Thursday, July 15, 2021

Left Eye Cataract & Astigmatism done & Right in in Two Weeks! Then onto healing & trying to get my right Shoulder Fixed!

 So far ao good on the Cataract surgery From Tuesday! Gosh what an awesome Doctor and Team! Everyone from check-in, surgical set-up to nurses, Anesthesia, to the Doctor were incredible!

LOL, and the Anesthesia, they did not fool around. they gave me one that really sent m for a "loop" LOL, but although I was out of it, I really never went to "sleep" etc... I used to call it the don't give a damned medication"! It worked, kept me comfortable, not nervous, and even going on the ride home, & into the next morning, I was really where i was "myself" yet I was not nervous, or hurting... they had it down, and I believe they used what they used on me due to my chronic Pain Issues and other Autoimmune illnesses. they knew I had been through lots of other surgeries also ad had a high tolerance for anesthesia, so he really was right on target getting me comfortable.

My son took me, and then the next morning I was still kind of out of it, but really more agitated since he put a patch over it overnight. So, when I woke up i could not take it off, I had to leave it on till I let them take it off at the office. So, my son taking me the next morning to check it out was really a blessing. Plus he and I don't get to spend much time together. So, we did get a bit of time just the 2 of us to kind of catch up on things. 

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