Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Right Eye Cataract Surgery this Morning! Ready to have this over with & how great si far the surgery is...

"Our new Vision"

Well tomorrow is the next BIG DAY!! My Right Eye cataract surgery. I have to be there at 1:30pm but at least it's not like 3:30 on the 1st one.... LOL! But I can have water or plain tea to drink till about even 9 AM or so... I just will sip enough so I won't be dehydrated, especially with the HEAT of today supposed to be hitting that 100 DEGREE mark! I will be trying to hydrate more today or as much as I can so i will try and be hydrated enough where the nurse can get the IV started without my veins acting stupid rolling and such. So, wish me luck. My 1st one is still on the mend... mainly for me, just that "feeling" as if something is in it. Since this will be going this week on the 3rd week of eye drops in the 1st one, it should get that inflammation down & that feeling g away. I have to be careful and not rub it or try to "wipe" it out, so I try and not touch that eye at all. Now I will have both of them for another week, then 2 more weeks for the 2nd one (I think) LOL.. I have to keep looking at the calendar to add it up. EVERYONE STAY OUT OF THE HEAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE & ALSO HYDRATE!!!! and mist most know "Cola's" or any type of "carbonated drink like a Coke does not hydrate but dehydrate.. so water, I drink green tea with Splenda in it, juice but mainly anything with lots of water in it... LOL Now I sound like some advertisement!!!

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