Thursday, July 8, 2021

Lord Willing & Creeks Don't Rise I have my Left Eye Cataract Surgery next Tuesday 7/13/21

 I am praying, along with even my ow PCP praying (he is an awesome physician) that I get through the cataract surgeries, quickly since it is Laser, 2 weeks after the 1st one I should be able to have the 2nd one done. Then if things are as they should be, I may ONLY NEED reading glasses!!! Astigmatism GONE! along with Cataracts!

Then the other issue... that is about to pull me into the nut house is my Right Shoulder. It's been 10 years since it was replaced as a "reverse total shoulder replacement" which at the time I knew the possibility of me having to have another surgery on it. At that time a reverse shoulder surgery was fairly new, and not all Orthopedic Surgeons could do them.

In fact it took me several  months to even find one near me that could do the procedure. So, at the time, I had to take the chance. It was in such bad shape, with already 3 arthroscopic surgeries, & then not a 100% chance of it being somewhat better. Yet, I was fortunate. I had the surgery & for 9 years...  THINGS WERE OKAY... REALLY ABOUT 8 YEARS. THEN I NEEDED A 2ND CERVICAL NECK SURGERY. When I had it done, I know although I probably could not prove it, when they had me asleep and in the operating room putting me in position, somehow they wrenched, twisted, let that shoulder twist or SOMETHING.   When I awoke from the neck surgery my shoulder was killing me!    I even asked my doctor, and he said they had to lay me kind of with my head in a "downward"   position. He said they may have "bruised it" or allowed it to hang a bit down further than they should have and made that muscle pull down. So, I took it as a probably OR something, that it would  get better in a few days. Yet, honestly, that shoulder has never been the same since. I have had major pain issues, weakness, not able to hold much of anything & it is my "dominant" arm. So, I went on with my life, all of the stuff I had done for years, yard work, house work, putting up ceiling fans... and felt I would just go on using it and live my life. Well, a couple of things after, I almost "dropped" a new air conditioner and also putting up a ceiling fan, not having quite tall enough ladder & that really messed me up. After that trying to hold the Weed eater, or get a bowl down with one hand all out of the question. I need to do so much, from bathing my pups, to trimming trees and cutting up the larger pieces into smaller ones. So, I really need to use the chainsaw, which I usually do, but now I fear I can't hold it like I need to. Even ding laundry or getting groceries bought, get them home & putting them up is a nightmare.

It seems to be never ending as to things wrong or need fixing or testing... I am a mess.                      

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