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HAVE ANY of YOU that are in CHRONIC PAIN or are interested in CHRONIC PAIN ISSUES due to being a caretaker, or having a loved one that deals with CHRONIC PAIN SEEN THIS????!!! Talk about ONE GARBLED BUNCH OF bureaucratic RED TAPE GIBBERISH, THAT BY THE WAY THE CDC IF YOU DO NOT ALREADY KNOW IS getting CONGRESS in on all of this, and CONGRESS could PASS LAWS OR BILLS that MAY INHIBIT OUR PHYSICIANS and how they treat PATIENTS!!!! The GOVERNMENT SHOULD HAVE NO SAY in how our physicians treat patients with ANYTHING!!!

I was just blown away by this... I have read all of the other things going on but when I FOUND THIS, it made me so upset and so mad, I am definitely going to write to my Congressmen and Women and let them know exactly how I feel about this. I am watching MY OWN Pain Doctor who has been seeing me for almost 9 T+YEARS and has NEVER hesitated to do what was necessary to keep my chronic pain level as low as we could so I could function in a daily world, take care of my home, my MOM, and have some "quality of life". Yet NOW I have noticed SUDDENLY he seems HESITANT or like he is upping my "pain pump" meds very slowly after me having the pump since 2010!!! He replaced it on Dec 29th, 2015 after it had a motor stall, and he has yet to get my medication level back up to where it was.

NOW, I WILL SAY my pain seems to be a "bit better" since I have been on the Minocycline for the RA/Lupus. It has been about 3 or 4 months and since we are doing the pump meds slower in upping the doses, I have noticed it could be I may not need to have the pump set as high as it had been which is awesome! BUT, I also am concerned deeply about his "manner" about it all now. Suddenly, since this CDC mess started even he seems like he is being even more overly cautious about the medications and how much I need.

Now, he is very willing to up it more even next week, if I am still not at a comfortable enough level, so I can say he is not giving me any issues such as that, but it is just what he says, or more "what he is NOT saying" that really has me concerned. So, I wanted to post this, and I will put it up on my blog, and my other Facebook pages, and I am going to try and have this as an article on my newspaper (which by the way, will be "linked in" with my blog soon)... but I just almost fell out of my chair when I began to try and wade through this ridiculous mess, and see what the CDC is doing... and they are "lumping" people together... for instance, if someone had been on a prescription pain medication THEN went to something such as heroin, rather than say that MANY of them get those "prescriptions medications" off the streets NOT FROM DOCTORS!

So, it makes it sound like MANY more get scripts and then go to heroin from their physicians and that is just wrong! If they got down to the line of whom gets "illegal prescriptions off the streets" then decides to go to heroin, due to it being cheaper etc... those people should NOT be COUNTED into those who go to illegal drugs after taking prescriptions from doctors. So, their "numbers" are "skewed" as to those types of facts. So, just coming up and saying "so many thousands" go to illegal drugs after opioids that are "legal" is not correct.

And are they taking into consideration the number of those who are in "chronic severe unrelenting pain" who cannot get help from doctors, that decide to commit suicide? I have had over the years several people ask me directly, How do you live and try and have a life with that much chronic daily pain? Then They add" I believe" I may just jump off a bridge, or kill myself before I could live my life like that!?" ALL of us NEED to write our Congressional Leaders, get our physicians involved, get our family members, friends, those who have chronic pain, and know they would not have a life or a quality of life without the proper medications.

I DO NOT believe in "quacks" that just hand out medications of any type just to get people into their offices for money! Those that do that to rip off Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance Companies and "their patients" should be removed from being a physician. I also do not believe that some "so-called" pain management clinics are "truly" what they say they are. When I walk in to a physicians office, that is "supposed" to be a Pain Clinic, and everywhere you see a sign stating "We do not prescribe pain medications" to me that is a red flag warning that something is wrong!

Then DO NOT call your "clinic" a "pain management clinic" if you are not offering ALL TYPES of pain management, whether it be, alternative things, therapy, acupuncture, and other types of pain management items, injections and so forth... but that should be NOT considered "pain management".

There definitely needs to be a "different name" for those who ONLY OFFER "alternative" ways of pain control. It is misleading to patients, and unfair to us that think we are going to someone who can help us with pain, whether medications of any kind are involved or not, if the first thing you see is that you do NOT prescribe pain medications. It could be that "opioids" may not be needed, and there are certainly other types of medications, such as muscle relaxers, meds for certain types of nerve pain, NSAIDS for those who can take them, Migraine medications etc... so the "host" of pain control medications are NOT ALL "narcotics"..... This is a HUGE PROBLEM that needs to be resolved. And I know there are people who "abuse" the system. They are NOT legitimate patients and they get medications for other reasons other than for real chronic pain. BUT, the THOUSANDS OF US who are TRUE PAIN PATIENTS should NOT BE PUNISHED due to those who "choose to abuse"...

Rhia - PLEASE Do your own research and take time to write, call, email your Congressional people, the CDC, and spread the word through your own Social Media Networks!

Here is the link to this bunch of garbled mess from the CDC!

These photo's of my legs, and the abscesses are just more of a small "portion" of suffering from the pain, and all of the other complications from Lupus, RA, Sjogren's and so forth... We "NEVER FOUND OUT" exactly why all of these appeared on me... but it took over 2 YEARS for it to all clear up.... They just told me after I went through every test and specialist that it was the Lupus... and then the cellulitis below that turned into abscesses on both of the tops of my thighs tool=k over 6 MONTHS to finally "heal" and now I have two huge terrible looking scars from them... and talk about pain... I had to go for 8 weeks once a week to a "Wound Care Specialist" in Dallas, that debrided those every week, in other words "cut out all of the dead materials and put special material in them that was a "collagen" to help "fill in" and heal those very deep wounds... at first they were about 3 inches deep and at least 2 to 3 inches wide...

Below are the wounds from the cellulitis that both turned into abscesses.... and in between me seeing them, I had to clean these myself, pull the packing out and redress them daily... I was on 2 different antibiotics for 6 months at least... and the still look horrible... I love spring and summer, but I dread having to have people "see" what they look like now.... 

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