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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Nightmare At Pain Doctor's Office!

 For those who go to "Pain" Clinics" or Pain Doctors, the government REALLY SCREWED "real chronic pain patients". I went into Wednesday a week ago, so I could get more oral meds tillI a well enough from the infections to have the pain pump surgery to replace it. Well, my doctor was NOT there. He was out of the office for 2 WEEKS is what the nurse told me. So, this "woman" who I did not know; I had never seen in the office at all (and this is after the nurse even acted strange). She quickly said her name which I didn't even get and never told me exactly "what she was". Now this woman i holding my file, with all the info. plus what update I had just told the nurse.She would not allow me to speak, she spoke "over me", and asked why I needed the oral pain meds. I explained Dr. C. knows all about & she said well, yeah I see here som situation going on and I want to now why you take "diazepam"? I looked at hr & said I've been on it for at least 25 years due to trauma in my life, more recent trauma, a husband who left me & then killed himself FEW MONTHS LATER BUT it has always been to also help with the severity of my chronicI said I was l told to come into the office to get my new script for pain meds, for a quick update. Not to be interrogated about meds the doctor already knows I take. pain. Then she asks if I had ever had a "sleep study"???? So, she walked out for a moment came in, mumbled FEW WORDS, AND told ME THE SCRIPT HAD BEEN SENT THROUGH FOR 1 MONTHS WORTH. So I l was by this woman who barely told me who she wast teated me like some street drug addict, SO I WAS PEEVED FOR SURE! I went by my pharmacy about an hour later THEY HD NO SCRIPT, so they said sometimes it takes a few hour (BULL MY DR HERE CAN SEND ONE OVER , I CAN WALK OUT OF THE OFFICE GO TO THE PHARMACY AND THEY HAVE IT & SOMETIMES ALREADY FILLED! So I call & get some idiot who could barely English & he calls some where over to the nurse clinic & the give him som bull that DR..C. has t okay it which he already had it was in the womans' hand when I was there! So, I hung up and called about noon the next day (I went n Wednesday) & I get told the doctor has to send it himself & he will from "wherever he is at".??? NO script, same thing Friday, Monday the same, then TUESDAY AFTER BEING OUT OF MEDS INCE THE THURSDAY BEFORE..I get a call from the nurse at the clinic my med were sent in. I figured it out that ignorant(found out later she was an NP, she called this "Lucid Lane" Place & they called m e to set up an appt over the internet to go over my meds so nothing is wrong!!!!????? Then when the witch (NP) found out I made an appt she had the medication sent in by another doctor the helps mine when he is gone !!! This was none of her business, BUT I KNOW WY THE GOVERNMENT JUST PUT NEW LWS OUT AND MADE IT EVEN WORSE THAN IT WAS ON REAL PAIN PATIENTS AND REA; GOOD PAIN DOCTORS, SO THEY HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH HOOPS TO EVEN GET THEIR MEDS!!! So I went ahead with this "interview assessment to shit her up. The woman that did this was awesome. About 5 minutes after talking with me she said you really i not need to be put through this BUT due to "new" rules & I said let me guess the government mess that just happened the 1st of January! Her name is Michelle & she could not "say" it n those words BUT she basically said what I did Doctors who help give chronic pain meds are COVERING THIER "BUTTS" Due to government crap. She said just in case the "authorities" probably DEA comes in & checks files that info is in yours is all is well. RIGHT Now IF I WERE WELL, I WOULD BUY A TICKET TO D.C. & GO TO CONGRESS & GIVE EVERYONE I COULD FIND A PIECE OF MY MIND!!! WE HAVE GOT TO GET TOGETHER & FIGHT THIS!!! IF WE DON'T DO SOMETHING, WE ARE GOING TO SEE IT GET WORSE, THEN WHAT???

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

PAIN NEWS NETWORK - DEA Planning More Cuts in Supply of Rx Opioids


Pain news network article on tea proposals to cut back again on opioid pain medications! It’s a nightmare!

WE have got to stand up against this! I already am "suffering" at the hands of this terrible proposal, along with even some cancer patients, any chronically ill patients with chronic pain to boot. Even my own pain specialist who has been a medical doctor for most of his life. He was in the Navy & went on to "retire" and goo into pain management. I have myself been seeing him for over 12 years. He has always been straight forward. He "sees" through to real "severe ad chronically ill pain patients". I never had an issue, we communicated very well. He is extremely intelligent, and keeps up with how the government effects "negatively and sometimes positively" on pain patients. Especially those who are on Medicare, on Disability, and tried to make sure patients were treated with the correct meds, doses, and NOT given "over" or "under" the amounts of medication they need. He also does "internal pain pumps" which he did mine. He does the spinal injections, and if you need a neurologist, orthopedic specialist. he referred me to the Orthopedic surgeon" who has done my reverse total replacement on my r. shoulder (now I face having it redone due to it "wearing out" Which I knew there was a chance now it has been about 11 years  since the shoulder was replaced, that I would need a "new one". Fortunately, the ones now are much lighter in weight, last a great deal longer (I probably will not have to have another new one put in now after the new one is in). Had it not been for m pain doctor knowing whom to send me to, I would have had a very difficult time finding a surgeon to do that surgery back then. Even in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area had MANY Orthopedic Surgeons BUT NONE trained to do a "Reverse complete Shoulder Replacement". I searched, called my insurance, did everything and one day I was telling my pain doctor I needed a very specialized type of Orthopedic surgeon who KNOWS and has been not only trained but already done surgeries of this type. He suggested mine I have now, and not only can he do just about ANY type of joint, muscle and so forth treatment and/or surgery, he is superior on "spinal surgeries" I would NEVER ALLOW ANY OTHER PHYSICIAN TO DO SURGERY ON MY BACK, NECK SPINE ETC. He is a genius although HE HAS NO BEDSIDE MANNER! LOL!!! But when a surgeon is going to operate on any part of you... especially your spine, bedside manner although very important that surgeon knowing exactly how to fix the problem(s). Yet, over the past 2 years I have witnessed my pain doctor, being almost "fearful". He is extremely concerned. In fact, (and he is quite a bit older than he looks for sure)... he has cut back his days to only a couple in the office.. as if he is partially retired, which sucks! Yet, all of this mess with "illegally gotten opioid medications" (either gained by people who deal them, they steal them, they order them from some fake pharmacy, they go to the few "bad eggs for pain doctors", when you really listen, read and see HOW these meds get into the hands of the wrong people fr the most part it is NOT OUR PAIN SPECIALISTS WHO TRULY "DO NO HARM" & THEY ARE NOT PILL FACTORIES" but are REAL physicians with no record of being in the eye of doing something wrong. So, although yes, this is a HUGE, ISSUE, MANY YOUNGER KIDS GET HLD OF THIS ILLEGAL STUFF Or they get them from parents whom may have some left over after a surgery etc. (I KEEP MINE LOCKED UP) although I am the ONLY person in this hose, I have NO people but me here I have always locked up most of my meds. There are those pushers that prey on the kids, and it is not just prescription meds, but cocaine, heroin, and the illegal items as well. SO WE NEED TO STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS AS CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS IN ORDER TO KEEP FROM HAVING ALL OF OUR MEDS AND/OR DOCTORS SUDDENLY TAKEN AWAY WITHOUT WARNING!!!!

Friday, July 16, 2021

How Chronic Pain Can Lead to Autoimmunity Problems — Pain News Network

How Chronic Pain Can Lead to Autoimmunity Problems — Pain News Network: By Forest Tennant, PNN Columnist Every chronic pain patient must know and understand autoimmunity and how to combat it. Research on chronic pain has unequivocally determined that the chronic inflammation and tissue destruction caused by a painful disease or injury will produce autoimmunity. ...

and my notes about this also  ...  Goes to prove just how SERIOUS Chronic Pain that is not treated properly due to those pharmacists or physicians due to nw not wanting t prescribe the right medications and/or in the correct amounts for chronic pain patients. I feel even my own pain physician, a superior specialist in this field that I have been seeing now for well over 13 years, he put in my pain pump & has treated me all these years without any issues. Suddenly, over the past year he began to shy away from one of my meds after he was giving it to me monthly for all that time, I now have to continually "remind" them to get the prescription to me, & this last time, the "woman" who I did not know, (I called the regular lady I've talked to for all these years at her personal ext. and get a phone call back from someone I did not know who talked to me likeI was someone who was trying to "abuse" meds... it is infuriating for her to even know some of my medical issues that were none of her business. She began to speak to me as if she was my doctor! I am still furious. Those are the things more and more chronic pain patients are having to put up with even with a doctor who has treated them for years and/or the same pharmacist! It needs to be put to a halt & the "real" issues of "fake medications" are being made in Mexico and shipped over here under the names of real prescriptions here causing severe issues. there are people that have are in s much pain that suddenly get treated like this, lose their doctors, or the doctors quit treating them as always & they get so depressed they have been known to commit suicide, although that is hard to say it's true. - Here is an article by the "Pain News Network" that tells some of our story. I have lived with "chronic pain" since I was 17 years old when I suddenly even before my 1st child was born in 19799 having severe migraines. I have fought tooth and nail through every type of doctor, through every type of tests some of them multiple times, been treated like I was an "addict" & at now over 55 years old, still continue to have t at time "fight" for my own right to proper treatment.

Monday, February 19, 2018



They started NOW on the "Non-Profit" Pain Organizations taking "kickbacks" as "donations" from some of the big "Pharma" companies that make the heavy narcotic pain meds... BUT RATHER THAN TELL IT LIKE IT IS, THEY "PIECED" TOGETHER what "they" wanted to make it mean, I was so mad I wanted to jerk Lester Holt through the TV and slap him LOL....

it is stupid, it would be NO different than a Pharmaceutical company that makes "cancer" meds, or "diabetes" meds giving money to non-profits... to help "educate" patients, to give information out to assist patients about medications etc that DOES NOT MEAN A NON-PROFIT IS "GIVING PRAISE" ETC to "any one" drug company, it means that they could be "working" together for a common goal, to help legitimate patients get the treatment they need, and keep it out of the hands of those who use it illegally, sell it and so forth...

then to top it off, they said there is "one doctor" who gave out "1,000" pain pills in a day!!! WELL, THINK ABOUT IT, IF A PAIN SPECIALIST SEES 25 PATIENTS A DAY OR WHATEVER, some having procedures, some having surgeries, many on different meds, and they see 10 PATIENTS IN A DAY, THAT NEED REFILLS FOR 30 DAYS OF MEDICATION... if a patient take 1 PILL every 6 HOURS a day, that is 4 pills a day times 30 DAYS IN A MONTH, THAT IS 120 PILLS ... WELL IF 10 PATIENTS NEED REFILLS THAT IS 1200 PILLS BUT IT IS FOR 10 PATIENTS FOR 30 DAY SUPPLIES!!!!!! NOT 1200 PILLS ALL AT ONCE FOR ONE PATIENT!!!! OMG! I was SO PISSED, IT IS RIDICULOUS THAT THE NEWS PIECES TOGETHER WHAT GIVES THEM RATINGS! and harms others!!!!!

No matter what the subject is now days, the news takes it tosses it like a salad and then comes up with how they want it to sound for their own gain!!!! THAT IS why I don't believe much of anything they say now days, and in fact rarely really "listen" or watch the news channels!!! They are the ones that bring forth some of the issues in society we have today. Their very "way" of twisting "their truths" to suit their own status and ratings.... People should be standing up and hey we will not put up with, listen to, nor watch the garbage you guys spew out anymore!!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2016


HAVE ANY of YOU that are in CHRONIC PAIN or are interested in CHRONIC PAIN ISSUES due to being a caretaker, or having a loved one that deals with CHRONIC PAIN SEEN THIS????!!! Talk about ONE GARBLED BUNCH OF bureaucratic RED TAPE GIBBERISH, THAT BY THE WAY THE CDC IF YOU DO NOT ALREADY KNOW IS getting CONGRESS in on all of this, and CONGRESS could PASS LAWS OR BILLS that MAY INHIBIT OUR PHYSICIANS and how they treat PATIENTS!!!! The GOVERNMENT SHOULD HAVE NO SAY in how our physicians treat patients with ANYTHING!!!

I was just blown away by this... I have read all of the other things going on but when I FOUND THIS, it made me so upset and so mad, I am definitely going to write to my Congressmen and Women and let them know exactly how I feel about this. I am watching MY OWN Pain Doctor who has been seeing me for almost 9 T+YEARS and has NEVER hesitated to do what was necessary to keep my chronic pain level as low as we could so I could function in a daily world, take care of my home, my MOM, and have some "quality of life". Yet NOW I have noticed SUDDENLY he seems HESITANT or like he is upping my "pain pump" meds very slowly after me having the pump since 2010!!! He replaced it on Dec 29th, 2015 after it had a motor stall, and he has yet to get my medication level back up to where it was.

NOW, I WILL SAY my pain seems to be a "bit better" since I have been on the Minocycline for the RA/Lupus. It has been about 3 or 4 months and since we are doing the pump meds slower in upping the doses, I have noticed it could be I may not need to have the pump set as high as it had been which is awesome! BUT, I also am concerned deeply about his "manner" about it all now. Suddenly, since this CDC mess started even he seems like he is being even more overly cautious about the medications and how much I need.

Now, he is very willing to up it more even next week, if I am still not at a comfortable enough level, so I can say he is not giving me any issues such as that, but it is just what he says, or more "what he is NOT saying" that really has me concerned. So, I wanted to post this, and I will put it up on my blog, and my other Facebook pages, and I am going to try and have this as an article on my newspaper (which by the way, will be "linked in" with my blog soon)... but I just almost fell out of my chair when I began to try and wade through this ridiculous mess, and see what the CDC is doing... and they are "lumping" people together... for instance, if someone had been on a prescription pain medication THEN went to something such as heroin, rather than say that MANY of them get those "prescriptions medications" off the streets NOT FROM DOCTORS!

So, it makes it sound like MANY more get scripts and then go to heroin from their physicians and that is just wrong! If they got down to the line of whom gets "illegal prescriptions off the streets" then decides to go to heroin, due to it being cheaper etc... those people should NOT be COUNTED into those who go to illegal drugs after taking prescriptions from doctors. So, their "numbers" are "skewed" as to those types of facts. So, just coming up and saying "so many thousands" go to illegal drugs after opioids that are "legal" is not correct.

And are they taking into consideration the number of those who are in "chronic severe unrelenting pain" who cannot get help from doctors, that decide to commit suicide? I have had over the years several people ask me directly, How do you live and try and have a life with that much chronic daily pain? Then They add" I believe" I may just jump off a bridge, or kill myself before I could live my life like that!?" ALL of us NEED to write our Congressional Leaders, get our physicians involved, get our family members, friends, those who have chronic pain, and know they would not have a life or a quality of life without the proper medications.

I DO NOT believe in "quacks" that just hand out medications of any type just to get people into their offices for money! Those that do that to rip off Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance Companies and "their patients" should be removed from being a physician. I also do not believe that some "so-called" pain management clinics are "truly" what they say they are. When I walk in to a physicians office, that is "supposed" to be a Pain Clinic, and everywhere you see a sign stating "We do not prescribe pain medications" to me that is a red flag warning that something is wrong!

Then DO NOT call your "clinic" a "pain management clinic" if you are not offering ALL TYPES of pain management, whether it be, alternative things, therapy, acupuncture, and other types of pain management items, injections and so forth... but that should be NOT considered "pain management".

There definitely needs to be a "different name" for those who ONLY OFFER "alternative" ways of pain control. It is misleading to patients, and unfair to us that think we are going to someone who can help us with pain, whether medications of any kind are involved or not, if the first thing you see is that you do NOT prescribe pain medications. It could be that "opioids" may not be needed, and there are certainly other types of medications, such as muscle relaxers, meds for certain types of nerve pain, NSAIDS for those who can take them, Migraine medications etc... so the "host" of pain control medications are NOT ALL "narcotics"..... This is a HUGE PROBLEM that needs to be resolved. And I know there are people who "abuse" the system. They are NOT legitimate patients and they get medications for other reasons other than for real chronic pain. BUT, the THOUSANDS OF US who are TRUE PAIN PATIENTS should NOT BE PUNISHED due to those who "choose to abuse"...

Rhia - PLEASE Do your own research and take time to write, call, email your Congressional people, the CDC, and spread the word through your own Social Media Networks!

Here is the link to this bunch of garbled mess from the CDC!

These photo's of my legs, and the abscesses are just more of a small "portion" of suffering from the pain, and all of the other complications from Lupus, RA, Sjogren's and so forth... We "NEVER FOUND OUT" exactly why all of these appeared on me... but it took over 2 YEARS for it to all clear up.... They just told me after I went through every test and specialist that it was the Lupus... and then the cellulitis below that turned into abscesses on both of the tops of my thighs tool=k over 6 MONTHS to finally "heal" and now I have two huge terrible looking scars from them... and talk about pain... I had to go for 8 weeks once a week to a "Wound Care Specialist" in Dallas, that debrided those every week, in other words "cut out all of the dead materials and put special material in them that was a "collagen" to help "fill in" and heal those very deep wounds... at first they were about 3 inches deep and at least 2 to 3 inches wide...

Below are the wounds from the cellulitis that both turned into abscesses.... and in between me seeing them, I had to clean these myself, pull the packing out and redress them daily... I was on 2 different antibiotics for 6 months at least... and the still look horrible... I love spring and summer, but I dread having to have people "see" what they look like now.... 

Friday, March 11, 2016


Jim in Washington State is having a very, very DIFFICULT TIME finding a "good and non-quack Pain Specialist.... He is at his wits end, and just cannot find one who will even prescribe his Baclofen, and meds such as that!...much less any of the narcotic meds he needs now after the accident!!!! 

IF ANYONE has ANY IDEAS, suggestions, doctors, someone they may know in the Seattle Area, PLEASE SEND HIM A MESSAGE AND LET HIM KNOW !!!!!! I Know he is about at the end of his rope like many of us, and Seattle USED to be the "better" place for this type of thing not worse... maybe even across the pass over in the towns across and to the East, or down towards Portland... 

he is living in a very small country town out kind of South East a ways from Seattle... so even if it were out in that direction it would be okay, and in fact better!!!!! I told him I would try and think of something myself, or someone else he could see etc... but things are nuts in the realms of pain doctors, as so many of us know!!!! But, please send him a message if you do know of any type of information that may help him....

hugs, Rhia his FB page is James Sheffer so just send him a private message and let him know if you can think of anything....

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pain News Network Articles and Information

NO "Epidemic" of Overdoses.... see the article below... great example and reasoning...

here is another article from The Pain News Network talking about "urine tests"... and I agree they add 100's of dollars to a patients bill, and many of the times patients take them, due to metabolism, or NOT DOING the correct TEST (which I know for a fact had happened to a friend of mine) those "pee" tests can be NOT right! I usually wonder why the hell they bother giving me one... my pain pump gives me medications all the time, I take pain pills along with the medication in the pump, plus muscle relaxers, diazepam.... and so forth. I certainly do not NEED anything else, and would not dare even drink since now the pump is in (new new one and running) and I am almost back up to my dose before it had a motor stall. So, I know they check to make sure you are "taking" the medications... and of course if you have other substances that should NOT be in your system... the "reasons" somewhat make sense... BUT as I said, there are some of these medications that WILL NOT SHOW properly if they don't do a "special" test at the lab they are sent to. I can relate to the story in another article about the young woman who "fears" her appts at her pain doctor's. It used to be that way for me... and still is at times... we have such a horrible time getting the medication that goes into my pump.. and it is NOT expensive... that is the weird thing... it is actually much less expensive that most oral medications. But, you always go in with the fear that you won't get your medications, or something has changed (like now my pain doctor has a new rule you must have your medications in a "lock box" or safe" ) Which is a very good idea, if you have anyone else in your home... or have company over etc. But, I am not sure where a man standing in the waiting room got this idea, but he was asking about the lock box, and he was under the impression he needed to have his wife take a photo of her and the lock box and bring to the doctors office for her chart... I did NOT read it like that... but did understand the doctors are trying to get the CDC off their backs, so they TELL patients that, so patients are more aware of "protecting" their medications. NOT leaving them out for anyone else to get hold of... and keeping them in a safe place, especially as I said, if you have others in your home or people that visit, it is a good idea to lock your meds up. One time years back, I had a medication that was a nasal spray for migraines. I had picked up a brand new bottle from the pharmacy, but it was one of those HOT TX SUMMER days... and I guess I did it at lunch time and left it in my car by accident when I went back to work... Well the entire bottle, "siphoned" it's way out of the container, and into the other bottle it was in... plus it was such a tiny amount of liquid it has almost already vaporized by that evening when I got home... I had mortal HELL getting a replacement. I mean it was evident, when I took the bottle in and showed my doctor, then the pharmacist what had happened... but believe me, after that, I was much more careful about where I left my medications. I am so diligent about where my scripts go, that I take them to the pharmacy immediately, and if I don't need them that day, have them on hold for when I do... that way, I don't misplace it and have hell... no matter whether a pain medication or whatever type of medication it is... I try to turn those scripts in immediately. Plus my pain medications are from a specialty pharmacy... so I don't do anything but request my meds when they are due from my doctor, and they take care of the rest. There are times though that they "delay" getting the script to the pharmacy, and I am on pins and needles, if I happen to be running low of meds... so I totally relate to sometimes being "fearful" of seeing your pain specialist...

Above is a link to another article "Why I am Afraid of going to my Pain Doctor Appts"

Wednesday, January 6, 2016





This is from the National Pain Report and is in my latest addition of my newspaper that comes out daily, "All Things Autoimmune".... PLEASE PARTICIPATE or Let others know if you can.... this is such a crucial issue right now... we need every opportunity to get our "words" in about the seriousness of "true pain patients" and how it can destroy their qualify of lives without the proper medications!!!!!