Symptoms AAI's

(Still being Constructed)

I had decided I would do other things on my blog before I began to fill in the newer pages. But, after the battle I, along with so many of my Autoimmune "Challenged" Friends have had as of lately; I feel it is my duty to let others in on some things such as the WIDE array of symptoms these illnesses can bring on. MANY of them are "across" the board. In other words, you maybe "diagnosed" with RA, Lupus, or Sjögren's. Yet, you also show symptoms of MS, Pernicious Anemia, Diabetes, and a multitude of the other AA illnesses. Which is what makes diagnosing these so much more difficult that many other illnesses. Plus you CAN and very well MAY HAVE several of them, yet due to "lack" of the ability to "pin" down the symptoms due to a lack of knowledge, research,  tests, and so forth, the doctors just go by what you tell them as symptoms, and what they can deduce from their own experiences, knowledge, and frankly other patients and their issues. So, first I will begin with a very "general" array of Symptoms. 

Autoimmune Illnesses such as Lupus and RA

Fatigue - bone tired Fatigue
Rashes (i.e. Lupus "Wolf Facial" Mask)
and other body rashes including Shingles
Joint pain
Joint (connective tissue) destruction
Muscle aches and pain
Lupus Migraines
Extremely Sensitivity to Sun
Purple Purpura/Bruising
Mouth Ulcers
Cracked fingers, cracked skin
along with other AAI illnesses, such as Sjögren's and Raynaud's
Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth
Severe Dental Caries
Easy to get Frost bite
Lack of blood to small vessels in the feet and hands
Systemic Issues
Heart Problems
Kidney Problems
Liver Issues 
Brain and Mind problems
All types of Vasculitis
Other types of blood problems

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