Monday, October 18, 2021

#Invisible Disabilities Week! October 17 - 23rd, 2021


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that there is a Invisible Disability week, maybe the rest of the world will figure out you can be ill and look fine. I was looking around on the internet for any new information on the new MS vaccine and sound this site. The vaccine is a by product of the Covid research, Pfizer is really excited, it is showing good results in small animal lab testing. Potter

Rhia's Autoimmune Arthritic Life said...

Thank YOU!!! You are so right about "Invisible Disabilities!" WE are often NOT taken seriously - Just because we may "look well" we can be extremely ill, with all types of chronic illnesses & chronic pain".. I find out "if" even some doctors "don't you see looking like you are own "death's door" as the old saying goes, they may not fully BELIEVE how badly you feel. I've learned to go looking as like YOU FEEL! If you feel like you've been backed over by a freight train" another saying..then go AS you truly feel, LIKE heel and back.. Rhia