Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Me, Ill again, sprained both ankles, yet made it through the funeral, and things are "okay".... more later...

Quickly, of course all went well actually with Mom, the funeral, and so forth. Things turned out nice, but simple as she would and did tell me many times she wanted. So, for that I feel blessed. I will miss her more than you can know, right now, I feel I am still in "shock" because it all happened so very fast. Yet, if it has to happen, that honestly was the best "outcome"... no longer her suffering, no longer her not knowing anything, and I just am "grateful" in many ways, that if this had to be as is, it did as it was... The Lord knows "how much" we can handle... thus He also allowed me to accidentally slip Sunday morning off my own porch in the very wet grass, while on the phone with Amanda Batson- Matheny and I SPRAINED not just ONE ankle but BOTH, the right one extremely bad. I did go and have them X-rayed Monday afternoon after the funeral, and they feel there are no breaks BUT due to the immense swelling, he said I may need to have especially the right one X-rayed again in a few weeks, depending on how it does... Amanda Batson- Matheny, Jimbo, Jason Harber and other friends and family, I am so very appreciative of the kindness. the help, and how many of you surrounded around each of us and Mom so we could find some "peace" in that Valley.... I shall later again tell more about last Thursday when she passed away, her little frail hand in mine, but honestly I AM SICK! I "thought" that us having all the of stress, eating out so much, and I am not used to that, not sleeping, and being so busy with everything had just worn me down but I woke up running fever this morning... so I guess that is God's way of "keeping me off my feet"... I can "endure" the severe ankle sprain pain, BUT I am a baby when it comes to fever, even just a degree gives me the worst headache and just makes me sick as hell. So, I am dealing with that this morning, which for now is okay... we got a great deal of things going and done, and of course over the next weeks and even months there will be more... but for now all of the most important things are done, and we all need a bit of rest and time to reflect... so if you don't "see" me here or hear from me, I am just feeling lousy between all of it and I am not really even online, nor answering the phone unless it is Amanda, Jason or someone "important" for now.... Again from all of my family to all of you our sincerest Thank you's.... Life is truly fleeting.... Rhia

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