Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Right Eye Cataract Surgery this Morning! Ready to have this over with & how great si far the surgery is...

"Our new Vision"

Well tomorrow is the next BIG DAY!! My Right Eye cataract surgery. I have to be there at 1:30pm but at least it's not like 3:30 on the 1st one.... LOL! But I can have water or plain tea to drink till about even 9 AM or so... I just will sip enough so I won't be dehydrated, especially with the HEAT of today supposed to be hitting that 100 DEGREE mark! I will be trying to hydrate more today or as much as I can so i will try and be hydrated enough where the nurse can get the IV started without my veins acting stupid rolling and such. So, wish me luck. My 1st one is still on the mend... mainly for me, just that "feeling" as if something is in it. Since this will be going this week on the 3rd week of eye drops in the 1st one, it should get that inflammation down & that feeling g away. I have to be careful and not rub it or try to "wipe" it out, so I try and not touch that eye at all. Now I will have both of them for another week, then 2 more weeks for the 2nd one (I think) LOL.. I have to keep looking at the calendar to add it up. EVERYONE STAY OUT OF THE HEAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE & ALSO HYDRATE!!!! and mist most know "Cola's" or any type of "carbonated drink like a Coke does not hydrate but dehydrate.. so water, I drink green tea with Splenda in it, juice but mainly anything with lots of water in it... LOL Now I sound like some advertisement!!!

Friday, July 16, 2021

How Chronic Pain Can Lead to Autoimmunity Problems — Pain News Network

How Chronic Pain Can Lead to Autoimmunity Problems — Pain News Network: By Forest Tennant, PNN Columnist Every chronic pain patient must know and understand autoimmunity and how to combat it. Research on chronic pain has unequivocally determined that the chronic inflammation and tissue destruction caused by a painful disease or injury will produce autoimmunity. ...

and my notes about this also  ...  Goes to prove just how SERIOUS Chronic Pain that is not treated properly due to those pharmacists or physicians due to nw not wanting t prescribe the right medications and/or in the correct amounts for chronic pain patients. I feel even my own pain physician, a superior specialist in this field that I have been seeing now for well over 13 years, he put in my pain pump & has treated me all these years without any issues. Suddenly, over the past year he began to shy away from one of my meds after he was giving it to me monthly for all that time, I now have to continually "remind" them to get the prescription to me, & this last time, the "woman" who I did not know, (I called the regular lady I've talked to for all these years at her personal ext. and get a phone call back from someone I did not know who talked to me likeI was someone who was trying to "abuse" meds... it is infuriating for her to even know some of my medical issues that were none of her business. She began to speak to me as if she was my doctor! I am still furious. Those are the things more and more chronic pain patients are having to put up with even with a doctor who has treated them for years and/or the same pharmacist! It needs to be put to a halt & the "real" issues of "fake medications" are being made in Mexico and shipped over here under the names of real prescriptions here causing severe issues. there are people that have are in s much pain that suddenly get treated like this, lose their doctors, or the doctors quit treating them as always & they get so depressed they have been known to commit suicide, although that is hard to say it's true. - Here is an article by the "Pain News Network" that tells some of our story. I have lived with "chronic pain" since I was 17 years old when I suddenly even before my 1st child was born in 19799 having severe migraines. I have fought tooth and nail through every type of doctor, through every type of tests some of them multiple times, been treated like I was an "addict" & at now over 55 years old, still continue to have t at time "fight" for my own right to proper treatment.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Left Eye Cataract & Astigmatism done & Right in in Two Weeks! Then onto healing & trying to get my right Shoulder Fixed!

 So far ao good on the Cataract surgery From Tuesday! Gosh what an awesome Doctor and Team! Everyone from check-in, surgical set-up to nurses, Anesthesia, to the Doctor were incredible!

LOL, and the Anesthesia, they did not fool around. they gave me one that really sent m for a "loop" LOL, but although I was out of it, I really never went to "sleep" etc... I used to call it the don't give a damned medication"! It worked, kept me comfortable, not nervous, and even going on the ride home, & into the next morning, I was really where i was "myself" yet I was not nervous, or hurting... they had it down, and I believe they used what they used on me due to my chronic Pain Issues and other Autoimmune illnesses. they knew I had been through lots of other surgeries also ad had a high tolerance for anesthesia, so he really was right on target getting me comfortable.

My son took me, and then the next morning I was still kind of out of it, but really more agitated since he put a patch over it overnight. So, when I woke up i could not take it off, I had to leave it on till I let them take it off at the office. So, my son taking me the next morning to check it out was really a blessing. Plus he and I don't get to spend much time together. So, we did get a bit of time just the 2 of us to kind of catch up on things. 

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Lord Willing & Creeks Don't Rise I have my Left Eye Cataract Surgery next Tuesday 7/13/21

 I am praying, along with even my ow PCP praying (he is an awesome physician) that I get through the cataract surgeries, quickly since it is Laser, 2 weeks after the 1st one I should be able to have the 2nd one done. Then if things are as they should be, I may ONLY NEED reading glasses!!! Astigmatism GONE! along with Cataracts!

Then the other issue... that is about to pull me into the nut house is my Right Shoulder. It's been 10 years since it was replaced as a "reverse total shoulder replacement" which at the time I knew the possibility of me having to have another surgery on it. At that time a reverse shoulder surgery was fairly new, and not all Orthopedic Surgeons could do them.

In fact it took me several  months to even find one near me that could do the procedure. So, at the time, I had to take the chance. It was in such bad shape, with already 3 arthroscopic surgeries, & then not a 100% chance of it being somewhat better. Yet, I was fortunate. I had the surgery & for 9 years...  THINGS WERE OKAY... REALLY ABOUT 8 YEARS. THEN I NEEDED A 2ND CERVICAL NECK SURGERY. When I had it done, I know although I probably could not prove it, when they had me asleep and in the operating room putting me in position, somehow they wrenched, twisted, let that shoulder twist or SOMETHING.   When I awoke from the neck surgery my shoulder was killing me!    I even asked my doctor, and he said they had to lay me kind of with my head in a "downward"   position. He said they may have "bruised it" or allowed it to hang a bit down further than they should have and made that muscle pull down. So, I took it as a probably OR something, that it would  get better in a few days. Yet, honestly, that shoulder has never been the same since. I have had major pain issues, weakness, not able to hold much of anything & it is my "dominant" arm. So, I went on with my life, all of the stuff I had done for years, yard work, house work, putting up ceiling fans... and felt I would just go on using it and live my life. Well, a couple of things after, I almost "dropped" a new air conditioner and also putting up a ceiling fan, not having quite tall enough ladder & that really messed me up. After that trying to hold the Weed eater, or get a bowl down with one hand all out of the question. I need to do so much, from bathing my pups, to trimming trees and cutting up the larger pieces into smaller ones. So, I really need to use the chainsaw, which I usually do, but now I fear I can't hold it like I need to. Even ding laundry or getting groceries bought, get them home & putting them up is a nightmare.

It seems to be never ending as to things wrong or need fixing or testing... I am a mess.                      

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Have You Been Labeled a 'Difficult' Patient? — Pain News Network

Have You Been Labeled a 'Difficult' Patient? — Pain News Network: By Ann Marie Gaudon, PNN Columnist   We’re all aware of doctors labeling a patient as “difficult” or some other derogatory term. There are even entire categories set up for these “ heartsink ” patients, who behave in ways that doctors consider dependent, entitled, manipulative... 

 Pat Anson
 Founder and Editor
 Pain News Network