Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy 4th to You and Mine is just "here"....

I hope everyone is having a great, but safe Holiday weekend! Sadly, my daughter and son in law did not get to come up this weekend. Their work schedules were crazy busy last week, and I know they were too exhausted to make this 6 plus or more hour drive up here. So, I do miss them not getting to come up. But, I DID find the color of paint for the cabinets over at the other house I wanted to use on them, so I went and got a quart of it to try. After messing around with Lowe's and really not getting much help, and then Wally World was WORSE! The "woman" had no clue about "paint" and was filling in, and she had been working in Automotive section of the store, so I know one lady was trying to match paint to what she had gotten there before and this girl could not get it matched what so ever... I finally said to heck with it. I went to Sherwin Williams yesterday, got service of exactly what I wanted... I even already had the colors picked out online, and he answered my questions, I had my quart that I could try first with me, and was out the door in a flash. Sometimes you just have to pay the extra, and get with someone who knows what the hell they are doing. Now, for the white enamel, I may go with a lesser expensive paint, and get Wal-marts BUT I noticed really their paint prices are really not much cheaper than Sherman Williams when it comes down to it And Lowe's almost has TOO MUCH to pick from... I did buy some stuff at Lowe's the other day to try on the hardwood floors for cleaning them first, then they will need to have some places probably stained, which I've tried already and it is looking good... then of course that wood is going to soak up wax since it has been not waxed in many many years and has had carpet over it for 20 plus lots more years. 

Mom and Dad carpeted over it in the living room, hall and dining room long years ago and it just made me sick they covered up those floors.. I don't think I am going to completely "redo" them like in this house... it is extremely time consuming, and then to really seal them with the Polyurethane in this heat right now.... would probably make you sick to smell between completely redoing them and then sealing them. I am going to put area rugs down like I did in here anyway, or that is what the plan is. So, there won't be a great deal of wood showing as far as in the middle of the rooms. I already filled in one spot, where long years ago, Dad had termites. He has repaired one of the spots, but this one may not have happened until after they got into it before. Anyway, it looks fine, and I put a bit of stain on it, so by the time that is waxed, I think it will be okay. Again between furniture and area rugs, it probably won't be seen that much anyway. But, the "carpet" they laid in the dining room and kitchen is GLUED down like what you see in doctors offices and office buildings. 

So, I don't see being able to save that floor, only changing that ugly mess they have in there. Which I think going with some type of linoleum maybe that kind of looks like wood, or something that is much lighter in color, and that is not so dark. I noticed just me beginning to paint in the kitchen already has made it "brighter" in there and not so dark. Mom got to where she never opened blinds, and it seemed she stayed in the dark all the time. It drove me nuts.... I finally began going over there at the last and opening up blinds and doors when the weather was cooler, just to "feel" like you were not standing in some dark spot.... But, there are lots of older homes that have that "darkness" to them... I know my Grandmother's neighbor (I always was scared of the woman LOL) her house was like a tomb, it was so dark when we went over there. I thought she was some kind of "witch" or something... I think she really did not like kids... but there was just something about that house that always seemed creepy when we went over there. Now I have something going on with my Oleanders. They have been growing and blooming, and now all of a sudden either something is "eating" on them. or there is something like a fungus on them from all the rain we had back weeks ago or something. I've got to look it up, because they are losing their leaves, and the "beans" that appear before they bloom, almost look like something is eating on them... it is just strange.... anyway, as you can tell not much going on here.... just still working on this house and the other one, and trying to get things done.... one foot in front of the other.... Rhia

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