Friday, July 29, 2016

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

National Pain Week in Australia - Seeing that others in other Nations' suffer the same issues as us....

We often lose sight of the fact that our Nation is NOT the only Nation who has Chronic Pain Suffers and they often go through the same "hoops" we do when it comes to pain control, doctors, and people that ask "But, YOU "Look" so good?" I thought I would post this article about Aussie and their National Pain Week....

This got me to thinking about just how many people in so many "Third World Countries" must have millions, or perhaps more than that, who suffer from Daily Chronic Pain, and in so many different types of conditions... primitive in nature... where they don't have physicians offices to go to, or even a doctor anywhere near that could comprehend the scope of Chronic Pain, from all types of ailments, injuries, and more.... We are trying to hard to get alliance with our own CDC and Congress to make them "get it" when it comes to our daily chronic pain... and yes we hear it all the time" But, you look good"?"

 I have to say as of late, I don't "hear" that statement as much anymore... I may hear WOW you are so tiny, or any number of things about my "small" I've gotten, but as of late, between all I went through with my own illnesses and stuff, to taking care of Mom and now dealing with all of those things, I "DON'T" always go out "looking so good"....

 I don't have the time to put on makeup, or if I am going to paint or work in the houses, or take care of the yards etc... I maybe in my huge overall shorts with holes in them, no makeup, and my hair just "laying around" with that bedhead look (lucky for me that is still the style) LOL.... but the older I get, and the "slower I am" at everything, often times, I don't have that extra hour to "dress nicely", do my hair and put on makeup... besides that fact that I am just going to sweat it all off, or I certainly don't want my "good clothes" covered in multi-colors of paint - I have to forego that and just go out, and do what I need to.... So, I cannot fathom what those that are not near a "physician" or a local pharmacy to get anything for "pain relief" cope. I am sure, like earlier times here in the 20's, 30's and so forth, long before "doctors" had offices, and staff and hospitals were in every town, people "made their own concoctions" of "pain relievers".... they deal with herbs, plants, and so forth, they have learned in their lives rid them of pain... or doctors still are off in jungles, and in remote places where most may have never really seen a real "medical doctor".... so when I thought about "us" here, and then seeing Pain Week in Aussie, it got me to thinking about how many suffer, and they have no "real place medically" to get help.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

World Hepatitis Day!

#WorldHepDay #NOHep #hepatitis



Monday, July 25, 2016

Trying to put words to "feelings" - A New Chapter of my Life, yet like "writer's block" I am having "Life block"

All too often any of us as author's, writer's, bloggers, and so forth can develop usually suddenly, what many refer to as "writer's block"...

I've been through those "challenging" time on several occasions myself... like my "voice, or we sometimes refer to as "Muse" is just not happening...

For days, perhaps weeks now, I've had a challenge even larger than any writer's dilemma. I find myself with I guess you could call "Life Block"... I cannot find where "I should be", "where I belong", what to do with myself, so I spend my days rambling around, painting the house #2, and knowing that house #1 needs lots of work also... Life in itself feels "surreal"... not realistic, like I've missed that last train into my next chapter... now I am lost, in between a "breath's space", and at times I am not sure I even know who I am... or what my next step should be....

I had heard several times about "dementia" and at 1sst they said "brain exercises" were helpful. Then about a year or two ago, they came out and said "exercising the brain" with reading, puzzles, games and so forth, does not "harm not help" Then on the evening news it was brought up after extensive research that exercising the brain, like any muscle does tend to keep you "fit" mentally... that you are less likely somewhat to develop a type of dementia... I always thought that way anyway... I watched my own Mom. do NOTHING, no hobbies, did not like to get out and window shop, never belonged to any of the groups around town, or even helped out as a "Room Mother" when I was young... till the day she passed away, June 9th, 2016, she COULD NOT PUT GAS in her own car!

As many times as I tried to get her interested in one thing or the other, she just was this type of person, that all in life like that was either "frivolous" or a waste of time and money... or she just was not "smart enough", educated enough to "get it"... whether it be a new microwave, or reading a book....

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ANOTHER RED WASP STING! Feeling LOUSY, Antibiotics and some of their horrible side effects, "Smart Beat", Life and more

I swear I just walk out my back door, in just around my yard and get freaking STUNG AGAIN BY ONE OF THOSE RED WASPS!!!!! Every time I step out either door, and this morning I walked through my gate and one came from nowhere , in fact I guess flew up from the grass and got me... I never even SEEN IT! This time on my left knee, and of curse it swelled up immediately! It's already the size of a silver dollar almost! This time I can't "see" anything in it, so I am not sure if there is a stinger or not. I've sprayed and knocked down every nest I can find.

 But, I KNOW there has to be one or two HIDDEN from sight, because they are seemingly in just a couple of places in my yard when they tend to be like this. Hell, just before this one stung me, out of the blue, one came directly towards me in the front lawn and I just began to back up slowly... and I don't know where he went but I avoided that one, only to walk around to my back yard and one get I said I never even seen it coming! They are THE MOST AGGRESSIVE IN TX I've ever seen them this year. I mean I've been stung usually by yellow jackets, if you get near a nest, or are around close by, but never have I had this happen. My daughter said they are really bad, especially yellow jackets down around Corpus where they live. He oldest son got stung over the weekend by a yellow jacket... I have still not felt very well, and I am having a very difficult time "getting over" what ever the hell is wrong with me...

 I seem to wake up every morning with a sick feeling stomach, and I am just so weak, it just wears me out to even walk through the market for a few things. I still have a bad headache off and on, and my lower back tends to hurt one side, then the other.... I just generated feel "lousy".... for the lack of a better term... now my knee is killing me, and I have to be very concerned about infection... if I get infection "in that artificial joint" they would have to possibly remove it all, and then put a new one in.... dammit... plus I found out I was wrong, the antibiotic they gave me for the kidney infection is one that gives me a horrible time with antibiotic induced diarrhea, and I sure as HELL don't WANT NOR NEED THAT!!!! Talk about one horrid thing to happen to you... anyone that has had this before knows exactly what I am talking about... it is terrible... worse than many other things you can be ill with....

I did finally get a bit of painting done for a while yesterday and managed to make it through the market for just a few things, but then I was totally wiped out yesterday afternoon/evening. It took every ounce of strength I had left (about 1/2 spoon for your spoonies) to get myself in the shower and take a shower. I am supposed to go out to my PCP's office this morning and do fasting blood work for the "Smart Beat" thing they are doing... where everyone that has had or has close family that has had heart problems, High BP, cholesterol high,diabetes, they do an extensive work up even giving you tests on your lungs, and echocardiogram, and EKG, Doppler on your carotids, and the main one down in you abdomen, and several other tests, if you have not had any of them at all, or have not had them fairly recently with your Cardiologist... then they take that, with fasting blood work, and do an analysis about how "well" you are in the categories of your lungs, heart, arteries, glucose levels, and so forth and it is totally of no cost to the patient. They did not do a couple of the tests on me simply because my Cardiologist had already done them within the last 6 months or so. So, that is my story and drama for this morning and I am sticking to it.... and I am sure some of you think,

 "Here's a Quarter call someone who cares".... LOL!!!! ;) Rhia

Oh yes, and I did finally get my car washed yesterday, plus I finally made it to the cemetery yesterday. This was my 1st time there since Mom's funeral. I just needed to get to the "resolve" that when I did go, it would not just be Dad, I was talking with, but Mom there as well now. I have to say it was a "strange feeling".... but I got silk flowers put in her vase, and it almost appears as if I "matched" them to Dad's but I didn't on purpose... anyway, the monument is just covered in sand.

 I only had my little hand broom, so I have to go back out and take my larger broom so I can sweep off the monument (head stone) and get all of the sand off of it. Due to them putting sand on it once the casket was in, and the wind has been blowing like heck here daily it is just more covered than I've ever seen it. And it is way too pretty to allow it to look like that...

 Last photo of Mom before she got really ill. This was taken last Thanksgiving November 2015

Thursday, July 14, 2016


I am DOG SICK from "something"... I was fine, then last night about 10PM I began to have one of those "cold sweat" spells... and I even had to change my clothes I was so soaking wet... but I laid down, got still and woke up about 4AM, and I knew I had to be fixing to have fever... every joint and muscle in my body was so severely in pain, I was almost screaming it hurt so bad. I checked my temp and that the time it was okay, but withing a half hour, I knew it was going it went to 99.5, then to 100.5 and then 101.5 and I had already had 4 Tylenol, plus my other meds. 

This Pain" usually feels almost as if I am going to stiff so stiff, and almost like a "seizure", but I've never had one... but I know when I have that type of pain, I will have fairly high fever... I had NO CLUE why... I was fine, painted yesterday and was fine until last I am dammit on the sofa, drinking green tea, and covered up with my blanket... it sucks. I have some antibiotics left from the wasp sting, so I decided to take those to see if I may have some type of infection... 

I have a "small bit" of a cough, and had a tiny bit of cough meds in the fridge, so I took that early and I am not coughing anymore.... this just is pissing me off! I have SO MUCH to do.,. and my floor buffer came in yesterday, so I need to learn how to use it, and I don't even feel like reading anything.... anyway, last time this happened I was sick for a day, and then the next day was fine.... go figure... so if I am still not well tomorrow, or my temp won't stay down, I will do over to Urgent Care to make sure I don't have pneumonia, or something going on.... the SEVERE body pain is what is the worst...

Well even though I DID NOT want to! : I went to Urgent Care this morning. It seems I have a bad kidney infection. rather than pneumonia or something upper lung issues etc... which I think I may have a combination of still a really, really, kicking my butt Lupus Flare... so that explains a great deal.... 

SO here we are AGAIN on ANTIBIOTICS! I HATE to take them, BUT I have no choice if I want to get well and get on with my life.... this sucks

Then to make things ever feel worse  :

I needed a shower before I went ANYWHERE! BUT, (and it was all I could do to take a shower) YET AM SO OUT OF IT, after I WALKED IN AND BEGAN TO I realized I FORGOT MY DENTURES!!!!! I NEVER walk OUT OF THIS house to GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT THOSE! I WAS SOOOOOOOOOO EMBARRASSED!!!!I've never pulled that kind of stunt before... I am still embarrassed......

Saturday, July 9, 2016

YEAH!!! A bit "different type of post" Guess I just "needed this" right now!

I was SO PROUD & I THANK MY DAUGHTER AMANDA FOR THE SUGGESTION! I thought I would NEVER be Able to put on a swim suit, much less a 2 piece again…. not after the pain pump, all the surgeries, scars and so forth… I used to love the 2 or 3 I had and wore the tops all the time with my shorts in the Summer mowing… but alas, due to age, and illnesses, and multiple  surgeries, I had thrown those away finally… but she had mentioned the other day these kind! And sure enough I ordered this one from Beall’s and to just came in… I so NEEDED something to feel “good about” especially myself right now… after all that has happened even from the past couple of years, until these past months and all that went on with my Mom, I needed “something” to give me a smile and restore some kind of faith in “me” again… so as silly as that sounds, here are some pics… LOL… I look like “hell” because my hair and no makeup… I had been painting all morning… etc… so for now just the “bottom” part and when I am “cleaned up” with my hair correct and makeup on, I will make more… So, again I thank my dear daughter for the suggestion… NO it is NOT a bikini… but it is so much more than that for me right now….

Friday, July 8, 2016

Texas - And Violence too Close for Comfort just up the road, and an Officer from a Neighboring Town

It seems that no matter where we turn there is little peace on this Earth anymore. We continue to see more violence, more rage, more terrorism, whether from afar or from "home grown" people that sometimes I feel "give up" on the faith of humanity. I realize that ALL of us have a place in us that can "get to the place we have had more than we can take"... I've been there as far as illness, chronic pain, and then watching my own Mom pass away of something horrible that took her within just a few short months... actually weeks honestly. Yet, somewhere we MUST reach DEEPER within ourselves, and FARTHER into our own faith to know, that violence and harm to others is NOT the answer, it just makes things worse for everyone.... it's hard to fathom that "humans" can take the lives of other "humans" yet it is all around us, from small towns like mine to huge towns like Dallas and all over this nation and the world. Answers? None of us have really have "answers" other than trying to "hold onto" what we feel is right from wrong, and what we have been promised by our own "Higherpower"... Lord bless and look down upon all of those families, friends, and co-workers that have lost so much... this will impact many, many right here in our own community, as well as others.... May they find some "peace and understanding" through the wake of such horrific violence.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Updates of Life, Illness, Fur Kids, and All that usually "happens" to me - I always have something "weird" going on.... so I wanted to tell everyone what's the issues for now

I can have more hell with everything! Damned, every time I walk outside, one of those red freaking wasps seems to come directly to me. Between those, and damned ants, and so forth, I feel like all I do is fight some kind of bugs in the summer time. I cannot believe I've been stung twice, and I got rid of 2 nests I found, but I know there has to be one somewhere out by my fence somewhere in the carport, or even built in one of the open spots in the fence gate.

Anyway, then a couple of days ago, I seen something odd over by my air conditioner unit (I have window units) and damned if it was not leaking in the house. Well, at 1st I know sometimes if the humidity is really bad, they will get pretty full of condensation. But, I even have "extra" holes drilled in the outside of mine and I went out, made sure they were cleaned out and nothing was stopping them up, and it was leaking even worse. I got concerned because even with a bowl under it, or a towel, it was dripping and running down the wall, and I feared it going into the wall plug and shorting everything out or worse. So, I only have that one, and a really small one room one, that I usually don't use in the bedroom. So, I knew that one "really" was not enough to keep the house all that cool, and this is already late yesterday, and I was just so pissed. So, I turned off the bigger one, turned on the small one, and put a fan in the bedroom door to pull the cool air into the living room... and then with ceiling fans on, it was "cool enough" that we made it fine, and slept without being hot. Of course this happens after it gets the hottest... not a month ago, when it was much cooler. So, I KNOW that both this larger unit here, and even the one at the other house are getting OLD... it would not surprise me if either of them go out, just because I know mine has to be getting close to 10 years old, and so is the other one.

This one already has lots of rust on it... and I know that it is going to have to be replaced. SO, I go out to WALLY WORLD this morning, thinking I may have to just buy one, and get my neighbor to help me put it in, plus the bigger one needs to be either in that bedroom window where it can keep the living room cool OR in a living room window but that means me moving a bunch of crap around to put it in one of those... so I think we paid something like 200.00 for like a 12,000BTU back then, and like 99.00 for a 5,000BTU one... DAMNED the 12,000 ones are 326.00!!!! I almost fainted.... and of course that is the only one they have right there in the store... they have LOTS more online, where I could pick... BUT I never thought until today looking at them, DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW THE PORTABLE UNITS DO IN A HOUSE? I know some people use them for like a garage but there are LOTS OF THEM ONLINE EVEN AT LOWE's and THEY CAN BE MOVED, thus I could move it if I needed to... I see you have to use a sleeve kind of like you use on a dryer vent to vent out the heat, so it comes with a "kit" to put in a window and some of them even do not have to be drained at all, they "use" the condensation.... others you can drain and so forth... lots to pick from but I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with a PORTABLE A/C BUT USING it DAILY FOR A HOUSE?  If you have, I would love to know how that works.... I mean of course once you have it set up, you would want to leave it due to venting the heat out of a window BUT if you needed to move it for some reason that would be a heck of a lot easier than a window unit...besides trying to keep a window unit clean, clear of stuff, and make it really "sealed" in is difficult to do, but it needs to be done so your air does not just leak out.... any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.... So, that is one issue... Now I have the pain for the kitchen, which the darker blue I posted I am doing the kitchen cabinets in, then I picked a much lighter blue for the walls, and thought I may use it in the bathroom since for now, I may NOT get that old tub out of there and have a shower put in...

I know to get that old iron tub that they covered in porcelin long years ago is a pain, and they have to be either sawed in pieces, or we broke this one with a sledge hammer to get it out... but it would be a big undertaking, then probably I would have to get the tiles down that are there now around the tub in order to put one of those two piece type of showers I am talking about it... so I may have to settle for the "bench" I bought already and then a really good shower head on a handle like I use now, and just try and get that tub as "clean looking" as possible. I got ALL of that rusty stain crap out of the toilet - that Lime Away took every bit of it out with a bit of letting it set and then using a "Magic Eraser" on it... I got just about every bit of it out... now I just need a new toliet seat... and the sink is yuck but I can live with it for now I guess... it is frustrating since I have my "big honkin shower/tub" that was expensive and we had to put together when it got here but that is okay... not that huge of a deal... So, I am trying to get as much painting done as I can, and then I ordered a floor "buffer" after seeing it was over 40.00 A DAY to RENT ONE, hell I bought one on Amazon for just a bit over that, for the hardwood floors... I will need it anyway, so to heck with renting one... but now today I have this "Smart Beat" Appointment at my Doctors office.

They have been trying to get me in to do it for months, but due to Mom, I've had to put it off until now... and I really DO NOT have the time to mess with it today, but decided it will "take the place" of having to go back through getting "testing" to have my neck surgery... which my surgeon would make me go back through before doing the neck surgery since it has been months since I had it all done... they may not do the Chest Xray BUT my Cardiologist can order it and the blood work, or I can have it done at Urgent care for cheaper than anywhere... anyway, so I have to do that at 2PM... and my Bub's, my Chiweenie, has nails that he totally refuses to allow me to cut, in fact at times we have to muzzle him even at the Vet, depending on his “mood"  anyway, he has one front paw that has been bothering him and it looks kind of swollen, so I figure it is those long nails either he hung that one on something, but they are awful... I know I let them go too long, but I just hate taking him because he just hates having them cut so badly.... but he is getting up older now, and he concerns me, because he just does not play and do like he used to... he will play some with the "Holy Terrier" Peanut, but Peanut is a total pest, all the time he wants "attention"... he is still on my "trial" list and I've continued to think if he does not "grow" out of some of this mess he pulls, I may have to take him back... anyway, if it is not one thing it's the other... my right ankle is still swelling up, if I am up on it for very long... and now for some odd reason it hurts... it had not really "hurt" very much, but the past 3 days all of a sudden it hurts... so I am not sure about that either... strange.... like me strange... okay, well time for me to get my butt in gear and go get this "Smart Beat crap" done... they do some additional tests on the heart and listen to the carotid arteries and so forth, since I have had heart issues... it is no charge to me... the insurance pays for it all.... so like I said I think most of it will also be what the surgeon wants done before my neck surgery... and then tomorrow I take Bub's in... but I have GOT TO GET TIME to freaking get on the painting! It seems it is something every day... I did get my new cell phone... so I am now a proud owner of an "I-Phone5" and I even broke down and bought a really nice case for it this morning.. hell I won't use have the stuff on it LOL....

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Donating Your Organs for Research, Burial or Cremation, Chronic Illness, how life has so many turns, & trying to cope with Lupus, RA, Chronic Illnesses, and living..,

I've had something on my mind, especially after going through what I watched my Mom go through, along with knowing my own health issues, my Grandparents health problems, and family backgrounds. Since I am already an "avid" advocate as far as Lupus, RA, and other Autoimmune Illnesses, as well as Arthritis and now Dementia's.... I've had something on my mind. For some, this may "gross" you out, but for me (and this is after a bit of thought), I feel like when my "time comes" I maybe able to make one more extremely beneficial act, that could help others in the future, even my own family down the line someday. I've been giving serious thought to "donating my tissue and/or organs" for research. Knowing the chronic diseases that I have, and that effect my own family, and seeing that "dementia's" tend to also run in my family, especially my Mom's side, I feel like that is a way, that I maybe able to help stop, find a cure, or give hope to the millions of others out there that suffer from these horrendous illnesses. This is a subject, that I am sure many people don't want to think about... but once you have had someone so close to you and you watch them go through some of these horrid illnesses, you have a deeper sense that you "need to do something" for your kids, Grandkids, and so forth on down the line, along with so many others that need to also find a reason why many of us suffer from them, along with how to "stop" these before they even happen, or "cure" them, put them into remission, or find some way to change what so far we still are fighting with. I also think after seeing the expense of a funeral, and fortunately my parents already had their things in order for that part of it, but the expense of a burial plot, and then the casket and so forth, I can see me doing a cremation, rather than going through the motions and expense of the things that go along with being buried. Now, I am NOT trying to gross anyone out, nor am I (hopefully) upsetting my own family with these thoughts... for they are just that.... 

things I've had time now to think about, and do some research on... and if I could help to make this world a better place in some way, then I feel I should do, just that. I also see that there is such a "guilt" at times, and a burden, even with funeral arrangements... I know that many go through thinking, well I cannot be "cheap" and not have a beautiful casket, or a huge amount of flowers, or have a very nice memorial service... yet when it comes down to it, the person, such as anyone close to you, does not care, more than likely if they are in a "pine" box, like used to be, or in a 10,000 casket, that is going to be in the ground, and certainly of no benefit to that body, for your soul is long gone, nor does it help the ones you leave behind. 

To me, leaving a "legacy" of being a decent, caring human being, that tried their best to love their family, take care of them, and know in your heart, you did everything you could to do the "right" thing, is much more important than a 750.00 flower casket arrangement, that shall wither and be gone within days. Anyway, I've not been here "online" much. And I will be in and out for awhile as their are things to be done... and things for me such as even my neck surgery, that I've put off now almost a year, that I do need to do... so as I make a list of the crucial issues, and line up what is important, and what is not so important, I will be here, some, and then be out and about getting other things done also. I have to get my eyes checked. 

My up close vision has gotten worse, plus I've not had that test due to me being on Plaquenil now in over 2 years, and I should be doing that yearly. So, that is one of the things that I need to do hopefully this week, and then of course the paperwork thing is almost a "hurry up" and then a waiting game. There honestly is no real "hurry" in any of it, other than how quickly myself and my kids want to work on it. Anyway, I may be away for again most of the week. I've got LOTS of painting to do, and getting those hardwood floors done... not sure yet exactly what I am going to do... I don't think completely redoing them is necessary... I think if I can get them cleaned properly, then apply the proper wax, and buff them, I maybe able to get by with that rather than go through the entire ordeal of "sanding, etc... on them..." 

but one day and one step at a time... with the weather in the process of getting HOT, lots of things will have to be done "around the heat"... thank goodness a good portion of things are on the inside, rather than the outside for now.... keep my family in your continued thoughts and prayers... we are all just in still kind of a shock, and somewhat of indecision on some things... yet it seems all of us tend to be on the same page... so that is a good thing... Rhia

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th, Me and Houses, Painting, cleaning, and having another "spell" last night of the cold horrid sweats all night long.... (Oh and a New I-phone (although I said I would never have one), a new bathing suit, & coping with losing Mom

The weather turned really terrible here last night. Bad enough I turned off my computer until now. We had an electrical storm worse than I've seen in a long time for right here. The thunder and lightening was bad all night long and even until about an hour ago, we had constant thunder and lightening, as well as rain. Thank goodness nothing else, but the wind was bad before the other hit. I noticed there are several smaller limbs down in my driveway today. So, the wind was pretty strong when the storm brought its leading edge in. I had one of the HORRIBLE BAD I HATE COLD SWEATS ALL NIGHT LONG! It was one of the worst I've had in a long while. My hair was totally dripping wet, and my clothes, my pillow, even the cover I have on the sofa was all wet where I had laid, but it was one of those that I was cold, shivering and had the blankets pulled up over me... even the dogs thought I was nuts I think....LOL... I did not feel all that great yesterday. I went over and was doing some painting on the kitchen cabinets at the other house, and I really like this blue color I picked out for them. And I think I've found the "white" I want to use to make the bottom half of the paneling look like "wainscott" and then I already know which board (decorative) I am using to be the "chair railing" between that and then the color up at the top. I am going to use a lighter blue on the walls, and then the same color in the dining room. So, it is slow and tedious. I've never been great at painting anyway, and these are lots of cabinets that have to be painted in the inside of them also, so that will take even more time, especially the ones on the bottom, because they are so "deep" as in far back to the back walls. Then I've got to get something to cut the "yuck" off of the venta-hood, and over the stove. Those cabinets are so "sticky" from Mom NOT using the venta-hood I think, that before I can paint those, they will have to be "degreased" for sure. Anyway, the floors I think will be okay. I've been doing some cleaning on them, and put down some wax in a few spots, but I know Dad used to have a "buffer" that he used on them. It is long gone by now, but I imagine I should be able to rent one I imagine. I found my paint at Sherwin Williams, so I am going to ask them if they may either rent those buffers for wood floors, and if not, they should know who does. By the way anyone around here, don't waste your time going into "Dirt Cheap".... I was disgusted with it and walked around about all of 4 minutes and left. They have "stuff" and clothes etc, but honestly, all of it appeared to be definitely either something wrong with it, or things that some appeared to be just not even "new", or were damaged... They had people in there buying but I saw nothing that interested me at all... BUT I DID FINALLY FIND A BATHING SUIT!!!! I could NOT believe there were NONE at Wally World... So, I had a coupon for 10.00 off at Beall's online or in the store, plus they had like another 50% marked off of their already marked down stuff, so I found a top that has the "bodice" on it, that fits nicely to the figure, but is not a one piece. It has a completely separate bottom with it, and I got them both even after tax for like 14.00! They were regularly 35.00 a piece! 

So, we shall see when it comes in... but I did NOT want some "one piece" like I was 85 years old looking, yet, with the pain pump sticking out of my side dammit, I can no longer were just any 2 piece, and I've not had a swim suit in many years. So, I ordered it, and am anxious to see if it fits and what it looks like. Then, I had to finally break down and I have a new cell phone on its way. It should come in tomorrow. My other one has gotten to where I just don't have enough minutes, and to buy extra ones was costing me more than getting a new phone and an unlimited plan. Since I don't do a lot of "data" usage on a phone, I got a pretty good plan, for not much more than what I was paying anyway, plus yes, I will have an "Apple I-Phone now".... 

I SWORE I did not need one and that it was a waste of money, but actually I got the "5" version, and they have a 6 plus or something out already, but I did not need all of those bells and whistles, thus I am going with this one, and I've already got my phone number for it. I chose to begin over with a brand new cell number, since things are so different now with Mom gone, and there are many that had my contact phone with all she was going through. So, I decided to go with a brand new phone, brand new phone number, and for now I will continue to keep my home phone. I am still getting it for a good price, so I shall see in a few months how things are with the cell phone, then make the decision whether to get rid of the home phone or keep it. I kind of was "tacky" over at Mom's house the other day. Some fool wanting to "sell her" something called and before I could get a word in, he began his spill... so when he shut up, I said' She is dead", shall I give her a message? OMG! Talk about silence at the other end of the phone...

 I know it was harsh, but they were constantly calling her trying to sell her something all the time...that is like the DAY of the Funeral, we were all over at the house cleaning, and taking stuff out to the trash etc... and there were THREE PEOPLE, and more who drove by that had the audacity, to stop, and ask if the house was "for sale".... I and my daughter and son in law, and son were so pissed... these people go through the newspaper, see these elderly people who pass away, then drive by their homes and ask crap like that... talk about rude.... as my son in law said, next time I should say "Do YOU see a FOR SALE or FOR RENT SIGN?" Then tell them well I GUESS THAT ANSWERS YOUR QUESTION! People are morons... but I do know they specifically had her on some type of phone lists they get from people who are Social Security age etc... 

and they bug the hell out of them calling to either sell them something, or for donations etc... she got them constantly... it was insane.... Anyway, I am still not feeling the best... I had nightmares, and that cold sweat mess just takes all of my energy away the next day.... so I did manage to get some "cleaning" done around here. I have not went over to the other house today yet. I may run over there, after I kind of see what this weather is going to do... it still looks like it could be bad out there, and now we are going to be hitting those TRIPLE DIGITS NEXT WEEK! I do NOT look forward to that at all. Happy 4th to all... Me....

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy 4th to You and Mine is just "here"....

I hope everyone is having a great, but safe Holiday weekend! Sadly, my daughter and son in law did not get to come up this weekend. Their work schedules were crazy busy last week, and I know they were too exhausted to make this 6 plus or more hour drive up here. So, I do miss them not getting to come up. But, I DID find the color of paint for the cabinets over at the other house I wanted to use on them, so I went and got a quart of it to try. After messing around with Lowe's and really not getting much help, and then Wally World was WORSE! The "woman" had no clue about "paint" and was filling in, and she had been working in Automotive section of the store, so I know one lady was trying to match paint to what she had gotten there before and this girl could not get it matched what so ever... I finally said to heck with it. I went to Sherwin Williams yesterday, got service of exactly what I wanted... I even already had the colors picked out online, and he answered my questions, I had my quart that I could try first with me, and was out the door in a flash. Sometimes you just have to pay the extra, and get with someone who knows what the hell they are doing. Now, for the white enamel, I may go with a lesser expensive paint, and get Wal-marts BUT I noticed really their paint prices are really not much cheaper than Sherman Williams when it comes down to it And Lowe's almost has TOO MUCH to pick from... I did buy some stuff at Lowe's the other day to try on the hardwood floors for cleaning them first, then they will need to have some places probably stained, which I've tried already and it is looking good... then of course that wood is going to soak up wax since it has been not waxed in many many years and has had carpet over it for 20 plus lots more years. 

Mom and Dad carpeted over it in the living room, hall and dining room long years ago and it just made me sick they covered up those floors.. I don't think I am going to completely "redo" them like in this house... it is extremely time consuming, and then to really seal them with the Polyurethane in this heat right now.... would probably make you sick to smell between completely redoing them and then sealing them. I am going to put area rugs down like I did in here anyway, or that is what the plan is. So, there won't be a great deal of wood showing as far as in the middle of the rooms. I already filled in one spot, where long years ago, Dad had termites. He has repaired one of the spots, but this one may not have happened until after they got into it before. Anyway, it looks fine, and I put a bit of stain on it, so by the time that is waxed, I think it will be okay. Again between furniture and area rugs, it probably won't be seen that much anyway. But, the "carpet" they laid in the dining room and kitchen is GLUED down like what you see in doctors offices and office buildings. 

So, I don't see being able to save that floor, only changing that ugly mess they have in there. Which I think going with some type of linoleum maybe that kind of looks like wood, or something that is much lighter in color, and that is not so dark. I noticed just me beginning to paint in the kitchen already has made it "brighter" in there and not so dark. Mom got to where she never opened blinds, and it seemed she stayed in the dark all the time. It drove me nuts.... I finally began going over there at the last and opening up blinds and doors when the weather was cooler, just to "feel" like you were not standing in some dark spot.... But, there are lots of older homes that have that "darkness" to them... I know my Grandmother's neighbor (I always was scared of the woman LOL) her house was like a tomb, it was so dark when we went over there. I thought she was some kind of "witch" or something... I think she really did not like kids... but there was just something about that house that always seemed creepy when we went over there. Now I have something going on with my Oleanders. They have been growing and blooming, and now all of a sudden either something is "eating" on them. or there is something like a fungus on them from all the rain we had back weeks ago or something. I've got to look it up, because they are losing their leaves, and the "beans" that appear before they bloom, almost look like something is eating on them... it is just strange.... anyway, as you can tell not much going on here.... just still working on this house and the other one, and trying to get things done.... one foot in front of the other.... Rhia

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Wishing You and Yours A Happy, Safe, and Remembering Thought As We Celebrate Our Freedom

First of All, with the "meanness, evil, and lack of caring for all of mankind that seems to be going on in every nation of the world, I can again HOPE for PEACE!

I have never understood and never shall understand anyone taking lives, as well as their own lives in the name of some religious figure. The "Lord" I know would not want me blowing myself, nor anyone up in His Name. He would not want me being mean, or doing evil things to others, or causing harm.

We are taught to "be kind to others". We are taught to be PROUD of our Nation, and of course during times of injustice, we must "fight" to keep our Nation Free and Proud. Yet, we don't strap bombs on us, and blow up planes, or buildings, or cars, or try to enihlate that human race. 

I cannot fathom that type of brainwashing, of children as soon as they are able to remotely even think, no way, no how have I been taught, nor understand that concept of reasoning.

So, as we Celebrate Our Great Nations' Birthday, and Allow Freedom to Continue to be Free, I bid you Hope, Peace, Being Safe whether traveling, and having a great time with friends and family.

I cherish the fact that I can get in my car, and drive through my town, and not feel "threatened" that someone could try and harm me. I am grateful I've been able to raise my kids where they are free to do what they choose to make this nation even stronger, and someday, their children grow to adults to see our Nation Thrive, and win the war against Evil, Wrongdoing, and those who want to Harm us.

So, reflect this weekend on those points... I know this is a huge celebration weekend each year in our country... kind of our "right of passage" to begin Summer, and enjoy all that we have and our Freedoms! 

May you have a Peace filled and Safe Holiday Weekend with friends and family!