Thursday, June 29, 2017

BOMBARDED BY INSANE SURGERY, DOCTOR & BONE STIMULATOR BILLS...What they heck do they think we have "millions"" This should really make you also upset, especially if you have any Chronic Illnesses...

Well, Urgent Care "does" have  radiologist that reads the Films, but since I came in with an "order" for it from another doctor, they don't send out a report, If I had asked them and went in for pain in my hip and thigh, I could have gotten the entire report. But, I think I can get into a Patient Portal where it should be logged in my records. Anyway, it is the same person at the hospital that reads them, and he had already read mine. So, I got her to tell me "basically" what it said... and she said it appeared there were "no loose" problems with the hardware... so I don't know if there is something else, but I do know that apparently the gamma nail and the screws are

yet there could be other things going on, like bone spurs, or bursitis, etc... and they may not have told me that.... I know I have signed up for their patient portal, but emailed because the usual user names I used none of those worked... anyway TODAY I GO TO THE MAILBOX" AND "ORTHOFIX" who are the ones that SENT ME THIS DEAL I WEAR 4 HOURS A DAY, EVERYDAY BECAUSE MY DOCTOR ORDERED IT DUE TO MY OSTEOPOROSIS, AND IT IS SUPPOSED TO HELP STIMULATE THE BONES AND HELP ALL OF THAT FUSE ..... well, they called me from the place "Orthofix" they told me my surgeon ordered it and they were FedExing it to me overnight.hey NEVER SAID ONE WORD ABOUT INSURANCE, COST ETC... OR IF I WOULD OWE ANYTHING, NOT ONE WORD... So, today the 'STATEMENT' COMES AND THAT DAMNED THING COSTS 5,000.00!!!!!!!  and MY PORTION IS OVER 600.00!!!!!

 I am so pissed about the entire ordeal, the surgeon charged me HIMSELF 78,000.000 and that was not the hospital etc... i knew I would owe him "more" than if he was "in network" but hell, my insurance only paid like 5,000.00 and they have to write off a certain portion, BUT HiS BILL IS 1,600.00  and yes you are reading that right... he charged MORE THAN THE HOSPITAL BILL WAS!!!! Anyway, I am SO PISSED.... JUST LIKE THIS ORDEAL OVER "OBAMA CARE" HOW TO THEY EXPECT ME ALONE, LIVING ON LESS THAN 20,000 A YEAR TO PAY OVER 6,000.00 ON TWO SURGERIES????? It's insane & I am seriously thinking about talking to one of the "news networks" in Dallas and tell my story.... it is freaking ridiculous....

I am upset, mad, hurt, and mostly just pissed, if I don't try to "negotiate" or pay these they will ruin my credit that took me over 10 years to get back in shape after my 2nd marriage..... it is totally greed... plus this this "cannot be used again" ... so if I did have to have surgery, and needed one, then it would have to GET ANOTHER ONE... after like 6 MONTHS, it is "gone out and it will be sitting here and cannot help me after this one surgery.......

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Catching Up on Doctor Bills, talking about my surgeries, my hip "complications" with sudden pain in that thigh, my RA, Lupus, and all acting up due to the weather, and more...

Well, Peanut is much better. He is back to himself just about. I've been very, very careful as to what he eats, so he has been getting plain rice, potatoes, a bit of turkey and this morning he wanted "Cheerios" so I fed him a few at a time. I think it may have been some dog food I gave him early last week so it's going in the trash, and I am going to keep a close eye on him... fortunately he kept drinking water the entire time, so he didn't get dehydrated, but now is just hungry, so he is getting a little at a time.... gosh he had me so worried, we were going to the Vet Friday morning, but he had stopped being sick Thursday afternoon, and was kind of much better Friday morning, did not get sick, ate just a bit and was back to wanting to play some. 

So, I waited, and as the day went on he felt much much better, so I decided to give him the weekend, and so far, other than being tired, he didn't sleep much those couple of nights he was sick and neither did I... so both of us are warn out, then I had a horrible dream that I woke myself up, hollering and mad in the dream, but I was also actually loudly talking out loud, so I got up about 5AM and decided to just stay up and have coffee... I've been so damned "out of it" though ... I guess the weather being rainy and thunderstorms, then my body hurting all over., and almost was having an upset stomach also and feeling lousy, kind of like Peanut, but out Vet has posted that the dogs have also been coming down with the flu. Which is actually the same type of flu that humans can have. So, I was concerned that he may have had that, although he had not been anywhere to come in contact with it, but I could have came in contact with it, and possibly had it on me, and he got it. But, since he is well, and not showing any signs of being ill anymore, I think it was more something in one of the dog foods I gave him,.. bless his heart, he saw me crying and came up, got in my lap, and was licking the tears from my face... I was so scared... after losing Tazzy suddenly, then Bub's passing away while I was in the hospital with my broken hip, I was terrified I could lose him, and I would not survive I don't think if something happened to him.... the nurse from my insurance who comes every week once a week to check on me, her "weenie dog" will be having puppies in a couple of weeks. 

So, I am going to try possibly and get one of those. I think she would either let me have him, or won't charge me very much, and I will just take the puppy, get his or her shots and have it neutered or spayed myself.... Peanut needs his shots, but with my neck like it is, I can't really take him by myself, and get him in and out of the car etc... I've driven a couple of times, down the street to my grocery store, which is just about 5 blocks away, but I wear my soft collar driving, then put the hard collar on to go in, and I won't go alone if i need anything very heavy or if I need a larger amount.... if it is just a few items, then I go myself and just be extra cautious, and take a back route, where there is not a great deal of traffic....I've got to go this coming week and have my hip X-rayed... since my thigh and hip on that side where I fractured it has been hurting now for several weeks, my PCP gave me an order last week to go and get it X-rayed to rule out that one of the screws or something is out of place and causing the pain...

I can barely stand to walk on it some days... then it will get better, then get bad again.... I don't want to go over to my surgeon until I know whether something is wrong or not... he charges me a fortune, and the X-rays there are 5 times as expensive, so I can go even to Urgent Care to have the Xray done, much less expensive, and find out before going and spending a fortune when I am still paying for the surgeries. I thought I was about done paying his bill, then I get another one for the 2nd surgery with the hematoma... I thought it had already been in with my bill, and I've paid at least 700.00 or more to the surgeon alone, then find out i may owe another 240.00 or more dammit.... And the neck surgeon, I owe him 1,600.00!!!! and that is just the doctor, the hospital was less, 

I paid my outpatient co-payment, but my surgeon is "out of network" so I have to pay more for his bill, than if He was "in network"... but I don't trust anyone else, so I bite the bullet and pay more.... go figure... I dread to see what the hell the government does with Medicare...I hope leave it the hell alone.... I already pay more than I can afford for any type of surgery especially.....

That 5 days in the hospital in December for my fractured hip was over 1,600.00 and then another 325.00 for the outpatient hematoma surgery, which I should have not had to pay for, since it was a damned complication of the initial surgery, that should have been "caught" weeks before when I first said it was "developing" I noticed the lump getting larger on my leg, like 3 weeks BEFORE MY FOLLOW UP VISIT, and he still just asked the nurses to "take a photo" and email it to him.... well it only got worse over those two next weeks, and I kept complaining but he still did not see me until it was the size of a SOFTBALL!!! It should have been looked at and dealt with as soon as I began noticing it..... goes to prove sometimes our doctors "ignore" what is right in front of their faces....

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

AMA needs YOUR Assistance for Congress and the Health Care Bill TIME is ASAP!!!


Last month the House of Representatives narrowly passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA), legislation that according the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) could result in an estimated 14 million Americans losing their health care coverage in 2018 in addition to a projected cut of more than $800 billion to Medicaid over the next decade.

Now it's the Senate's turn and prospects for an improved bill that addresses the concerns expressed by physicians from across the country look grim. As early as next week, Senate leadership is moving forward with plans to vote on a bill that has not yet been made public nor scored by the CBO.

Physicians stand united with their patients in opposition to any legislation that would cut coverage for Americans with health insurance, take quality health care coverage away from those who have it now and increases out-of-pocket health care costs.

Contact your Senators now and tell them to vote NO on any legislation that would make coverage more expensive for millions of Americans.  It's time to put patients above politics!

Monday, June 19, 2017

"KRATOM" Anyone Else know about this "potential off the counter" chronic pain medications that seem to help many conditions...

Here are a few links below as well as some information I've just received from one of my friends on Facebook...

It was something I had never heard of, and for the most part, it appears that MANY, MANY DOCTORS have no clue about this...

My FIRST QUESTION would be WHY HAS THIS NOT COME FROM THE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS, AND SINCE IT IS SOMETHING NOT "designed" from the Pharmaceutical companies, thus they lose out on huge profits, is that the REASON IT IS BEING KEPT SO QUIET???

It seems there should be many of us questioning this "substance" with our doctors, and finding out online, and through anywhere we can about it...

This is the first time I've heard of it, and the "DEA" quietly said it would not be shown "beneficial" for chronic pain, BUT IN THE ARTICLE FROM THE PAIN NETWORK, LOOK HOW MANY PEOPLE DID NOT IT EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL!!! 

I'm not saying I am FOR THIS OR AGAINST THIS... since I've been made aware just today, I a interested in knowing the safety, if it works like the article says, the side effects, long term effects if any, the cost, and so forth.....

CONTINUED FROM "Delving Into "hopefully" a New Outlook on Rheumatic Illnesses & finding Ways to get the word out to Others... Possibly a New BOOK, A new "Non-Profit" to be active with, and a "new attitude" for myself "Relationships" Chronic Illnesses, and Life

It's a mixed emotional painful weekend last few days for me... my entire BODY hurts so badly, and I am not sure what the hell is going on. Even MANY of the "joints" that have been completely replaced hurt so badly, I a not sure what to make out of it.

I continue to blame much of the severe pain that sometimes occurs on the humid, wet TX weather. Not the "heat" so much, as it is the basically HIGH HUMIDITY we have most of the time, whether hot or cold here.

You would think I lived much closer to the coast the way the humidity is so high here. Yet, I live at least 6 hours from the coast, if I went directly to Houston from where I am.

So, "the region" is not to blame for sure. We just happen to have a great deal of very "wet, damp" even some mornings the lawn will appear as if it has rained the night before because everything is so "wet and the moisture just "hangs" almost in the air.

Yet, I have to believe that there is more to what I am feeling than humidity. It's gotten me hurting so badly, that it matters not what I do or don't do, the pain is almost unbearable. In fact it can be down right frightening.

When you are already "autoimmune compromised" with RA, Lupus and so forth, you are on medications that are "risky" to say the least for severe infections, and sometimes even cancer that could develop although the risks are very low, I fear "infected" joint replacements, or something that has gone "wrong" with the implants... Yet it's not just those joints, it is all of my other joints, muscles, my lower back, headaches, every inch of my body seems to just ache deeply down almost as if my "bones" were in pain.

I've researched the subject many times, because this has happened to me over the past at least 10 years off and on, with really no way to find a good explanation or a diagnosis to put your finger on and say OKAY, "this is what's wrong"....

As I've told my pain specialist before I could literally...

Alas MONDAY MORNING ARRIVES, AND GUESS WHAT??? HIGH HUMIDITY, STORMY WEATHER, AND A "THICKNESS" IN THE AIR that feels like you could "push it up and sit down on it"....

So, no one can say "weather" does NOT effect many of us very dramatically especially when joints, bones, muscles, and chronic pain and chronic conditions are present....

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Trying to "Balance" All of Life's "Chores" When Chronic Illnesses and Pain, Plus surgery recovery is supposed to be "PRIORITY"

I feel as if all I do is gripe, fuss and moan about my Cervical Neck Surgery. Yet, since it was not the "usual" cervical surgeon most Orthopedic Doctors see and do, it has became something that really needs to be discussed...

I know my son asked me about a week ago, Had I known just how involved and how much time, toil and complications were going to happen, "Would I still go through with the surgery?} Well, the first answer you feel would be HELL NO! But, of course pain, and all of the "symptoms" that happen when a neck is so severely disintegrated, of course my answer was yes. If I had not had so many "issues" last year that kept me from having the surgery, it maybe that it would have been in a bit "better state" or NOT, but possibly it might have been less problems than we thought.

My surgeon was very honest with me, and he told me that the possibility of once he got into the spine and vertebra during surgery, things may be a great deal worse than what we had seen on the films. Sure enough, both myself and he were correct. Once he opened me up, there was a previous fusion that never got completely "set and hardened" plus the other new C5C-6 I think, had NO disc for the most part, plus is was so jagged, and there was NO disc space, thus he had to literally stretch my neck 2 inches in order to make things right. Plus there were bone spurs, one huge new one and several others had developed. Well, NOT ANYTHING in there was going to magically heal itself, and as time went on, I would just be in worse condition, thus I would be an idiot to put off surgery...

I am in the process of trying to get my medical records, but their patient portal I don't believe is all finished yet.

Thus the osteoporosis, RA, osteoarthritis, RA, Predisone, as well as some other medications, my past few years of smoking although never very much and not all that long it is proven that it can cause the fusion not to harden and do what it is meant to.

So, after 9 LONG weeks in the hard collar, I have another 4 WEEKS to do the same, other than i can wear the soft one at night sleeping.


IF I was NOT educated and versed in searching the internet like some people especially elderly.... I would not have one clue what I CAN do and what I CANNOT DO!!!! I've done search after search making sure I am not causing more harm, yet wanting to be able to do some things. But, he nor most surgeons, DO THE SURGERY... they don't have the bedside manner of a PCP, or listen like other doctors do, and they can be rude, down right pissy, walk out of the room when you are trying to speak, and so on....

Even I am not sure, other than he basically said I could not turn my head, nor nod up and down thus that covers about everything any person does, other than walk straight and sit up straight..

I shall continue later, probably tomorrow.....

Friday, June 9, 2017


 I was SO MAD and SO UPSET over this story I just watched on "Nightly News" that I HAD to come and post the video along with MY OPINION!!!! THIS IS NOT THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY'S (ENDO) FAULT!!!! IF WE ALLOW the FDA to start doing this then WHEN WILL THEY TAKE TYLENOL AND BABY ASPIRIN OFF THE SHELVES???? Or TELL DOCTORS AND PHARMACISTS what they CAN or CANNOT prescribe for patients!!???? Just because a "group" OF STUPID PEOPLE TAKE A MEDICATION OPANA ER (by the way before I had my ain pump put in I was on this medication and it was the 1st one that contained a chemical that if you altered it by smashing it, cutting it, melting it and so forth IT DOES NOT HAVE THE EFFECT!!! Once a "drug" of ANY KIND comes off the Pharma's shelves, THEY CANNOT CONTROL WHAT A PATIENT DOES OR DOES NOT DO WITH IT!!! Nor can anyone but that patient!!!!! IF THEY can't get "Opana" then they will get SOMETHING ELSE.... NOTHING the FDA does will KEEP THOSE WHO ABUSE IT BADLY ENOUGH TO KEEP FROM FINDING SOMETHING!!! mMANY PEOPLE Use their ANTIDEPRESSANTS to try and commit suicide! IS THE FDA going to REMOVE ANTIDEPRESSANTS FROM THE MARKETS????? This is totally insane!!! IF WE stand for this AS PATIENTS, AS CARETAKERS, AS ADVOCATES FOR CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS, AS ANYONE WHO DOES NOT WANT THE FDA TO RULE OVER WHAT WE CAN DO.... or NOT DO... They need to send an email, send FACEBOOK POSTS, SEND TWITTERS, ANYTHING TO SAY "HELL NO" I will NOT stand around with my hands down and head in the sand and allow this mess!!!! GGGGGRRRRR! This one really gets me extremely upset.... as a legitimate chronic pain patient that could NOT live without my Pain Control.... I would have already passed away from pain!!!!!! I CHALLENGE EACH ONE THAT DOES not agree to DO SOMETHING!!!!!

Delving Into "hopefully" a New Outlook on Rheumatic Illnesses & finding Ways to get the word out to Others... Possibly a New BOOK, A new "Non-Profit" to be active with, and a "new attitude" for myself "Relationships" Chronic Illnesses, and Life

I've been basically "drowning" in my own sea of dispare over the past several months. TODAY being the 1 year anniversary of my Mom passing away, of course makes things even a bit more "difficult" to hold my head up and move forward.

I have a close relative that talks often about "being lonely" and is alone. In other words right now there is no "one significant" other, and I totally relate. My situation is much the same. The only "significant" other for me, is Peanut, my "Holi-Terrier"... as I call him! :)

So, I get the times that you wished there was someone there to talk to, to go to the market with, to go out and grab a bite to eat with, someone to be with you when you go through tough surgeries, or doctor's appointments... and just basically someone to "share" life's up's and down's come what may.

After my last "breakup" I told myself, I would NEVER "commit" again. I feel as if there are basically "3 strikes" against me as far as very long-term relationships, and for me, that means I am just not cut out for the "relationship" thing anymore. Possibly I was NEVER cut out for it, but I was damned and hell, that I would NOT give up! Thus my 3rd one, I thought was for "infinity". Well, NOTHING here on this Earth is for Infinity! One way or the other ALL whatever it be shall come to an end.

I've given much thought to either venturing out on my own, to a club, and I tried the church situation for awhile, and I need to get back to going. After I had all of the problems with Mom, then me and my own surgeries and so forth, I just had to stop going for awhile, until I was well. Furthermore, I really feel badly stating this, but although I was a "new member".... not ONE PERSON ever even bothered to check on me, or see why I suddenly stopped coming. This is after I had "joined" the church. Frankly, since I was actually ill, and had surgery etc. it really hurt my feelings that not one soul bothered to check on me. Besides, I (and maybe it was just my own stuff) but felt like my "tidings" were not "enough" weekly. Yet, I was giving what I felt the Lord asked me to, and also being with only my income which is very low, it was as much as I could give at that time.

Anyway, not to get too deep into religion, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Yet, I will go back, it maybe that I go to another church, and not back to that one.

I have long been a follower of "Creaky Joints" a Non-Profit started by Seth Ginsberg who himself developed a Rheumatic Illness in his 20's. Like many of us, he found there was just not enough information out there for patients and caretakers. Actually in many ways there was not a great deal of information back just a few years ago for the medical profession. I was shocked to find out how many nurses, and even Physicians knew little about some of the autoimmune illnesses, and many tied into RA, Lupus... things like Sjogren's, Raynaud's, and MANY other AI illnesses that are "joint related" yet also effect other parts of the body.

At times I felt as if I was "educating" my own doctor. So, Seth opened his mind, his heart, and his talents to begin "Creaky Joints", which recently began a new program and app actually called "Arthritis Power". I just recently got it to download on my phone, and I have it open on my computer.

As I begin the "journey" through it, I hope not only does it help me, but it gives me the
"heart" to once again write on my book, and get myself advocacy back on tract. After the ordeal with my Mom in 2016, and then her passing away only 6 months after showing signs of "Lewy Body Dementia", it was quite a shock for me, and my family, friends of the family and other family members.

So, rather than ponder this "lonely" phase in my life, after talking with a wonderful woman on the phone earlier this week, that is a part of "Arthritis Power" I was inspired to try and give myself a break, and find that "voice" that can take me wherever I want to go, whether writing, blogging, being more involved in the advocacy, activism, and Ambassadorship roles that I so love being a part of.

So, here below are a couple of links. You can go to these and find out more information about "Arthritis Power" and "Creaky Joints".....

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

University of Alabama At Birmingham

"PCORI" and "UAB" both sponsors of "Arthritis Power"

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What in the World is going on in our World???? And How Do We Feel Now About putting our "Medical Life stories" out there to help others?

I've kept quiet for the most part when it comes to politics, all of the terrorists horrid and unspeakable acts, and all that goes along those things, from emails being "hacked" to the nightmare of situations in Britain, we "swear" we are not going to "cow" down to these happenings and allow them to change our lives,

Yet that HAVE! They have changed the way we live forever. More people purchasing things to protect themselves, whether it be a gun, tazer, baseball bat, or a large heavy flashlight. I am not trying to be "funny" but there are those that are not as thrilled about some types of things for protection, so like myself, I do have a baseball bat, Mace, a small Tazer, and I do have a very HEAVY flashlight.

What really has come to my attention through all of the "political" dilemma and all of the horrid things happening in our county, from Florida to California, to right new me in the Dallas TX area, is that people are now so "cautious" and concerned for their "Well Being" from those who may want to harm us, that things like our own "health matters" seem to be put on the back burner.

I have noticed that all too often there is SO MUCH taking up the internet, the television, everywhere we turn, that anything to do with health, from heart attacks, to RA, Lupus, and other Autoimmunity or Arthritic Illnesses seem to not be mentioned as much.

In fact, I feel that many of us feel "off" trying to discuss our medications, especially pain medications. Here I have been a blogger for many years, and have a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other forms of online things where I can reach out to others, yet I am almost in "fear" of talking about pain medications. They have gotten such a horribly bad "rap" that some of our very own "key words" we may use in a post on any of these, you worry if they could be misunderstood, or taken in the wrong context. 

I've often said that I try to stay away from talking or writing about "politics" and anything to do with "religious beliefs"... those things are very, very personal for many, and while some can tell their stories about their religious beliefs, there are some that feel it is a private matter. They may not want to talk about it with someone "online".... and if you do, then you kind of wonder if you could be "targeted" again for making a statement that could be taken wrong.... by anyone.

We also feel that used to like myself, I could put my story and "myself" out there online, not worrying about "hacking", or someone getting mad, or you even be "targeted" or watched and now even with medical things, at times I find myself almost "neutering" my own feelings and my own illness issues.

My issues lately have been since I've had the cervical neck surgery that was so much more in depth than we thought, I've not been able to really sit and type much. Thus I've kind of had to be a bit less here online... but then you hear and see things on the television, news, online, and you have to at times wonder if you really want to "give out" as much about yourself, as you may have 10 years ago....

Something to definitely ponder. .... YOUR THOUGHTS.. would be welcome....