Friday, August 20, 2021

What has Happened to Our Society & the Control Over Pain Management with INTERFERENCE FROM CONTROL from Govermental Entities!?

 It's not often that I REALLY GET FROM FRUSTRATED TO PLAIN MAD AS HECK with any of my doctor's! But;. as MANY of us that are "chronic Pain patients" know, there is a "rotten egg" in the basket between pain specialists, the FDA, the CDC... and so forth, also the Senate and House.... This has been going on for years, the old thing about "we are all "addicts", and really don't ned the pain meds... and the old story continues. I have heard so many horribly SAD stories abut how p atients have had their meds suddenly without cause jerked away from them, doctors up and moving, and so forth BUT!!! there is definitely ANOTHER SIDE TO THE STORY! That is the "home made meth, the "so-called "Fentaynal patches" that are NOT real from a Pharma co, people mixing cold meds, or all kinds of concoctions, and selling them to people, AND because MANY IF OUR SPECIALISTS THAT ARE LEGITIMATE (MY DOCTOR HAS BEEN IN THE NAVY AS A DOCTOR FOR MNY YEARS, THEN SPENT ANOTHER 22 PLUS YEARS IN SPECIALIZING IN PAI MANAGEMENT! I've beenseeing him for over 12 years and inf act really the ONLY "pain doctor" I have ever seen. I "trusted" him and He "trusted" me... so we had a great "patient/doctor relationship that I NEVER QUESTIONED... We went througha couple of things when i 1st got my pain pump which the 1st one was over 10 YEARS ago, that one went haywire after about 5 years to the date, so he had to replace it, & that WAS ALMOST 6 YEARS AGO, THIS COMNG OCTOBER OR SO. I als always had a very small amount of "oral meds" I kept from him, so in case the pump went out or something happened that I quickly needed more meds for some reason, I had a few pills to carry me through, like when the 1st pump went out. Itwas on a Friday NIGHT of all times and a "holiday weekend" s the pump was "beeping" every 10 minutes, and I could not turn it off... I could decrease the sound some thank goodness but I could not completely all the way. So, it was like from Friday night till the following Tuesday before I could even speak to his office. What irks me though, is the pump was "gone and I had to have out completely replaced. So, that week i had to have an outpatient surgery to take it out & put a new one in. But it was a day procedure & I went home that afternoon... THEY WERE (THE COMPANY) WAS SUPPOSED TO TELL ME "WHY IT WENT OUT" LIKE IT DID WHICH WAS VERY UNUSUAL, BUT I REALLY NEVER GOT A STRAIGHT ANSWER... THE point is I "caught" something very "odd" about 6 months ago about my doctor, and his office... things were strange, they no longer got the medication filled & sent to me from a pharmacy in Dallas, which they had done for years. So, I had to call them, they had to physically send me a script, I had to take here to my local pharmacy... so it took longer, with al of the cal, the send to me which the mail is so slow now, then the pharamacy may or may NOT have the meds ... and then suddenly my doctor MOVES FROM AN OFFICE HE JUST A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO BOUGHT AND REMODELED! It was like he didn't tell us anything, just moves, sends out a post card with a "strange new address on it"... which was horrible to find! Then suddenly all of the employees almost were different. After years some of them suddenly were gone ... and the ONE HEAD WOMAN I COULD CALL & leave a message and she would call me I ALWAYS LEFT A MESSAGE FOR AND and she always returned my calls, just stopped calling me back. t was just nuts. Then all of a sudden my doctor for no reason, just in a "chicken" move "halved" my medication! BUT rather than explain it, he kind of just mumbled a few words that was not like him and more or less, made the "assistant" take the heat for the sudden change. So, I go in yesterday after driving in pouring rain, water over the road, to get my refill for my pump... and now he is ONLY IN THE OFFICE on Wednesdays! So, if my pump n a fill on a Friday, I either have it refilled days EARLY or I take a chance and wait an extra 5 or 6 days & hope it does not get too low that it beeps again... so I go in make a darned horrible weather trip & find out (due to their own equipment that is flawed and I hłd know it & told them many times) I had enough medication in the pump to last me at least another 7 days. So I go in and he pulls out enough (as always) that I could have waited another 5 to 7 days and not have to come in earlier than necessary. But. he "jumps" me and says "You are not using the meds you have" & I said wait a minute this had been a "flaw" from day one. It happens every time we fill it. It "says to come in on like the 15th of a month" BUT when he pulls i out it is NT my fault. If they had equipment correct it should have told me to wait and use up more of what was in there. I HATED THAT TRIP YESTERDAY!! HAD I KNOWN I could have waited till Next "week" in better weather before making that dreadful trip u there! As He is waking out & that was another thing 'HE ALWAYS CLOSES A DOOR WHEN HE COMES IN TO SEE A PATIENT! YESTERDAY HE WALKED IN LEFT THE DOOR STANDING WIDE OPEN WHERE EVERYONE COULD HEAR & SEE ALL GOING ON IN MY ROOM! The nurse got up and had to come shut to door... he was just going to leave it wide open! Then he said several things that sounded "off".... and when he began to leave the room, I asked him about my refill for my meds and he said "I a

m no longer giving that to you" you don't need them"... AFTER 10 YEARS & NOW SUDDENLY I DON'T NEED THEM???!!! I HAD TO LITERALLY GET UP AND LEAVE THAT OFFICE BEFORE I TOTALLY SOUNDED OFF WITH THE DOOR OPEN!!! THEN I LEAVE, PULL INTO A PARKING LOT DOWN THE ATREET TO DOUBLE CHECK MY PUMP REFILL & HE HAD CHANGED IT WITHOUT EVEN TELLING ME, WITHOUT DISCUSSING Anything..... NEVER, NEVER EVER HAVE I HAD THAT MAN ACT LIKE THAT! Had the weather not been so bad still and I saw there was another wreck , then water over the road... I would have turned around & went back to ask him what his issues are! BUT, when I left the waiting room was FULL, packed!!! Late, weather bad, I-30 had water over it in places, so I just wanted to get SAFELY back HOME. I DID LEAVE A MESSAGE WHILE I WAS STOPPED THAT TOLD HIM I WOULD BE WAAB ANSWER, MY PUMP ADJUSTED TO BE FILLED CORRECTLY & I HAD BETTER HAVE a CALL for an appt NEXT WED! because if they don not call me I AM coming anyway & will just in the waiting room until he fixes his Mistake! NOW I MORE UNDERSTAND WHY CHRONIC PAI PEOPLE, ,EVEN CANCER PATIENTS ARE TERRIFIED THEY WILL NOT GET ANY MEDICATION FOR PAIN RELEF! I am also going to send an email to our HOUSE and SENATE from our state to let them know just how horrified people are that are in chronic pain. They fear having to live a life to This should NOT be a "issue involving political gains etc"... it should be about physicians & their personal patients severe pain while the government tells our DOCTORS HOW TO TREAT PATIENTS!! I want to say "don't get ,e started BUT after what I went through this week already has me way than just started. I am to the boiling point not for just myself but FOR SO MANY severely ill patients that causes intractable & unrelenting pain. Nw they can no longer depend on their own physicians because f "governmental interference".... I've said for years, you give some of these up in the "world of government" a week of severe and intractable pain & they would be rushing to ER screaming in pain, begging for anything to help rid them of the NIGHTMARE THEY WERE IN.