Monday, August 29, 2016

WEGO HEALTH ACTIVIST AWARDS, My Nomination, and much more - check it out!



I have not really asked you to "nominate" me for any awards for WEGO Annuals Awards... and I am nominated for the "Best in Show Blogs" so here is my page and you will be able to "give me a thumbs Up" and then we have judges that also judge the pages people, their works and so forth.

 I apologize for not really "being here" as much as I would like. After being ill, then if I don't have enough to do, I need my oil changed in my car, the Elatra HAS to have a new battery, I till am way behind on the painting, I have tree limbs, and a rotten huge tree in my backyard here that needs to be taken care of, I have a doctors appt tomorrow, I had to send in my Dad's "Death Certificate"(that I had to dig to find) to the City Courts, They sent him a "jury summons" and he has been gone since 2005! 

The bank REALLY PISSED ME OFF with a letter I got Saturday, that I need to really get on their butts about, my car needs washing badly... I am already having to put out fire any killer on mounds, I really wanted to find I NEW EYE Doctor since mine seems to not be able to get his act together in his office... I need to go to my Rheumy, I need to make a trip to my pain doctor (both in Dallas).....uuuummmm and the list just goes on and on and on and....... to infinity!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tough Moments.... for me illness, I think Imay have had the West Nile Virus - and get some "grief" seems to be seeping in...

I realize I've not been here and I am so sorry I've not been keeping the blog fresh with new posts as of late. But,  spent a week (started last Sunday early morning) so ill, that I was not sure what was wrong with me. Yet, even though I thought several times of going to the Urgent Care, due to the tremendous amount of antibiotics and corticosteroids my body had endured over the past almost a year, I wanted to try and allow what bit of immune system I have left to try and fight it.... it is taking 6 or more days to begin to feel somewhat better, but from severe headache that lasted for almost 4 days, stiff neck, fever, severe pain in every muscle and joint, feeling like my joints were trying to "lock down at times", severe fatigue worse than I have endured in a long time, not have any strength to even go out to the store, or barely walk across my little home.... my head felt as if "sand" was in it, and when I moved it would sound as if it was "sifting" through my head, very swollen lymph glands in my neck, sore throat a bit, and pain in my rib cage in the back, all symptoms of many things.... but I read last night we have had a HIGH RATE of "positive West Nile Mosquito's" found just in the past couple of weeks...some seemingly close to my home, but they found them in 19 different areas of town, so one bite from anywhere around town by one could have kicked it off...

I cannot "be sure" that is what it was, BUT after reading that, then the symptoms, and knowing that my immune system is so "not there" I feel like that probably what was making me so ill this past 6 plus days... I am "better" today, but my energy is slim to none, and "mentally" I am "not wanting" to do anything... which is NOT like me...

So, I am not sure if some of the "grief" of losing my Mom in June is beginning to truly "hit" me... or if it is a mixture of several things, including being ill...

BUT, hang in here with me... I am HERE AND WILL SOON BE BACK POSTING INTERESTING articles, facts, and blogging away again....

Have a good weekend,  Rhia

Here are some articles and Symptoms of West Nile Virus:


Saturday, August 20, 2016


Amanda looked like a tiny baby doll when she was born. She was only 1 and a half inches long, and weighed a tad over 7 pounds. I wanted a girl so badly, and from the moment I knew I was expecting her, I KNEW she was a girl.

My son, who was 5 years before her, was just a little blonde (cotton headed) as they used t say, and small too. He started Kindergarten like only a week after Amanda's was born. It was amazing to have one beginning school and a brand new one at home! I've always been thrilled they were 5 years apart in so many ways. Amanda and Jason remain close and have as always. He was always the "big brother" who could watch over her, and they later in high school knew a lot of the same people, so when Jason and her left to go out on a weekend night, I knew he would watch over her.

Yet, it seems like just yesterday they induced labor with her.  I didn't have the certain "hormone" to cause me to go into labor with either of them, so they had to induce with Jason, and they just planned on it with Amanda. Now this was BEFORE the sonograms, and knowing what the baby was before it was born etc. Sonograms were only done then if they suspect problems, so with a "normal pregnancy" that was just not something they did.

My best friend from High School Carrie and I were expecting within 2 weeks of one another. They told me Amanda would be somewhere around the very last of August, and Carrie's little girl RaeAnn was supposed to be like 2 weeks BEFORE Amanda... but alas Amanda made her entrance into the world a bit early on August 18th, and much to our surprise Carrie's pregnancy went over by two weeks and RaeAnn was born right after Amanda by about 10 days or so. I can recall Carrie being frustrated that hers didn't come as expected and I had Amanda a bit early. Carrier ate enough Mexican Food to feed Ennis back then!!!!LOL!!!!!! She would eat anything Mexican 3 meals a day, every day of the year..... and I really did not have many "real cravings' BUT I could NOT STAND the smell of bacon frying or Joy Lemon Dish Soap, both made me sick to my stomach and even after I had Amanda, for a year or so, I could not stand the smell of bacon frying... and I NEVER got over the Joy dish soap.. I hate that smell even today after 31 years!!!!

I wanted to share that with all of you, and let you know I am still painting on "house #2" trying to get over there daily and paint. I have decided to "try" and move in over there in October... but that probably means me having to hire some people to help me finish up the paint, putting the fence up,  & of course the "list" can be endless...mainly finishing the inside painting and getting the floors in "decent shape" which does mean also I have to have new linoleum or something like that laid in the kitchen dining room, small bath and right at the front door entrance.

Right now there is an "industrial type" of carpet in the kitchen and dining rooms that is of course glued down, so trying to save the dining room would be a mess. The kitchen already had linoleum under it at one time, and the bathroom is tiny but I also "may" have to have some plumbing work done in the bathroom. The pipes coming into the bath through the wall to the commode are "rusty" and already leak a tiny bit. I know that even that floor at one time had been wet enough that Dad had to have it enforced when they put in a new commode years and years ago. So, I figure with what water damage might have been there and then when Mom threw a washcloth down the toliet (after she got so "bad" with the dementia) and I had to call a plumber I tried at 1st to unstop it, not knowing it was a cloth in there, but she over ran it twice at least until I finally locked it down enough she could not open that door. By then she could not even walk to the toliet and had a potty chair by the bed, but it also done damage to the hardwood flooring in the hallway by the bathroom... I am going to just do the best with it because I will have a carpet runner to go into that hallway, so it won't be that noticeable anyway... but I also think that old sink needs to go and be replumbed, plus if it CAN BE DONE, I would like to break up that old iron tub (which so many houses built around the early 50's had those iron tubs, with the porcelain over them... so that tub has lost about all of the porcelain, plus I want a shower only, that I could just step into, and have one seat in it... BUT, to break up that old tub with that small bathroom is a freaking chore!!! We did it in this house, and put my "big honkin tub/sauna/shower" in it... and I still love it, BUT hell I use the shower, and nothing else really...

I cannot sit down into the tub really or a may never be able to get out, and with it just being me now, it is really way too large for now how it is used... it really is a shame, because one of my reasons, was to use the whirlpool, sauna etc... for my joints and muscles... but by the time I have had all of the surgeries, the strength it would take me to sit down in it, then try and get back up, well I would fear being here alone, and not able to get out.... I still love that huge shower, tub BUT ALSO, IT is insane to clean... I keep it mostly clean since it is just me now, and I spray it down with the Daily Shower Cleaner, which keeps it dry, and it keeps me from having to scrub the heck out of it so often BUT, it still has to be cleaned, and it's a job....

I have to literally get into it, to be able to clean it properly, then keeping the mold and mildew out of it, I keep diluted bleach that I put around the places because certain spots if they stay wet will get to be a mess to clean.... so it takes work to keep it clean and free from lots of germs and so forth....LOL My DOGS probably enjoy bathing in it more than I do..I can put them in there, they have plenty of room, and I have my shower nozzle that I use so they kind of get a massage, then I can have them almost dryed off completely before letting them out... so that way they don't slip on the hardwood floors when they get out... they used to chase each other after a shower, and one time Tazzy accidentally fell going around a corner, because her feet were still wet and she had a hip that hurt her for weeks... so I have to dry their feet before I let them out of the bathroom...


 I should KNOW BETTER!!! I NEED to have my pain pump upped, but I also need to see my Rheumatologist... neither know (well my pain doctor found out yesterday) that Mom has passed away, and that NO I am NOT OKAY, BUT I'VE NOT HAD THE TIME NOR STAMINA TO DRIVE TO DALLAS FOR DOCTORS APPTS~~!!!! While Mom was so sick half the time I "forgot" my 3 boluses a day for my pain pump SO it still has more medication in it than it would have had I been using it as I usually do.... but AFTER WATCHING THE PAIN MY MOM WAS IN.... I kind of WENT NUMB WITH MY OWN PAIN I GUESS... even when I SPRAINED BOTH ANKLES THAT SUNDAY OF HER VISITATION, I REALLY DID NOT "FEEL" THE PAIN.... but I WAS IN SUCH A SURREAL, AND SHOCKING SPOT, I JUST FELT NOTHING... MY PAIN, EVEN THOUGH I HURT LIKE HELL, SEEMED NON IMPORTANT.... Thus my reasoning for putting off my own Pain issues....

I AM BEGINNING AGAIN NOW TO KNOW I NEED SURGERY ON MY NECK, I NEED MY PAIN PUMP UPPED, AND WE NEED TO CHANGE MY RA MEDICATION OR DO SOMETHING BUT I just do NOT have the STRENGTH NOR WHAT I FEEL THE TIME... to spend on those things... like a couple of weeks ago, my Chiweenie, Bubs, broke a front nail on a front paw off below the quick... well it was MY FAULT... I always DREAD TAKING HIM TO THE VET... he usually puts up a fight, and we have had to muzzle him one time before... so I HATE HAVING TO DO THAT... so his nails get longer than most women's before I take him... and again they were way too long, and then he limped around for over a week because of one broken so far down into below the quick.... I finally took him in, and the last two times I've held him, and let the assistant just talk to him, while the Vet cut his nails, and we didn't have to muzzle him and in fact he did great.... so I was grateful and am going to try and keep it up and get them cut before they get TOO LONG!!!!


YET, as I typed in my Title, we cannot just sit down, and take a "time out" for many reasons... it is up to ME, for things to get done... whether I DO IT MYSELF or I HIRE SOMEONE... somehow all of what needs to be done, are things that have to be done, no matter the illnesses, pain and so forth....

One of the guys that was two years older than me died this past week! He was only 58 years old! By just looking at Sammy, no one would have ever suspected he had any health issues... I'm not sure exactly what happened, but my feeling is that maybe he had some type of cancer....


Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday, Rain Finally, Catching Up, WEGO HEALTH 2016 AWARDS! and my Nomination - Check it out!

Rainy here finally, not a hard rain but nice and slow like we need... not a great deal either...but it appears "if" things go as they show, we will be getting more over the next few days... I am concerned about thunderstorms, mainly hail... I am in the process of going to paint for awhile at house #2, but I certainly don't want my Prius hailed on... that would be a disaster... but I don't think hail will be an issue, maybe lightening and thunder but so far this morning, we have not had any of that just lots of heavy rain clouds, much COOLER temps thank goodness, I had to turn off my A/C for a bit this morning... so that is a good thing... anyway, got some stuff done yesterday at home #1 - I had some paperwork to do, had a few other things that were beginning to pile up on my desk, so I got some of that done...

 I've got to take the Elantra over to Wal-Mart - depending on the weather, maybe tomorrow, the battery has had it, and I can charge it, but due to it sitting and not being driven any, it runs down... but it needs to be changed anyway. It already was old and not working as it should... so I need to take back some "horrible" paint brushes I made the mistake of buying at Wally World and I am taking those back , plus I had bought some french onion dip mix at HEB, and two mini rose bushes, that had for $1.99 each last week... it was kind of "odd" to me that they had them marked down so low... they "appeared" to be healthy!!! BUT, within 2 days, one of them just died... no apparent reason, I had not done a thing but put a bit of water on it, and it just died... the other one, was not looking the best, but I decided to re-pot it to see if it would be okay... hell NO, it died also... the onion dip package had a hole in it, so it is hard as a brick... and I believe I had mentioned those things over the weekend... but I threw away the small pots the roses were in from the store... I have the receipt and the little plastic explanations about them, and one of them I still have the paper that was around it, but I only have the one bush left, that is already in another pot, dead... but I REALLY don't want to go the the trouble of taking that dead rose bush in... so I am going to take the receipt, the dip mix, and tell them about the roses... I THINK THEY KNEW something was WRONG WITH THEM... SO THEY MARKED THEM DOWN... to get them out of the store before they died... somewhere someone either put something wrong on them, or did something, and they knew those bushes were going to die... I just can't believe both of them died within 2 or 3 days of me bringing them home... I have two from a couple of years back and in fact both of them are on the porch and both have blooms on them right now... other than that if you have TIME -

PLEASE GO TO THE WEGO HEALTH NOMINEES FOR AWARDS THIS YEAR AND put a "good word" in for my nomination... I have not said much about it, but I am nominated right now for my blog, and there are many other awards that you can be nominated for... so not just me, but anyone and in any of the categories you feel should be recognized and get an award (I would get a special graphic to put on my website, plus they send the winners each year a box full of goodies, balloons, a little award, T-shirts, pens etc... I actually also judged the past two years for them also.. so they may ask me again to judge... that was kind of fun.... Here is the link and I've got to get my butt in gear and get to painting....

Link to my WEGO Nomination and "bio"!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Celebrating My Mom's Life on Her Birthday that would have been on August 28th... and Life..,

Well since the weather is not looking good for our area nor the Casinio's area for tomorrow and Monday, and I don't cherish driving in Dallas, through Denton with GOOD weather, so much road construction last time I was through there, plus Mom's Birthday would be August 28th, SO in order to celebrate for her as I said in my earlier post, I switched to go that day on her birthday! 

I think she would be or is "thrilled" that I go and have all of those good memories of us going and coming back from Winstar. So, I do look forward to reminiscing about our trips... that was the ONE thing Mom did enjoy doing... So, I am off to try and get some painting done... I am still not feeling like "myself"...I can't explain it, but I just feel like I am having issues with that vertigo mess, and I notice if I bend over, then stand up my head feels "full" so maybe even the allergies and sinus stuff with the weather as it is... but the plants and grass and trees are so happy! 

They just need A GREAT DEAL more rain BUT SLOWLY... so I wish all a good weekend, I am going to try and get a few things done over at house#2.... and talking about that... I bought those 2 "mini rose bushes" lst week at HEB. They had them marked for $1.99 each... which they are usually at least 5.99.... so I wondered what the deal was... they all "looked" great.. but within 2 days of taking them home, the lilac colored one appeared to just have "died"... and the white/yellow colored one does not look much better. I even re-potted them thinking it is because they don't have proper soil. But, I am so mad at HEB - I BET they KNOW something is "wrong" with them, so they marked them down to get them out of the store, and then we buy them and they die... I have two others from there from a couple of years ago, and they are blooming right now... so I know something had to be wrong for them to mark them that cheaply and then one just die within 2 days... also I bought a packet of "French Onion Dip" mix... like McCormick's I think that same day. 

Well, I started to open it after I got home to make some, and the entire packet is just hard as a brick, like the stuff is old. Well, I found a tiny tear in the packet, so I am sure that ruined it... but how can they NOT find these things out... I am willing to bet a box of them got "nicked" when they were putting them on the shelves... I've seen them do it before... and now I have to take that back... another warning, DO NOT BUY paint brushes from Wally World! They stopped carrying the "Purdy" brand which we bought over 10 years ago, and the brushes are still in fair shape... but I felt I needed 2 new ones, and I bought them at Wally World, and they were not "cheap" - just about as much as a paint store with a sale... so I used one of them, and began to find bristles coming out in my paint dammit. I hate that... as old as my other ones are, never have I saw one bristle come out in my paint... 

so the other ones I bought from there I am taking back and telling them they are pricing them at well over 10.00 and they are worth about 2.00 if that much... LOL!!!!! I HATE having to take stuff back, especially when it is something that is "their fault"... it is a pain in the butt, and takes up MY TIME having to go back and get a refund...anyway, I got my "good brushes" and some paint yesterday that was on sale.., so I am back in business.... I will take more pics as the rooms begin to come together....

Friday, August 12, 2016


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WEGO National Annual Awards - Nominate NOW for the different Awards those you feel deserve them!

I am nominated for "Best in Show Blog" for now! Be sure to stop by, and nominate or take a look at all that you can nominate people for!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

As My World churns and turns, is it the Lupus causing my headaches and nausea, is it nerves, stress, and still having too much on my plate... or just how it's meant to be.....

I know this probably does not look all that “great” right now! BUT, when I finish and put the “chair railing” up between the white and the colors on top, I can already tell they are going to turn out awesome… the plants are some I have taken over there and planted.. Mom was never a big “garden” person, not even house plants… But, DAD LOVED the garden, from rose bushes, to a full garden when I was small, he raised onions, potatoes, fresh green beans, and all kinds of veggies, plus had peach and plum trees, and made the BEST PLUM jelly around… 

 This is the kitchen and it was ALL GREEN! So, it now will be a darker blue, light blue and white. The living room is going to be tangerine, with white at the bottom.....

I have red and "gold" picked out for the bedroom because it will go perfectly with my brand new curtains, comforter set etc that is on my bed. But, I am going to "try" to do what we did before... and that is paint the upper wall the red, then take a newspaper, or sponge (the newspaper actually works better) put a bit of "paint glitter" in that gold, and then sponge it over the red... the hallway we did that way is my faorivte room in the house!!!! I had "seen it" in my head before we ever did it, and it turned out even better than I ever expected!

OH and by the way, thee are my 1st photo's with my "I-Phone".....

Plants some from Mom's funeral I re-potted, and then I bought these two mini rose bushes (that I am not happy them "on sale" at HEB - AN one of them, the lilac one, all of a sudden a couple of days ago, just looked like it was going to keep over... I re-potted both of them yesterday, so we shall see... but I am guessing that could be why they were so inexpensive...have to wonder what is really wrong with them????

LOL, we got so spoiled that none of us would eat “store bought” jelly for years…. and he also raised quail back then… he would keep a couple of chickens (hens) and take the eggs out of the quail nests and let the hens sit on them… the quail sometimes would injure their own young ones, thus letting the hens sit on them kept that from happening… so there are MANY MANY great memories, inside this house and outside in the yard for sure… Dad loved everything outdoors, and I took after him in that realm in many ways… I LOVE doing my own lawn work, when my body and the weather allows me to…. I am finding out more and more each day, just how badly the sun effects me, especially physically… and the strange thing is I have the BEST TAN in places, my arms, my legs, and some on my face from just driving my car… I never had the windows tinted in my Prius since I leased it, and believe me I WILL HAVE THEM TINTED IN WHATEVER I DRIVE NEXT!!! It really does almost feel like someone is burning me, just the sun coming through the windows and windshield… anyway, I am kind of “blah” today. I have a damned headache from hell, and my stomach is upset again… which seems to be an ongoing pattern with me lately… about the last year really, I am constantly having to take prescription nausea medication and then try to calm my head down… it is insane and I know the high heat, humidity, and then me painting with that brush is not helping. It puts such a strain on my neck and shoulders… LOL, one arm gets too “weak” so I have to change the brush over to the other arm, good thing the ONE thing I can do is paint with either hand… LOL…. 

anyway, I hope all is well in your world… I am still battling with paperwork, and need to find (I may go to Office Depot) and see about shredding services… between my own, and ALL I did not know Mom had saved… I will NEVER finish shredding ALL OF these pieces that must be shredded. So, I need to do that plus I need to make sure the funeral home let the monument place know about engraving Mom’s date of passing away on the monument. I found out that the “special granite” almost a pinkish color came from I believe Australia or somewhere overseas, and it cost a small fortune. It took them over 6 weeks just to get that piece of granite here to be engraved when Dad passed away… in fact I was going through some papers and found the original receipt from when my Mom purchased it…. Anyway, I am not feeling any better, so I think I will sit on the sofa for a bit, and see if in an hour or so, my stomach and head will calm down so I can go over and paint… and Sherwin Williams starts their new sale tomorrow with 35% OFF!!! PLUS I have the “discount perks” so I get another 10% oFF!!!!! That adds up to a lot of savings as high as the paint is now… MG unbelieveable!!!! A gallon of any type of semi gloss is regularly at least 65.00$$$$$ I almost fainted when he told me the regular prices… but it is that way everywhere, whether it be Lowe’s etc… plus I can get the proper paint, right here in town, know it’s great quality, and don’t have to run back and forth to Waxahachie for paint… I AM going over there tomorrow for an eye doctors appt, so I am going to try and go early, and to Lowe’s to price fencing, and cedar to redo the railings on the front porch, and then put one in the back….. on that porch… so I hope to have some prices down etc… I NEED to call my hair dresser, my hair is a shaggy mess LOL, in the front, it has gotten so long, I can’t do a thing with it, so between trying to keep my glasses on (they are worn out) and my hair out of my eyes, I just about go nuts…. I made a crock pot (slow cooker) of “Mexican style pulled pork” last night, and it turned out awesome! I had already made pulled chicken with Mexican spices, then I also made some with Asian spices and am freezing them after a meal or two… that way I can “restock” some of my easy meals to heat and eat… I NEED to make my famous chili, I am I think down to one small freezer bag full…. so it’s time to do that also…I had done some pulled chicken several weeks back but barbecued and it also is awesome… gotta say I LOVE MY SLOW COOKER!!! My only wish is that damned thing was NOT so HEAVY! By the time I get everything in it to cook, I almost can’t lift it up and it is already heavy enough…..