Wednesday, June 29, 2016


It mean this is another huge "shoot to the moon" to eradicate Cancer from our world. After losing 2 aunts, a Grandfather, and several people very close to me with this illness, I KNOW WE can overcome it and stop Cancer in its tracks.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

CANCER "MOONSHOOT" Stop this horrid illnes in i's tracks for good!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Alzheimer's, Dementia, Revisiting Life, Loss of Family, Lupus Flares, A Horrid Headache and Upset Stomach, stressed, & needing to FEEL BETTER!

I received my really nice Shirt, my wrist bands and my pin for my jackets etc. yesterfay from the Alzheimer's Association. As soon as I get dressed and wear it, I will post a photo, with it on. I have added "Dementia/Alzheimer's" to my advocacy plans and I will also be adding my own personal story about my Mom, and just how quickly this dreadful disease took her from just being a "normal" 80 year old, to almost a toddler/infant within months. I know over the past couple of years, I saw and talked about her "forgetting" thin

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wasp Sting turning to "infection", dealing with "overload" of paperwork after Mom's passing away, my own health issues, ankles still not well & so much more....

I've been "knee-deep" in things to do... I feel like I am s slow as a turtle these days. I've just now began to realize how much needs o be handled now, from the house, to car, and paperwork. I thought my hands were overfull just taking care of Mom while she was here, but I think I am on more "overload" than I was just a few weeks ago. My "to-do"list gets longer each day, and my "energy" and ability to "get er done" seems to be somewhere lost between the rock and a hard spot... 

Anyway, I am around, just involved in trying to get everything taken care of, and trying to keep this house half way clean. and the lawn needs to be mowed and it appears my neighbor may be gone on vacation or something. I've not seen him in over a week, and I noticed they had all of their blinds down... and his car has not moved in a few days either, so when it is as tall as it is now, plus with me STILL REELING from whatever the hell is going on with me, I cannot stand the sun to even for a moment to be on my skin... I can't really "explain" it, but after all of the burning, itching so severe it almost drove me nuts, hurting, swelling mess with the Wasp stinging me then the stinger in my arms for about 24 hours, before I realized that is what was in the little hole in my arm. But as I "tried" not to scratch it, but it looks like either I have had the "shingles" just looking at the forearm all over, and my skin almost appears as if the 1st or 2nd layer of skin was "burned off"... it is very strange... and most of it I believe is where I was rubbing it, or trying to rub like a soft cloth over it, anything due to that burning and itching... so now I do wonder if this was all the sting, OR did it turn into shingles? 

I have had now this is the 3rd time, a rash that appears almost like shingles. The others were not as bad, but they also burned and itched like crazy. So, between that, and my ankles are still not the best. My right one swells up still a great deal, if I am up and on the move... but right now I don't have time again to stay off my feet and get back on the sofa, then I feel like I really am falling behind. There is something else that I wanted to share, and I hope it does not "weird" anyone out. It could be this happens, for we are definitely "creatures of habit"... but about a week ago, I began to have these s"instant" thoughts, Gosh, I need to "call Mom", or I need to go over and check on her... it has happened now several times, sometimes more than once, if I think of something that she may have wanted to know etc... so I know it kind of hit me as "strange"... yet like anything we repeat in our daily lives, it tends to become "automatic" in life. If we get the mail everyday at 4PM, then even on a holiday, many of us probably go and look for our mail... and then find it comical that it is a "holiday" dummy.... I can say, although as "strange" as it feels, it's not a "bad" kind of strange, it is just something that I've never experienced before... 

That house is beginning to look much better inside. Gosh, talk about a "pack rat"... now I know where ALL OF THOSE PRESENTS FOR BIRTHDAY'S, MOTHER'S DAY, XMAS etc went! She has packed, packed and repacked stuff over and over again... so there were several things over there that belonged to my Granny Svehlak, and much of that is crystal bowls and so forth. So, I know there will be some things that will remain, to be passed down, etc... to my son and daughter, and my Grandkids... many "keepsakes" so just like myself, Granny always made Homemade Cookies, and she had a special jar that I loved all my life, and when she passed away, I asked if I could have it, and I have it sitting in my stands that have glass doors on them, with some other things from the family etc... Then, I am still having heck with being nauseated and not feeling "great"... I am sure the heat, plus the Lupus Flare, plus the antibiotics, and all of the stress from the past several weeks, really months, is catching up to me. My neighbor did say that there is a "stomach virus" going around here in town, and hell that is the last thing I need! As I continue this "journey" through paperwork, redoing floors, painting, and making decisions on many things, your thoughts, well wishes and prayers are definitely still needed... 

I "thought" I would almost be at the place to go ahead with my neck surgery, but as it is right now, I have to get over everything else first... plus that stupid "motion disorder" and it also can cause these "audible noises" where I think I "hear" someone with the "news" on television, or certain things just "set off" this strange mess. When it 1st happened just after moving back to TX, I was terrified... but myself, my Mom, my Granny and hers was really bad, and my daughter all have it.... it is a type of vertigo, and of course that effects the inner most ear, so when the "crystals" form, then you can have all types of motion sickness, and like me, it is like I can hear "Channel 5 News" or something off in the background... I've been through all types of tests, because I also continue to have double vision. If I don't have my glasses on (and it is over due time for a new script I think) which have the special "prism" in them, and it "deters" the double vision. Anyway, here is a bit of an update... I feel I need to be moving a million miles an hour (my brain is), but my body is just not cooperating... Hugs to all and again I appreciate your thoughts, well wishes and prayers.... Rhia

Pics of my Granny and Grandfather (my Mom's parents) then a pic of ALL of my Granny's sisters, and cousins, and all of the huge family. Abs as promised, the "Ye Old Inn" matchbooks like brand new, plus I "think" the sale and pepper shakers may have cam from there... I believe it was a "give-a-way" of something ...then the lamb and the diaper pin! The lamb was given to me BEFORE I was born! And I have not seen a diaper pin in ages... do they even make cloth diapers anymore and diaper pins???

Monday, June 20, 2016

Fight ALZ! "The Longest Day" Brain Health, Cementia and Alzheimer's June 20th and the Month of June


I AM A voice for my mom, WHO JUST PASSED AWAY A WEEK AGO LAST THURSDAY OF ONE OF THE MANY HORRID DISEASES OF DEMENTIA! I Also watched her parents, both of my Grandparents suffer from these diseases, and I am concerned not for just myself, but my kids, their kids, and the generations to come... of ALL families... we NEED to END ALZ!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dementia, Alzheimer's, "A Quilt to Remember", getting back to somewhat of a normal, life, Advocacy work, & making a "Quilt Block" in Memory of my Mom & both Grandparents

Alzheimer's, Dementia, Quilt to Remember,Mom, my Grandparents, and for our generations to follow

YES! IT is 4:30AM and I am UP!

 I have not been able to sleep again in a couple of days. I am not sure if it is just being "down" during the day with my ankle, or feeling a bit "edgy" that I am NOT up and doing some of the things I need to be doing. Both pups have also been restless, especially tonight. In fact the little one my Peanut Holy Terrier, :) was a bit sick to his tummy. But, that pup will EAT ANYTHING! I have to constantly keep a watch on him...because if he can get his paws on it, it's going in his mouth, and more than likely he will eat it. I hope it is a "puppy thing" for I know my Tazzy did that when she was little. But after she turned about a year old, she got out of that picking it any and everything in her mouth. Plus he CHEWS on everything! My other two did, some, also when they were in their first 6 to 9 months, but after that, they began to ONLY CHEW on what they were supposed to. I hope Peanut does the same. But he is definitely, "a pup of a different color" for sure...LOL! Stubborn as a Mule, yet he is coming out of that a little now. He also thinks my hands are "chew toys" we have really been working on NOT "chewing, nipping" at Mom's hands and on Bub's ears... They seem to get along good, but there are times since Bub's is older, he gets enough, so he puts Peanut "in his place"... he never hurts him, he just gives him this "look", and Peanut KNOWS to BACK OFF playing for now... :)

They both like me to sign to them, and I did finally get Peanut a "song" I made up, plus he already is getting a couple of nicknames, I catch myself calling him "Pea-knuckle" (spelling like the game Pinochle" - or LOL something I bit "off" color, since he was neutered, I call him "Peanut-less" at times.... LMAO! Well, believe me ALL of them have had several names and always learned that by either that name, OR my TONE or BOTH, either things were good, or they had done something "not so good".... just like kids, these fur-babies, seem although at times to continue to be fur-toddler's most of their lives... They have really been "trooper" though.

Through all of this with my Mom, I had to be in and out so much here at the house with them, and that was something they have not been used to, I know there were days they both could not wait for me to "cling" the keys and open the doors and both standing, jumping, barking, and crying for joy that "Mom is finally HOME"! So, it has been a difficult time for them, a totally weird schedule, and not our "normal routine", although I tried to give us "our time" each evening together... and then I know they have sensed me being upset, in a turmoil, and also both of them especially Bub's knows when I am not well myself, and it is almost like he "watches" over me, sitting beside me, and even at times he will be there, and he will just let out this kind of almost a "cry" wanting me to "sit down" with them, and be still for a little while. So, having me "home" the last couple of days to themselves more or less, and spending time down with my ankles, they have been in heaven right beside me.

Okay... now to another reason for this POST, I want to do a "quilt piece" for the "Quilt to Remember" tour that is going around the nation in honor of those who have had these horrid diseases of Dementia, and have taken away their minds, in so many different ways, time frames, and so forth. I had been an advocate already in many ways for the Alzheimer's Association but I had forgotten about the quilt. So, when I wan in getting information on where to donate in honor of a loved one etc, or in memory of someone, I saw that website about the quilt.

Since both of my maternal Grandparents had some form of Alzheimer's and Dementia, and now my Mom, I want to do a quilt piece to go with this quilt around the country. I've submitted my "story" and asked for instructions about the quilt block, which for an individual is 4 feet by 4 feet.

Since my Grandmother made MANY quilts completely BY HAND, not one machine stitch in them, and I have also been able to do a quilt, and have actually a oversized, probably King sized almost top finished for a quilt, I decided what better way to "give back" and also hope to help to find the reasons for these horrid, mind taking diseases, and give hope that we find reasons, find more help, have more research, find a cure, or find out what we can do to completely STOP some of these types of dementia's. I am enclosing the "link" here for this project. I have several ideas already and really already have materials etc, (some I found over at Mom's, and I think it is still good enough to use in the quilt) and am waiting to hear back on details about the quilt block and getting it to them -

Here are a few example of blocks made by people for the "Quilt to Remember"

Created by Colleen Anderson,
Fargo, ND,
in honor of her mother, Patricia Kelso

 Created by Phyllis Bednarek,
Woodridge, IL,
in memory of her mother, Mary Estelle Ruppert 

Created by Bernadette Discon,
Jackson, NJ,
in memory of her husband, James Russell Discon

Created by Kimberly Fondaw,
Grand Rivers, KY,
in memory of her mother, Geraldine M. Brown 

ALL of these are from the website about the quilt! Plus there are many, many more that give me some wonderful ideas for doing one in memory of my Mom. 

Friday, June 17, 2016


WITH FATHER'S DAY COMING, and for ALL of our Guys out there, many who don't like going to doctor's, and so forth, yet YOUR health is just as important as women's... so

Wear Blue for Men's Health Day


June 17 is #WearBlue Day to celebrate Men's Health Week! Support education about regular health checkups, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and other men's health issues. Learn more about it here. #ShowUsYourBlue #CureClick

Thursday, June 16, 2016

To that Pearly White City.....

Again I want to come in and thank everyone for their love, prayers and support during such a very difficult time in our lives. Dad passed away 11 years ago, which seems almost impossible. In fact, it fell this year that March 27th, was Easter Sunday again, which was when he passed away. By the Lord's grace, He allowed me to take care of Mom, and be there to watch her leave this world, and pass onto where she was met with open arms by everyone who went before her. I had not told it here yet, but on that fateful Thursday morning, I went in to give Mom her "comfort" medications supplied by Hospice, as I did every few hours, and during that morning dose, I "knew" it was time. I had said that I would "know" somehow, someway, it would come to me, and it did. She seemed almost a bit more at peace in some way, yet, I could also tell she was almost "trying" to tell me. So, after giving her the medications, as I always did each morning early, I walked outside, around in the yard, just thinking, praying, and finding my own "way" also to make it through another day, and pray all I did helped her. When I came back in, I sat down beside her on her left side, and took her tiny frail hand in mine.

She never moved, and most of the time, even when giving her medications she would make a bit of noise or move a bit, so, all I knew to do, is what came to my heart. I began to sing a bit of several hymns that she loved to hear Dad sing. Of course "Pearly White City" was one that Dad always sang, and it was always requested that he sing many, many times at church, at other funerals and such, so that last chorus I began to sing of Pearly White City, this sense of calmness seemed to fill the room, and the tears flowed down my cheeks, and as I finished the last few words, Mom literally took maybe 2 breaths, and then just stopped. I sat there holding her hand, talking to her, and knowing, her pain, her confusion, and all she had endured was now gone. We are "selfish" as humans, and of course I did not want Mom to "leave", yet I could feel her within my own heart, and I knew no matter what her body was no longer able to do, she will always be with me, everywhere I go. I told others that it is almost like when I finished that song, it was Dad telling her to "come home". I want to thank everyone once again, and Joy it is so good to hear from you and your family. I truly would love to get to see all of you, it has been so very long.

Uncle Macon and Aunt Cleo were always my favorite Aunt and Uncle, and it was always a blessing to be able for them and sometimes your, your family and Mike to come also. Craig, thank you also. We have known one another since we were very young, and I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Ron, I appreciate your prayers and condolences also, and it is funny it seems like just yesterday we were all working at EBF, or would be seeing each other in town, and although I've been back now for almost 11 years, I don't see many people, as much as I would like to. Thank you Jim and Frances, and thank you for the beautiful plant. I LOVE plants, so it will fit in very well with my collection for sure. I have to again give a huge thanks to Keever's, everyone helped me out and as always were so compassionate and caring. I thank Father John for giving the funeral service, and for all of the family and friends that stopped by on Sunday and Monday. All of you truly made this situation "easier" on our family.

We love all of you, and what a blessing it was to have my daughter Amanda and my Son In Law, Jimbo, and my two Grandsons here, plus having my son Jason with me, we even under not such great circumstances were able to have "quality time" together, and that is something we over the years have not nearly had enough of. I want to thank Family First Hospice for all of their support and comfort, for Mom and for me, as well as Physician's Choice Home Health Care, who were there to help me and Mom out for a few weeks before things had to go into "Hospice" care. I again are am so thankful and blessed. As one day, rolls into another, and as my heart is full with love, and as my mind and body try to "heal" long story, but of course I got sick, and was sick, mainly my Lupus acting up, but then I slipped on wet grass Sunday morning, and sprained BOTH ankles, the right one severely, so I am trying to take it easy for the next couple of days and allow my body to try and mend. -

Pearly White City Hymn Lyrics

There’s a holy and beautiful city
Whose builder and ruler is God;
John saw it descending from Heaven,
When Patmos, in exile, he trod;
Its high, massive wall is of jasper,
The city itself is pure gold;
And when my frail tent here is folded,
Mine eyes shall its glory behold.
In that bright city, pearly white city,
I have a mansion, a harp, and a crown;
Now I am watching, waiting, and longing,
For the white city that’s soon coming down.
No sin is allowed in that city
And nothing defiling or mean;
No pain and no sickness can enter,
No crepe on the doorknob is seen;
Earth’s sorrows and cares are forgotten,
No tempter is there to annoy;
No parting words ever are spoken,
There’s nothing to hurt or destroy.
No heartaches are known in that city,
No tears ever moisten the eyes;
There’s no disappointment in Heaven,
No envy and strife in the sky;
The saints are all sanctified wholly,
They live in sweet harmony there;
My heart is now set on that city,
And some day its blessings I’ll share.
My loved ones are gathering yonder,
My friends too are passing away,
And soon I shall join their bright number,
And dwell in eternity’s day;
They’re safe now in glory with Jesus,
Their trials and battles are past.
They overcame sin and the tempter,
They’ve reached that fair city at last.

Mom's Favorite Song

Candle In The Wind (Elton John - for Princess Dianna Tribute)

Goodbye England's rose
May you ever grow in our hearts
You were the grace that placed itself
Where lives were torn apart
You called out to our country
And you whispered to those in pain
Now you belong to heaven
And the stars spell out your name

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never fading with the sunset
When the rain set in
And your footsteps will always fall here
Along England's greenest hills
Your candles burned out long before
Your legend ever will

Loveliness we've lost
These empty days without your smile
This torch we'll always carry
For our nation's golden child
Even though we try
The truth brings us to tears
All our words cannot express
The joy you've brought us through the years

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never fading with the sunset
When the rain set in
And your footsteps will always fall here
Along England's greenest hills
Your candles burned out long before
Your legend ever will

Goodbye England's rose
May you ever grow in our hearts
You were the grace that placed yourself
Where lives were torn apart

Goodbye England's rose
From the country lost
Without your soul who missed the wings of your compassion
More than you will ever know

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never fading with the sunset
When the rain set in
And your footsteps will always fall here
Along England's greenest hills
Your candles burned out long before
Your legend ever will

Your footsteps will always fall here
Along England's greenest hills

Your candle burned out long before your legend ever will

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Me, Ill again, sprained both ankles, yet made it through the funeral, and things are "okay".... more later...

Quickly, of course all went well actually with Mom, the funeral, and so forth. Things turned out nice, but simple as she would and did tell me many times she wanted. So, for that I feel blessed. I will miss her more than you can know, right now, I feel I am still in "shock" because it all happened so very fast. Yet, if it has to happen, that honestly was the best "outcome"... no longer her suffering, no longer her not knowing anything, and I just am "grateful" in many ways, that if this had to be as is, it did as it was... The Lord knows "how much" we can handle... thus He also allowed me to accidentally slip Sunday morning off my own porch in the very wet grass, while on the phone with Amanda Batson- Matheny and I SPRAINED not just ONE ankle but BOTH, the right one extremely bad. I did go and have them X-rayed Monday afternoon after the funeral, and they feel there are no breaks BUT due to the immense swelling, he said I may need to have especially the right one X-rayed again in a few weeks, depending on how it does... Amanda Batson- Matheny, Jimbo, Jason Harber and other friends and family, I am so very appreciative of the kindness. the help, and how many of you surrounded around each of us and Mom so we could find some "peace" in that Valley.... I shall later again tell more about last Thursday when she passed away, her little frail hand in mine, but honestly I AM SICK! I "thought" that us having all the of stress, eating out so much, and I am not used to that, not sleeping, and being so busy with everything had just worn me down but I woke up running fever this morning... so I guess that is God's way of "keeping me off my feet"... I can "endure" the severe ankle sprain pain, BUT I am a baby when it comes to fever, even just a degree gives me the worst headache and just makes me sick as hell. So, I am dealing with that this morning, which for now is okay... we got a great deal of things going and done, and of course over the next weeks and even months there will be more... but for now all of the most important things are done, and we all need a bit of rest and time to reflect... so if you don't "see" me here or hear from me, I am just feeling lousy between all of it and I am not really even online, nor answering the phone unless it is Amanda, Jason or someone "important" for now.... Again from all of my family to all of you our sincerest Thank you's.... Life is truly fleeting.... Rhia

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Thank you Extended Thoughts, Gratitude, Life, Lupus,RA, & All of the Health Issues In between...

First of all, I want to extend a very heartfelt Thank You, in behalf of myself, and my family for all of the support, thoughts, prayers, and the many that lifted myself, Mom and family UP, while she went on to be in a much better place last Thursday morning.

It was serene and surreal - both - me there with her, holding her tiny hand in mine, as I "knew" like I said I would that "time" was near, and she was ready to go "home" to be with my Dad, and all of the loved ones, that had passed away before her. As I sang several hymns to her, all of which were songs that she so loved to hear my Dad sing, and did here him sing, many, many times over, and I finished the last of the old hymn "Pearly White City", Mom drew one last breath, and that was it, and it goes "Tis' finished".

There was such a mixed emotion there just the two of us, so silent, yet the moment spoke in volumes that I knew she was at peace, no more pain, no more suffering, no more of laying there, having no quality of life... and I had lost not just my Mom, but someone I had grown very close to over the past 10 years in different ways, and the thoughts of all of our laughs, fears, talks, trips to the Winstar over the years, and all came flooding over me, like some of the floods we have experienced as of late, yet much in a good way.

I suddenly felt "peace" also. I suddenly in my heart of hearts knew, that all we had "endured" over the past at least 8 to 9 months and really much longer, now was over, and we could both rest in the fact, that she moved on to be "better" and my own "job" here on Earth is far from finished.

Not just "things" to do because of her passing, but LIFE to live, that I know now was waiting for this to happen. NOW, is when after things are settled that I shall finish my 3rd book, because "her story" shall be a part of that book.

I want to once again extend such a thank you to our Physician's Choice Home Health Care here in Ennis, as well as our Family First Hospice. All of them, especially that last week with the Hospice people would been so much more difficult had it not been for them. They look this horrible situation, and made it a bit easier to bear.

I am in gratitude of Keever's Funeral Home, Father John from the St. John's Catholic Church here in Ennis also, the Ennis Flower Shop who did such a beautiful job on the casket spray, and everyone else who sent their wishes, flowers, donations, and put their love and arms around my family, as we dealt with and continue to deal with a very sudden loss.

As the days move forward I will now be able to begin another realm and branch of my journey here, in my writing, and in my life. Of course there are still many things on the "list" of to do's, yet as I do those, I will now be able to get more back into my own writing, and pray that my "voice" shall once again speak to me in order for me to complete my 3rd book, and publish it.

I also have more advocacy work to do, since Alzheiemer's/Dementia, especially Lewey Bodies Dementia, will become a huge part of my advocacy work....

I wanted to catch each of you up, and let you know what is happening, give you some links also, and again tell you how much I so appreciate your reading my posts, and continuing to follow this journey we call life.....

World Blood Donor Day Today June 14th 2016!

Friday, June 10, 2016

My Mom has Passed Away - and some information about that..,

I am sharing this with each of you because I feel my daughter, Amanda is expressing ALL of our feelings emotions, and thoughts at this very, very difficult time in our lives. Life is so very fleeting, and I witnessed that within all scopes this past few months. Mom and I got to go to Winstar one last time in January. I knew about 3 weeks later, that would be our last ride while she slept and I drove to the Casino. :) She "cut up" her player card one day while I was there, and I kind of "scolded" her a bit, and then realized she more than anyone knew we would never make that trip together again, not in this world. Mom had a very peaceful passing at 10:20AM this morning.

 I sat beside her, and in my heart of hearts, I knew it was "time". I sat there, and sang 4 hymns, that she loved to hear my Dad sing.... and everyone loved Dad to sing in church, at weddings, and funerals. When I finished what pieces I could recall of "Pearly White City", she took another breath, and that was it.... Her hand in mine, just us two quietly, and me in "tune" as well as could be expected. That was my "time" to fall apart.... and I did, for a while I sat there holding her hand.... and then so happened the Hospice Nurse stopped by, honestly at the right time. 

Most of everything is arranged, Mom was a very simple person in life, she never wanted a "fuss" over much, so I knew her wishes were "simple" as far as after that. So, as I await for Amanda Batson- Matheny and her family to come from the Corpus Christi area, and to hear from Jason Harber - who I feel right now needs everyone to surround him with their love and support... He and "Granny Steele" had and will have a special bond always, and I know this is an extremely difficult thing for him to deal with.... yet all of us handle this things in our ways unique ways... so He will do the same.... We will have visitation and a Rosary on Sunday, from 4 to 6 and receive family and friends then. The funeral will be held at Keever's Chapel on Monday morning at 10AM with the Catholic Father residing over the service. There will be information on Keever's Website tomorrow about everything and the details. I will post that when I have a URL.

 I want to thank each and every one of you that have "held up me" through this... you are such a wonderful group of friends.... I also want to commend Physician's Choice Home Health here from the Ennis area, as well as First Choice Hospice, who took over last Thursday, and everyone were wonderful through all of this.... Words, I guess now, elude me, again but to say I appreciate and my family appreciates everything and all of the thoughts and prayers.....

From my daughter:

I would like everyone to please keep my family in your prayers, my grandmother passed away this morning. It is never easy to loose a loved one & this time is really tough!Granny was mine & my brothers last grandparent & my mom is her only child! She was the kids only great grandparent that they had left and it is not easy to explain to them that she is gone! ( I know the kids will always remember all the goodies she baked for them when they would go visit her!) I know she is in a better place now and her & papaw are back together again, so that helps ease the pain a little! We love you & will always miss you Granny

Mom's Obituary:  

Last photo of Mom, Dad and I in 2004. I was here from Seattle at the time, for my daughter's wedding, and I saw her and Dad then. This is the photo of all of us three, Dad passed away  March 27th, 2005.....

Thursday, June 9, 2016

"Dare To Dream" Sponored by Cure Click and About "Dreaming" and Clnical Trials

If you are a research volunteer, share your story! Tell others what it was like.
If you don't know, but you're curious, check out the stories of real people like you, helping advance science.

Project D.R.E.A.M. Dedicated to Research Education and Awareness Movement


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mom and Sharing a bit more.....

I was not sure about posting this here but it seems like the very best spot to let those who want to know about my Mom, Henrietta Steele. Of course this is Pam Steele, from the Class of 78, gosh a long time ago, LOL.... and many knew my Dad Minnis, that worked for Ennis Business Forms for 45 years, started at 16, and walked from Byrd/Rankin back and forth until he finally got his Dad's car (Model A) I think... anyway, back then it was still Ennis Tag. My Mom was having signs of "dementia" for a bit, but she is to be 81 in August, so "memory issues" are a part of that anyway. Yet, just this past January, she was still able to do much of her "daily stuff", cooking, cleaning, still in that little tiny house on Anthony Dr. - where I was raised, etc. 
But, within weeks, things went from "okay" to wait a minute something is very wrong. She was not able to "recall" how to put her car in drive, not able to turn on her oven, could not recall how to use the Microwave, and from there she quickly was stricken with what I feel is "Lewey Bodies" Dementia, it moves extremely fast, and her symptoms to be are definitely what I would say "fits".... both my Grandparents Rosie and Joe Svehlak, her parents, had Alzhemeir's/Dementia. So, it is not a huge shock, BUT theirs did not take them down this quickly. Which there could be some "mini TIA's" happening, mini strokes, and we would really not know that for the most part. 
Anyway, rather than drag this out, I know some of you have become "friends" on Facebook with me, and I am of course a friend on our Class of 78 Facebook page, so I also enjoy keeping up with everyone plus remembering "Ennis" and things we had and did as kids here, that are now just memories. Anyone, that may know of someone who would have known Dad and Mom, or myself, as I said I felt this maybe this best way to "inform" the few people we know and most of our relatives have already passed away.I am in Ennis and have been back almost 11 years from Seattle. I know a few did not even realize that. I will of course have something posted on the Keever's website once we reach that place, etc. But, mainly I wanted to get the word out, because this happened so quickly, and we don't have much family etc left, so I felt this would help to get the word out to those who wanted to know..... Pam Ravishing Rhiannon Steele
The last pic of the 3 of us in 2004, before my Dad passed away...

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Moving Forward.... thru the realms of Life, where it takes us, chronic pain, family, and all of the things we "learn" along the way..... Alzheimer's

They did not give Morphine due to Mom being allergic to Codeine, but Dilaudid instead and since I know more about that medication, I am glad they chose it. They also gave me "Ativan" that I can give her, and then a combination of meds in a "cream" that goes at the pulse points for nausea, agitation, and to assist in breathing... so far, Mom has been able to swallow just fine, but they gave me the Atropine because it may get to where she does have problems swallowing, and that is what is another part of the "comfort medications". I am able to give her the Norco just as before, she now has really stopped eating all together, which as they said was "normal"... and she still gets a dry mouth of course the medications themselves can do that, so she will drink of all things it is so funny, Mom never drank any type of "Cola's", or carbonated drinks... but when this first began, she wanted nothing but Diet Dr. Pepper, Sprite Zero, and sometimes Diet Pepsi.... 

so if she does tell me she wants a drink it is usually the Sprite Zero, with some water in it, so it is not so "strong" with the carbonation. I changed her a couple of hours ago, and got her all on clean and dry sheets, and a dry night shirt, and her diapers on, then they gave me some cream I put on the heels where the blisters were... actually the nurse told me unless they are "weeping", to allow them to "dry"... rather than put anything on them... so really the one heel is the only one needing much care... 

most of the other places where her skin is so thin, and like me, she has very huge places that appear almost like "blood blisters" but flat, and not blisters, just more broken blood vessels... and the Lupus causes me to have those... I told her that I had to look at those "new" types of diapers, because it has been so long since I used diapers on my 2 kids I was out of practice... LOL... and I told her that I wished we were at the Casino, and that everyone here online, and around town that knows tells me to say hello and tell her they are praying for her... but I try my best NOT to disturb her... 

I realize she "hurts" all over... and just even trying to roll her gently from one side to the other to change a sheet, diaper etc.. just plain hurts... so I give her the pain drops, and meds, and then I try to clean her good, but not put her through any more misery of being tossed and turned in the bed... and today she said "ouch" a few times, but I would tell her it was me, and that I was trying to do a "better job" that the aide as far as not making her hurt worse... and by the time I had her dry, cleaned up and gave her meds, she was asleep and peaceful again.... I don't know whether I should be "posting" this stuff or not, BUT it "helps" me honestly... have some way to "say" the feelings and emotions.... and then I am not so "frazzled" - thus the posts help.... my back is so messed up, I could sit in my floor, scream, cry, and gripe due to the intense burning in my hips and down both legs.... 

I may have to go to my pain doctor if I can next week and have him "up" my pain pump meds until I can get into surgery.... but we shall see.... As I said in another post, I continue to "learn" a great deal from those from Hospice, and I have a high and new found respect for the people that I have been in contact with so far.... they are definitely Angels... what a difficult "job"... that has to be.... Anyway, back to the sofa for me... I have to try and get my back to calm down a bit... I did not sleep well at all last night, and had severe nightmares all night long... so I am drained......

Friday, June 3, 2016


Congrats to My AWESOME GRAND DAUGHTER!!!!!! Heather I am so INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOU :):) As you move forward in your life may nothing stand in your way, of you following ALL of your Hopes and Dreams! You are truly a Treasure and I could not ask for a better Granddaughter, and those two wonderful brothers of yours ;) Have fun, be safe, and live your life as if you are on top of the mountain! Nana Pam


Just a quick "Hello" and thanks all. Today is such a mixed day mentally, physically and emotionally.. I SO wanted to be at my GRANDDAUGTHER'S GRADUATION TONIGHT NEAR CORPUS, but alas with Mom as she is, and the WEATHER making life hellacious for everyone just about, I had to postpone my trip. Then I hate to whine, but MY BACK, LEGS, BUTT AND HIPS ARE ON FIRE!!!! after I got Mom in from the hospital night before last... dumb move on my part, but stubborn I guess shows me I should ask for help... at the moment I did not have one clue who to ask... but she is resting well. The aide came and got her all cleaned up, and I gave her all of her "comfort" medications, got things done there, and I just had to come to "home" for a bit, for the puppies, for me, and I need to get off my feet at least for a while.... love to all... and I am totally more than exhausted... so if I don't post, or accidentally don't answer the phone etc... I am just totally out of any "brain wave" at the moment.... 


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Update on Mom the Alzheimer's, getting home from the hospital and of course hurting my back again, and so forth....

You are all such a blessing, and know you are so loved and appreciated... Mom and I had "hell" getting into the house last night. They did not officially discharge her till like 6PM! And I had to get her into the house by myself, so with her having having both back and front, I chose the back, with two lower steps, and using her walker, we very SLOWLY and with a few "choice" words, LOL, made it into the house, and finally to her bed. Hospice DID come by last night around 7PM, I was so shocked, I did not expect a nurse by, plus they had a courier bring some stronger pain medication for her, and now all of her medications will come via courier.... so that will be easier... of course now Hospice has taken over for the doctors etc as far as the dementia, and anything "to do" with that diagnosis, etc for now.... so I am hoping it will "settle" down a little... I really did a huge NO NO though - I injured my LOWER back, which already needs surgery, between all of the walking yesterday back and forth, our hospital is laid out so stupid, and you have to walk what seems like a mile just to get to patient's rooms, but then getting Mom in the house, I did a real number on my lower back and my neck.... I got her settled in and came home very early this morning to do some stuff done here, that I have to do and then I will head back over there, because her Social Worker, Aid, and so on will be coming sometimes after 8AM I gather... so it will be another day of hell I think, just being up on my feet, and getting stuff in order and so on... but now the Ensure, pads, Depends, and any and all "medical stuff" she needs, they will automatically bring us. and I no longer have to be picking those things up, including I gather most of her "meds" ... not sure if it is all of them yet, but ones that go along with the hospice diagnosis they will get and have brought to me... which is some help... then they have a list of people I can have either come "sit" with Mom in the week, night, day, etc for a few hours, some volunteer, some I will have to pay, but I can still go with ""Home Instead" which is a "sitter service" BUT they will have someone there, and I don't have to worry over if I get sick, or need to be away, and someone HAS to be with Mom, even though it means paying for them, they are bonded and so forth, I've met with one of the main case workers already.... and it is MUCH less although not cheap, than putting her in a nursing home, which means about at the lowest 3,000.00 a MONTH for room and board.... so hopefully we can keep her at home, where she REALLY wants to be, and hydrated, and well enough to avoid the hospital again... I can't say how much I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers... and I need to get busy getting things done here, etc... but I will post when I can... Love to all of your guys and gals, Rhia Steele "All things Autoimmune"

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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