Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Sunday and Happy Mom's Day to All

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Good very early morning!!!

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LOL, try 4 am. For me that is very extremely early. We leave at 7 am Central Time for Bossier City Louisiana. Just an overnight trip and we will be home sometimes on Monday kind of late afternoon or early evening. It is about a 3 hour drive, so we will get to the Casino around 10 - 10:30 am or so. We usually play a little on Monday also, and then try and get on the road by about 2. The drive always seems much longer going since you are go thrilled about getting there, but then coming home, you are just ready to get the drive over with and be safe and sound at home. :)

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we travel. We are supposedly going to have a clear window, with no thunderstorms, but you never know about this weather.

Plus, for all I did not tell about my daughter Amanda, we had a big scare yesterday. I think most everyone knows she is expecting her 2nd son, on June 1, via C-section. Well, she has been having issues with her gallbladder off and on for years. But, just has kind of put up with it, avoiding surgery mainly due to her two other kids, James her 3 year old and her step-daughter Heather who is 11.

But, she began having horrible problems with it early last week, and even went in to see her OB/GYN. They were going to do a sonogram on her gallbladder on this Monday (tomorrow). But, she was in such pain all night on Friday, she went to the hospital yesterday. She was having some contractions also, which they certainly do not want, so they kept her, gave her meds to stop the contractions, and the pain from the gallbladder and she was supposed to stay overnight, for observation.

Well, she cannot sit still... so the doctor felt if she felt okay, she could go home... and she did late yesterday evening.

She wanted to be home for Mother's day and not stuck in the hospital if possible.

So keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she tries to finish out the pregnancy with everything okay at least another 7 to 10 days to ensure the baby's lungs are completely developed. Hopefully, she will go until June 1, which is the ideal situation. She said the doctor told her they will probably go ahead and take the gallbladder out while she is in the hospital having her new son. If all is well, I hope they do. She has been putting up with boughts of this now for several years, but they never found stones, and felt the gallbladder was just "bad" and sometimes getting infected causing the nausea and severe pain.

OKay I close now.... with a Happy Sunday to all, and for all the Mom's adn Mom's to be a very Happy, Blessed, and Safe Mother's Day!

With all of my respect, honor, gratitude, and to let you know just how much you bless my heart with all of the wonderful posts, emails, cards, comments and so much more.

Pam p.s. Wish us a little luck at the Casino! :) We decided IF we won...(Not likely but you never know) we would put the money into getting a new kitchen floor, and a venta-hood for over the stove.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Do Away with Tax Havens for Large Corporations!

May 6, 2009

We all have heard the stories about banks, financial institutions, the auto industry, and their failings to the point of going under. It is all over the news and media. Should the government help bail these corporations out in order to help the nations financial situation? Well that question is certainly debatable by each of us.

What really burns me up, and I saw it first hand last night on "Rachel Maddow's" hour long daily news hour. I have to say I really like this woman. Rather than be "one sided", she tries to give the facts, she has others on both sides come in and give information, and even though she may add a tiny bit of her own "two cents" in, I feel she is one of the most non-biased reporters we have.

I always knew about American companies "hiding" money throughout certai places of the world. The Cayman Islands is just one that stays in the news. Also Luxemborg is another, along with several more. But, when I heard the facts that include THOSE THAT TOOK BAILOUT MONEY! I was totally ENRAGED!

When an average wage earner makes around 50,000.00 a year and pays 25% in taxes, as high as that is, those are the people that PAY THEIR TAXES!

But, you take companies like BANK OF AMERICA, MORGAN STANLEY, and many, many more that hide their money in these places such as the Cayman Islands... and guess what??? They DO NOT PAY ONE DIME IN TAXES! Even though most huge companies should pay around 35%, due to them hiding their earnings in off short accounts, they literally for the most part pay nothing! No wonder our nation is BROKE! In the Cayman Islands, there is one 5 story building, (note a small parking lot with NO cars there), and that building has 18,000!!! businesses claiming they have an office there! Yes, I said 18,000!

It is no wonder we are in the financial dilemna as far as our government goes. When you add up these companies that do not pay what they owe in taxes due to the "loopholes" that Bush and Cheney condoned... mmmm. wonder why... can you say Big Oil, Kickbacks and Lobbyists?? ... our government loses about 21 BILLION DOLLARS in tax money a year!!!

This should really enrage each and every hard working American! Then, the REPUBLICANS have the audacity to say that President Obama is trying to INCREASE the taxes businesses pay! That is a bunch of bull... no HE IS GETTING RID of the Loopholes that allow these huge companies to NOT PAY taxes, so they will finally contribute to their own country!

We should be mad as heck, to put it mildly, and back getting rid of these loopholes once and for all.

Here are some URL's with information:

Friday, May 1, 2009

Virginia Foxx IS NOT FIT to be a dog catcher!

This "woman" does not belong in Congress, nor any place in our government. F0r her to stand in front of Congress and Mathew's Mom and say what she said, and lie boldly about this horrid hate crime is despicable! She needs to resign now, or be made to step down. She is not fit to be a local dog catcher, much less a member of our governmental body. How can anyone be so incredibly cruel, when the Mother of this young man was sitting right there?

Hate crimes of any kind, against anyone should be completely banned from this country and the world. She needs to be made an example of, that we will NOT allow this kind of behavior in our nation, and especially within our government.

I watched this movie about what happened to Mathew Shepard. It broke my heart.

Commending President Obama - A++ for a job well done

I am elated to have President Obama in office! He has gone over and above to do all he has promised, even in spite of all of the horrid situations he faced from day one as President! He has my vote and total backing. I am fully hopeful he will be re-elected during our next elections!