Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Right Foot "diagnoses" and causing much of my stability issues on the right side, answers & hoping I continue to improve... Foot issues, Want the Neck Surgery done) and wanting to get some new RA medication

I went out for a 3rd time myself yesterday, and went to run a couple of errands, then went by Legend Oaks to visit the lady who was in the room with me a part of the time. Bless her heart, she had been in the hospital a couple of times before Christmas with pneumonia, and she has had Diabetes 1 since she was a teenager. 

They were not really keeping it under control, and she was on several different types of insulin shots... and she was in there for a broken pelvis which COULD not be repaired by surgery. So, it takes much longer to heal on its own, when you have nothing there to try and help hold it in place and heal it. So, when I left I knew she would be in a couple more weeks at least. But, she has pneumonia NOW again, and it was bad yesterday when I went to see her. What makes it worse, is the woman they have in there now, I guess had a fractured hip etc... but she was a "chatter box"... had company running in and out, kept interrupting me as I tried to talk with Mary, and Mary looks really bad, she needs IV antibiotics with all she has going on.... I felt so badly for her, so I am going to see if there is anything I could take her with her having Diabetes 1 (and THEY DO NOT have a "diabetic" diet there, I thought that was stupid, with many patients having Diabetes) Anyway, everyone there could not believe how well I was doing... they were so pleased to see that I was back in my jeans, and clothing for town, and without a walker, and in fact, I carry the cane, especially in the stores, but I don't use it much here in the house.

 The main thing making me UNSTABLE is my FOOT AND ANKLE. I was correct, I kept feeling like my hip was very stable but that right foot felt terribly unstable and I was having to watch it almost more than the hip. So, sure enough, I went to a foot and ankle specialist that is in the same office of my orthopedic surgeon that fixed my hip, and I was correct. Due to the severity of the sprain in June on that right ankle, and then I did catch and twist it the morning I fell. That is what made me fall. I've been thinking over that morning, and now I recall that foot "hanging" and when it twisted, that is when I fell so hard to the floor. So, that means torn ligaments/tendons and I am extremely flat-footed. 

I had known that since I was very young. So, between the two, I have that type of "injury" (Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction) or even a "Lisfranc) issue, but without a break so far they do not see any break, but of course my RA/Arthritis I know has a great deal to do with it, because the very 1st Rheumatologist I saw, X-rayed my feet and toes, and my toes "roll under" and are kind of crooked due to the RA. So, he put an "orthotic" in my shoes, to help with the flat feet, then put a steroid injection (WHICH HURT LIKE HELL) into that ankle and foot, and I am going to PT outpatient for a couple of weeks, 2 times a week, to let them teach me some exercises to try and strengthen those tendons and ligaments. I know that ankle has endured two very severe sprains, one when I was 40, then again last year, and before and in between it has always been very "unstable"... and that is exactly what he said, because I told him my hip feels stable, but the foot is what wants to "roll" or not be stable when I walk, which can be another cause for a fall. 

Thus it has to be dealt with... so I am hoping between all of this I see some improvement. I know from others that foot surgery takes weeks and weeks to get over, especially the tendons and ligaments, and you wind up in a "boot" sometimes for months.. last thing I need. I need to see my Rheumy and have my neck surgery first... and pray the foot gets better with this other stuff. 

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