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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Texas Weather & Talk About Effecting Our Joints and Bodies!!


I recall one Christmas fixing Dinner at my Home in Blooming Grove with the A/C on shorts!!! I was at least 72 that day!!! Insane TX Weather!!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Young Women from 24 to 32 or so that really NEED HELP TO GET THEIR LIVES ON TRACT... AND wanting a 2nd chance & the difficult time they have. Me, lupus, RA, Sinus infections infections and Life!

Lupus Flares, Pain Pump refill, Young Women & getting another chance to change their lives, LIFE, and Chronic Illnesses with PAIN!

Everyone, it has been MORE THAN AN INSANE WEEK OR MORE FOR ME! Between my own doctors visits, and a friend had a new baby and there were issues, but all is well now, I had to go over to the next town in our county to renew my driver's license, since it's been 12 YEARS LOL since I had gone in and took a new photo etc, I had to physically go in this time to renew it. That took forever; although I must say the system now is better than it used to be. Then I had another friend with problems, and was trying to find some help for her, along with my own other stuff, cutting tree limbs, and I've got to get to the market today, but I have not had time to clean my house like it needs, and then I have to take a shower, and it's so pretty outside, I need about "5 of me cloned" so I can do 20 things at once!!!! I have not felt that great yet either. In fact, I have not started my RA meds yet, since being ill with the sinus infection. For some reason, I was running a fever, low grade, but still a fever Monday. 

I went in for my pain pump to be refilled, and when they checked it, sure enough I had a low grade temp. I came home and checked it myself, and I was still running a bit of one. I didn't run any fever at all with the sinus infection. Plus, I have kind of "stopped" running a low grade temp with the Lupus. Used to I seemed to almost have a low grade one daily with the Lupus. It went back down and as far as I know has been back to normal the past couple of days. But, I was concerned so I still kept off the Actemra and the new Xeljanz, until I could see what the temp was all about. But, I've had a damned headache, and a bad one at times, for the entire week! IT could be "stress" or maybe I have a Lupus flare, that will give me a Lupus Migraine from hell at times. 

So, yesterday I "almost" went BACK for a 4th time since the 1st part of January and had them give me a prednisone injection for the headache. But, I toughed it out yesterday, and it is not so bad so far this morning. So, it could be anything causing it. With everything going on, as I said I could be more "stressed" out than I think and it's causing the headache. Usually I don't have one that bad. 

When they are bad enough I want to scream and cry, usually it's due to a Lupus flare, or I am sick with something. So, I am going to take the Actemra later this evening and then take my 1st Xeljanz tomorrow and see how things go. Please keep me and those couple of people in your prayers, with problems and the young woman with a new little baby girl. She needs lots of prayers, so she can get her life together, and get back on her feet. The very "odd" thing is, lately, I know of about 4 people, that have someone in their lives in the same situation. The nurse that comes to see me weekly from my insurance, is helping a young woman with kids, and her trying to get her "stuff" together, and the young woman I know. Then my daughter also knows a young woman going through about the same situation, and I have another friend that has a daughter who is really trying to get her life on tract, get a job, her own place to live, and put herself back on the right roads.0 

These young women ALL need our prayers. It seems that many of them at about 25 years old, either get involved with the "wrong crowd", have a child or children, either the Dad is not there or does not help out, and they are desperately trying to dig their way into a 2nd chance. But, that is hard to do... it's hard to get any assistance these days, it takes so much time, paperwork, and red tape. Then of course we have some that have "abused" it, so that makes the ones that really WOULD benefit and try to do right unable to get the help they need. So, something about that age group, some between about 24 to even 32 or so, really lots of young women out there with the same problems... and NO PARENTS, that either will help, or are even around to help.... it sucks, and i AM SO PROUD THAT BOTH OF MY ADULT KIDS ARE IN A PRETTY GOOD SPOT, AND HAVE THEIR HEAD ON THEIR SHOULDERS RIGHT!  For that I am BLESSED AND GRATEFUL FOR SURE!!!! Have a good weekend everyone!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tough Moments.... for me illness, I think Imay have had the West Nile Virus - and get some "grief" seems to be seeping in...

I realize I've not been here and I am so sorry I've not been keeping the blog fresh with new posts as of late. But,  spent a week (started last Sunday early morning) so ill, that I was not sure what was wrong with me. Yet, even though I thought several times of going to the Urgent Care, due to the tremendous amount of antibiotics and corticosteroids my body had endured over the past almost a year, I wanted to try and allow what bit of immune system I have left to try and fight it.... it is taking 6 or more days to begin to feel somewhat better, but from severe headache that lasted for almost 4 days, stiff neck, fever, severe pain in every muscle and joint, feeling like my joints were trying to "lock down at times", severe fatigue worse than I have endured in a long time, not have any strength to even go out to the store, or barely walk across my little home.... my head felt as if "sand" was in it, and when I moved it would sound as if it was "sifting" through my head, very swollen lymph glands in my neck, sore throat a bit, and pain in my rib cage in the back, all symptoms of many things.... but I read last night we have had a HIGH RATE of "positive West Nile Mosquito's" found just in the past couple of weeks...some seemingly close to my home, but they found them in 19 different areas of town, so one bite from anywhere around town by one could have kicked it off...

I cannot "be sure" that is what it was, BUT after reading that, then the symptoms, and knowing that my immune system is so "not there" I feel like that probably what was making me so ill this past 6 plus days... I am "better" today, but my energy is slim to none, and "mentally" I am "not wanting" to do anything... which is NOT like me...

So, I am not sure if some of the "grief" of losing my Mom in June is beginning to truly "hit" me... or if it is a mixture of several things, including being ill...

BUT, hang in here with me... I am HERE AND WILL SOON BE BACK POSTING INTERESTING articles, facts, and blogging away again....

Have a good weekend,  Rhia

Here are some articles and Symptoms of West Nile Virus:


Saturday, August 6, 2016

A bit of catching up, been once again "ill" with "something" a Flare possiblly, but fever, severe body hurting all over, severe headache and NO energy!!!!!

Dropping in quickly to say I am still here! Been sick for two and a half days at least with yet again, fever, severe body pain all over, severe headache, and neck hurting, and my lower NO was as if someone took a needle stuck it in e, and drained EVER BIT OF WHAT LITTLE BIT OF STAMINA I HAVE AND TOOK IT ALL AWAY! I could barely go from one room to the other at my needless to say, I am BEHIND on painting, and everything. this house needs to be cleaned, including dogs bathed, and so forth... and I am way behind on getting the painting done... and I had been on a roll... not sure if it is just the heat that ha s zapped me, even though I have tried not to be in it a lot, or possibly just a continuing LUPUS and RA flare...

PLUS my ankles are "better" but that right one continues to swell if I get up and stand, walk on it a great deal, like painting, standing on the short ladder, or cleaning house... and I am sure the heat does not help it either... I felt as if someone had taken a ball bat to me and beat the hell out of me... honestly...So, I am headed to go and paint... and hope I can continue to "feel well enough" to get somewhat caught up o that, then tomorrow spend the day bathing the dogs, cleaning and and showering me! Anyway, keep my in your thoughts, and keep my kids in your thoughts and prayers...I know they have a an awesome trip to the river, for a week, but will be driving home I think tomorrow with their huge travel trailer in I wish them safety in getting home... 

This damned Lupus, RA, Sjogrnen's and the like all added up can really put a kink in your life, and you never know when it will hit you like a ton of bricks...

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