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Sunday, December 8, 2019

New Flu Treatment Approved, RA Doctors how many have you seen?

FDA approves new drug to treat influenza

On the "average" how many Rheumatologists have you seen before you found one that was "okay" as far as treatment, diagnosis and so forth?

I FINALLY did get to the RA's Office on Friday. Of course I rarely see him & have to see his NP or PA (actually I am not sure which one she is). I believe she is in school to finish up the PA License. Anyway, I had to go over the entire story starting from about the end of May or so, till the pacemaker finally. Actually I had filled all of that out & more earlier that week before going to the office SOnI would NOT have to spend 45 minutes telling it again. Alas, if it had been my DOCTOR, he would have read it all, and knew exactly what had been happening with me. He always is on top of everything when I can see him. I told herI already had labs done (including everything there is I think) about 8 weeks ago for the pacemaker. I also told her from now on send my "lab request with me, I will have them done here at my PCP Office. At SW in Dallas, they CHARGE separately for labs & last time they did not tell me they changed that so it cost me the co-pay and then another 70.00 for "my part of the labs).. when I asked why it changed the lady on the phone said the doctors "lease" the offices, so that is separate now from the clinic! BULL! My RA Physician TEACHES, DOES CLINICAL ROTATION, DOES RESEARCH, & SEES VERY FEW PATIENTS..So, I have to believe whomever doing the billing for the labs is not billing correctly.. She put me back on the exact same meds I had been on that honestly I don't think work. She was shocked how much worse the RA was, especially when my left hand, wrists ,fingers, thumb was so bad. I am not sure if they are right on their diagnosis. Those fingers on the left hand are continuing to "turn"n& the middle finger is laying on top of my ring finger. Frankly after the last time I took 8 or 9 weeks of antibiotics, & they never did know if I had "reactive infectious arthritis" or the RA was getting worse or what. I came home Friday in rush hour traffic from Dallas & was just disgusted with it all. I FEAR the Enbrel now since it's an injection weekly & I seem to not stay free from infections then add the Enbrel & that can cause them to be worse. Plus here is the flu season. Sounds like we are in for a huge problem with people being extremely ill even in the hospital with the flu this season. So, be sure to GET YOUR FLU SHOT, get the kids to understand to wash hands, not drink or eat from others & if anyone has the slightest sign of flu, go immediately & get the new shot. It won't _cure_ it but it will keep you far less ill, & get you well within a few days rather than like some and take a month or get pneumonia. (Xofluza, which can be taken via a single oral dose to help patients recover more quickly from the flu.)

Friday, March 9, 2018

Young Women from 24 to 32 or so that really NEED HELP TO GET THEIR LIVES ON TRACT... AND wanting a 2nd chance & the difficult time they have. Me, lupus, RA, Sinus infections infections and Life!

Lupus Flares, Pain Pump refill, Young Women & getting another chance to change their lives, LIFE, and Chronic Illnesses with PAIN!

Everyone, it has been MORE THAN AN INSANE WEEK OR MORE FOR ME! Between my own doctors visits, and a friend had a new baby and there were issues, but all is well now, I had to go over to the next town in our county to renew my driver's license, since it's been 12 YEARS LOL since I had gone in and took a new photo etc, I had to physically go in this time to renew it. That took forever; although I must say the system now is better than it used to be. Then I had another friend with problems, and was trying to find some help for her, along with my own other stuff, cutting tree limbs, and I've got to get to the market today, but I have not had time to clean my house like it needs, and then I have to take a shower, and it's so pretty outside, I need about "5 of me cloned" so I can do 20 things at once!!!! I have not felt that great yet either. In fact, I have not started my RA meds yet, since being ill with the sinus infection. For some reason, I was running a fever, low grade, but still a fever Monday. 

I went in for my pain pump to be refilled, and when they checked it, sure enough I had a low grade temp. I came home and checked it myself, and I was still running a bit of one. I didn't run any fever at all with the sinus infection. Plus, I have kind of "stopped" running a low grade temp with the Lupus. Used to I seemed to almost have a low grade one daily with the Lupus. It went back down and as far as I know has been back to normal the past couple of days. But, I was concerned so I still kept off the Actemra and the new Xeljanz, until I could see what the temp was all about. But, I've had a damned headache, and a bad one at times, for the entire week! IT could be "stress" or maybe I have a Lupus flare, that will give me a Lupus Migraine from hell at times. 

So, yesterday I "almost" went BACK for a 4th time since the 1st part of January and had them give me a prednisone injection for the headache. But, I toughed it out yesterday, and it is not so bad so far this morning. So, it could be anything causing it. With everything going on, as I said I could be more "stressed" out than I think and it's causing the headache. Usually I don't have one that bad. 

When they are bad enough I want to scream and cry, usually it's due to a Lupus flare, or I am sick with something. So, I am going to take the Actemra later this evening and then take my 1st Xeljanz tomorrow and see how things go. Please keep me and those couple of people in your prayers, with problems and the young woman with a new little baby girl. She needs lots of prayers, so she can get her life together, and get back on her feet. The very "odd" thing is, lately, I know of about 4 people, that have someone in their lives in the same situation. The nurse that comes to see me weekly from my insurance, is helping a young woman with kids, and her trying to get her "stuff" together, and the young woman I know. Then my daughter also knows a young woman going through about the same situation, and I have another friend that has a daughter who is really trying to get her life on tract, get a job, her own place to live, and put herself back on the right roads.0 

These young women ALL need our prayers. It seems that many of them at about 25 years old, either get involved with the "wrong crowd", have a child or children, either the Dad is not there or does not help out, and they are desperately trying to dig their way into a 2nd chance. But, that is hard to do... it's hard to get any assistance these days, it takes so much time, paperwork, and red tape. Then of course we have some that have "abused" it, so that makes the ones that really WOULD benefit and try to do right unable to get the help they need. So, something about that age group, some between about 24 to even 32 or so, really lots of young women out there with the same problems... and NO PARENTS, that either will help, or are even around to help.... it sucks, and i AM SO PROUD THAT BOTH OF MY ADULT KIDS ARE IN A PRETTY GOOD SPOT, AND HAVE THEIR HEAD ON THEIR SHOULDERS RIGHT!  For that I am BLESSED AND GRATEFUL FOR SURE!!!! Have a good weekend everyone!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Catching Up, Letting You know what is going on in my neck of the woods, and telling you I am still here and will be working on my blog.., so don't give up on me....

 What's Going On with Me, Facing Surgery on my neck and lumbar spine, The RA getting worse, going to the "casino" hopefully & giving you a thumbs up I am STILL HERE!

I've got my reservations to go to Winstar on Monday and stay overnight. Of course I've tried to go at least 3 times over the past couple of months., and something always either happens, or the Lupus Flares on me, so I have to postpone my trip. I DO have many things to attend to, and feel guilty even running off overnight. But, unless this "cold" or whatever the hell hit me a couple of days ago, I hope to be able to get away for a day and night. Lord knows I need it. Actually I need about a week's vacation away from everything. But, then I have the fur-kids, and they already give me enough grief when I leave for a few hours, even with the "sitter" coming in a couple of times a day, they would be a total mess, if I left for that long.

Ironically, now that I am just "me" and "them" (Bub's and Peanut) I spend more times "talking" to them, or talking to me, or singing if I am in the car, or I go into the stores, and I am constantly trying to "quietly" talk to myself. My way of making sure, I don't forget anything important when I go out and do errands.

I've got several decisions to make, some of them have got to be made SOON, like about my Humana insurance. Open enrollment will end on Dec. 7th or so, so I have to make up my mind whether to keep what I have or go to a different plan and so forth. Some things are probably going to change now as far as my insurance, etc. I feel my best thing is to stay with what I have now, even though a couple of my own doctors are not "preferred providers"... this plan allows to me go to a "non-network" provider, and the insurance will pay some after I meet the deductable. That seemed to be okay last year. The only real issue is that my special orthopedic surgeon, unless things change is NOT a preferred provider, so I have to pay his portion of surgery out of pocket, but I know last year that was not all that bad, and the hospital WILL get paid as a preferred provider, so, that makes it a great deal better. I've learned after my hernia surgery, when my doctor was NOT a preferred provider, but the surgery center was, he was kind enough to knock down the price on his end, so I didn't have to pay him a great deal, and in fact I think they sent me back a little bit of a refund.

But, of course, since I put off TWO surgeries last year, both of which this orthopedic surgeon is the ONLY one I trust to do anything to my neck or spine, I will have to encounter bills from him for that. By the time one surgery is done though, I should meet that deductible thus that way, I may not be out of pocket a great deal for the 2nd one. My neck is a must. Plus I don't know what we are going to do about the RA. My right hand, of course my "dominant" hand, is in such horrible shape now, that after trying to stir something, or cut a couple of small limbs, or paint on a wall for even a half hour, cannot open jars, and I can't carry much of anything with that hand and arm. The swelling had increased so much between my thumb, forefinger, and now I have developed a "lump" on my forefinger, which is probably from the RA, and that arm and hand, wrist, continue to grow weaker all the time. I FORCE myself to use it, so I can keep at least some strength in it, but it will almost "lock up" at times, with the RA, so bad. I had a follow up with my Rheumy about 6 weeks ago, and they put me back on the MTX, but it is not working at all. The dose is not as much as when I was on it before, but I don't think it will be the answer.

I also suspect that some of the pain, weakness, and so forth are from my neck, rather than just the RA. With one almost completely flattened disc, and another one probably almost as bad, those in themselves can cause the weakness, pain, stiffness, and some of the symptoms... plus now I find it harder to turn my head, my shoulder blade is beginning to have that "burning sensation" from the compressed nerves in my neck, and now even sitting here for a little while trying to type, that hand, arm, shoulder blade, and even down into my "side" are hurting and feel like muscle spasms, especially in my right side. Of course everyone with any type of joint, cartilage, and bone issues, know that when this weather changed, it did NOT help matters.

As I mentioned at first, I'm either fighting off a cold, or hopefully NOT some type of throat infection. I even almost felt as if I was losing my voice, late yesterday afternoon, and my throat has been kind of sore, along with my lymph nodes once again hard as marbles under my ears.

So, that is why I said I "hope" to be able to get to go to the Casino without having to postpone it again, since my body is trying to fight off "something"... here in town there are a growing number of strep throat issues, along with what they may call it scarlatina, It is a very red rash that goes along at times with strep throat, and there was an article last week in the paper here that our doctors are seeing many cases cropping up...

Out of everything I HAVE had, (I hope I don't jinx myself) I've never had "strep throat".... I had horrible tonsillitis & had those taken out when I was about 12 or so. But, I've never tested positive for strep throat, which is a good thing. You can be a "carrier" though and not have a case of it. Neither one of my kids had strep either, ear infections, they outgrew, but not strep.

Anyway, I am actually working on a "list" or in the process of, the things I need to get done (LIKE GET MY HUGE HOUSE PLANTS IN) before the weather gets too bad on them... and believe me, almost all of them, especially 3 of them are so huge, thank goodness I have this "roller type dolly" made for plants to try and get them in the house. My Palm tree now that has put on 3 or 4 new prawns over the summer, stands taller than my front door. And my fern, that started from a half dead 2.00 one I got at HEB is about 20 feet or so in diameter, and they take up a great deal of space, and are very heavy.... plus I have 4 HUGE Airplane plants, that are as large as I've ever seen so they also are extremely heavy and bulky... so again I am glad I bought that plant dolly a couple of years ago.

The BEES are about gone! He came back out last week and collected as much honey out of that bus as he could reach. It was between two of the heavy metal pieces inside the bus, and he had to cut into all of that to get to the main hive, found the queen, and he said there are now more than 40,000 bees, that came out of that bus!!!!

But NOW, getting someone who has the truck, trailer and wench to pull that piece of heavy bus up onto a flatbed, and haul it to Maverick or someone they can sell it to, will be a chore. I've tried to get the word out, because I am sure with all the heavy metal in it, it would bring some bucks, if you could get it hauled to somewhere like that, that buys scrap metal.

Anyway, there are always a billion and one things you can find that need to be done when you have a home.... I had almost forgotten I STILL HAVE THAT DAMNED BROKEN GLASS in my back bedroom... that I have almost solidly taped in with Duck Tape, and have cardboard over it, but I fear at anytime it could come crashing out of there. I could put a new piece in myself, but needing someone else to help hold it up while it is "pinned" in and then glazed or hell I've put some caulking in a couple of mine in that back room for now. It helps to sturdy that old glass pane stuff, for now, and really those 5 windows need the other "storm type windows" put over them like the rest of the house...So again another project... they just keep coming and coming...

I have got to get busy, so I close for now.... again still lots of stuff needing to be done, taken care of, and so forth... thus the reason I am not here very much. I am online some, looking things up and so on, but I don't have a great deal of time to post on FB. I do well to post on my blog, and do a couple of other things...

Hope all is well with each of you.... Me....

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Information on FM and How the Weather Effects IT - Just like those of us with any type of joint/muscle issues, Lupus, RA, Osteoarthritis & So Much More

Also things We Hope Others that Know Us have Learn about Chronic Pain during Chronic Pain Awareness Month

And The Staggering Toll The Chronic Pain Takes on So Many!

We continue to be a very LONG way from resolving the MANY issues and illnesses that result in so often severe and many times Daily CHRONIC PAIN! Those that have never experienced this type of ailment have no clue as to how it effects every aspect of your life. We are not "insane or crazy"... and we do not have "chronic pain" to get attention. We don't use it as an "excuse" to get out of work, family gatherings, going out or helping with things. We are truly in such pain, that often times just a loud noise can make us shutter in such terrible pain. Whether it be headaches, bone and joint pain, nerve pain of so many types, pain from the back, from illnesses such as FM, Lupus, RA, Osteoarthritis, and lately I have learned that even DEMENTIA can cause "chronic pain". So the next time you see someone that appears to be hurting, or they park in a "handicapped" spot with a placard, and they "seem" to "look okay" - NEVER take that for granted... many of us try to "hide" our pain in public, we don't want anyone to feel sorry for us, or look at us oddly, or start asking lots of questions. So, we find ways to either "hide" that pain for a bit, or we just don't go out and stay behind closed doors until it is where we can make it out without showing the pain.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


This is NO NEW NEWS to me - I've told doctors since I was about 17 years old, with the start of migraines THE WEATHER HAD LOTS TO DO WITH THEM, and as the years went by and I developed so many issues with Lupus, RA, joints needing surgeries and anything joint, bone related, the weather DOES PLAY A PART in the pain, swelling and inflammation.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

More about Wound Care Specialists, Severe Pain that is driving me about insane, too much to do, Mom and what I fear is dementia or Alzheimer's & as always more.....

At this moment my Mother does not know just how upset I am with her. But, I totally intend to tell her today! After she had the issues with her stomach, and some intestinal issues, she lost some weight, because she just would NOT eat! I mean she went for DAYS and would barely eat or drink anything! I took Ensure over there, took everything I could think of, suggested everything I could possibly suggest, and finally took her to our PCP who put her on medication to "increase" her appetite, and some new medication they are using for chronic constipation, especially from certain medications. She has a lumbar spine issue, and had been on NSAID's. That has been going on for months, and the pain specialist even gave her Norco to take every 6 hours when needed. Which at first she refused to take, until the NSAID"S caused kidney output issues, that sent her to a Nephrologist, who took her off NSAID's (which our PCP has already done) and cut back her Lasix some temporarily until she had a kidney sonogram, which has been done last week, and more blood work on Monday next week. Then she follows up with him the first week in December. I feel things will return to normal. I feel it was the generic Celebrex that caused the issues, and now her kidney functions should be fine. But, he made the mistake of coming out and telling her she maybe facing Level 4 "kidney output" which means one step away from dialysis... I had told this before, and how I reprimanded him for even mentioning that word to her before he even knew WHAT was causing the problem, and before he even read the chart from our PCP etc... I was so mad at him... but MOM will NOT ask questions, she will not speak, she just sits there, listens, and then leaves not understanding a word... and having 15 questions, she never asked, and expects ME to figure it out, explain it, and then even at that she is so totally confused, she does not even know "if" she takes her meds now, or "if" she is taking the proper meds at the right dose. I cannot say enough that I have explained, I have a typed out list, of what she takes, when, how much, what it is for, and which doc prescribed it, and she still cannot get it right... she blames the pharmacy but she goes in, takes her "bottles" rather than calling them in BEFORE SHE GOES... and expects them to have them ready immediately even if she has NO REFILLS! Then she gets mad when they cannot get them okayed by the doc right then! I have talked till I am blue in the face, and nothing goes into her thick skull. I spend more time going over there to explain medications, that she cannot get straight... and she will do NOTHING for herself anymore. She won't leave the house for days and days and days, because it's cold, well it is winter! And mu body hates cold weather, and I hurt, am stiff, without my pain pump, with two HOLES in my legs, and I have to MAKE myself, but I get up and move, rather than lay in bed and mope! I even had the doctor put her on antidepressants, she is so totally depressed, and she decided her "breathing" was not right. So, she went in to her cardiologist, that told her the leaky valve was in such good shape now, that she can't even "hear" the leak! She also told her the shortness of breath, the weakness, the stiffness and pain is from having stomach issues, losing weight and muscle too quickly, not eating, and then now not exercising, walking, or something to improve her muscle tone, especially in her thighs... that is why she stays cold all the time, why she feels weak, and walks "slumped over forward"... and she just walks now "shuffling her feet" like she is almost what I see in people with very bad Alzheimer's.... So, Wednesday around noon or so, and had just gotten out of the shower, and my phone rings... my hair was not even dry yet, and she is "mad" again... she let the car sit there for well over a week, and did not even start it and let it run, so the battery was down AGAIN! And she was "out of everything to eat in the house"... so I told her I would finish getting ready, bring the battery charger over, put it on trickle charge and let it sit for a day or so, and I would take her to the store. Well, we get in there, and all she bought was paper towels, toliet paper and facial tissues! Barely anything to eat, but 3 pieces of "salami" she has sliced, and a small loaf of bread... and some already made bisquits and sausage to microwave! I was the one that really did not need much, mainly stuff to clean my dentures, BC powders, more large bandaid's... but I bought more groceries than she did... I bought a ham to put in the freezer, and several other food items... and we got to the front to check out, I looked at her and said, are you now eating paper towels? I thought you said you had nothing in the house to eat? Well, I know what she did... she decided NOT to buy what she really needed, because she was upset over the car not starting, and decided she would not buy all of what she needed at the time... which was totally stupid... here she was, did not even have to carry any of it in... I could help her, and griped the entire time about how heavy a 2 liter coke was, and how everything is too heavy to carry in... it took me only 5 years to finally convince her to use the reusable grocery bags... that are so much easier, hold stuff better, with handles, and you don't have 50 tiny plastic bags that hold nothing to try and deal with... anyway, I had already TOLD her at least FIVE TIMES that I had the appointment yesterday, in Duncanville, with the wound care specialist... and even though I had some idea what they would do, as far as debriding the abscesses... I was not totally sure, and had no clue how long I would be there etc... I never "asked" her to go, but she knew it was a new doctor, something I had never been through before, up in the Dallas area... etc... so even when I left her house Wed. afternoon again I reminded her of the appt the next day at 1PM in Duncanville... I could tell she was NOT going to offer to go... hell she did not even want to go to the grocery store, so I knew her not saying anything was her way of saying I don't want to go with you... but I called her about 11:30 yesterday morning. I was leaving at noon... to tell her I was leaving, and it maybe later that evening before I could take the charger off the car, or even today, Friday before I would get over... well, when I called SHE WAS STILL IN BED!!!! Again for over a week, she stays in bed until almost NOON! She never did that before! She was always up fairly early, may lay back down for a bit if it was too early, but she would get up, bake, do things around the house, and so forth.. she may sit for a time, but she was usually up and about for at least part of the day... now all she does it stay in bed and gripe because her back hurts so bad.. but will not take the pain meds as she can to help with the pain, and then will admit if she "gets up and stirs" around the pain is "better".... but yet, she was still in the bed after 11:30 in the morning... and then had the nerve to tell me, SHE DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THE APPT. she "thought" I was going back to the "surgeon" in Waxahachie!!!! She knew that was NOT true! I had told her when my PCP wanted me to go, what I was going to do and see, a wound care specialist, and she had been told numerous times it meant going to Dallas... so then I don't get home until after 4 yesterday afternoon... so I change, say hello to Bub's, and get things back in order and then call her to tell her, I was not going to mess with the battery thing until today... it was late, I was totally exhausted, and she did not need the car yesterday afternoon anyway... and again, she said, I think I have been "out of it"... I did not know you were going to Dallas, to this specialist... and I said YES, you are out of it, and YOU DID KNOW, because I told you a half dozen times, including Wednesday afternoon, again... that I had to go the next day and be there at 1PM.. and it was in Duncanville... and then she said something about sleeping so much, and again I told her that she is suffering from "disuse syndrome" and that staying in the bed and NOT DOING as her doctors have told her only makes her more weak, feel more pain, and worse health wise and mental wise... and then she said, "well I have nothing to do"... BULL, she is always able to find something to do around the house, she could have been up, dressed and went with me, and at least got out of the house, rather than sleep till noon, and then gripe because she is cooped up, cold, and weak, and in pain.... anyway, I just bit my tongue on the phone, but I totally intend on giving her a good talking to today when I go over... this is totally stupid... to all of a sudden lay down and decide to just give up and wallow around in your own self pity... anyway, I guess I should not post this here, but I am sick of her playing me and I spend more time messing with her stuff, and don't think I resent it, I moved back here to "help her".., BUT not everything... not all that she suddenly has decided she can't do... I already do enough almost daily for her, and the rest (she even decided it is too much trouble to go to church)... my Grandmother went to church everyday, without fail with her sister... so going to Mass on Sunday morning, certainly is not something she can't do anymore... that is just an excuse... okay... well enough griping and being disgusted with her attitude... I have my own stuff to do... I still have to try and see about this bracket on the ceiling fan, along with a billion other things I need to do... more later guys and gals....

More on Mom, pain, and wondering if I am LOSING MY MIND!
I saw it again yesterday... I "told her" 3 times about blood work she needs to have done "Monday"... and when I got up to leave, she said, I can go by myself "tomorrow" to have the blood work done... and we had JUST discussed it was "Friday"! I turned to her ad said, well if you think they are open on Saturday, I guess that would be fine.. and then I said "Mom, you can't even keep up with the days of the week, or what time it is, I am not sure you can go to have lab work done yourself... besides I had JUST ALSO TOLD HER that I had the ORDERS for it! Sometimes it is so frustrating also... because I just feel like I repeat and repeat and remind, and she still just does NOT get it. I walked in yesterday, and she was "looking" for something. I asked her what she was looking for, and she said you know the "stuff" for... and began to make a "circle" with her fingers... I said the "Meclazine" for vertigo... and she said yes, and I thought I had a whole new bottle.. I looked up and it was sitting on the kitchen cabinet... and I pointed and said hey, there it is right there... and she said I don't recall putting it there.... I did not know whether to feel badly, or be just plain mad... honestly... it gets very old... very quickly, and with my own health issues at this moment, and honestly my PAIN LEVEL EXCEEDS "10" at this time, and it about 80!!! if that was on the chart... everything on me hurts today... everything. and my pain meds did not come in yesterday, which concerns me, because the nurse at my docs office called Thursday afternoon and said she got them to the pharmacy... and they usually get those mailed out that same day, unless she did it very LATE in the day, as she does sometimes I think just to be an "arse" to put it bluntly.... so hopefully they will be here today, I will be out of the strongest ones by Monday morning, really Sunday night.. she always does that too, knowing that they come to me from a pharmacy in Dallas, she will cut it to the very last moment, and you pray you don't run out before your new script arrives... it is sometimes just frustrating... LOL... I guess I am a bit upset over everything today.... I have SO MUCH to do, and I hurt so badly, everything I try to do is just so difficult to contend with... my pain level has not been this bad in a long time, but it is surely making up for it right now...

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New News on the "News" Page of My Blog!

I added something kind of cool to my "News" page. You can go to the URL listed there and see how the weather maybe effecting your Arthritis and Joints, Pain!

Friday, January 9, 2015

An Article About Chronic Pain - How Horrible weather can be on those with chronic pain, joint problems, and chronic illnesses that effect joints, bones, and more

Great Article about "chronic pain" especially joint pain and the weather. I know for myself, that like yesterday, the very sudden huge drop in temp - from about 50 to 18 degrees yesterday a.m. sent me into one of the worst days of my life with pain. Ironically we were going to my pain doctor, BUT he was seeing Jim yesterday, not me. I wanted so badly to tell him that I could sit in the floor and scream, I hurt so badly, but I knew the appointment was not "about me", thus he knew by looking at me I was hurting... anyway, I had a headache that is one of the worst I've ever had even from years back with my migraines, and NOTHING would stop it. Believe me I tried everything I could think of. Then my neck was so stiff I could literally NOT turn my head to see over my shoulders while driving. I had to turn my whole body and use mirror. Then my lower back hurt so much, I honestly thought I had kidney stones. And my legs, ankles, feet, wrists, and my thumbs were so terribly bad, I felt they were stiff, and just was not able to move them without horrid pain. Now, the weather I KNOW "in my bones" (no pun intended) has effected me for years and years. Even when I would have migraines in my 20's and 30's the dramatic weather change could bring them on almost every time. No one quite believed me, and then when I began to see my Orthopedic Surgeon and he did all of the joint replacement and surgeries on me, he totally agreed the weather would absolutely effect pain, especially joint pain. Even the "phantom" knee pain I get with my knees, that seems like I never even had them replaced will come on with a vengeance when we experience storms and so forth. So, let not anyone make you think you are crazy, when your pain is worse in weather fluctuations. I think it is definitely so. Yesterday was living proof for me. But, I am also hurting today, so far not quite as badly as yesterday, but I can tell if i were to get up and really start moving around I would be in a world of hurt... which sucks. Because I have to get out today cold, bitter weather or not, and pick up scripts both of us have had filled. The visit with my pain doctor for Jim went well yesterday. Finally someone that will work with him. But of course this is ALL coming out of our pockets, and everyone knows office visits and medications are NOT cheap. I dread picking his up, and then this is my first time having anything filled since I had the new insurance start on the 1st. So, I hope the hell I don't have major issues with United Health and my MAP... I will be so pissed if I start having hell getting meds etc paid for. That is why I dreaded the change from Humana so much and just put it off the last two years. But, more and more of my physicians were dropping Humana, even my PCP, thus I decided to change over to United Health... is it a "Secure Horizons" AARP endorsed Medicare Advantage Plan. This one hopefully will not be too difficult, because I am already established and have been for years with all of my physicians. So, they assured me since I've been on the meds, and have been seeing these doctors for years things should go fairly smoothly with the transition. I will believe it, when I go today and try to pick up the scripts.....

Talking About "Good RX" card for prescriptions....

I can guarantee ALL of you that either do not have insurance for prescriptions, or need an extra amount off of your meds... I have used this twice for Jim's meds since we have NO coverage for him, and the meds even though "generic" are ALL expensive. There is no way we could pay full price on them. Well, I got hold of this URL and found "GoodRX" through a Google search. I can say that it is TOTALLY worth using. You can use it in just about any pharmacy... all of our local pharmacies take it and you get a better discount in some than others. But, you can look up all of the prices at different locations right on their website, so you know just about the cost before you even go to try and have them filled. We have well over 200.00 or possibly more in costs for 4 of his scripts and 3 of them came out to 69.00 rather than 150.00 or more. You can either just pull the coupons or copy of the card online and print it and they will also send you a regular card if you wish and request it. Unlike some of the ones that save you a bit here and there, this one truly so far has been a life saver for us. Between having to fork out the cash for a damned expensive pain doctor in which he has to go MONTHLY... and then medications that even in generic can be out of the bounds of reasons, I have been as pleased as it is possible to be pleased when having to spit out money you really don't have. But, there is not much choice... we either pay for it out of our pockets, or he just does not go, and does not have any meds either... so neither are very good - so you choose the lesser of the both evils, as my doctor has said about prednisone... I can either "take it" and it help with the horrid pain and symptoms of these autoimmune diseases and then know I will also have to contend with the crappy side effects, OR I can NOT take the prednisone and then suffer like hell... so it is the "lesser" of two evils.... anyway, this has been 2 days from mortal hell... actually all week dammit... Mom's phone is out and I've had to put in two work orders, then I took her a cell phone, that of course she has hell using... and I found the problem, it is an almost complete break in a line outside that is weather cracked, and worn almost through... and then they tried to do an "automated" call and ask if she was satisfied with the service... HELL what service???? They had not fixed a thing when I was there yesterday or today yet... anyway, then of course the weather sucks big time here... it is bitter COLD, and going to be several days along with the possibility of sleet etc... not a good thing for no driving idiots here... then Jim doctors appt and the meds thing... THEN I GO to MY pharmacy (this is after calling and emailing) them my new insurance information. Then I even TOOK THE CARD BY YESTERDAY! and they said they would "rerun" everything through. I go in today expecting issues for some reason and of course 3 SCRIPTS NOT RAN THROUGH THE NEW INSURANCE! SO, THEY are trying to collect 44.00!!! rather than 7.30!!! So, I had to wait for them to do what I had already told them about 4 times in the past 2 days! I get home and another script I had called in this morning, they STILL tried after I had been there TO RUN IT through the old insurance!!! OMG!!! I was livid.... and then I had to run errands, pick up stuff as far as for a couple of days just in case the weather gets really ugly.... and I ruined my entire day, almost yesterday and today... running around like a chicken with its head cut off with errands and crap. So, it got me off track with my writing and ALL I WANTED to accomplish over this past couple of days. I swear if anything tries to get in my way this weekend to keep me from doing WHAT I intend on doing, I am going to scream very loudly... plus since the weather changed I hurt so badly it is a scale WAY OVER 10!!! More like 17 .... everything on me hurts... I have actually thought that I was coming down with something else... the pain is unbearable even with my meds.... it sucks and now honestly, I am thinking the Orencia is NOT helping the RA at all... I hate to say that, but I think I am going to have to face the fact, that it may not be "the one" for me... and I hate that... the very last thing I want to do is try yet another biologic! Every time it is like starting all over again.... and it sucks... and many of you know that....

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