Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Why is it no one can get plumbers, carpenters, electricians etc to come to do things at their homes anymore?

 It just seems impossible we can't find plumbers, carpenters, electricians etc. I would even go ahead & have the walk in shower put in, have someone finish the lights in my bathroom and the fan..they are already in the ceiling & wire ran up, they just need to be hooked into the main electrical wiring. I would have flooring put in and as I said, if someone would like to take this huge sauna/tub/tub/shower/jacuzzi I would be willing to possibly let them take it. ALL of these things are not huge they just need to be completed. If I could still climb around in the attic & do some of this stuff I would do it myself.There is nothing wrong with it, BUT after all of my surgeries, joint replacement etc I no longer can climb over into it without fear of falling. I paid LOTS of money to get it shipped here, and then we pu it together ourselves. It is NOT make into the wall, but stands on i's own, s it is not hard to take apart. It really just needs to be cleaned where I have had the caulking around it & then new one put on as it is put back together again. I have heard of these places that can do these walk in showers and wkl take the tub out etc... but I fear trusting them. Has anyone trie to have anything like this done as fr as remodeling etc by Lowe's or Home Depot? It is really ashamed, because I have MOST of the things like the lights, mirror, a new light fixture for th outside of the house that comes off and on, and have all kinds of cordless tools, from drills, to a BRAND NEW CORDLESS LAWNMOWER HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO USE YET, that brand new troy-bilt tiller with all of the oil etc and different parts, a almost brand new cordless chain saw plus all the other tools I needed over the years.. but as it came along I had to be more cautious about climbing, putting tree limbs down, and so forth, it is a nightmare for me to see all of this sit here & me not use it. My laundry room is terrible. It needs new walls inside and out, and a new floor laid in. Like I said i have the things and the "knowledge" but not the physical part to get me through these projects.

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