Friday, December 28, 2018

May you Be Blessed with a Precious, Happy, Healthy, and Wondrous New Year of 2019!

Happy Happy 2019

Wishing for YOURS to be one of good health, wonderful memories, new memories, family, friends, and full of "great surprises"... and not as the end of mine of 2018 has been....

Well, hope 2019 GETS BETTER! The "end" of 2018 has been yet another one for the records, my shower drain has been clogged now for 5 or 6 days, and I've tried everything. I could not find an "old fashioned" type of plunger, so i had to run to 3 places in town till I remembered a hardware store right downtown who keeps EVERYTHING!!! They have been there forever, and keep any and everything especially for the older homes here in town, so I got that, I tried salt, baking soda, vinegar, Dawn dish soap, hot water, bleach, (not all at once of course) and it is not completely stopped up, and it's strange because never have I had issues with my drain on my shower.... it's just odd... well, so it has to be just where my toliet pipe and the drain for the shower pipes meet...because if the shower clogs, I can "plunge" the toliet and then the shower will finally drain... but if I don't let it go down for a bit, then it does not "flood" the toliet, but will back water up in it and "gurgle" and I can plunge that, and it all goes down... so that is ONE issue.... 

a few weeks back, I got a letter from the IRS, about taxes I filed in 2016!!!!!! for the 6 months after Mom passed away... there was not much there, because I did not really "take money" but what little I got was "invested" so I just had a bit of interest to file, which I usually don't file at all because I never even come close with my SS to make enough to file.. but due to the passing away and the stuff with her things, I knew I needed to send in and file mine also for that 6 months, well THEY SCREWED UP OR I DID, the company sent me a form showing, some funds that were "not income" and were supposed to be just a bit of interest like 125.00 and due to the way the financial people sent it in to me, stating this was NOT income (the money invested) they did NOT file it "as income" to the IRS, BUT I guess I missed a form, that should have showed that along with the other forms I filed that did show the interest, and the Form B (I believe a Form D) is also what should have went in, SO the iRA tells me I owe almost 500.00!!!!! which I knew was wrong... so I sat down, got all of my 1099's, all of my other forms from everyone, wrote a letter, sent in the Form D partially done, and asked them to "re-figure" from the forms from the investment company... 

well that has been 8 weeks ago, and I got a letter a couple of days ago stating they GOT my paperwork, they are going over it all, that I don't need to do anything at the time, and they will contact me in about 6 weeks... so I think I am correct, BUT it's the IRS.... so who knows.... they my deep freezer (I had a very small chest type one) that I had hell with the lid not being correct, and they came out three times replaced the lid and even put a new one on, where the hinges are on the back of it, they never held tightly enough and ice would build up down from them inside the freezer after a few weeks... anyway, they never did get it right, but I gave up, kept the one they sent me... it worked fine I just had to watch to make sure the ice didn't build up too much, but a couple of weeks ago, I moved it to get ready to redoing, painting that backroom and thought the old carpet back there felt "damp"... at first I thought it was just the cold, but then I knew it was not "soaking" wet but damp... so I defrosted it, which there was not much in it, found a piece of ice in that drain, I read that could have caused the problem, and figured I would plug it in, 

watch it and see what happens, well it still felt "damp" to me... and I put a mat under it, so I could better watch it and see if I was feeling just "humidity" and cold or actually wet... well, I turned it off, and it said there could be a small "hole" causing a leak that is not hitting the pan under it, so I knew that a couple of times, I had let a huge hen, etc "drop" being so heavy and hit the bottom that it could be a pin hole somewhere, so I "sealed" off any and every place that could have been either a tiny dent, or where maybe the aluminum appeared to maybe have came loose a bit just with age... plugged it in, and I "think" it's okay... it is fine and been freezing, I am not worried about that, but I don't want it seeping water slowly on the carpet, so I did put a mat that keeps it from doing that under it, and am going to watch it for a few days, then put a couple of things in it to see what happens... okay, so then my big light in the back that has a sensor on it for movement suddenly began coming on and off, or staying on for hours etc, and then even came on during the day, so I even turned off the breaker, got up there and made sure everything was pointed correctly, etc... and read sometimes just turning off the breaker and resetting it will remedy the problem, well it did for a few days then it went to doing the same damned thing... 

SO I've had a new one here for a long while, I planned to put on the other end of my house, and I had not gotten around to doing that, so I've been trying to get between the weather, being stupid, raining too cold, or HOT ENOUGH THAT YELLOW JACKETS, BEES AND RED WASPS come out if the weather gets a bit too warm, so either I don't want to fight them, or it's too cold, or too rainy, I finally took out the big halogen bulbs and put in small CFL's for now, so I am not using up a whole wad of electricity on those huge bulbs until I can get that new one up....I had 4 dr's appts from about the 2nd to the 4th week of THIS MONTH, which I went and had my pain pump refilled and called and rescheduled the others until after New Year's, it was too much and especially with the weather and traveling people during the holidays to go to Dallas for a couple of them, so I postponed those...then due to the issues I had with the "prep" for the colonoscopy, I cancelled it, long story, but I cannot do the "prep" the way they want me to, they now want you to drinks 2 32 ounce Gatorade's with 7 DAYS OF MIRALAX IN THEM EACH WITHIN 6 HOURS OF ONE ANOTHER, plus fast which is fine, and then take another pill with it, well I won't go into what happened, but I cannot do that and I won't.... I had a colonoscopy 10 years ago, and did a prep for it. I now they used to use "Go-Lightly" etc but this thing with 14 DAYS OF MIRALAX WITHIN LESS THAN 24 HOURS IS CRAZY!!! 

It made me so sick, I had to cancel both the endoscopy and the colonoscopy... SO I was going to reschedule the endoscopy, which all you do it not each after midnight for that one, and forget that damned colonoscopy for now... well I did one of those "occult cultures" for the colon a few weeks back. I get a phone call from the doctor's office that does the scopes 2 days ago saying that my PCP called and said that the "occult test" came back with "blood showing" in the colon so NOW THEY WANT THAT DAMNED TEST AGAIN!!!! WELL, I TOLD THE nurse I would call AFTER THE NEW YEAR'S HOLIDAY, AND COME IN TO HIS OFFICE AND WE WILL TALK ABOUT THE ENDOSCOPY WHICH I WAS GOING TO DO ANYWAY, BUT we will have to figure out something else on the colonoscopy OR I WILL NOT DO IT!! I refuse to go through what I went through about 8 weeks ago again.. and I know there is probably something else, but between weather, drains, lights, doctors, tests and just bull, 2019 BETTER BE BETTER!!!! I AM so sick and tired of crap.... I feel like my New Year is now even here and I am already cursed!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

2019 - "Doing What YOU LOVE", dishes, laundry can wait, friends passing away, & making sure life does not pass you by...

Great "Lessons" from an awesome writer... I am giving thought to also "rewriting" my two published poetry books.  I want to make them "shorter" and have 4 or 5 "shorter" poetry books. And within those, add some of my Dad's "sayings" that I have here. I had thought I would write a book of his sayings all on its own, but I think it would be more interesting to "add them" into the poetry books.

As I do that, I "hope" to get myself motivated to get up off the sofa at 3 or 4AM every morning and rather than cook, bake, clean, do laundry etc... take that "early" time of quiet and try and put use to it by getting back into where I've just left off with my writing. After all that happened, with Jim's accident, all of my surgeries and illnesses, then Mom becoming ill and passing away so suddenly, then me falling within 6 months fracturing my hip in two places, losing two of my fur-babies in between all of that, and all of the "other crap" of life, I've kind of been "lost" from the things that I loved to do,... the writing, the painting, yet also my "body" at times won't allow me to sit long enough to write (type) and just the 1001 things that tend to interfere... and 'sound like excuses"... and maybe some are, but also, it's very difficult as many of you know to go through "harrowing" issues, and try to do what you love to do... so as the new year is upon us and I've given thought to just how quickly life has flown by. All of the wonderful memories of my own childhood, my Grandparents house with my Aunts and Uncles, cousins... all of that seems like it was just yesterday.

We were in Elementary school, with programs, and the wonderful times that our lives were "simple"... we didn't have to be concerned about getting "harmed" at school, or someone taking us for all kinds of horrible reasons... we could ride our bikes, I rode mine all over town by the time I was about 14 or so, never gave a thought about someone running over us. We could go out to eat, to the Mall, to the movies, out at night to ball games, we didn't have to "worry", things were simpler.... so, now just what seems such a few shorts year later and life is ANYTHING BUT SIMPLE, EVEN FOR OUR OWN KIDS!

So, before I blink again, and I can't see (my eyesight is really getting bad the double vision seems to get worse by the month), or I can't type, or hell half the time I can't keep my thoughts straight now at times... i should "do what I love"... take the time to not worry over the leaves in the back yard, or a tree limb hanging too low... or the roof of my house looking like it "may leak" when for now it's not... so as I enter hopefully a new phase of living, I hope you also find that spot to say, " I'm going to do something I LOVE", and that load of laundry can wait till tomorrow......

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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