Friday, February 3, 2017

MORE BULL FROM OUR HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES (managed care bull) & spending OUR money on something silly rather than pay CLAIMS BETTER!

I've just about had it with Humana... they called my house at least 15 times while I was in the hospital. they can find MORE WAYS to spend our premiums and waste the money rather than pay our bills better. Now they have this "stupid program" for some of us. where they want to have a so-called "nurse" come into your home, and try and tell you how to run your life basically. After I came home, it was only a few days, and I got a call from them. Telling me this "nurse" would call and set up an appt. to see me.

Well, in the 1st place I DO NOT NEED any of their so-called snooping people coming to my house. I understand for those who may not take medications properly, or elderly and may not go to their doctors right, or not eat properly and so forth. For those, it may be a good thing. But, as for myself, I've just gotten home, my house is a "wreck" because I was right in the middle of taking out a couple of my older large area rugs from my living room and office, and ordered new ones. Then I had ordered a "new sofa" which was here before I fell, it is still sitting in the box, in my hallway.

But, I needed to get the old rugs out, get the floors and stuff cleaned, put in the new rugs, and then put in the new sofa-like type of futon I bought. BUT, I TOLD THEM DO NOT TRY AND HAVE SOMEONE COME BY FOR AT LEAST A MONTH!! I EXPLAINED I JUST cam home, my house was a mess of course with me being out for almost 6 weeks or so. I needed to get myself and my home in order so I would feel much better, and knew I would have follow up doctors appts, and now PT on my foot etc... BUT, THIS WITCH began calling me almost immediately. And she CANNOT get it through her THICK SKULL FIRST OF ALL, I DO NOT need them in my home. It is upsetting for me, especially with my house not in order yet, AMAZON LOST MY RUG FOR THE OFFICE! It should have been here ON MONDAY! THEY TRIED TO SHIP A DANGED 8 1/2 FOOT x 10 FOOT RUG through the POST OFFICE! So, I KNEW it would not get here. SURE ENOUGH, 1ST IT WAS DELAYED. I GOT so upset that I sent them an email chewing them out, because I just DECIDED TO TAKE THEIR PRIME SHIPPING FOR A MONTH, AND the 2nd thing I order THEY LOSE!

So, NOW my office is torn apart, stuff sitting everywhere, because until the rug comes in I cannot put stuff back and get it on my desk, and weigh it down, then I would never get the rug in how it needs to be. It's been this way now all week long, and supposedly the rug is coming in tomorrow on Saturday via UPS! HOW it should have been sent in the FIRST PLACE!! ANYWAY, this woman will not listen. I asked her to leave me alone, until after the 1st of March, so I can get my home in order, I am going to have to go to outpt PT on my foot a couple of times a week, and I am trying to get things all in order for the new puppy, before I bring him home. BUT oh hell no!

She is just insistent that by golly she needs to come NOW! So, I told her to leave me alone and again she insists on coming THIS MORNING, MY DAY I PAY BILLS, at 10AM! I swear I feel like not even answering the door! this is ridiculous! I went through this with them a couple of years ago, and told them off then. They wanted my pharmacist who had been filling my medications the same person for years to have me COME IN and "check my" medications! Well hell, for what??? He checks everything out each time he fills them!!! BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE GET MONEY FROM HUMANA FOR BUGGING US ABOUT CRAP THEY SHOULD KEEP THEIR NOSES OUT OF! LOL!!! I told my son that I may go to jail today, because I may push the witch off my front porch... of course I am kidding, but damned why drive people nuts SO THEY CAN MAKE MONEY, JUST LIKE SALES PEOPLE OFF OF US RATHER THAN PAY MORE ON OUR CLAIMS!!!

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