Sunday, February 26, 2017

Stressing Out, Trying to Cope, with surgeries,health,family,doctors, and trying to "get over" all that I cannot "fix".... Weather,Chronic Pain,RA,Doctors,Hip surgery & Life

For some reason (and I know partially some of the reasons) I am just in such an odd, feeling like I am just totally forgotten about, crappy mood that I've been trying to "shake" now for a week or more. I know the weather does not help, this HOT one moment, and in a few hours, COLD, dreary, and you need a coat on, and then that makes my entire body almost have this deep ache, especially in my joints. Even the entire leg from the hip all the way to my foot, has an ache to it... and it was not like that right after the surgeries. In fact after it was repaired, I did not have a HUGE amount of pain, but enough I had to take medication to do my PT, etc... 

But now, even again this morning, I woke up to a horrid headache, that then made me sick to my stomach, and I knew better than to drink any coffee if my stomach is nauseated... that just makes it worse. So, I made a cup of hot tea instead and that seemed to help calm my stomach and I took my nausea meds also. then of course although it was sunny yesterday, with the wind it was still really to COOL to do much outside.. So, wake up this morning to not rain yet, but now it has clouded over, and we have a pretty good have of rain or even thunderstorms later this evening, in to tomorrow and maybe rain on Tuesday also. Plus the ordeal with my Surgeons' office Friday left me pissed... I wanted to make sure I had seen him BEFORE going to my Rheumatologist, so I would have the latest X=ray and know how the hip is healing etc. Plus I have a bit of a purple spot, and have had some what I figure is "nerve pain" down that entire leg, but more than likely that is from my back. 

It is still annoying because I get home to find out they rescheduled my appt for the SAME DAY AS MY RHEUMATOLOGIST IN DALLAS!!!! Well, of course that won't work, so now I have to get them to hopefully schedule it BEFORE I go to my Rheumy. because we want to try new medication the RA is getting so much worse, especially in my thumbs, fingers and wrists. My right hand has swollen spots on it almost all the time now or especially if I do lots of things using my hands... from cutting small branches, to washing my car, even driving makes my thumbs and fingers (the 2 next to my thumb) "go to sleep" or be numb. It is annoying plus that tells me the RA is progressing, which is the last thing I need to happen. I've been trying to keep as busy as possible doing cleaning, throwing away stuff that needs to go, taking care of all of my plants, ready to put them outside as soon as I can... a couple of them HATE being inside during the winter and will look like they are going to die while inside.

 I even put my cool mist humidifier in the room and run it several hours a day. Anyway, I have PLENTY to do that can keep me busy, just going through, and as I said throwing away old things, or getting rid of stuff I know I will never use. I keep lots of things (a few certain things not like a hoarder) LOL that I feel may come in handy later. Sure enough there are many times, something comes up and I need a certain thing, then I recall, I put something away,, that may work, and I don't have to buy anything, or run out to the store, etc. But, there are also things I hang onto knowing fully well, they just need to be trashed. I even do that with coupons now. I cut out what I need and throw away the rest. I had been taking them to the girls at Wal-greens, but so many of them are gone, or they may not have small babies that need certain items that I have coupons for etc. I also pitched a couple pair of old sandals. I had been just using them around in the yard during the hot months, but I had basically "glued" them one or twice, the stone kept falling out of another pair, that we worn out, and stuff like "half-slips" OMG I cannot recall the last time I needed any type of "slip" under clothing - Women's clothes are different or they have a liner in them thus no need for a slip etc. And I had a billion samples of all kinds of shampoo, and those types of things, that I had accumulated over 5 or 6 years, and some of it, was just too old, and needed to be trashed. I also have been going through all of my "hand tools"... like for my plants, hand tools for my yard, spades, things like paint brushes, items to work on my windows with, screws, nuts, bolts, nails, sheet rock things, my screwdrivers, cordless drill, and just an entire "collection" of things such as screws, nuts, bolts, I never throw away, I can guarantee I will need one that size later, so I have been putting those in empty pill bottles, I take off the labels and save some to put those types of things in them. I have several bins, many need nose pliers, vice grips, small saws, hammers, and as I said you name it, I have kept them... so they are going to finally be organized and I went ahead and ordered the "cabinet" with doors - so many, of those types of things can be put away, organized, rather than sitting in a couple of boxes on table tops taking up space, and causing me to have to dig through things when i need something. 

BUT, EVEN WITH ALL OF THAT, I GUESS I AM SICK OF FEELING OR BRING ILL, OR NOT FEELING WELL, or "not doing some stuff" until I get another "review" about my hip and foot. I am just frustrated, with myself, with all of the catching up, with stuff I "am not sure" whether I should do or not... which is really stupid. My surgeon told me last time I was there, I could basically "DO" What I FELT I COULD DO... LOL! not things such as sky-diving, or up on a ten-foot ladder painting right now, or trying to pick up things that are too heavy, and that is more for my neck and back, than it is my hip. I do know I've got some pain from the hip that runs down the inside of my thigh, and they say that can be very present, and is likely after a hip fracture and repair.

 I am also using muscles that were not used for 6 weeks or more... while I was in the hospital and them Rehab Inpatient PT. But, they really were giving me a workout in PT honestly. So, I am avidly doing my ankle and foot exercises, and I make sure I do them with both legs, so both feel strong. I had sprained the left ankle a couple of times also, and due to the flat feet, that tendency to "re--sprain" or for those muscles and tendons to be loose is probably there in that foot too. Right now, I am just having to MAKE MYSELF SIT HERE AND TYPE!!!! It makes my neck and shoulders hurt if I type for very long, a well as my thumbs,fingers and wrists. I guess in "wrapping" up this ongoing FB post, I will close with I know MANY of us are going through the same thing. But, I think I expected "more out of myself" than where I am.

I also felt I would be more "settled" with all of the medical things, so I could get my neck fixed... I know I probably face lower back surgery, especially since we found out I had that "missing lamina" that they feel I was that way, without it there in that area, and I know my discs there are not good either... and even though it's been 8 months or so since Mom passed away, I am still dealing with her, paperwork and stuff, but also that I still in ways grieve for her, and find myself almost "LOST" with her no longer around. I catch myself thinking "I should call Mom and tell her, this, that or the other"... then it dawns on me, that she is not "reachable" from here anymore... so LOTS of "stuff" even more than I've poured out here is causing me to really have a great deal of "stress" that some is really useless... if I can't "fix" it then I should not stress over it....

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Rare Disease Day Upcoming - Share Your Stories or Learn More about how MANY Rare Diseases there are..

National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) Rare Disease Day


February 28, 2017


Rare Disease Day® - NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders): NORD is the official US sponsor of Rare Disease Day. Share your stories and promote awareness with millions of patients and their families around the world.


Did you know?  Rare diseases are not so rare:  there are 7,000 rare diseases & disorders that combined affect 30 million Americans–1 in 10 of us–and more than half are children.
People with rare diseases have tremendous unmet needs, including misdiagnosis, a long time to finally receive a correct diagnosis, and when they do, 95% have no treatment with ZERO CURES.
Rare Disease Day® takes place on the last day of February each year. The main objective is to raise awareness with the general public and decision-makers about rare diseases and their impact on patients’ lives. You can make a difference: sign up to receive news and updates, start planning your event, and share feedback and ideas for next year.


Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday's Addition of my Newspaper "Life Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Systemic Diseases & Dementia

For All of you that may not know that I also have a Daily Newspaper that contain all types of articles about Chronic Pain, Dementia, RA, other Autoimmune Diseases, Lupus, and everything that pertains to these types of Systemic Illnesses, Chronic Illnesses, Dementia and Chronic Pain Issues.

From articles about medications, and the "trauma" we are in as far as getting our pain and Opioid prescriptions, our doctors, the government involvement in medications, Chronic Pain people and how more and more people are becoming "victims" of these diseases, Sjogren's is another one.

There are articles about Cannabis and how it is helping some Chronic Pain patients, and other alternative types of treatments, from Acupuncture, Yoga, other relaxation treatments, and the latest on research of new and upcoming medications and other things to help ALL of the horrible illnesses and diseases, plus I also put my blog posts there usually. But, there are video's and articles from anywhere like the Arthritis Foundation, to Lupus, and the Alzheimer's and Dementia Non-Profits.

Please stop by daily and check it out. I would really love to have you come by. I update at least once daily, sometimes more than that, so it is always current.

The name of the Newspaper is:

Life Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Systemic Diseases & Dementia®

Friday, February 17, 2017

With Will, Hope, Faith, many prayers from many people, I am able to do some things I thought I would never do again after the hip fractures.

I couldn't resist taking these photo's today. First of all, I actually put MAKE-UP ON twice this week! LOL!! Then today I went over to Waxahachie to Lowe's and I found the cabinet I was looking for. But. I just had my car, so I knew I could not fit it in... I'll either order it and have it delivered, or Jason may help me sometimes next week. I really need to research some of the wallboard etc to put up in the back bedroom and finish out the laundry room....

 Anyway, I actually went over there and decided since I am "very stable" especially the hip now, I would wear my new "ankle boots". They have a small heel on them but i felt I could handle walking in them, so on they went. Also, a couple of the nurses and my Orthopedic surgeon, and the anesthesiologist even all were taken back and kind of made fun of my belly button ring. I had forgotten to take it out before they took me to surgery, so I was already on the operating table and I took it off and they taped it to my bed. ;) So, I made a photo of my belly button ring, just to show you can be (OH LORD) 57 yrs old and still 'court" fashion. 

I got back to town and decided to stop at HEB's and pick up a few items. I had a young woman stop me and tell me how great I looked in my outfit... :) That truly made my day!!! So, I share with you what I was so proud of. When i 1st had the hip fractures, I was so bummed, I felt I may never be able to walk without a cane, or at least for a long while, plus I felt I may never be able to wear my "sensible" heeled boots.... and here it is on Feb. 13th 8 weeks, I am able to do what I thought may never happen :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Thank You To ALL who send me Happy Birthday Wishes!!!!

I appreciate each and every friend who send me uplifting Birthday Wishes. It is so nice to know that others do take a moment to wish you the best on your special day.

So, for each of you that will and have sent me a Happy Birthday (I was almost a Valentine's Baby) a warm "Thank You"!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day to All!!



Sunday, February 12, 2017

Finding some kind of "Quiet" in all of the Chaotic Realms of my Own Daily Life, what I want, what I need to do, and why I am NOT doing some of the things I think I "want" to do... as I said "chaotic"

If I sound "off" today, I feel "off".... I've been having so many nightmares, or just plain terrible dreams, I even began waking myself up and writing them down... and my sleep is all off schedule... I get up way earlier than I had been, and by the time 9PM comes around, I am ready to lay down. I try to watch a movie, and sometimes I do, other times I wake up and the movie is over, and the TV is still on... and the weather is really messing with me... although it is warm here, our humidity levels are so high, it appears as if it has rained, and I even Peanut acting a bit "off" ... we did have a full moon, but this has been going on now with me for several weeks. I "think" I am just sick of being in the house so much, and although I have a billion things I can do, for the most part, I just cannot get motivated enough to do them. I've thought it was my diet, so I went back to eating breakfast earlier, like I did while in the hospital...

 so I try to eat by about 8:30AM or so, but then by 2PM, which is too late to eat "lunch" because I eat dinner by about 5:45 for the most part, so I even made some of my own homemade granola... I have to get more stuff to go into it, but it turned out good, and this way I can keep out the nuts and stuff that my dentures just cannot take... I bought some "trail mix" and they have whole almonds in it, and even when I chopped them up more, I still cannot chew or bite on an almond, they are just too hard, and oddly enough, I like the "flavor" of almonds, but I am not crazy about the nuts themselves... I love walnuts, and they are a bit less hard, but I realized while I was looking for granola recipes, you can even put like Cheerios cereal in it, and other things I had not thought about... I used "brown sugar Splenda" in it and a little bit of honey... then put my favorite spices, allspice, cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, and nutmeg... 

and I had a few dried dates, and I took the dried cranberries out of the trail mix, and they had some dried cherries in it... plus I put coconut in it before I put it in the oven... I want to get it a bit "chunkier" though... so probably more honey or brown sugar, so it will "stick together" a bit more... then I need to grab several of my favorite dried fruits to go in it, and those now are easy to find... anyway, I am just having a tough time trying to figure out where to "stick myself"... I came down with a sore throat the last couple of days, and I know everywhere in Ennis I go people are coughing and sneezing, and hoarse, and the flu, and some other viral stuff is going around, plus lots of people are suffering from pneumonia, which I HOPE that new vaccine I took early in the fall helps to keep me away from the pneumonia.. I had it like 2 or 3 years in a row, twice in both lungs, so I don't want any of that if I can stay the heck well. Besides if I come down with something like that it delays my possible new RA medication, and/or my neck surgery... and then this morning, for some odd reason, I was getting up off the sofa, and "hit" the nerve I guess going down my left leg...

 I NEVER usually have issues with that side, but it burned and stung like I was on fire... so I am not sure, if I happened to have "rolled" on it getting up or if my lower back is acting up, but this time on my left side... when I've had kidney stones, my left side usually hurts worse than the right. So, I first thought oh crap, not a kidney stone... but it is more I think all weather related... my hip and right leg have hurt now for about 3 days or so... I even have been getting Peanut on his leash, and the days it is nice outside, we walk 4 or 5 times during the day.... he loves it ... and he got upset with me this morning. I had to go around to the back and get one of the smaller tree limbs that I need to get into the trash, plus I had a whole trash can full of limbs and tomorrow is trash day. I always try and bring the cans up to the side of my house, especially if we have bad weather, so I don't have to go around to the back if it is rainy or cold... so he was upset. I could not hold his leash, and try and bring the limb and the can up to the front... but I had him out for a little while to pick up the newspapers, and it is still damp outside... I figure it will either "cure me" or "kill me: as the saying goes, to get out and walk around for a bit...

 I've got fire ants coming out again, so it is time to get the fire any granules out, but also time to spread the granules out I buy for spring and summer. I have to do it early as of now, since we have basically not "had any real winter weather yet" so the bugs, ants, and every other kind of insect, fleas, will be in the yard if I don't get them under control BEFORE they start.. Anyway, Lots of things I could do, and I need a cabinet, preferably with doors on it. I want to take all of my tools and such I have on two tables in my back bedroom, and get them organized into the cabinet, and off those tables... The room is a damned mess... and although it is my own "controlled chaos" (I KNOW where everything is) still it looks horrible, and I've got to go through some boxes of stuff and throw away some things... but I have so many "hand tools" like pliers, screwdrivers, my cordless drills, and nails and the list of "things" I keep and need the small stuff, just needs to be organized, and put away neatly so I can get that room painted, and get the window repaired that is still broken from hail over 2 YEARS ago,...

 I fear anytime one of these bad winds will come, and it will knock out my "duct taped" window, and I will be up the creek - and mad because I have not fixed it yet... so I have MANY PROJECTS, like my writing, around the house, my advocacy stuff, and my lists go on and on, but my "motivation" is lacking right now.... I just cannot stand to "feel this way"... like I am kind of "lost" in my own sea of "stuff" and can't find which way to get my bearings and "sail" the path that I 1st need to, then go from there... I SWORE TO MYSELF after I got home from the hip fractures, I WOULD WRITE THIS NEXT BOOK... yet I continue to "not be able" to "begin" ... I almost feel like starting at the "back of the book" and work forward, rather than beginning and then coming to an end... the "latest" things to go in there are very fresh in my mind, thus the other stuff is already written down, but i must wade through all of it, and get it in some type of organized chaos, so it will half-assed make sense to whomever reads it...

 I have my drums and keyboard, BUT the right leg, will be the one along with the right foot for the bass... and the type of exercise I would get from "banging" on the drums maybe actually good for my hip and foot... it may help to strengthen those muscles both in my upper leg and in the foot also... My crap with the writing also has to do with my shoulder, and neck... and actually my lower back also, and might as well admit it my hands and wrists... When I sit here for very long, typing etc. my shoulders, neck, wrists, fingers and lower back begin to just burn... from the impinged nerves... and now the RA has gotten to the place my thumbs, wrists, and portions between my fingers are swollen, and stiff and it hurts to type for very long... I THINK IT IS TIME FOR ME TO GET THE HECK OUT OF THE HOUSE OVERNIGHT, THEN GET MY NEW PUPPY... AND try to take all of the chaotic crap, I "feel" I need to do, and sit down to re-organize my priorities again... I've drifted again between those things I "want" to do, and those things I feel I NEED to do... and what lies in between is a bunch of stuff, that keeps me in knots half the time....

Saturday, February 11, 2017

FINALLY MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO MYSELF, Had it since before I fell on Dec. 13th, and my two new rugs, office and living room & now it is looking Much better around here.

Finally, NEW RUGS, My Office back together, my new sofa/chaise/futon in and OUT with the funky sofa, and new rug in place also... have had the sofa in my hallway, since BEFORE I FELL ON DECEMBER 13TH, sitting in boxes, for my "Christmas present" to myself.... so finally with the help of my son, we got the living room put back together... the sofa is a grayish/blue i guess...

It goes well when you see it, in person... and I am so PROUD to have it all in order and now I hope to go get my new puppy, well he will be about 5 or more months old... but I wanted to get the old sofa, and both rugs out, and be able to get everything in place before bringing a new puppy in....

so I think although I still have LOTS of work to do around here, I now at least have this part finished!

 Of course my pup Peanut in the way when I try to take pics... he is a "ham" when it comes to getting his photo made..

Talking about our own Advocacy work, activism, the GOOD you TRULY DO, & What makes "us tick" - all of us differ one to the other... and Chronic Illnesses and pain can create and reek havoc on us, as well as age....

I have a "surprise" for everyone, but I wanted to wait until our newspaper publishes it here locally, then I will post it on Facebook, in my personal newspaper and on my blog. I have a "Press Release" from a project, that is really a vital program for research in many different realms of chronic illnesses and/or pain. I've participated two times so far, after they "found" me. 
The 1st time, I guess we did not do a news release, but they have this time. I was so thrilled about it, because I always have to sign a NDA (non-disclosure affidavit) each year they ask me to do my part. I want to share it, not just because if it being "me" but MORE to show ALL OF YOU, HOW YOUR INPUT, YOUR ADVOCACY, WHETHER ONLINE, emails, a blog, Facebook, Twitter, or however you may help out when it comes to activism DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE! I've done advocacy and activist items now for about 5 years, for different organizations and in different realms. Some of them, really in depth, like getting to go to Congress in Washington DC with the Arthritis Foundation, or posting blog articles, or my Facebook things that I read, post, and try to help provide viable and possible solutions for so many of us, that truly need to be helped, whether through knowledge (which believe me KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR OWN HEALTH, ILLNESSES, PHYSICIANS, SURGERIES, and all types of medical needs we step into during life.) I found out that although "some doctors do not like "educated" patients' MANY OF THEM are extremely happy to see patients taking an initiative to reach out, look for answers, make lists, ask questions, and not sit back and just rely on what our physicians tell us. 
LIFE and PATIENTS are too many and too busy, and our medical people NEED us to know all we can... so it saves lives, even our own. If you KNOW your medications, what you take, what you are allergic to, or have an idea about all of your medical issues, your surgeries and symptoms that are due to either a chronic medical illness such as RA or Lupus. Or if you are diabetic, you KNOW your own body, what you CAN eat, how to keep your blood sugar evened out, or other medications, know the side effects, understand when you NEED to call your doctor, OR when that side effect may not HURT you or even after a few days go away, rather than trying to call a doctor's office, and either stop the medication or go on taking it when something may not be right about it. I can almost go in when one of my joints, or my spine, or my muscles, or tendons (since MUSCLES CAN BE TIGHTENED BY EXERCISE) and TENDONS HAVE TO BE SURGICALLY REPAIRED OFTEN TIMES BECAUSE THEY DO NOT GET TIGHT AGAIN, LIKE A MUSCLE MIGHT...
That is why when you have a "torn rotator cuff" in a shoulder, you "may" strengthen the muscles, but if those "tendons" that make up the rotator cuff are too lax, or torn completely away from the bone itself, surgery may be the only option to get back mobility, strength, get rid of pain or much of it, and then strengthen the muscles after the tendons are repaired. You would be shocked and I know even ...
I recently began to totally "understand" the true difference between tendons and muscles. I "asked" the question, and my foot specialist explained it to me... like a rubber band may "stretch" like a muscle... but if it is attached to a board, and you actually tear it away from that board, no amount of exercise will give you back the loss from a tear. I now also realize WHY when someone TEARS TENDONS in their foot, or leg, it takes MONTHS AND MONTHS EVEN WITH SURGERY, to get that tendon "healed". It has to "attach" back to that bone. So, like my shoulders, or my left elbow the "severe tennis elbow" I had was "torn" away from the bone. My orthopedic surgeon attached the tendons back to my bones, with screws, nuts etc... BUT it took a long time for that tendon to actually "grow itself" back to the elbow, and often times, they don't attach back themselves, that is why, so often you never can do some of what you did with that shoulder, elbow, ankle, and so forth as you could at one time.

Before I broke the hip, I had just about made up my mind to try and snow ski one more time in my life. That used to be my "birthday present" the week of my birthday for many years.... but after the replaced knees, and the shoulder replacement, I felt maybe I should not chance "wrecking" one of them again. But, I had decided I would give it a try once more... and thought about making a trip to Santa Fe NM, I've skied there as well as Wolf Creek Pass that I LOVED! 
But Santa Fe has lots of new courses, and much more to offer than they once did, and it is about 7 hours closer than Pagosa Springs, CO where you stay to ski Wolf Creek. But, once the hip was fractured, I then knew there would be no way I would try to ski... not really because of the break of the hip BUT a fear now since my bones are so severely taken away with osteoporosis, my fear would be to "break" more bones, or another hip, or injure my back worse, thus my days of skiing are over with. I have great memories... and in fact yesterday when I was going through looking for the photo's with the fish, deer etc... I started to scan a pic of me, when the "big hair" craze was in... Gosh I wished I still looked that young.... ;) Alas time has become somewhat of an enemy when it comes to skin, aging, and how our lines, wrinkles and so forth seem to develop out of nowhere.....

Friday, February 10, 2017

I was given a "press release" that I am very proud of ;)m- Goes to show ANY Advocacy Work is well worth doing especially for Chronic Pain and Illnesses

I've really been down and out lately at the numbers that are coming to my blog. Used to I would have at least 75-100 and sometimes 300 or over. But, over the past 4 months, even before I went into the hospital I noticed a huge drop in those coming to my blog.

I know "Google" have changed a great deal of their SEO stuff, BUT, I have many of their ideas and recommendations that I use. I've not went through the entire "book" of recommendations, BUT, I usually post everyday, sometimes more than once. I do miss sometimes, such as when I was "out of pocket" due to the hip fracture, but even then I still posted once I was feeling a bit better and had my laptop to post to all of my social media places.

The one thing that I have not done "much" and continue to try and not do, is get too deep into the "political" issues that are invading our lives DAILY! I know many are like myself and HOPED that AFTER THE ELECTION some of the DAILY CRAP WOULD STOP!

Well, I should have known much better than that. With the "Donald Duck" elected LOL, there is NO way to SHUT HIM UP NOR the NEWS. Everything he does, tweets, says, posts, and probably what he eats for his 3 meals a day are NOW LARGER ISSUES ON THE NEWS, THAN THE ELECTION!!!!!

I am SICK TO the point of NAUSEA hearing about "The Duck" this, that and the other.... I cannot even "type his name" it makes me so ill to see or hear about one damned thing he does.

I was a "voter" and I've voted for many years, without missing many. Of course I feel if we "vote" then we do have a right to GRIPE! But, for those WHO DO NOT VOTE, then you do not have the RIGHT TO FUSS because you did not allow YOUR VOICE TO BE HEARD!

I KNOW that my "typical" daily life may not interest you. thus I "try" my best, to put something useful, fun, information that you can use, new items from The Arthritis Foundation, to WEGO, to other health and human information especially for us that remain all too ill, from Chronic Pain and/or illnesses.

I am HAPPY that although I had TWO HIP FRACTURES, now in 3 days it will be 90 days since that 1st surgery, and I am doing very well. Even without a cane, and in fact, I left it at home yesterday and did not even take it with me.

I realize at times, I am still leery about being almost too cautious, in fear that another fall could even be worse. I also am in fear that if I don't try and do all I can to "never cure" the osteoporosis, BUT try and build "muscle" and "put protein" back into my body, I have a far better chance of not being a "fall victim".

The woman that was in the room at the Rehab place with me for part of the time, had already been in the hospital like 3 times BEFORE CHRISTMAS, IN LIKE 3 MONTHS! She had pneumonia a couple of times and was put in for that. She has also been a "Diabetes 1" victim since being a teenager, which I watched even after all these years, especially without a proper diet like she should have had in Rehab, she was always having way too many problems with her Diabetes. Then she had fallen and been in Rehab before Christmas I guess in August or September, then fell broke her pelvis, WHICH SURGERY OFTEN CANNOT REPAIR A BROKEN PELVIS, thus you have to spend WEEKS AND WEEKS IN BED TO ALLOW IT TO HEAL ON ITS OWN! Her pain had to be horrible. I know HOW MUCH PAIN I WAS IN WITH THE FRACTURES TO MY HIP, and I was yelling, screaming, cussing, bitching, crying and my entire neighborhood probably thought someone was attacking me, or I had just lost the rest of my mind. MANY of them came when they saw my son's vehicle here to ask what happened, that I was SCREAMING AND CRYING SO MUCH, they could not imagine what had happened. No one I guess heard me screaming and yelling and crying, while I was still in the house for over 3 hours, being too stubborn to call the ambulance. I "hoped" I had a "bad bruise" NOT a damned brake to my hip. But, alas dammit the news was worse, because I had TWO breaks in it.

I cannot begin to even express "ALL I LOST" in those weeks and weeks, through the surgery, through being an inpatient in a Rehab Center, from my own self-esteem, pride, I felt unworthy, useless, a burden, and just a totally screwed up person to be going through this and making my kids go through this also.

LOTS played into my issues with the entire thing, because of losing Mom to Lewy Bodies Dementia in June of last year, and having to take care of her, the 6 months prior, I was already more than behind on "caring for me"... I cancelled neck surgery at least 4 times, and just put my RA medication on hold, since I just felt I COULD NOT leave and go to Dallas for a few hours.

I AM STILL trying to "clean up" everything that needs to be done, and actually am totally confused, because I feel I did not "grieve" enough before trying to begin taking care of other affairs once she past away, that now I get to a place I am not sure what, what not, which, how, is done, not done, and my own "Christmas Present" to myself, is still sitting in my hallway, along with the new rug for my living room. But, now with the hip thing, I fear trying to turn the old sofa over in order to get the backs off of it. That is what has to be done, before it can be taken out of the house. Once that is gone, I can once again clean the hardwood floor very well, put the rug down and get my new sofa/futon/chaise lounge finally put up and using it.

So, NO the political issues I speak of are usually tied into "medical things".... whether clinical trials, or laws, or trying to get the government to fund certain research projects, and so forth, my "own personal beliefs" in whom should be or not be President, and so on down the agenda, I feel I did my part, I can now bitch all I want, AND then go on with my life and pray we have NO ALLIES by the time one YEAR has gone by with the "Donald Duck"....


Monday, February 6, 2017

"Information" I heard from a friend, that I thought I would "share" BUT I am NOT saying this is true... about our Governor of Texas.

I found out an interesting fact about our Texas Governor. I guess I've been so busy and really not into much of what is happening here, there and yonder, that I also know why I didn't know that he is in a wheelchair, and has been after a tree fell on him years and years ago. After a friend of mine telling me about it, I went to his website, and to his Facebook page and noticed they never show many of his photo's where he would have to be "standing" and even the ones sitting down, usually you can't tell he is in a wheelchair. 

Now, I have not found out about this for sure, but I do know of course for a long while after the accident, of course he was on pain medications. I will not say for sure, but I gathered he probably still suffers pain from that injury due to arthritis, and of course something such as that, the older you get it tends to give you issues with stiffness, pain, and as I said arthritic issues. 

I say this because as I said I have not read it with my own eyes, but he has in his own way "taken up" for those of us with chronic pain that must take prescription medications. Us that truly are under a legitimate physician's care, and taking our meds as we should. Anyway, I waited a couple of days before putting this here, as I surely DO NOT want anyone to think I am saying it for sure. As I said, this came from a friend, and as far as reading he "said" anything for sure, I have not came across it, BUT we also know for the most part WE CANNOT TRUST OUR NEWS anymore. They will "say" and "tell us" what THEY can get headlines, and "sensationalize" stories for their own monetary and ratings gain. Thus with all of the "negative" crap about pain medications on the news everywhere now, they probably would NOT come out and say something knowing how they are. It may "hurt" their ratings or piss some of their "ties" to who know what off.... Rhia

The things I shared about the tree falling on him etc. is true. You can read about that online and the story about how it all came about.

But, as far as this about pain medications, I am NOT stating that I saw it, read it, etc... I have tried to look a bit, but not that it really matters, although having "someone" on our side, that KNOWS what we deal with as far as chronic pain, would be a nice change, other than being put down for "being dope heads" or "addicts" or that we are a bunch of "liars" and so forth.

As I said I am NOT happy with the news, any of it.. I don't believe half of what I read or see, because they want those ratings, and those millions of viewers, and all of the revenue from commercials etc. 

I just thought it was a bit interesting, and IF someone does KNOW of where there is an article or something that Governor Abbott did say, I would like to know about it. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

MORE BULL FROM OUR HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES (managed care bull) & spending OUR money on something silly rather than pay CLAIMS BETTER!

I've just about had it with Humana... they called my house at least 15 times while I was in the hospital. they can find MORE WAYS to spend our premiums and waste the money rather than pay our bills better. Now they have this "stupid program" for some of us. where they want to have a so-called "nurse" come into your home, and try and tell you how to run your life basically. After I came home, it was only a few days, and I got a call from them. Telling me this "nurse" would call and set up an appt. to see me.

Well, in the 1st place I DO NOT NEED any of their so-called snooping people coming to my house. I understand for those who may not take medications properly, or elderly and may not go to their doctors right, or not eat properly and so forth. For those, it may be a good thing. But, as for myself, I've just gotten home, my house is a "wreck" because I was right in the middle of taking out a couple of my older large area rugs from my living room and office, and ordered new ones. Then I had ordered a "new sofa" which was here before I fell, it is still sitting in the box, in my hallway.

But, I needed to get the old rugs out, get the floors and stuff cleaned, put in the new rugs, and then put in the new sofa-like type of futon I bought. BUT, I TOLD THEM DO NOT TRY AND HAVE SOMEONE COME BY FOR AT LEAST A MONTH!! I EXPLAINED I JUST cam home, my house was a mess of course with me being out for almost 6 weeks or so. I needed to get myself and my home in order so I would feel much better, and knew I would have follow up doctors appts, and now PT on my foot etc... BUT, THIS WITCH began calling me almost immediately. And she CANNOT get it through her THICK SKULL FIRST OF ALL, I DO NOT need them in my home. It is upsetting for me, especially with my house not in order yet, AMAZON LOST MY RUG FOR THE OFFICE! It should have been here ON MONDAY! THEY TRIED TO SHIP A DANGED 8 1/2 FOOT x 10 FOOT RUG through the POST OFFICE! So, I KNEW it would not get here. SURE ENOUGH, 1ST IT WAS DELAYED. I GOT so upset that I sent them an email chewing them out, because I just DECIDED TO TAKE THEIR PRIME SHIPPING FOR A MONTH, AND the 2nd thing I order THEY LOSE!

So, NOW my office is torn apart, stuff sitting everywhere, because until the rug comes in I cannot put stuff back and get it on my desk, and weigh it down, then I would never get the rug in how it needs to be. It's been this way now all week long, and supposedly the rug is coming in tomorrow on Saturday via UPS! HOW it should have been sent in the FIRST PLACE!! ANYWAY, this woman will not listen. I asked her to leave me alone, until after the 1st of March, so I can get my home in order, I am going to have to go to outpt PT on my foot a couple of times a week, and I am trying to get things all in order for the new puppy, before I bring him home. BUT oh hell no!

She is just insistent that by golly she needs to come NOW! So, I told her to leave me alone and again she insists on coming THIS MORNING, MY DAY I PAY BILLS, at 10AM! I swear I feel like not even answering the door! this is ridiculous! I went through this with them a couple of years ago, and told them off then. They wanted my pharmacist who had been filling my medications the same person for years to have me COME IN and "check my" medications! Well hell, for what??? He checks everything out each time he fills them!!! BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE GET MONEY FROM HUMANA FOR BUGGING US ABOUT CRAP THEY SHOULD KEEP THEIR NOSES OUT OF! LOL!!! I told my son that I may go to jail today, because I may push the witch off my front porch... of course I am kidding, but damned why drive people nuts SO THEY CAN MAKE MONEY, JUST LIKE SALES PEOPLE OFF OF US RATHER THAN PAY MORE ON OUR CLAIMS!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The TRUTH on Pain Medications, Legitimate Pain Patients and their doctors, and the horrid accusations that others sensationalize that harm true chronic pain patients.




This article RINGS SO TRUE! It is NOT Pain Patients who are legitimate and see their doctors, take their meds as prescribed and do all of the other things our doctors request. BUT, we NEED to be vigilant! 

 l locked away, just in case. I KNOW that ALL OF US who are truly CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS, that DO need our medications, or we would be stuck at home, on the sofa, unable to do many things that with our proper doses and doing what our legitimate physicians tell us, we can have a "quality of life"... as I have said, if I had no pain, or it was manageable WITHOUT the medications, 

I would gladly get rid of them. But, I have way too many chronically pain illnesses and problems, that I have even had surgery on, yet that does not "fix" everything. Even with a broken hip, I was off the stronger meds in about 3 days and back to my "regular" doses once the hip was repaired, the hematoma taken out, and now I face what probably "caused" or at least had a probable reason for my fall. 

My right foot and ankle have been badly sprained. So, bad that I've had it X-Rayed 3 times because I could not even put it on the ground at first. I have some issues after 3 severe sprains, and being extremely flat-footed, and as we age, we become more flat-footed, that and the loose tendons and ligaments and probably torn are causing that foot to be extremely "unstable" as the foot specialist told me on Tuesday. My hip is actually quite stable, but that foot wants to "roll" with me, it hurts and swells like a grapefruit if I walk on it for too long or stand. So, I've gotten a corticosteroid injection in it, which hopefully will help some starting today, it takes about 3 days for those injections to begin to work, I start PT on it next week, and I now have special inserts in my shoes to help to stabilize that foot and ankle. It could be all of these fail and if so I may face yet another surgery to repair those torn tendons and ligaments in order to help stop the problems. But, IT HURTS! Just another reason my medications are crucial to my daily abilities to take care of my home, myself, and the things we "normally" do in our daily lives to have that "quality of life" as much as possible. 

Even with the RA medications, my wrists and hands, fingers are in terrible shape, and it hurts like hell to even sit very long and type.... so you NEVER get OUT OF PAIN totally... but the medications are designed to make the pain tolerable where you can do the things you need and want to do in your life.

Extremely Important Announcment from the NIH in regard to aiding to put (MS) Multiple Sclerosis in Long Term Remission

Although I put in this on the top of my newspaper this morning, I felt this is a VERY Important announcement for ALL with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) !! by the NIH (National Institutes of Health)....



These types of ground breaking events could also lead to putting other types of (AI) autoimmune illnesses in Long Term Remission!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Right Foot "diagnoses" and causing much of my stability issues on the right side, answers & hoping I continue to improve... Foot issues, Want the Neck Surgery done) and wanting to get some new RA medication

I went out for a 3rd time myself yesterday, and went to run a couple of errands, then went by Legend Oaks to visit the lady who was in the room with me a part of the time. Bless her heart, she had been in the hospital a couple of times before Christmas with pneumonia, and she has had Diabetes 1 since she was a teenager. 

They were not really keeping it under control, and she was on several different types of insulin shots... and she was in there for a broken pelvis which COULD not be repaired by surgery. So, it takes much longer to heal on its own, when you have nothing there to try and help hold it in place and heal it. So, when I left I knew she would be in a couple more weeks at least. But, she has pneumonia NOW again, and it was bad yesterday when I went to see her. What makes it worse, is the woman they have in there now, I guess had a fractured hip etc... but she was a "chatter box"... had company running in and out, kept interrupting me as I tried to talk with Mary, and Mary looks really bad, she needs IV antibiotics with all she has going on.... I felt so badly for her, so I am going to see if there is anything I could take her with her having Diabetes 1 (and THEY DO NOT have a "diabetic" diet there, I thought that was stupid, with many patients having Diabetes) Anyway, everyone there could not believe how well I was doing... they were so pleased to see that I was back in my jeans, and clothing for town, and without a walker, and in fact, I carry the cane, especially in the stores, but I don't use it much here in the house.

 The main thing making me UNSTABLE is my FOOT AND ANKLE. I was correct, I kept feeling like my hip was very stable but that right foot felt terribly unstable and I was having to watch it almost more than the hip. So, sure enough, I went to a foot and ankle specialist that is in the same office of my orthopedic surgeon that fixed my hip, and I was correct. Due to the severity of the sprain in June on that right ankle, and then I did catch and twist it the morning I fell. That is what made me fall. I've been thinking over that morning, and now I recall that foot "hanging" and when it twisted, that is when I fell so hard to the floor. So, that means torn ligaments/tendons and I am extremely flat-footed. 

I had known that since I was very young. So, between the two, I have that type of "injury" (Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction) or even a "Lisfranc) issue, but without a break so far they do not see any break, but of course my RA/Arthritis I know has a great deal to do with it, because the very 1st Rheumatologist I saw, X-rayed my feet and toes, and my toes "roll under" and are kind of crooked due to the RA. So, he put an "orthotic" in my shoes, to help with the flat feet, then put a steroid injection (WHICH HURT LIKE HELL) into that ankle and foot, and I am going to PT outpatient for a couple of weeks, 2 times a week, to let them teach me some exercises to try and strengthen those tendons and ligaments. I know that ankle has endured two very severe sprains, one when I was 40, then again last year, and before and in between it has always been very "unstable"... and that is exactly what he said, because I told him my hip feels stable, but the foot is what wants to "roll" or not be stable when I walk, which can be another cause for a fall. 

Thus it has to be dealt with... so I am hoping between all of this I see some improvement. I know from others that foot surgery takes weeks and weeks to get over, especially the tendons and ligaments, and you wind up in a "boot" sometimes for months.. last thing I need. I need to see my Rheumy and have my neck surgery first... and pray the foot gets better with this other stuff.