Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Right Eye Cataract Surgery this Morning! Ready to have this over with & how great si far the surgery is...

"Our new Vision"

Well tomorrow is the next BIG DAY!! My Right Eye cataract surgery. I have to be there at 1:30pm but at least it's not like 3:30 on the 1st one.... LOL! But I can have water or plain tea to drink till about even 9 AM or so... I just will sip enough so I won't be dehydrated, especially with the HEAT of today supposed to be hitting that 100 DEGREE mark! I will be trying to hydrate more today or as much as I can so i will try and be hydrated enough where the nurse can get the IV started without my veins acting stupid rolling and such. So, wish me luck. My 1st one is still on the mend... mainly for me, just that "feeling" as if something is in it. Since this will be going this week on the 3rd week of eye drops in the 1st one, it should get that inflammation down & that feeling g away. I have to be careful and not rub it or try to "wipe" it out, so I try and not touch that eye at all. Now I will have both of them for another week, then 2 more weeks for the 2nd one (I think) LOL.. I have to keep looking at the calendar to add it up. EVERYONE STAY OUT OF THE HEAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE & ALSO HYDRATE!!!! and mist most know "Cola's" or any type of "carbonated drink like a Coke does not hydrate but dehydrate.. so water, I drink green tea with Splenda in it, juice but mainly anything with lots of water in it... LOL Now I sound like some advertisement!!!

Friday, July 16, 2021

How Chronic Pain Can Lead to Autoimmunity Problems — Pain News Network

How Chronic Pain Can Lead to Autoimmunity Problems — Pain News Network: By Forest Tennant, PNN Columnist Every chronic pain patient must know and understand autoimmunity and how to combat it. Research on chronic pain has unequivocally determined that the chronic inflammation and tissue destruction caused by a painful disease or injury will produce autoimmunity. ...

and my notes about this also  ...  Goes to prove just how SERIOUS Chronic Pain that is not treated properly due to those pharmacists or physicians due to nw not wanting t prescribe the right medications and/or in the correct amounts for chronic pain patients. I feel even my own pain physician, a superior specialist in this field that I have been seeing now for well over 13 years, he put in my pain pump & has treated me all these years without any issues. Suddenly, over the past year he began to shy away from one of my meds after he was giving it to me monthly for all that time, I now have to continually "remind" them to get the prescription to me, & this last time, the "woman" who I did not know, (I called the regular lady I've talked to for all these years at her personal ext. and get a phone call back from someone I did not know who talked to me likeI was someone who was trying to "abuse" meds... it is infuriating for her to even know some of my medical issues that were none of her business. She began to speak to me as if she was my doctor! I am still furious. Those are the things more and more chronic pain patients are having to put up with even with a doctor who has treated them for years and/or the same pharmacist! It needs to be put to a halt & the "real" issues of "fake medications" are being made in Mexico and shipped over here under the names of real prescriptions here causing severe issues. there are people that have are in s much pain that suddenly get treated like this, lose their doctors, or the doctors quit treating them as always & they get so depressed they have been known to commit suicide, although that is hard to say it's true. - Here is an article by the "Pain News Network" that tells some of our story. I have lived with "chronic pain" since I was 17 years old when I suddenly even before my 1st child was born in 19799 having severe migraines. I have fought tooth and nail through every type of doctor, through every type of tests some of them multiple times, been treated like I was an "addict" & at now over 55 years old, still continue to have t at time "fight" for my own right to proper treatment.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Left Eye Cataract & Astigmatism done & Right in in Two Weeks! Then onto healing & trying to get my right Shoulder Fixed!

 So far ao good on the Cataract surgery From Tuesday! Gosh what an awesome Doctor and Team! Everyone from check-in, surgical set-up to nurses, Anesthesia, to the Doctor were incredible!

LOL, and the Anesthesia, they did not fool around. they gave me one that really sent m for a "loop" LOL, but although I was out of it, I really never went to "sleep" etc... I used to call it the don't give a damned medication"! It worked, kept me comfortable, not nervous, and even going on the ride home, & into the next morning, I was really where i was "myself" yet I was not nervous, or hurting... they had it down, and I believe they used what they used on me due to my chronic Pain Issues and other Autoimmune illnesses. they knew I had been through lots of other surgeries also ad had a high tolerance for anesthesia, so he really was right on target getting me comfortable.

My son took me, and then the next morning I was still kind of out of it, but really more agitated since he put a patch over it overnight. So, when I woke up i could not take it off, I had to leave it on till I let them take it off at the office. So, my son taking me the next morning to check it out was really a blessing. Plus he and I don't get to spend much time together. So, we did get a bit of time just the 2 of us to kind of catch up on things. 

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Lord Willing & Creeks Don't Rise I have my Left Eye Cataract Surgery next Tuesday 7/13/21

 I am praying, along with even my ow PCP praying (he is an awesome physician) that I get through the cataract surgeries, quickly since it is Laser, 2 weeks after the 1st one I should be able to have the 2nd one done. Then if things are as they should be, I may ONLY NEED reading glasses!!! Astigmatism GONE! along with Cataracts!

Then the other issue... that is about to pull me into the nut house is my Right Shoulder. It's been 10 years since it was replaced as a "reverse total shoulder replacement" which at the time I knew the possibility of me having to have another surgery on it. At that time a reverse shoulder surgery was fairly new, and not all Orthopedic Surgeons could do them.

In fact it took me several  months to even find one near me that could do the procedure. So, at the time, I had to take the chance. It was in such bad shape, with already 3 arthroscopic surgeries, & then not a 100% chance of it being somewhat better. Yet, I was fortunate. I had the surgery & for 9 years...  THINGS WERE OKAY... REALLY ABOUT 8 YEARS. THEN I NEEDED A 2ND CERVICAL NECK SURGERY. When I had it done, I know although I probably could not prove it, when they had me asleep and in the operating room putting me in position, somehow they wrenched, twisted, let that shoulder twist or SOMETHING.   When I awoke from the neck surgery my shoulder was killing me!    I even asked my doctor, and he said they had to lay me kind of with my head in a "downward"   position. He said they may have "bruised it" or allowed it to hang a bit down further than they should have and made that muscle pull down. So, I took it as a probably OR something, that it would  get better in a few days. Yet, honestly, that shoulder has never been the same since. I have had major pain issues, weakness, not able to hold much of anything & it is my "dominant" arm. So, I went on with my life, all of the stuff I had done for years, yard work, house work, putting up ceiling fans... and felt I would just go on using it and live my life. Well, a couple of things after, I almost "dropped" a new air conditioner and also putting up a ceiling fan, not having quite tall enough ladder & that really messed me up. After that trying to hold the Weed eater, or get a bowl down with one hand all out of the question. I need to do so much, from bathing my pups, to trimming trees and cutting up the larger pieces into smaller ones. So, I really need to use the chainsaw, which I usually do, but now I fear I can't hold it like I need to. Even ding laundry or getting groceries bought, get them home & putting them up is a nightmare.

It seems to be never ending as to things wrong or need fixing or testing... I am a mess.                      

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Have You Been Labeled a 'Difficult' Patient? — Pain News Network

Have You Been Labeled a 'Difficult' Patient? — Pain News Network: By Ann Marie Gaudon, PNN Columnist   We’re all aware of doctors labeling a patient as “difficult” or some other derogatory term. There are even entire categories set up for these “ heartsink ” patients, who behave in ways that doctors consider dependent, entitled, manipulative... 

 Pat Anson
 Founder and Editor
 Pain News Network

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Time to Celebrate and look forward to WEGO Health 10th Annual Awards Campaign!

 WOW! Ten years! seems like just yesterday to many I am sure.

Nominations are open for the#WEGOHealthAwards! Nominate the patient & caregivers who are change-makers, artists, and advocates in your communities.

Winner's will be honored on healthcare's biggest stage.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Incredible News On The Lupus Home Front - 2 NEW Medications FDA Approved



May 1, 2021

“This is a historic moment in lupus with two new drug approvals for lupus nephritis in just over a month,” enthused Kenneth M. Farber, LRA President and CEO.  ... please continue to read this incredible news from the Lupus Research Alliance at the URL....


I was so elated to see this and be able to share it! It has been a very long time coming for a new Lupus medication(s) to arrive & be approved by the FDA.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Renewal Ways to Celebrate Our Day to Remember those who Protect and did Protect Our Nation!

 As we begin a very different kind of celebration. One that we had to "hope" & pray would happen: I am sure many are still very nervous about not wearing a mask or being out in a larger public place, or all of the other events and things we will do that we have not gotten to do in well over a year.

Like myself, I am sure even just going to a store, if they are leaving the masks "up to the shoppers" I feel you will still see many wearing them. Even those like myself, I have gotten both vaccines so I am good till this "booster" one comes along. 

Which I hav felt all along a BOOSTER would come even quicker than the flu vaccine. We are still NOT WELL by a long shot. Not everyone has full protection if they have not had a vaccine or vaccines if you need 2, and could still either spread it to get it from someone else who maybe ll and not know it. 

Also, our researchers are are a long way from "knowing" for SURE the science behind this vaccine will work, and will will work over and over again. It may only last 3 months, or you need a booster once a month.. or whose to say that whoever "attacked us" I feel someone got it here on purpose won'r turn around & knowingly send something more destructive. So yes we cannot live like the "Bubble Boy" that has NO IMMUNITY and would die within months if he was expose to all of the deadly viruses that are out there. So, we must be smart as to what feel we is best. And we can't trust everything, but "gut-Instinct" to me seems to work fro meA my own health, as to whether to ha a Lumbar surgery or not...some things "like COVID" delayed it but other we me "not being sure, feeling eery" & still waiting before I go allowing even the of best doctors go cutting into my lower back.  Sure enough my decisions to check on something else may be best for now & put off the Lumbar Lower Fusion till a bit later". ONCE HE does that 1ST INCISION THERE IS NO TURNING BACK FROM THERE. If I have further test to see what is really gong on if possible about my bones, the osteoporosis, my right shoulder that I did read they  ted to "wear out" at about 10 YEARS! Which it has been a bit over 10 years... So this is NOT just nervous" HOLDING ME BACK, IT IS some thing telling me to waiting just a bit then have it done. By the way   , THE ORTH DOCTOR TOLD HIS NURSE TO IVE ME THE BACK BRACE TOAKE TAKE HOME FOR THAT LOWER LUMBER SURGERY EVEN THOUGH I WAS STILL A BIT OFF ABOUT IT ALL, SHE GAVE IT TO ME, AND YESTERDAY I GET A BILL FROM 256$ FOR MY CO-INSURANCE  they knew if the hospital did it thy would just have it in their total co-insurance of which mine whole thing is about 352.00 and he knew if he did tit hid way they would collet that high -co-pay which is insane anyway!!~  ROGHT NOW IAM NOT PAYING  DIME ON IT UNTU WE SEE WHAT HAPPENS THE THEY CAN HAVE IT BACK!!A

Thursday, May 20, 2021

What Happened to "Do No Harm"? Yet with the Crisis that Chronically Ill Pain Patients are in that is just what is happening

The Crisis Causing Many Chronically Ili Patients Pain much Harm! 

After a visit to my Pain Specialist last week, who has been taking care of me for over 10 years, I GOT an overwhelming feeling things are getting much much worse very quickly. He has always been very honest about ho issues are when it comes to the CDC, etc & Pain meds for Chronic Pa Patients.He was "tight lipped" which was extremely odd, he had suddenly changed the name of his office & the location. He took the word "pain" out of the name of his business & I could tell he was not willing to handle my own chronic pain issues as he has all the years I've been seeing him...WE NEED to GET SERIOUS ON CONGRESS, THE CDC, & ALL ON THIS PEOPLE! I AM READY TAKE A TRIP TO DC & GET THE MESSAGE ACROSS, SIGN PETITIONS, SEND PERSONAL LETTERS, GET HOLD OF OUR LOCAL NEWS CHANNELS! We are in BAD SHAPE if we don't really get on the ball on this issue.


Monday, May 17, 2021

A/C Tear, Possible replacement of reverse shoulder replacement from 10 years ago, more & better information on Lumbar/Sacral Surgery. Osteoporotic wonders and more

 Several things I am touching on, since things have been upside down and inside out with me, my Lumbar/Sacral spine needing surgery, 10 years later after my 1st "total Right reverse shoulder replacement and it goes on and on...

I know it has been awhile since I've been able to post here, I plan to begin getting more done especially after the shoulder and hopefully Lumbar/Sacral Spine is fixed... I need to continue on my book. I do have well over 600 PAGES "want written" out since COVID-19 began so those I do not have on the computer yet. But, will be a portion of the "book or books" I shall continue to write...


Great Article for osteoporotic women and men that must have spinal surgery especially Lumbar and Sacral. It really helped to understand how much they have hanged in 10 years! I could no believe it had been 10 YEARS since I had the "reverse shoulder replacement surgery"! So, "if" the "Bone scan"" (done with the special dye) shows a greater thinning of bone, then I "may" have to have e new replacement put in that is totally different than the one 10 years ago. Much improved for those with "osteoporotic" bones issues. This one talks about the spine, and he told me this information last Friday when I went in to discuss both the shudder and the Lumbar/Sacral spine surgeries. I was told 10 years ago, with the shoulder replacement it would probably "wear out" in about ten years or so... with new types o screws, equipment, and placement they last a great deal longer. Also, it may be that with the new ways they would do my Lumbar surgery, with smaller screws, and cemented hardware, and other new parts, my chances are much better for them to hod up without me having problems with the L-4,3,2,1 etc above the L-5/S1... I am still very nervous about the  Lumbar spine BUT  did finally get more information from my specialist on the surgery and how they have made dramatic changes. As far as the shoulder, I DO NOT really want a "2nd replacement: and hope t s more about the A/C being torn in several placements...those could be fixed without replacing the entire shoulder. I HAVE to get this shoulder fixed either way. It gets worse every day it feels like and I get to where I can do less and less with the arm...plus with the RA effecting m knuckles, fingers, thumbs so badly now, that makes it ever worse.

Monday, March 22, 2021



Blizzard of all blizzards in my town - never before!!


HOPEFULLY THINGS ARE UP AND many many OF OUR TOWN PEOPLE AND BUSINESSES HAD water lines breaks that plumbers were so swamped it was a nightmare - they are still trying to get back to somewhat normal!!!RUNNING AGING!!!

Today's Autoimmune etc newspaper... I SO APOLOGIZE FOR NOT having one out the past 10 days or so!!! The paper itself crashed and had massive problems due to weather... so hopefully they will be up and going daily once again... down due to the weather the has massive problems...up and going now for GOOD I Hope!!!

Monday, March 8, 2021

Shower/jacuzzi,rainfall,waterfall,sauna tub... trading for needing a walk in one seat shower, new wood under my toilet & it seated plus a few other things...

 Here is the tub/jacuzzi/steam/radio/phone/two shower heads, rainfall /waterfall, foot massager that I have now. It is in perfect shape other than a couple of pieces that are more for "looks" and nothing to do with how it works. It works perfectly... a couple of the hand holders need changing out, just because they are looking dingy... and the little rails that are where the shampoo etc hold, also need to be replaced, they also look kind of dingy and the waterfall, has some peeling on it.. but really none of those are expensive...and you can order them online... this tub now goes for almost 4,000.00 but they have it on sale in some places for about 2,800.00. I bought mine and it was shipped from overseas crated up and it was in perfect shape, beautiful glass doors and all. That was about 2007 I believe when I ordered it and took 6 weeks or so for it to arrive.We put it together ourselves - they are relatively easy to put together. We had a separate electric connection for it, and it has it's own electric box and it's a 120 just wanted it to be separate from our other breakers. I think I paid about 2,000.00 for it or so back then. Here is a URL and a photo of it... and the ONLY reason I am going to have to get rid of it is that for 1 - now with me being alone, having both knees replaced, and that hip fracture repaired, i can't really climb over to get into it. It is not hard and it has a step up into it, but with my other chronic health issues, even the pacemaker, I can't use the sauna or the jacuzzi due to the heat and even on my pain pump, I am not supposed to sit in a whirlpool, jacuzzi bath etc. - Now that I have had the cervical neck surgeries (2 of them a couple of years ago) and now I face a Posterior Lumbar Fusion in April at L-5/S-1, that fusion is really going to make it almost impossible for me to be alone climbing into that tub... so I just need a walk in shower, with one set, and a nook for shampoo, shower gel etc... It would also give me a great deal more space in my bathroom, since we enlarged it when we added that tub... if I have just a smaller, walk in shower, be easier to keep clean and clean...& I won't have to worry so much about falling, trying to get over into a tub. If anyone knows about anyone that maybe interested in buying it from me, or maybe even doing some trading... I need my toilet with new lumber and it reseated, plus I need flooring in my bathroom, and my lights and fan are up but they are not hooked up in the electrical box in my attic... I also need a new light fixture (I already bought it) hung at my back steps, and really could use some kind o a rail on one side of my back step to hold onto , and even on the front step, it's only 2 steps but a rail on one side would be great. Plus I had replaced a ceiling fan (did it myself) but something happened to it about a year later. So, I have a brand new one sitting here in a box, to be hung, which I could do "maybe" if I had an 8 foot ladder. Mine is 6 foot and it's not tall enough, plus I really don't need to be putting my arms over my head anymore... or I would have had it and those light up in the back by the back steps... If anyone knows of someone like I said that may want to do some trading along with cash, and since I have most of the parts, mainly is labor... I've got some tree limbs that I began cutting down myself, but I can tell I really don't need to be doing that myself... it's putting a strain on my neck and shoulders arms... It irks me, I have all the tools, and the "knowledge" to do most of it and used to do most would do it myself, until my body decided to "fall apart"... anyone with questions etc jus message me and I will answer...


Wednesday, March 3, 2021


 Due to blizzard weather here in TX. My internet has been down or 10 days off and on so that is why I have not gotten out to everyone.... Also I am still like many BEEN OUT OF RUNNING WATER FOR OVER 14 DAYS DUE TO A BAD PIPE SPLIT BEHIND MY WASHER.  Can't get plumber here due to so many in my town also with the issues.... I hope to get things back up and going SOON! I have already has to postpone my (PLFS) Posterior Lumbar Fusion Surgery 3 tomes due to weather and now no running water.... So it seems when it SNOWS blizzards here in TX it POURS and knocks out!

My today's Newspaper....


Monday, March 1, 2021

Need Plumbing Work, Have a wonderful Sauna, Tub, Rainfall, and more shower/tub to trade/sell needing to get things done before lumbar fusion surgery and more...

 Not sure about many of you but I have been basically without internet since the blizzard... it has been up and down morning, noon, midnight, all the time.. you are up one moment & the next it is down... it sucks..especially when there are things you really need to get done, like paying bills etc... by the way, since, (Jim passed away and the internet business higherpowered.com as I had not been reminded, did not get paid of course so that higherpowered.com address and site is no longer exists... which means I no longer have my MAIN email address for bills, for important issues ad so forth. For those that email me, which most of you just message me from here or send me a message or post, just keep doing that... I am having to go in and change ALL of my bills, and so forth, doctors, etc to a new email address... which I thought about making another new domain nam name myself. I have 2, one I had for a long time, the other is named for my blog, book, newspaper etc... which is the https://www.autoimmunearthriticsystemiclife.com

but I have to get with my domain provide to find out just how to set up an email address for that domain name... I hate to use that because it is so long, so I thought about buying a shorter domain and using an email from it. Right now, I have my very old yahoo and hotmail emails that I have kept up and they are still active. But, I have not used them so they are clean of spam etc... so I may use one of them for now. My gmail one is already full of junk... does not take long... I DID NOT of course have the surgery A WEEK AGO, ON THE 17TH, WHICH WAS WHEN WE HAD THE SEVERE BLIZZARD... so I am having again TO RESCHEDULE! I STILL DO NOT HAVE WATER! MY PLUMBER SEEMS TO BE EITHER SNOWED UNDER, OR I HAVE TO WONDER MAYBE HE JUST DOES NOT LIKE ME... I don't know but I am just about tired of it... this is now about 14 DAYS! WITHOUT RUNNING WATER, NO REAL SHOWER, USINF WATER LESS SHAMPOO, CANNOT WASH DISHES, SO USING PAPER ETC... CANNOT DO LAUNDRY... I think I may just have to try to get someone else out here if I don't get any results by tomorrow...I realize it is insane for ALL of the plumbers, but 14 days, is getting way too long... plus I NEED THIS TOLIET FIXED BEFORE I HAVE SURGERY... NO WAY with a lumbar fusion and back brace I can rely on this toilet with the boards almost rotten under it, PLUS IF I CAN GET SOMEONE TO COME OUT, THAT WANTS THIS HUGE TUB, WITH ALL OF THE sauna, two sprayers, rain shower, water flow, foot massager, the water jets and it will even let you hook your phone up to it and has a radio... the works... I cannot set down in it any longer, or several reasons, one I cannot get up if I did, two, with the heat I can't use the sauna or the jets, due to the pacemaker and the pain pump, so at 2,500.00 or more dollars I paid or it, it is fairly easy to take apart and put back together... and needs a couple of small pieces you can order, mainly "cosmetic nothing huge"... it stands on stainless steel legs... anyway, if I could get someone who wanted it, I would take a very small amount, to help cover the cost of I just need a "walk in shower" with one seat, and some place to hold shampoo conditioner etc.. I would settle for just one that accomodates a shower curtain rather than a glass door, as long as it does not leak in the floor... I would consider a 4th or less of what I paid for it, depending on how much a plain walk in shower with one seat, and shelves for shower items...nothing fancy just reliable and easy to maintain. So, if anyone wants to put this out about maybe even a plumber knowing someone who would want this sauna, shower, etc tub, and could do some trading, cash etc for putting in the shower.. or even doing the toilet, shower... etc... we could work out something... I am desperate..I will NOT be able to get in it after the surgery, I barely can now.

Sunday, February 14, 2021


     FROM 2 DAYS AGO UNTIL AT LEAST THE 18TH OF FEBRUARY WE ARE TO HAVE below freezing temps, as low as 1 degree! EVEN CORPUS HAS 5 DIFFERENT special weather condition statements as they have freezing temp as not been in many, many years! I have 2 gas heaters going, sometimes an electric heater where my washer and dryer are so the pipes don't freeze & trying to fathom it going from the upper 60's just a few days ago to 1 degree not including the wind chill!

My daughter who lives near Corpus usually are getting out shorts by now and they have 5 "Winter Advisories" there also....

The Governor of Texas has put out warnings to stay off highways and off roads all together, after already having 100 plus car pile up in Ft. Worth BEFORE the weather got this bad! Plus they have had several more bad multi car accidents in the past couple of days...

Tomorrow on the 15th, which happens to fall on Monday, is my birthday! The day I was born inn Feb 15th 1960, which then happen to fall on a Monday also, they had snow and sleet... Dad had to drive Mom over 20 miles to Corsicana when she went into labor and back then cars ran at best about 50 miles an hour and driving back then at 50 miles an hour was about the speed limit anyway! the funny thing is Mom did not want to get out of bed after she called Dad to tell him, "she thought" it was "time"... but they had to stop & pick up my Grandmother and of all times Dad had to stop & put gas in the car, all the while Mom in labor...I think by the time they got to the hospital I was "almost there".... 


Friday, January 29, 2021

Friday, January 22, 2021

As I turn to a New Chapter in my own health issues I am going to make my subject on my Blog and Social Media about the same...

 I AM going to change subjects on Social Media, Facebook & my Newspaper Online Line Daily... all of the things will still be there BUT I am going over more to "CHRONIC PAIN" & just how Horribly it Can effect the Body...

I was victim to that twice my doctor's said with the Heart Attacks at 40 and 50... "Broken Heart", & Chronic Pain.. I feel I am till here for a purpose... I feel that purpose has risen & I should grab Hold & take the subject...

Hearts know what Hearts wsnt

WEGO HEALTH - Following Fridays And I was Thrilled to Be Sponsored! Thank you WEGO Health for Acknowledging Us Patient Leaders!

I am so proud to be a part of WEGO Health!

https://www.instagram.com/p/CIGU0BZj6n9/WEGO Health _Patient Leader Recognition

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Our Nation Out of Control, So much for a Hope filled and Happy 2021! It's almost a night terror

 It is to the point of being unbearable, and just not even fathomable to believe what is happening in this nation....


As I Said below "SO MUCH FOR A HAPPY, HOPEFUL & BRIGHT 2021!😔 and if I said what I "think" I would probably have my home burned & be shot! Sorry folks I cannot fathom some of the things I've seen posted in places.... insanity, and now again rather than the focus on "COVUD-19" and the new strain that is already in TX, and all of those who have lost their lives or loved ones & now after that many people so elbow to elbow fighting, bleeding, breathing on one another... what about even worse than the pandemic than we already have! We don't have enough hospitals, beds, nurses, doctors, medications already and it just grows worse by the moment. What about all of us who are trying to "fight to keep well"? We are doing everything we can to avoid getting sick ourselves or making others sick??? We masks use curbside maintain distances, try and stay home, order online, sanitize, & I don't know about others but although I need a couple of things from the market today before the bad weather hits tomorrow, I FEAR going into any store..I am sure many will be in the stores not following guidelines and I am someone who really "should" have a vaccine... due to Lupus, RA. Heart conditions after 2 heart attacks, pseudo-gout plus the medications that cause me to be prone to getting sick & facing possible back surgery, but I have to wait, although even at a surgery center I still fear the virus, I have not started my new RA medication yet and should have 2 months ago, but feared changing it in the midst of all of this might cause me issues.. even my Rheumatologist does not know I have not changed. I am supposed to go to see him next Friday, but under what has happened I am going to ask for another virtual visit. even though he is in one of the doctor's buildings, they still are probably the largest medical facility with many hospitals... then I have to go to Dallas to have my pain pump refilled by the 18th. that one I can't miss, it has to be filled and the doctor has to do it. Then I was already hurting badly enough, and i guess due to this weather change coming, I could barely walk when I got up... I probably am in a Lupus/RA flare... BUT so many do not consider their consequinces of actions to what they can do to others, their families, friends & those out trying to help us daily. It is just almost unbearable and like some night terror in this country.

I am just completely frustrated with LIFE! People (it seems MANY have gone NUTS) I could not believe my eyes last night on the television! I completely turned off the news and watched other things... most channels were showing that horrid, terrible, insane scene in D.C.! To think I WALKED THRU THOSE VERY HALLWAYS in 2014!!!! When I went as an Ambassador with the Arthritis Foundation... and knowing how HUGE ND HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO GET AROUND IN THERE - HOW THE HECK THAT MANY PEOPLE COULD BREAK INTO CONGRESS IS BEYOND ME!!!! I HAVE ONE QUESTION??? IF "HOMELAND SECURITY" COULD NOT "NOW THIS AHEAD OF TIME" AND KEEP IT ROM HAPPENING HOW CAN WE FEEL SAFE FROM "OTHER TERRORISTS?" WE surely have ENOUGH "home grown ones right here!"

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