Friday, May 1, 2009

Virginia Foxx IS NOT FIT to be a dog catcher!

This "woman" does not belong in Congress, nor any place in our government. F0r her to stand in front of Congress and Mathew's Mom and say what she said, and lie boldly about this horrid hate crime is despicable! She needs to resign now, or be made to step down. She is not fit to be a local dog catcher, much less a member of our governmental body. How can anyone be so incredibly cruel, when the Mother of this young man was sitting right there?

Hate crimes of any kind, against anyone should be completely banned from this country and the world. She needs to be made an example of, that we will NOT allow this kind of behavior in our nation, and especially within our government.

I watched this movie about what happened to Mathew Shepard. It broke my heart.

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