Monday, January 28, 2019

PPMS (Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis) versus MS

Has anyone heard of "PPMS"? (Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis)... I was looking into some issues about a right foot, that tends to "hang" at times walking, no matter what shoes or where I am walking, and it's not like "foot drop"... plus I've noticed I "feel" more "clumsy... which I've always been a bit "off" but I am over the past month or so, feeling like I have this "very slight stagger" not like a "drunk can't walk" thing, but just like I will be walking jut fine and suddenly find myself off balance, or like I am stumbling, but not like someone else may notice it... it has not gotten to the point I would assume, anyone else would see it, but I know it's there... I've always kidded myself about "walk much"?

LOL, because I sometimes feel as if I walk off step to one side for a step or two... but this is more of that, and it's different from anything else I've experienced. I thought at first "it's all in my head" or I've just been so stressed between doctor's the danged shower drain mess, the cold weather tends to make me "stiff" which causes you to kind of feel off balance at times, and that I just have too many "irons in the fire"... and I really wanted to get back to oil painting (I found out that the guy Bob Ross that taught a couple of decades ago on television, all of his series and episodes are on U-Tube, from the very first one.. and I recall Dad used to watch him... he was fascinated how anyone could do that, yet I found out I was quite good at oil painting and want now with these online video's I could do them right here at home... but I also know I need to be working on getting that back room worked on and other things around here, so between putting myself in a place of "what I "NEED" to do versus what I would LIKE TO DO... I just felt I've been in too big of a hurry lately, causing me to be a bit clumsy at times... Anyway, I found several UR's and information on PPMS but I had not heard of it until I found it today... so I thought I would ask any of you if you knew about it....

Sunday, January 27, 2019

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

COLD COLD and REALLY COLD! Joints, Arthritic Illnesses & such DO NOT like the COLD! Holter monitors, endoscopies & run, run, run...

HOW THE BODY "FIGHTS BACK" WITH Chronic Illnesses, against cold weather, too many errands and on the go too much, feeling lousy, sinus infection, too many "doctor's appts" and life with RA, Lupus, Sjogren's and all the others that follow....

Too much this week again and it's only Wednesday! TWO doctor's appts yesterday, labs, market, the post office (by the way stamps are going up I don't recall when she said but I think to 57 cents a piece).... then to the pharmacy... found out I have a darned sinus infection... so I went to get other meds HOPING that after several hours antibiotics would be ready and they were NOT... so now I have to go out into the COLDER WEATHER TODAY, and pick those up.....

then my cardiologist thinks that since I am having issues over the past couple of months of feeling"blah"... just not wanting to do things and having to "force" myself to cook and clean etc... and it's not like me to not be LOOKING for something to do, BUT this COLD weather, I cannot handle it, it just makes me want to hibernate like our friendly friends Mr. and Mrs. Bear....

so after I "finish" with catch up on two more doctors appts then we will do the 24 holter monitor... my heart rate was 48 BPM in the morning and only 50BPM when I saw her at 4:00 yesterday, so she is now concerned that the lower heart rate "could be" contributing to me feeling just "lousy".... anyway, I have to now reschedule the appt to see the general surgeon to do the endoscopy and talk to him about trying the new "Colo Guard test" and see what it says.

And then I see my Rheumy on Feb 6th, which I think I posted yesterday.... and I was in a hurry so of course I did not recall and get a couple of things on my list... so I have to get out today and get those antibiotics anyway... so I may try to run by the market and pick up the couple of things I forgot... later in the day when it it a "balmy 48 degrees",,, LOL and I STILL am trying to decide about the shower partial clog... actually both were better yesterday, so if I keep on with the dish soap, baking soda and vinegar.. I "MAY" get 'er done myself!"


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Markets' Responsbilities to their PAYING CUSTOMERS! They do NOT care anymore "what or how they sell products"

Asking for "Your Opinions".... If this had or "did happen" to you in your market, how would you feel about it?

I realize there are other subjects, like many of us that are "disabled" and although we go with a disability placard, we may not "look like" something is wrong, oh some days and others we may appear like we feel, and can barely walk. And people are peering at us, or if you have food stamps, and the checkers give us that "look like we are "trash"... or any number of things that as those with "invisible illnesses" may not "go out everyday" appearing as if we are on our "last legs".

As I had explained on a teleconference the other day, we still get those "looks".. like we are "faking" . Yet, below is just as bad, although it's not really about illness or disability, it does effect our "health" or could... if you buy a certain products that are "expired" or contain something "odd" that they should not... those very things can hospitalize or even cause someone to lose their life.

I talk often about the "stress" of life these days. NOTHING is "simple" anymore. Not one day for most people seems "easy" or "without some type of stress. I realize we are our own "worst enemy" when it comes to causing our lives to be entangled in a mess of bills, jobs, technology... so much that was made to make life and stress less, and jobs better, as we "work ourselves" right out of jobs, or the computer gives us "more trouble" than making something quicker.

We have taken away the "human contact" that used to be something we enjoyed. And the "automated" phone calls have just about gotten to where it's impossible to "talk to a "human" on the phone. After 45 minutes of the run a round, from one "voice", music", another voice, another hold, and then they either "hand up" or say "leave a message and they will return your call in 24 hours."

I had posted below on my Facebook page, but it reminded me of another conversation I just had over the weekend, and just how it effects those who are "chronically ill" and all of us.... so I wanted to add it in.

Well ALL of you are in agreement with my thoughts. IF I was a manager or owner of a market, and NO MATTER who the "vendor" was, if my employees saw a product "expired" on the shelves, they would be instructed to bring it to me, or the management, and let the manager handle it when the vendors came in and yes, I agree those vendors must have an "inventory" of stores, what products they leave, what dates those products expire, and it is of course their responsibility to pick those up and replace them. BUT, what irked me yesterday and my problem is this is AN ONGOING VERY FREQUENT ISSUE WITH THE STORE... it is NOT just "one product" it's their "vendors", it is "their own STORE BRAND" and she would not even "listen" to me.... when I was trying to explain, (I had bought two "Mrs. Baird's" pies one cherry and one peach on the 9th. The same day I bought some candles marked down that were marked to 3.88 and had been 7.99 "Frebreeze" brand... which I usually don't buy those, but they were a good price for that, so I bought two of them. I got home, and as soon as I took the little plastic top off of one, a piece of the glass was "chipped" and fell off into the candle. Well, some people may not use those glasses left, but I use the "candle containers" especially the large glass ones with lids for everything.

I have LOTS of them, and they are good for so many things that I put in them... so first of all that chip was where you could cut your finger, or it might "crack" when the candle was burning, plus although this one did not have a "lid" I knew I would find some use for it, so I took it back the very next day on the 10th... to exchange it, and I was going to buy a 3rd one because I did like the way the one I had burned smelled and it burns down "correctly" and it didn't burn up within a few hours... I took my receipt and the chipped one to customer service, and the one lady took it with the receipt and I went to get one to replace it and another one to buy. Well when I got back, another girl, who happened to be the girl that was sacking my stuff the day before with the candles because she even wrapped them in paper sacks so they would not get broken.... and the candle and my RECEIPT and the other woman had "disappeared".... well for the moment, the girl knew about the ordeal, since she was the one that sacked my stuff the day before, so she did an exchange (and by the way when I was back picking out those 2) I picked up about 7 or 8 OF THEM AND EVERY GLASS WAS CHIPPED OFF IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE!

And I even told her, that those were marked down BUT really with those chips in them they should mark them down more... anyway, I get home, and I had NOT opened those two Mrs. Baird's pies yet... so on the 10th in the evening, I did open the cherry one just to take a small bite... I was starving, I had not eaten since breakfast and just wanted a bite until dinner... well as soon as I pulled it out of the box, the "little bit of glazing" usually on them was "gone" as if it soaked into the pie and the crust was almost mushy... so I looked at the expiration date and it was dated JANUARY 7TH, 2019!!! I had bought it on JANUARY 9TH!!! So then I "look at the date on the peach one" and it was dated for a couple of weeks ahead BUT I open it up and took a small bite and it had 'NEON LIKE PINK STUFF" right inside the crust in places...!!!

I even looked to make sure I had not touched something and did it myself, but no I had just washed my hands and there was NOTHING like that to get on that pie! So, I boxed both of them up and took them back on the 11th!!!! Well the woman that waited on me has worked their since "grass" started to grow LOL... forever... and RATHER THAN LISTEN TO ME because I was going to mention the expired yogurt, the fruit with gnats all over it, fruit with mold on it, expired bread, and other things, cheese I had bought shredded that should have been good until Mid Feb. and got mold on it by the 3rd 2nd week in January, and just a number of things they either DO NOT STOCK ANYMORE, OR NEVER STOCK ENOUGH, or it's expired AND NOT JUST ONE BRAND, IT'S THE STORE BRANDS STUFF, ALONG WITH VENDORS STUFF ALSO... and she kept saying "do you want two pies" or what" I finally said NO, I WANT MY MONEY BACK! She did NOT want to even hear a word, blamed it ON STRICTLY THE VENDORS AND SAID IT WAS NOT THEIR JOB, and the people behind me I am sure heard it all, and she did not LIKE the fact, I was griping about their stuff. I took my 2.00 and left to pick up something I needed...

Well, I walk back to where there are some "Bimbo baked goods... and I picked up a couple of different ones because they had them marked 3 for 3.00 IF you BUY 3! Well, EVERY ONE WAS EITHER OUT OF DATE BY 2 OR 3 DAYS, OR WAS GOING OUT OF DATE THAT DAY OR THE NEXT!!!!! I sat right there and I am sure anyone close heard me say, YEAH AND I GUESS IT'S NOT THESE EMPLOYEES OR MANAGERS RESPONSIBILITY TO SELL OUT OF DATE MERCHANDISE THAT COULD MAKE SOMEONE SICK! I was so pissed... there fortunately was only 3 things I needed and it took me 15 minutes to FIND THE DAMNED DATES ON THEM! THAT IS ANOTHER GRIPE OF MINE... THE manufacturer's either put those expiration dates OVER THE OTHER WRITING, OR SO SMALL YOU CAN'T FIND IT, OR IN THE SAME COLOR OF A COLOR ON THE LABEL, anything to "HIDE the damned date stuff expires" because they do not WANT US TO FIND THOSE DATES!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Autoimmune Illnesses(& Other Diseases) & the Worry over whether you pass down the "genetic" makeup to your Children

After ME getting through the Christmas holidays and New Years starting without some type of "accident", being ill, or having a major disaster as has been the past sEVERAL holidays for me. washer and dryer going out last year, year before fell and broke my hip in two places two weeks before Christmas, before that my Pain Pump went out and I had to have surgery to get it replaced between the New Year and Christmas Holidays, and the LIST of what seem to be "mishaps" go on and on around the holidays.

So, once January 1st, 2019 rang by and the 2nd came, I took a "small breath of relief" thinking just "maybe" I made it through. Then the phone rings about 5PM on New Years Day. I saw it was my daughter. Which immediately concerned me because they had gone to their deer lease for the weekend. So, either they were calling to "brag" about a big buck one of the Grandsons got OR something was WRONG! they barely have cell service out there so I knew things were causing them to be closer to town.

It was my daughter, and her first words were, "Mom, don't get freaked out", and of course I thought OH MY, what has happened, My daughter had turned in their travel trailer that morning to hand over some plates of food to the kids, and somehow tripped and landed right on the top of her left arm and shoulder! She had already been to the ER (so I knew it was not good), and I ask her good gosh, you are not having surgery? She told me the shoulder was "shattered" into several pieces, they had sent her to the larger hospital in Corpus Christi, and it was overflowing due to a massive pileup of a wreck, and all of the nurses, surgeons, doctor's were tied up with extremely critical patients (of course my daughter's was also crucial), but they did a CT scan, and sure enough it was "shattered" into about 4 pieces, broke off" the "ball" of the shoulder, then it was in pieces basically. But, no Orthopedic surgeons were available, for one the major holidays, for two the car accidents and other things that arise during the holiday season, so they put a sling on it, told her NOT to move it if at all possible, and they would get hold of a surgeon the following day to see her. Well, I went ahead and looked for the BEST Orthopedic surgeon, who SPECIALIZED IN SHOULDERS, because after my ordeal with the shoulder replacement, and finding out there is a "shortage" of shoulder specialists, I wanted to make sure she got into the right type of physician.

Sure enough I found one that even did "reverse shoulder replacements" like the one I had, that I thought I would NEVER FIND A SURGEON who could do one... so I knew from his ratings, his schooling, he was a bit younger, so he knew the latest types of things, and she went to him. BUT, she could not even get in to see anyone till that Friday!

She and my son in law really liked him, other than his price for a visit. Because since it was "shattered' BUT NONE OF THE PIECES had "moved out of place" they were just as they should be just broken away from one another, he decided it would be better possibly to "wait" for a couple of weeks, and see if it would begin to heal on it's on. My daughter is 35 years old, so if she could avoid surgery, she may not have as many issues with another surgery to take out plates and screws, and then scarring down the line, and I am sure as time goes on she may have issues with pain, range of motion, arthritis etc, BUT hopefully later when she is older.

At first I was upset that he did not do surgery. Then when I thought about it, I felt it made sense, Plus this meant he is not some "cutting" surgeon, who wants to do surgery first thing rather than trying something else to "avoid" surgery.


My st thought IS THAT OSTEOPOROSIS, RUNS ON MY SIDE OF THE FAMILY, ON MY MOM'S SIDE. I have had it for a LONG TIME, WAY BEFORE THEY CHECKED FOR IT, FOR YEARS, Which may have led to all of my joint problems, etc. so early in life,  I HOPE he thought the same thing also or SHE TOLD HIM, like I asked her to do. My FEAR IS THAT ARE MY SON AND DAUGHTER GOING TO POSSIBLY "SUFFER" FROM SOME OF MY OWN HARD ILLNESSES DUE TO GENETICS?????

I went for years and years like many, with "arthritis" at the age of 30 or younger, no one bothered to "check" or see what could be going on... they just did surgeries, and "fixed" what tore all to heck, and just said I had "bad joints"..... Never found the Lupus, RA, Sjogren's, Osteoarthritis, and so on... that I may have "hereditarily" received from possibly BOTH sides of the family.

Of course back in my 20's, 30's and even 40's doctors tended to think "women" were "cry babies" and we just "made things up" and could not handle a little pain (WHAT ABOUT HAVING 2 CHILDREN NATURALLY WITH NO PAIN MEDS)... AND THAT IT WAS "all in our heads" etc. Lupus was "barely" heard of, or RA, etc. I am sure the information was out there, BUT they had no "specific" way to check for it... which still today, it's not really all that easy to "find from blood tests" etc.

So, now I am so concerned my daughter may have "osteoporosis" or the start of it. I asked her to please mention it to the doctor when she was there. From what I have seen and researched, since she is that young and she did not take a very severe fall or MVA, etc... this is an unusual type of fracture, it's in "4 pieces" the proximal humeral fracture" with the 4 part type...