Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Markets' Responsbilities to their PAYING CUSTOMERS! They do NOT care anymore "what or how they sell products"

Asking for "Your Opinions".... If this had or "did happen" to you in your market, how would you feel about it?

I realize there are other subjects, like many of us that are "disabled" and although we go with a disability placard, we may not "look like" something is wrong, oh some days and others we may appear like we feel, and can barely walk. And people are peering at us, or if you have food stamps, and the checkers give us that "look like we are "trash"... or any number of things that as those with "invisible illnesses" may not "go out everyday" appearing as if we are on our "last legs".

As I had explained on a teleconference the other day, we still get those "looks".. like we are "faking" . Yet, below is just as bad, although it's not really about illness or disability, it does effect our "health" or could... if you buy a certain products that are "expired" or contain something "odd" that they should not... those very things can hospitalize or even cause someone to lose their life.

I talk often about the "stress" of life these days. NOTHING is "simple" anymore. Not one day for most people seems "easy" or "without some type of stress. I realize we are our own "worst enemy" when it comes to causing our lives to be entangled in a mess of bills, jobs, technology... so much that was made to make life and stress less, and jobs better, as we "work ourselves" right out of jobs, or the computer gives us "more trouble" than making something quicker.

We have taken away the "human contact" that used to be something we enjoyed. And the "automated" phone calls have just about gotten to where it's impossible to "talk to a "human" on the phone. After 45 minutes of the run a round, from one "voice", music", another voice, another hold, and then they either "hand up" or say "leave a message and they will return your call in 24 hours."

I had posted below on my Facebook page, but it reminded me of another conversation I just had over the weekend, and just how it effects those who are "chronically ill" and all of us.... so I wanted to add it in.

Well ALL of you are in agreement with my thoughts. IF I was a manager or owner of a market, and NO MATTER who the "vendor" was, if my employees saw a product "expired" on the shelves, they would be instructed to bring it to me, or the management, and let the manager handle it when the vendors came in and yes, I agree those vendors must have an "inventory" of stores, what products they leave, what dates those products expire, and it is of course their responsibility to pick those up and replace them. BUT, what irked me yesterday and my problem is this is AN ONGOING VERY FREQUENT ISSUE WITH THE STORE... it is NOT just "one product" it's their "vendors", it is "their own STORE BRAND" and she would not even "listen" to me.... when I was trying to explain, (I had bought two "Mrs. Baird's" pies one cherry and one peach on the 9th. The same day I bought some candles marked down that were marked to 3.88 and had been 7.99 "Frebreeze" brand... which I usually don't buy those, but they were a good price for that, so I bought two of them. I got home, and as soon as I took the little plastic top off of one, a piece of the glass was "chipped" and fell off into the candle. Well, some people may not use those glasses left, but I use the "candle containers" especially the large glass ones with lids for everything.

I have LOTS of them, and they are good for so many things that I put in them... so first of all that chip was where you could cut your finger, or it might "crack" when the candle was burning, plus although this one did not have a "lid" I knew I would find some use for it, so I took it back the very next day on the 10th... to exchange it, and I was going to buy a 3rd one because I did like the way the one I had burned smelled and it burns down "correctly" and it didn't burn up within a few hours... I took my receipt and the chipped one to customer service, and the one lady took it with the receipt and I went to get one to replace it and another one to buy. Well when I got back, another girl, who happened to be the girl that was sacking my stuff the day before with the candles because she even wrapped them in paper sacks so they would not get broken.... and the candle and my RECEIPT and the other woman had "disappeared".... well for the moment, the girl knew about the ordeal, since she was the one that sacked my stuff the day before, so she did an exchange (and by the way when I was back picking out those 2) I picked up about 7 or 8 OF THEM AND EVERY GLASS WAS CHIPPED OFF IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE!

And I even told her, that those were marked down BUT really with those chips in them they should mark them down more... anyway, I get home, and I had NOT opened those two Mrs. Baird's pies yet... so on the 10th in the evening, I did open the cherry one just to take a small bite... I was starving, I had not eaten since breakfast and just wanted a bite until dinner... well as soon as I pulled it out of the box, the "little bit of glazing" usually on them was "gone" as if it soaked into the pie and the crust was almost mushy... so I looked at the expiration date and it was dated JANUARY 7TH, 2019!!! I had bought it on JANUARY 9TH!!! So then I "look at the date on the peach one" and it was dated for a couple of weeks ahead BUT I open it up and took a small bite and it had 'NEON LIKE PINK STUFF" right inside the crust in places...!!!

I even looked to make sure I had not touched something and did it myself, but no I had just washed my hands and there was NOTHING like that to get on that pie! So, I boxed both of them up and took them back on the 11th!!!! Well the woman that waited on me has worked their since "grass" started to grow LOL... forever... and RATHER THAN LISTEN TO ME because I was going to mention the expired yogurt, the fruit with gnats all over it, fruit with mold on it, expired bread, and other things, cheese I had bought shredded that should have been good until Mid Feb. and got mold on it by the 3rd 2nd week in January, and just a number of things they either DO NOT STOCK ANYMORE, OR NEVER STOCK ENOUGH, or it's expired AND NOT JUST ONE BRAND, IT'S THE STORE BRANDS STUFF, ALONG WITH VENDORS STUFF ALSO... and she kept saying "do you want two pies" or what" I finally said NO, I WANT MY MONEY BACK! She did NOT want to even hear a word, blamed it ON STRICTLY THE VENDORS AND SAID IT WAS NOT THEIR JOB, and the people behind me I am sure heard it all, and she did not LIKE the fact, I was griping about their stuff. I took my 2.00 and left to pick up something I needed...

Well, I walk back to where there are some "Bimbo baked goods... and I picked up a couple of different ones because they had them marked 3 for 3.00 IF you BUY 3! Well, EVERY ONE WAS EITHER OUT OF DATE BY 2 OR 3 DAYS, OR WAS GOING OUT OF DATE THAT DAY OR THE NEXT!!!!! I sat right there and I am sure anyone close heard me say, YEAH AND I GUESS IT'S NOT THESE EMPLOYEES OR MANAGERS RESPONSIBILITY TO SELL OUT OF DATE MERCHANDISE THAT COULD MAKE SOMEONE SICK! I was so pissed... there fortunately was only 3 things I needed and it took me 15 minutes to FIND THE DAMNED DATES ON THEM! THAT IS ANOTHER GRIPE OF MINE... THE manufacturer's either put those expiration dates OVER THE OTHER WRITING, OR SO SMALL YOU CAN'T FIND IT, OR IN THE SAME COLOR OF A COLOR ON THE LABEL, anything to "HIDE the damned date stuff expires" because they do not WANT US TO FIND THOSE DATES!!!!

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