she was very tall... and that she began to ask my Mom (Henri (Moms full name is Henrietta, can I come and stay with you?) 

Mom said her voice sounded extremely distraught, and that Mom even tried to speak to her... now at the time I thought Madeline REALLY came there, from how Mom put this to me... so I even asked, how did she get in the house, did you leave a door unlocked, because with screens and doors locked, no way anyone could get in... and then Mom began to tell me, she never said anything, else, and after about 10 minutes, suddenly vanished.... om put this to me... so I even asked, how did she get in the house, did you leave a door unlocked, because with screens and doors locked, no way anyone could get in... and then Mom began to tell me, she never said anything, else, and after about 10 minutes, suddenly vanished.... Now my Mom, along with myself, and both of my kids, have always had this (6th sense) or whatever you want to call it, about knowing when something is wrong, or having a feeling, or I have vivid dreams... in fact I have very bad night terrors, they are better now, but had been very very upsetting... anyway, Mom did not really recall the whole thing until yesterday evening, and then she began thinking about what had happened and was extremely upset that something (bad) had happened, or was going to... 

I finally figured out this was some type of hallucination, or some kind of dream state, but Mom insisted she was wide awake... but it truly upset her, yet she did not call me... and she said i am not even sure why I did not call you... I was so worried.... Anyway, I tried not to make more of this with Mom, not wanting to make her more upset over it, especially late in the evening... so I have been trying to do some research today, to find out about hallucinations, something this vivid, because of course I had been concerned Mom has signs of Dementia or Alzheimers, in which I know for a fact in some cases they have delusions, or Hallucinations, and so forth... but I also have tried to find my step brothers phone number, email or something, so maybe I need to call them... what I did tell Mom is often whatever it appeared to be about, may not be something bad... as I told her, since it was at Dads Funeral 10 years ago, almost 11, that maybe why she was dressed in black, and possibly they are talking about trying to reconcile the situation, knowing they acted stupid, and should have never (cut) any of us out of their lives... so maybe it was a message of almost apology... or that it could mean anything or nothing... it just happened and that is that... 

BUT, I know Mom is still concerned, so I am not sure just how to handle this... she was much better after talking to me about it last night... so I know just telling it helped her to better understand, that it can happen and not mean a thing... yet these things can means physical issues... when I ran such a high fever last time with double pneumonia, I was Hallucinating in the broad daylight, walking around my home talking and hearing voices, that were not here, thus I finally thought to take my temperature, and it was 103... thus was causing me to have hallucinations... she has not been well, she is in pain still some with her back, she is already upset over lots of things, her nutritional level is not good and she is lacking in several vitamins, after all of the weight loss.... so even just the stress of all of that could have something to do with it.... anyway, any of you have any ideas, or suggestions? I would appreciate another point of view... LOL, I will say it kind of (freaked) me out and then I felt odd last night before I finally went to sleep....

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

TODAY IS THE DAY! #GIVINGTUESDAY IS HERE.... HOW WILL YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Your gift from the "heart" is the best "gift" YOU may receive of All!

The one day our entire "world" is in unity to "give" to those around us... whether you give of your time, monetary gifts, helping someone, giving blood, any and all kinds of ways to give of yourself, or of your time....

Here is some information about #GIVINGTUESDAY! And some ideas about the ways YOU can make a difference!



These are but a few ways YOU can give! Even if there is something not listed, or a special place you would like to support, do that... this is the one day to give as your heart tells you. I've found that giving of yourself can be the very best "gift" of all!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

The "Longest" Day Alzheimer's Awareness Month....

The "Longest" Day Alzheimer's Awareness Month....

"Go Purple" and Pledge to Help Fight Alzheimer's Disease! June is the awareness month for this horrible disease...

Such a critical health issue, that effects so many around the globe. My Grandfather suffered from this tragic disease, and my Grandmother had dementia, which seemed like the beginnings of Alzheimer's also. It was terrible and sad to watch how much this truly changed my Grandfather. Every once in a while, you could see the glimmer in his eyes that he knew myself and my 2 kids. My daughter was only about 2 years old at the time, would crawl up and sit in his lap and put her arms around him! You could tell he knew who she was, and in the next moment, he maybe frightened that "men" were watching through the windows, or rats were coming through the floor... it is a horribly bad situation, that many live with for years and years, both the patient and the family members.

Find on Facebook at: 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Cure Click- Alzheimer's Clinical Trial - Thought some maybe interested in this!

Even those this is not "autoimmune" at this moment, I know many of us with brain fog issues, or that have had Alzheimer's in their family, like I have had. My Grandfather had full blown Alzheimer's and my Grandmother developed dementia also.

This can be done online, so I don't believe there is really somewhere you must "travel" for this clinical trial.

The link is above, and feel free to ask questions, if you have them. I know I participated in the "initial" trial information and I am supposed to let them contact me for more information, due to my answers to the first round of questions online.