Tuesday, November 30, 2021

#GivingTuesday- This is one day (or you can have many more) to give back to whatever or Whomever you feel needs your help...

After all the Food has been eaten, and all of the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping is done - Time to think about to Whom or to What community, charity, or even Neighborhood you want to give back to!

Thursday, November 25, 2021

May Your ThanksGiving Weekend be Safe, full of Joy, Wellness, Friends & family - if you drive be extra cautious, if you fly take extra time at the airports


May Peace, the Warmth of Family and Friends, Faith, Hope, Joy & Much Happiness fill your Holidays & your Hearts! With Warmest Thanksgiving Treasured Reasons...May you be safe and well... If you journey out for the holidays may the roads be safe, may everyone stay well & May Joyous laughter fill the air all around... Prayers and thoughts are with you...

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Why is it no one can get plumbers, carpenters, electricians etc to come to do things at their homes anymore?

 It just seems impossible we can't find plumbers, carpenters, electricians etc. I would even go ahead & have the walk in shower put in, have someone finish the lights in my bathroom and the fan..they are already in the ceiling & wire ran up, they just need to be hooked into the main electrical wiring. I would have flooring put in and as I said, if someone would like to take this huge sauna/tub/tub/shower/jacuzzi I would be willing to possibly let them take it. ALL of these things are not huge they just need to be completed. If I could still climb around in the attic & do some of this stuff I would do it myself.There is nothing wrong with it, BUT after all of my surgeries, joint replacement etc I no longer can climb over into it without fear of falling. I paid LOTS of money to get it shipped here, and then we pu it together ourselves. It is NOT make into the wall, but stands on i's own, s it is not hard to take apart. It really just needs to be cleaned where I have had the caulking around it & then new one put on as it is put back together again. I have heard of these places that can do these walk in showers and wkl take the tub out etc... but I fear trusting them. Has anyone trie to have anything like this done as fr as remodeling etc by Lowe's or Home Depot? It is really ashamed, because I have MOST of the things like the lights, mirror, a new light fixture for th outside of the house that comes off and on, and have all kinds of cordless tools, from drills, to a BRAND NEW CORDLESS LAWNMOWER HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO USE YET, that brand new troy-bilt tiller with all of the oil etc and different parts, a almost brand new cordless chain saw plus all the other tools I needed over the years.. but as it came along I had to be more cautious about climbing, putting tree limbs down, and so forth, it is a nightmare for me to see all of this sit here & me not use it. My laundry room is terrible. It needs new walls inside and out, and a new floor laid in. Like I said i have the things and the "knowledge" but not the physical part to get me through these projects.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

PAIN NEWS NETWORK - DEA Planning More Cuts in Supply of Rx Opioids


Pain news network article on tea proposals to cut back again on opioid pain medications! It’s a nightmare!

WE have got to stand up against this! I already am "suffering" at the hands of this terrible proposal, along with even some cancer patients, any chronically ill patients with chronic pain to boot. Even my own pain specialist who has been a medical doctor for most of his life. He was in the Navy & went on to "retire" and goo into pain management. I have myself been seeing him for over 12 years. He has always been straight forward. He "sees" through to real "severe ad chronically ill pain patients". I never had an issue, we communicated very well. He is extremely intelligent, and keeps up with how the government effects "negatively and sometimes positively" on pain patients. Especially those who are on Medicare, on Disability, and tried to make sure patients were treated with the correct meds, doses, and NOT given "over" or "under" the amounts of medication they need. He also does "internal pain pumps" which he did mine. He does the spinal injections, and if you need a neurologist, orthopedic specialist. he referred me to the Orthopedic surgeon" who has done my reverse total replacement on my r. shoulder (now I face having it redone due to it "wearing out" Which I knew there was a chance now it has been about 11 years  since the shoulder was replaced, that I would need a "new one". Fortunately, the ones now are much lighter in weight, last a great deal longer (I probably will not have to have another new one put in now after the new one is in). Had it not been for m pain doctor knowing whom to send me to, I would have had a very difficult time finding a surgeon to do that surgery back then. Even in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area had MANY Orthopedic Surgeons BUT NONE trained to do a "Reverse complete Shoulder Replacement". I searched, called my insurance, did everything and one day I was telling my pain doctor I needed a very specialized type of Orthopedic surgeon who KNOWS and has been not only trained but already done surgeries of this type. He suggested mine I have now, and not only can he do just about ANY type of joint, muscle and so forth treatment and/or surgery, he is superior on "spinal surgeries" I would NEVER ALLOW ANY OTHER PHYSICIAN TO DO SURGERY ON MY BACK, NECK SPINE ETC. He is a genius although HE HAS NO BEDSIDE MANNER! LOL!!! But when a surgeon is going to operate on any part of you... especially your spine, bedside manner although very important that surgeon knowing exactly how to fix the problem(s). Yet, over the past 2 years I have witnessed my pain doctor, being almost "fearful". He is extremely concerned. In fact, (and he is quite a bit older than he looks for sure)... he has cut back his days to only a couple in the office.. as if he is partially retired, which sucks! Yet, all of this mess with "illegally gotten opioid medications" (either gained by people who deal them, they steal them, they order them from some fake pharmacy, they go to the few "bad eggs for pain doctors", when you really listen, read and see HOW these meds get into the hands of the wrong people fr the most part it is NOT OUR PAIN SPECIALISTS WHO TRULY "DO NO HARM" & THEY ARE NOT PILL FACTORIES" but are REAL physicians with no record of being in the eye of doing something wrong. So, although yes, this is a HUGE, ISSUE, MANY YOUNGER KIDS GET HLD OF THIS ILLEGAL STUFF Or they get them from parents whom may have some left over after a surgery etc. (I KEEP MINE LOCKED UP) although I am the ONLY person in this hose, I have NO people but me here I have always locked up most of my meds. There are those pushers that prey on the kids, and it is not just prescription meds, but cocaine, heroin, and the illegal items as well. SO WE NEED TO STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS AS CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS IN ORDER TO KEEP FROM HAVING ALL OF OUR MEDS AND/OR DOCTORS SUDDENLY TAKEN AWAY WITHOUT WARNING!!!!