Saturday, July 4, 2020

Remembering what True Freedom Ringing is All About...

Happy Fourth of July to All!

May you find Peace, Joy, Hope, And a renewed Faith even though times are quite rough for everyone. Remember what our nation is all about. Take care of yourself and one another and although you maybe further apart than you like.. you can celebrate and have lots of hugs when COVID is over!!!! When it's safe for everyone, and your friends and family are HEALTHY long with you, rather than not here anymore!

Friday, May 29, 2020

Memorial Day & A Whole New Way to "celebrate" due to COVID-19 Making even Daily Life Difficult

When we think of Memorial Day, and Celebrating the Great Freedoms We are given. Those on our Front Lines, keeping battle lines not crossed so we can feel safe in our neighbors, stores, towns open From the Markets to our Places of Worship & Schools whether Elementary all the way up to College Universities, we almost take for granted that freedom we have.

When a Sudden, Deadly FEARFUL Outbreaking of things such as an unexpected "Pandemic" of the kind COVID-19... and then see what people are DOING and NOT doing that could cause us much grief in a few weeks, when the virus hits again, after the holiday weekend.

As much as I need to go have my hair cut, I just can't see your stylist & you that close even with all precautions, not being able to spread it, if someone were to have it and may not have symptoms yet...

I agree people should be able to go to church and other places out BUT I feel we should have the FACTS & go by what the CDC & WHO .. or what our physicians tell us... not the NEWS in itself but what they tell us that THE EXPERTS are saying.

Plus maybe I am old fashioned but NO WAY if I had kids "summer camp age" would I want my kids going this year! NO way just with a few counselors can they keep  bunch f hyped up kids from touching, staying apart enough, using hand sanitizer, washing their hands enough, using their friends outfits or things such as that...

I see how difficult for adults even in large stores with large isles still have  hard time stay apart, and it is by accident, we can run into one another going around corner, or you have to know some items others may have just touched & put back on the shelf, and you or someone else pick it up.

All of us can only be so cautious, so safe, act so smartly.. and still even our own experts csome in contract it. 

Friday, May 8, 2020

Lupus Month!

I believe when we FINALLY have done the research, have a "cure or something to lessen the illness when you contract it... that there is a possibility, we will also have Other vaccines and/or quick "healing" medications to get rid them quickly... I believe if there is ANYTHING "GOOD" that comes from this are LESSONS to be more prepared ^ have a few items "extra" stored away in a plastic tight lid container, safe room, to shelter or where ever you can get ti them easily... NOW not to mean to go out and BUY an entire STOCKPILE of items. But, things like alcohol, peroxide, bandages (just in case some were to cause sores or wounds). along with sanitizing.. enough for 8 to 10 weeks depending on your family size. wipes, spray, hand wipes antibacterial, hand soap etc. plus don't put
TRUST everything you hear or see, but more on what the experts like the the CDC, & your huge research hospitals/facilities that KNOW about the "makings" of something such as this. FROM this I truly believe we will see the true vaccines for Lupus & MANY other autoimmune grow by leaps & bounds.. so although we have so many horrid things come and that have came from pandemics before.. WE AS A NATION shall be well prepared to STOP things in their tracks before they take hold. I ALOS THINK OUR GOVERNMENT from "local" to state, national & possibly global is we have trusted allies. Just my thought with "Lupus Awareness month" after this pandemic hit us like a ton of bricks... May you find healing from ALL of the horrible Lupus Flares and all the disease this illness causes...

Sunday, May 3, 2020

UPDATE - "LOCAL" for End of April/1st of May on COVID -19 Ellis County Texas

 "LOCAL" for End of April/1st of May (2020) COVID -19 



I realize SO MANY people are hurting financially, mentally, emotionally, job wise.. 

I also realize that E as a NATION, could be pushing the envelop" open by a week or two. which "may" reek havoc & could cause a"worse pandemic" than what we have already seen.

As we enter a world that up till now is "unknown" to everyone, from doctors, nurses, all other types of medical professionals, patients, pharmacists, the PHARMA companies, medial researchers around the globe..WHO, the CDC, & all else.. we are not even sure if this is like a "flu" that can reoccur on some type of basis, or if it's a one time illness such as measles.

We don't have a "sure fire medication yet to even use to fight the disease once you are ill with it; much less any form of vaccine that can keep us completely inoculated against it or at least like the "flu" vaccine where it at least can lessen a case of the flu or usually unless it's an "new strain" & our "vaccine" from the previous year is not as, or even effective at all.


Guidelines ton keep you & your family safe during these trying times...



During this time of health crisis, we invite you to shine a little brighter. Congress has proclaimed May as Lupus Awareness Month. We ask you to consider turning purple on May 15, 2020 in observance of Put on Purple Day — a day when the global lupus community rallies to bring greater attention to this terrible disease.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


March 2014 right around this time, I was at my very 1st "Summit on the Hill" With the Arthritis Foundation! I was also in Washing DC for my 1st time. The weather was too cold... in fact sloppy wet snow and cold. about NOON i get a call from my then Mother In Law, who lives right there at DC. Although I had never met her in person, nIb felt after talking to her almost 10 years, ( and her accent is still sob awesome being from Columbia).. my Rheumatologist is also from Columbia, although both of them have not loves there in many. many years... he also still has that very special "accent".. At the same time I was awaiting a plane from DFW to land a bit later in the day... Jim was flying in to be with his bMom and I. He was going to show me DC & get to visit with his Mom for a few days... almost all at once MY CELL PHONE BLOWS UP!!!! NEVER does my cell BLOW UP!!! But, it was loud in the Hotel Lobby, & i was waiting my my Mother in Law, Hilda...I was nervous & she has went to the wrong Hotel by mistake so she was running a bit behind... BUT, the phone coming to pieces, was not about her, but Jim... he had been in an EXTREMELY SERVE CAR WRECK ON I-45, ON THE way to DFW to fly out to DC!!! AS I TRIED TO HANG ON AND LISTEN TO THE ER TRAUMA SPECIALIST I FELL TO MYV KNEES! I had to hand the phone to on of my had been team mates & allow them to take notes etc.... At that moment HILDA walks IN, she Sees me hysterical and SHE THOUGHT I WAS UPSET BEAUSE SHE WAS RUNNING BEHIND TO PIC ME UP!! So, i had to stand there in front of a dear sweet lady, whom I had never met in person and tell her what I knew about the car wreck and her son... NEVER WILL I EVER HOPE TO HAVE TO HAVE AN EXPERIENCE LIKE THAT AGAIN! He was in really bad shape, but after months in the hospital & inpatient rehab, he survived and even after LOTS of HARDWARE to put MUCH of his mid spine back together... HE walks!!!! The gentleman that helped me on the phone with the doctors happened to be flying out on the same plane the AF got me on to head back to TX. They were awesome, had me on a plane within hours, and he stayed with me till Dallas, and he went on to Denver to Another Summit. To top it off, after my son picked me up at the airport, it was late night.. and at the hospital, he was in ICU, and really had no clue about what even happened.. Since I needed to EAT I had not since bI think 2 days before & get some rest, take a shower... so my son and I stayed at a near by hotel.. and i guess I was so shaken, so beside myself and in shock, plus the HOTEL's OUTDOOR LIGHTS TO OUR DOOR TO GO IN TO THE HOTEL WERE OUT! I TRIPPED, FELL FLAT ON MY FACE, busted a tooth partially out, it went through my CHIN, and I looked like I had been in a bar fight... MY REASON for TELLNG THIS, IS FOR ONE being right at the Anniversary" of that in March 2014, plus HEARING THEB NURSES 7 DOCTORS WHO HAVE TO SIT WITH PATIENTS, HOLD THEIR HANDS 7 THE FAMILY CANNOT EVEN GO IN TO THE ROOM TO SAY GOODBY TO A LOVED ONE!!! Those stories shall remain with them the rest of their lives... and they always at times come back, just as if it were "yesterday".... SO TELL YOUR LOVED BONES YOU LOVE THEM, SHOW THEMB SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS... "In A MOMENT, within a BREATH'S SPACE, LIFE CAN FOREVERMORE CHANGE......

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Remembering what True Freedom Ringing is All About...

Happy Fourth of July to All! May you find Peace, Joy, Hope, And a renewed Faith even though times are quite rough for everyone. Remember wha...