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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


FINALLY ALL of the STAPLES are out of my hip!!!!! And I am "released" to do my activities, as I feel that I can, as far as driving, cleaning, and so forth. I see them again in about 8 weeks, and I hope to be able to then start arrangements for my neck surgery. If it is done in March/April it hopefully will be still cool enough to stand the collar being on for a couple of weeks, and then I will be good to go for the Summer and outside stuff. I am PISSED at one thing, and I am just about ready to go OFF on Humana.... we all know this bull about "managed healthcare" that MANY of us are NOT happy about... 

while I was in the hospital, I got home and noticed Humana had called my home phone at least 10 time maybe more. Which is stupid.. So, last week I get this call from some kind of "person" who calls to tell YOU, there will be a "nurse" call and make an appointment to COME to YOUR HOUSE! Well, I had told them last year. and the year before, I do NOT need anyone coming here to "help me" with medications, or "safety" in my home (I did not "trip) over a rug etc... 

 I caught my foot doing something silly, and that is why I fell, not due to some "hazard" in my home. So, I got in the door barely yesterday from having the staples out, and in fact my son was still here and we were talking, and the phone rings, and again it is HUMANA... this time this "nurse" who almost INSISTED she come by TODAY, because she would be in this area. I told her in the 1st place, I just walked in the door, I was having the staples removed and was at my doctor's office, and he released me fully, and including I did NOT NEED any further PT Therapy at home. I was doing it well myself. So, she gets almost pissy, and I told her you CALL me tomorrow, and let me LOOK at my schedule, and then we can talk about a date you can drop by.. 

but I will be damned if some stranger, who is coming to "snoop" around and tell me what I can, cannot. should, should not, and so own do in my own home.... as my son said, they are doing this, trying to find some people who THEY DEEM should be in a "managed living center"... well I am 56 YEARS OLD, and I sure as HELL CAN MANAGE my own living!!!! I AM SO PISSED, because these jackasses think they can tell us, when to eat, sleep, and take a pee, and I will NOT have someone coming in and trying to OVERRIDE, what my own physicians tell me, that I can and cannot do - 

I know there are elderly people who maybe on their own, who cannot manage their medications, or be able to do many things in their homes, and those are the people they should be listening to and speaking to or their families!!! NOT someone who has their daily life under control.......

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Always Looking for the Sunny Days even though the Cloudiness and Fog hang Around... dealing with symptoms...

Okay, well I've missed out a couple of days dammit with this stomach mess. Not sure what is gong on. But, I do KNOW I am SICK of it! I am a bit better today so far. I've tried to not drink or eat anything I think might be causing it so badly. The vertigo just has to run its course usually then gets better. What I am concerned about, is why this time it is so bad, and why the meds I take for it are not calming it down as usual. I am still doing some research myself and I am sure since I am honestly WAY OVER DUE for A scope to check out my esophagus and stomach, that will probably be where I am headed. I know I have Barrett's Esophagus. I really should have had it scoped again over a year or more ago. But, with everything else, I keep having to postpone it. Now with all of the problems I have, I am concerned if the dysplasia, where my actual stomach lining grows out of the stomach and into the bottom part of the esophagus, and can cause cancer. But, I just dread any other "surgeries" etc> I am so literally sick of doctors, medications, insurance, pharmacies, no one can get their crap together. I've had an ulcer before thus one of the reasons I am on Nexium, plus of course GERD. but even the Meclazine I take for nausea and the motion vertigo. It just seems what ever is going on, still to me is totally separate from the Lupus, Sjogrens and RA. One good piece of news! MY ORENCIA FINALLY CAME IN today! After being off of it for at least three weeks, I feel may have some to do with how I've felt this past couple of weeks. When you begin to research Lupus, Sjogren's, RA, FM, ME CFS. and any and all of the other AI illnesses from MS to Diabetes 1, there can be a million symptoms, all of them similar, and they may or may not have to do with the autoimmune illnesses. Of course the problem I can already tell from that is patients (meaning us) and our doctors, whether PCP, Rheumatologists, or other specialists, tend to get "lackadaisy" and "automatically" no pun intended blame it on Lupus, RA, and so forth. So, each time a new "symptom" arises, all too often I feel it is kind of "'blown off" as to whether there is something "new" causing the new symptoms, or is it indeed the AI's. I realize that is is very difficult, and in some cases probably almost impossible to defer one from the other. Even with many types of tests, lab work, studies, and so on, still there may not be an "answer" other than due to one of the AI. That is scary though. What if, and I am just "saying" what if myself, or anyone with stomach issues and the nausea, vertigo and so forth left it unchecked, and went on either with the doctor knowing or just figuring on our own, it was "just the AI" and more symptoms, and it was something worse? What if it were stomach cancer, or some type of other cancer such as leukemia, or the GERD had really done a number on my esophagus and that dysplasia is much worse than it was. Or what if it is yet another autoimmune illness, or any number of other chronic diseases that can start out with the exact same types of symptoms. So, even though none of us want to jump the gun per se', running off to our doctors each time one little thing pops up or changes, plus we are all in the place that, oh well, they will blame it on the Lupus anyway, yet something else that may need other treatment, surgery etc done. A great for instance was my double hernia's early last year. I was told by three different doctors those "lumps" were nothing to be concerned about, and they more than likely were not hernia's. Then I still feel uneasy, so I go to a surgeon, who sure enough says right off it is not just one hernia, but I had two... one on each side...So, had I listened to those first 2 or 3 medical doctors who just seemed to not want to really find out for sure, they blew me off. Then I do find out I have hernia's just as I had suspected all along. We for the most part, have a "gut" feeling, again no pun intended, about our bodies. For those of us with chronic illnesses, we especially tend to watch out like a hawk for any type of new symptom, or something that seems to be "off" and not quite right. Yet, often times I know for myself, I go into the physician's office, and I just feel like if I am going to get the same old answer, it is the "Lupus", "RA" etc... then why... and if it isn't or they feel it may not be, then here goes the 50 "shades of Testing" that runs up expenses, and takes away our precious time. Even with many new tests, there still may not be any "one" answer, if one at all. I have found that even with the double vision, that started so suddenly out of no where, and has gotten to where I have it all the time, unless I wear my corrective glasses with the prisms in them, I have constant double vision. Some of you may recall the entire ordeal I went through for at least 6 to 9 months or more. I saw 2 or 3 different eye specialists, a couple of different neurologists, my Rheumy, my PCP, and in between I am sure probably someone else. I also went through exam after exam, test after test, loads of blood work and even a "biopsy" on my temporal artery. The specialist felt I had temporal arteritis, and it did make sense. But, the very treatment for it was something I was already taking, just not in as high of a dose as they use on that illness. So, I also found out the biopsy comes back all too often "inconclusive" thus I may have had it, but they didn't really get the exact YES, but it was not "negative" either. It took months and months, a couple of different pair of glasses, and just all kinds of neurological testing. One of the Neurologists said he felt I had Myasthenia Gravis which is another autoimmune disorder, and that will cause the symptoms I had and also explain where and why they were showing up at that time. Yet, still there is no one exact science about Myasthenia Gravis either. Just like MS, which I could have also, still there is one test that they can do, and again it is not always "exact"... It might be negative, and I still have MS, or I may show up positive, and be negative in reality. So, as we hold hands, together one next to the other, remember for one, you are never alone... there is someone out here, that can empathize with you, and totally understands because they are also experiencing some of the same things, whether it be illnesses, or any other number of other explanations. You can bet money on that there are one or usually many more of us with the same situation. Gosh, I can count on my hands, toes, 50 times over at the number of people who have been down almost the same road as I and the rest of us have. I've managed to feel "well enough" today to get some cleaning done, baked a lemon pound cake, did some other cleaning here there and yonder, vacuumed, and even colored my hair (of which I am not thrilled, it is way much darker than the last time I did it with the red).... but I also know it will fade out pretty quickly, and then won't be so very deep red... the color I used before came from Avon, and they quit making the product line! Plus I didn't keep the number or part of the box so I could try and match it up and I picked what I thought would be close, but it is still much deeper reddish/almost maroon than I expected.... so I hope maybe, my stomach is settling down, along with the stupid headache. I need to run errands and get to the market tomorrow, so I need all of the "wellness" I can get hold of for tomorrow. It will be one of those busy days. Anytime I head to the market and have a "list"... a long list, and then coupons, that means a longer trip that runs into hours if I have lots to stock up on and to use coupons on....

Monday, January 26, 2015

New Year - New Revelations - New "lease" on Life, still all wrapped up in an Autoimmune Illness World and How to make dreams come true...

I have under my own terms "swore off" procrastinating about the writing of my 3rd and in fact 4th book. I had a very good email come in this morning from "Create A Space" that had an article about how to "put off" the writing of a book. We can make up a thousand and one excuses, especially if you a chronically ill, or like myself chronically ill, dealing with some symptoms that can really make daily life a challenge. To top that off, now I am kind of the "whole deal" of being a care taker for myself and for Jim. Even though within a short couple of months it will be a year since that fateful car accident, that sent me reeling through a "time space" that still I am not so sure of how I got through it all.

Honestly, I am not sure I truly have resolved all of it in my own head, heart, and soul. I question my own illnesses, and as of late, have developed more symptoms, that truly have started to concern me. I am not so sure that they are from the autoimmune illnesses, I am already diagnosed with. I have this "gut" feeling... that my "gut" feeling (n pun intended), along with the nausea, the extreme fatigue, all of the lower back pain, leg pain, of which even woke up me at 4 am this morning, and sent me rushing to get some medication, and then even though I really wanted to get up early, I remained on my sofa bed until about 7:40 a.m. That had not been my normal behavior for the many months that followed Jim's car accident. I rarely slept. Some days I wished I could go "find" those nights and use them to further the writing of my books.

I am trying to properly place myself where I desperately need to be in order to get this book written by the end of the year. Yet, if I don't heed the advice that I read just this morning by a group of very good writers, I will continue to "put off" the book and never get it written.

So, over the next few months, I will definitely keep my blog "fresh". I won't allow myself not to publish things and write events and so forth here. You, my audience is extremely important to me. So, the last thing I want to do is lose you due to me not posting and keeping current information here, because eventually my heart tells me some of you will be the "audience" that helps my 3rd book to take off enough that I can give a good portion of those proceeds to a couple of very important charity/non-profit organizations that I feel are crucial to the findings about everything autoimmune. From the very beginnings, to the fight going on admist researchers, grant money, patient and clinical trials, standing up to our Congress both state and national to get them involved in such a crucial matter to all of us here in the USA, and the incredible work of those in many of these non-profits who are no longer just "charity" organizations.

They are SO MUCH MORE than "charity" types of businesses. They are the very operatives that go in "fighting" for us as patients, as caretakers, as family members dealing with these illnesses, and to get the funding needed to battle, and win the raging war over how the ruthless diseases destroy so many lives. Whether through loss of jobs, family problems, endless medication and doctor bills, fighting with insurance companies, pharmacies, and the list is endless of the daily ordeals we go through to try and "get well"... or at least feel better, find remission, and a state of "no more disease" to have to contend with.

I promise to do my very best to keep this blog fresh, full of new posts and information while I dig much deeper inside of my own heart, brain and soul to complete this 3rd book. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I WILL accomplish that.

Friday, January 9, 2015

An Article About Chronic Pain - How Horrible weather can be on those with chronic pain, joint problems, and chronic illnesses that effect joints, bones, and more

Great Article about "chronic pain" especially joint pain and the weather. I know for myself, that like yesterday, the very sudden huge drop in temp - from about 50 to 18 degrees yesterday a.m. sent me into one of the worst days of my life with pain. Ironically we were going to my pain doctor, BUT he was seeing Jim yesterday, not me. I wanted so badly to tell him that I could sit in the floor and scream, I hurt so badly, but I knew the appointment was not "about me", thus he knew by looking at me I was hurting... anyway, I had a headache that is one of the worst I've ever had even from years back with my migraines, and NOTHING would stop it. Believe me I tried everything I could think of. Then my neck was so stiff I could literally NOT turn my head to see over my shoulders while driving. I had to turn my whole body and use mirror. Then my lower back hurt so much, I honestly thought I had kidney stones. And my legs, ankles, feet, wrists, and my thumbs were so terribly bad, I felt they were stiff, and just was not able to move them without horrid pain. Now, the weather I KNOW "in my bones" (no pun intended) has effected me for years and years. Even when I would have migraines in my 20's and 30's the dramatic weather change could bring them on almost every time. No one quite believed me, and then when I began to see my Orthopedic Surgeon and he did all of the joint replacement and surgeries on me, he totally agreed the weather would absolutely effect pain, especially joint pain. Even the "phantom" knee pain I get with my knees, that seems like I never even had them replaced will come on with a vengeance when we experience storms and so forth. So, let not anyone make you think you are crazy, when your pain is worse in weather fluctuations. I think it is definitely so. Yesterday was living proof for me. But, I am also hurting today, so far not quite as badly as yesterday, but I can tell if i were to get up and really start moving around I would be in a world of hurt... which sucks. Because I have to get out today cold, bitter weather or not, and pick up scripts both of us have had filled. The visit with my pain doctor for Jim went well yesterday. Finally someone that will work with him. But of course this is ALL coming out of our pockets, and everyone knows office visits and medications are NOT cheap. I dread picking his up, and then this is my first time having anything filled since I had the new insurance start on the 1st. So, I hope the hell I don't have major issues with United Health and my MAP... I will be so pissed if I start having hell getting meds etc paid for. That is why I dreaded the change from Humana so much and just put it off the last two years. But, more and more of my physicians were dropping Humana, even my PCP, thus I decided to change over to United Health... is it a "Secure Horizons" AARP endorsed Medicare Advantage Plan. This one hopefully will not be too difficult, because I am already established and have been for years with all of my physicians. So, they assured me since I've been on the meds, and have been seeing these doctors for years things should go fairly smoothly with the transition. I will believe it, when I go today and try to pick up the scripts.....

Talking About "Good RX" card for prescriptions....

I can guarantee ALL of you that either do not have insurance for prescriptions, or need an extra amount off of your meds... I have used this twice for Jim's meds since we have NO coverage for him, and the meds even though "generic" are ALL expensive. There is no way we could pay full price on them. Well, I got hold of this URL and found "GoodRX" through a Google search. I can say that it is TOTALLY worth using. You can use it in just about any pharmacy... all of our local pharmacies take it and you get a better discount in some than others. But, you can look up all of the prices at different locations right on their website, so you know just about the cost before you even go to try and have them filled. We have well over 200.00 or possibly more in costs for 4 of his scripts and 3 of them came out to 69.00 rather than 150.00 or more. You can either just pull the coupons or copy of the card online and print it and they will also send you a regular card if you wish and request it. Unlike some of the ones that save you a bit here and there, this one truly so far has been a life saver for us. Between having to fork out the cash for a damned expensive pain doctor in which he has to go MONTHLY... and then medications that even in generic can be out of the bounds of reasons, I have been as pleased as it is possible to be pleased when having to spit out money you really don't have. But, there is not much choice... we either pay for it out of our pockets, or he just does not go, and does not have any meds either... so neither are very good - so you choose the lesser of the both evils, as my doctor has said about prednisone... I can either "take it" and it help with the horrid pain and symptoms of these autoimmune diseases and then know I will also have to contend with the crappy side effects, OR I can NOT take the prednisone and then suffer like hell... so it is the "lesser" of two evils.... anyway, this has been 2 days from mortal hell... actually all week dammit... Mom's phone is out and I've had to put in two work orders, then I took her a cell phone, that of course she has hell using... and I found the problem, it is an almost complete break in a line outside that is weather cracked, and worn almost through... and then they tried to do an "automated" call and ask if she was satisfied with the service... HELL what service???? They had not fixed a thing when I was there yesterday or today yet... anyway, then of course the weather sucks big time here... it is bitter COLD, and going to be several days along with the possibility of sleet etc... not a good thing for no driving idiots here... then Jim doctors appt and the meds thing... THEN I GO to MY pharmacy (this is after calling and emailing) them my new insurance information. Then I even TOOK THE CARD BY YESTERDAY! and they said they would "rerun" everything through. I go in today expecting issues for some reason and of course 3 SCRIPTS NOT RAN THROUGH THE NEW INSURANCE! SO, THEY are trying to collect 44.00!!! rather than 7.30!!! So, I had to wait for them to do what I had already told them about 4 times in the past 2 days! I get home and another script I had called in this morning, they STILL tried after I had been there TO RUN IT through the old insurance!!! OMG!!! I was livid.... and then I had to run errands, pick up stuff as far as for a couple of days just in case the weather gets really ugly.... and I ruined my entire day, almost yesterday and today... running around like a chicken with its head cut off with errands and crap. So, it got me off track with my writing and ALL I WANTED to accomplish over this past couple of days. I swear if anything tries to get in my way this weekend to keep me from doing WHAT I intend on doing, I am going to scream very loudly... plus since the weather changed I hurt so badly it is a scale WAY OVER 10!!! More like 17 .... everything on me hurts... I have actually thought that I was coming down with something else... the pain is unbearable even with my meds.... it sucks and now honestly, I am thinking the Orencia is NOT helping the RA at all... I hate to say that, but I think I am going to have to face the fact, that it may not be "the one" for me... and I hate that... the very last thing I want to do is try yet another biologic! Every time it is like starting all over again.... and it sucks... and many of you know that....

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare, Supplements, & Health Insurance

I realize many of us are probably on disability of some kind. Those of us that have been chronically ill, for way too many years, have finally had to "give up" some awesome jobs, to get only a "fraction" of the benefits and salaries we once had.

Yet, chronic illness, whether autoimmune, CFS, FM or many other diseases, syndromes and illnesses, brought many of us to the place of decision... to give up a job and go on disability.

Well, in some states and TX is ONE of them, if you are UNDER the age of 62 I believe it is, and you have Medicare, they would not allow you to just purchase a "Medicare" Supplement. You HAVE TO get a Medicare Advantage Plan. Of which, there are not be a very few of these types of plans. With the "hatching" of Obama's health care plans, most of which Congress, as I understand it, you WILL BE able to purchase a "Medicare Supplement" if you so choose. The point of that is though, they are MORE EXPENSIVE than getting into a Medicare Advantage Plan. Some of the Advantage Plans do not even charge ANY Premiums. But, there are some doctors who may not take them, or you may have to get some PA's (Pre-authorizations) by your physician on certain items, or possibly you may have a medication, that may require "step therapy", where you try certain meds first before you go to one the doctor recommends for you. Although all of that is going on, I do know several bills have already went through Congress to change those issues.

Well, I've had Humana - their Medicare Advantage Plan now for about 5 years and for the first several years I was quite satisfied. Them seemed to have been over the past 3 years getting slower and slower to process claims, making doctors wait to get paid, which of course is going over about like a lead balloon. So, like my own PCP, who had now decided as of Jan 2015 to STOP taking my Humana Plan! Well, this is the doctor WHO FIRST DIAGNOSED MY LUPUS! Plus he is the one who takes care of my Lupus, taking care of my flares, and medications. Even though we have been with him from almost Day 1 he was my physician, and I am trying to get him "Grandfather" me in due to the Lupus situation. Which I know can be done, especially due to the Lupus, because they did it with another physician for me on my pain doctor, who takes care of my pump.

But, when I started checking around, I've found out that I maybe doing a smart thing by changing over to the AARP "Sponsored" United Heathcare Medicare Advantage Plan. AFter researching it over about 3 hours yesterday,  I began to see more benefits ALL of my doctors take the Plan, all of my medications are in their database, and say that they take them... it does not cost the 49.00 a month, plus they give you some basic dental and eye coverage and for something like 30.00 or a little more you can get premium dental coverage.... anyway, if any of you have the plan, I would love to hear from you.

I shall post more tomorrow... I am worn out for some odd reason...

So, I think I may join my two pups and my husband on the sofa to watch the rest of the ballgame that is on

(A bit more from Facebook)

Well, if any of your have a Medicare Advantage Plan, and want to share how you feel, please I would love to know. I right now have Humana Gold Choice, and I have found out that MORE of my doctors and my medications will be covered under "United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plan" for 2015. I spent a couple of hours yesterday checking all of my doctors and my medications through the site, and doctors that are going to "DROP" the Humana MAP in 2015 ARE going to continue with United Healthcare HMO Medicare Advantage Plan... I used to be extremely concerned about "HMO's" when they first appeared on the Horizon. They have a very bad rap to the entire insurance industry as far as health wise. But, now with the Medicare Advantage Plans more doctors in my area and my own personal doctors are covered... where they as I said as dropping Humana. Even the specialist that did my neck and reverse shoulder replacement take the United Healthcare plan, and he had dropped Humana over a year ago, and if I needed to see him I would have had to pay something like 30% or maybe even 40% of the visit charges!!!! So, if any of you have an opinion... likes, dislikes and so forth PLEASE either share here, or message me if you wish, or even email me at or I am thinking about changing both myself and my Mom over to this other one. AND to BOOT Nationwide UPPED my insurance and I just got through getting a new quote, which is over 500.00!!!!! a YEAR cheaper that who I have now... I am so pissed.. they PROMISED ME when I had to get the new car, my monthly premium would only be about 15-20 a month higher... BULL they almost DOUBLED their premium!!! I also found out that since Jim is NOT able to drive at all, and may not be able to for a long, long time if ever. So I DO NOT have to keep him on my policy for now, until he can drive again. Talk about a bunch of money hungry greedy asses... pardon my French! You have to watch your back, front and sides, because they will "stab" you any way they can.... corporate GREED!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Essense Of A Nation In Desperate Need of Quality "Non-Greedy" Medical Staff... where have they gone?

As I title this, I know it shall keep the "title" I have here now. This is a very true tale, about a recent occurrence that I've witnessed in a small town close to my very own. Population, probably a great deal smaller than the 20,000 so give or take from Ennis. By driving down "main street" of this tiny town you would assume just about everything has shut down, due to the larger towns around Ennis, Waxahachie, Lancaster, DeSoto, and even Dallas for that matter, so of the 2 entire blocks that make up down town, I would venture to say 80 percent of the window fronts are empty, and the stores have been shut down for a long while. All of this from giving into the larger communities such as Ennis, with its large Wally-World, or Waxahachie with Lowe's, Home Depot and all types of "large" stores that took over our "Mom and Pop" neighborhood stores many decades ago. When we pulled in for the first time about a week or so ago, my first view into a "farming" community in a long while.

I had been in this community just outside of Ennis many times in my younger years. And as usual not much had changed. The dentist I took my kids to see there were closed.

But, when we walked into this place that was supposed to be a "medical clinic" I was not sure whether to run to the car and leave, to ask if this "was the clinic", to laugh, or to just sit down and cry. The upholstery on the chairs must have never been cleaned or vacuumed. The entire place was "junked" up with bric-a-brac, and even though there were plenty of chairs, today the place was more than packed and standing room early. Most of those there you could tell were either living from day to day, and of course this clinic is specifically for those that are without insurance & are not able to afford a lot as far as a medical visit. They also do a great deal of "referrals" to other doctors. So, like Jim, he needs to have several "specialists" that as time goes by, he may need medications refilled, or something to be checked out.... after this huge of an accident, the idea of just anything could go wrong and he needs to have a list of "specialists" that would take the "Superior" Medicare Policy... some type of "state" assistance meant for someone more like himself... an accident,no insurance, also even though we have a lawyer it could be a very long time before we see the finances to be able to "pay" for the medical bills. We have hope their will be something to cover later in life, but at the time we have no clue at all as to what if anything will be given, not given, etc... out favor, not in our favor... we just don't have clue... and until the day the lawyer, or someone hands us a legitimate "check" I don't even want to try and dwell on what that might be.
For now, we can squeeze through month by month, and get everything paid for... and that is what counts for now,

Back to the Subject... this woman in behind the "receptionists glass and wall, was just going on and on about this "person" who had passed away.... talking on and on about the relatives, the funeral.... for at least 25 minutes... at the very minimum... and there was not another patient to be seen. Finally, this "voice" calls Jim back. OMG, I almost fainted. Here is this very feeble, very elderly woman, and she was then and again yesterday - and had no clue what she saw him for the week before, what medications she was "supposed" to have given him... claimed she "NEVER" calls medications in, yet as she began to write our scripts, she is on the phone with our PHARMACY giving them the scripts. All in All when we got through.... we were THROUGH! This woman... and I am sure year ago may have been a great doctor, BUT SHE NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OUT OF THE MEDICAL WORLD!! The lady either has dementia, or the beginnings of Alzheimer's.... and another thing.. she never listened to anything we said to her, and she could NOT sit still. She was up and down, out in the hallway, talking to one person, then another, then would come back in and ask us what medication did we talk about... and at the very last, which took the "cake" as the saying goes... as she began to "name off" specialists Jim needed to see... a GI doctor, yes, A Neurologist, yes, a Cardiologist, yes BUT really only to keep an eye on his blood pressure due to the Spinal Cord Injury and a PCP is able to do that, and then all of a sudden, after WE said a Pain Doctor, she leans over and says to Jim "Also you need to see a "pee-pee doctor" ROFLMFAO!!!! What the hell??? Where are we in a Pre-K class room or what??? What about a urologist, and HE DOES NOT EVEN NEED ONE! There is no issues to even need a "pee-pee" doctor, HAHAHAHAHA!!!! By that time I did not know whether to slap her, or just feel sorry for her... or BOTH! Who I DID FEEL SORRY FOR were the 20 patients sitting h=in the waiting room to see her... Unless they needed a -pee-pee doctor they were sh*& out of luck....

Friday, December 6, 2013

Holidays, Autoimmune Illnesses, Pain, Stormy Winter Weather, & My thoughts about Christmas...

WOAH!!  Darned....  It is now thundering and lightening here like it was a Summer Storm! I don't know whether to look for ice or a tornado! Talk about some STRANGE weather! Supposed to be about 31 here, and dropping all day long... raining here, but could turn to sleet and freezing rain (what is the difference)?... anytime... just too weird.... I did get something accomplished yesterday finally. I got almost ALL of my Christmas Cards made out and addressed! :) Still have to finish writing my Annual Xmas Letter though  ;) since it appears I am going to be "rained, iced, and plain cold weathered in" I hope I can take advantage of not having to go run errands. I also fully intend on getting some of these "projects" around this house, and online done and completed! Honestly, I have not put up one Xmas decoration yet. And honestly, with everything going on, I don't FEEL like putting up any Xmas decorations yet... Jim went for the MRI on his neck Wednesday. He has NO insurance so this pay out of your pocket, even with a discount crap sucks. He had to have them start over several times. He said trying to lay with that neck a certain way, just sent him into horrid, unbearable pain (in his shoulder). The pain is NOT in his neck at all... it is his shoulder that is in pain. Kind of like mine... first it WAS my shoulder... they replaced that and THEN it WAS my NECK! So they did surgery on that. I just don't know what to even think... We both just want an answer about the pain. He has been dealing with it now for well over 2 months. And it just gets worse. And as I said above with NO insurance, we don't even know what we will face if there is something that needs to be surgically fixed. I want to hope it is something NOT requiring surgery. But, if I look at it honestly, he is in way too much misery for it to be anything "simple". I just wonder if they have it right. You know, you never know. WE also don't know how long it will be before we have results. From what they told him at the clinic itself he went to it might be awhile. Here I am going into surgery myself on the 30th for this hernia (quite honestly, the right one is getting larger. I just have to wonder if he doesn't need to do both of them)... and I'll not be able to lift, bend, etc... for weeks from what I've read. So, that just makes everything about the holidays feel more stressful... We MAY go to the Casino if weather allows actually and spend the night for Xmas. WE all have 2 free nights rooms... and we can do that, have an incredible Xmas dinner... and not have to cook, clean and so forth. Plus we would have ALL of the "lights" and decorations you can imagine! :):) LOL! everyday in there sounds and looks like a holiday! Now, I want to clarify a bit about how I feel about Christmas. I am ALL about family, love, hope, and what this holiday "truly means", rather than the "commercialized", expensive gift giving, going into debt for year giving, having the biggest, best, and grandest decor, lights, and all of that... I feel that Christmas should be celebrated with an Awe, Wonder, And Glad Feelings of the Birth of Our Savior. It is about the spirit that guides us through this world daily... giving us and unselfish love... that we should pass on daily to others.... Sure I believe in the tree, some gifts, great food, and pretty decor... it is a part of the holiday, as long is it is done in the "right frame work" of what this entire Season of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the New Year means and brings. Our "commercial" world has honestly ruined the true meaning by being so greedy, they can't wait until even the "day after" Thanksgiving, but now ON Thanksgiving to start to open and have people fighting over things to buy!!! They have "Xmas Decor" up with the Halloween stuff! I just don't believe that "employees" especially in the "retail" market should have to work at all on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Especially Christmas... it is a time that NO PURCHASE should be allowed or necessary. No one needs anything so badly that they need to get it Xmas day! Either get it before or the day after... and I get some health workers, and so forth must be on duty... there are some areas where it is a necessity to have a "skeleton crew" on board. But as a whole the retail business has just ruined the holidays for many of us. I hope that everyone finds the "true" meaning and blessing of this coming Christmas! May love win over all!!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Technology - In Every Way & the Miraculous Way the Medical World Uses It

Man Kind, Medicine, and Technology...

To Start Off with a bit of an update of my turmoil the past couple of days and a walk through how technology is revolutionizing our Medical World... Well my new I-Mac is on it's way. I decided to forego the Macbook Pro or Macbook Air(as cool as they are), even though I really wanted a laptop. But, I got to thinking about it, and I have my I-Pad! It works as well as a laptop, and is lighter and smaller to carry around. So, even if I were to travel, that would suit my needs, or our needs if Jim goes and needs to be able to watch the client's and their servers. So, I have a 22 inch I-Mac that I wished the heck would hurry up and get here. I was so totally bummed out yesterday. I had been trying to work on my old laptop, along with an external monitor like I did before. This is a I-Book G4, that was bought about 2004 or so, for me. When I was doing web design work, and helping with the business, I needed a new computer and they bought this for me. It only has a 13 inch screen and thus the eternal monitor works to have a larger amount of "real estate" to work on. But, at that time this was one of the faster on the market! In fact Jim and his partner at the time, Mark was almost jealous because mine was faster than theirs. :) But, you don't realize how quickly technology changes until you have to step back "in time" to a computer that is even 7 years old. I know my I-Mac that got zapped two days ago, will seem like it was as slow as a snail compared to my new one on the way. but, being on this laptop has made me appreciate that technology has made so many advances in a time when all kinds of things are happening at a lightening pace. If I think back just a few years ago, I recall no cell phones. In fact the first one I had with the big "bag phone" by AT and T. Man and the "minutes" were expensive. When you think about technology and the medical world, wow, how many things have changed dramatically in a very short period of time. In my lifetime, I've watched knee surgery go from a very huge scar left from the surgery, traction and staying in the hospital for seven days, to arthroscopic surgery, with three tiny little scars and going home the same day after being operated on. Even our MRI, CT, PET scans, mammograms, bone density tests and just take a "run" through in your mind of all of these amazing types of tests that have only been here a short period of time. When I was about 20, I recall have to have a "brain scan". I was taken into the hospital, upstairs at our old hospital here in my home town, before they built our new facility, to a room where this huge machine took a very long time to "scan" my head. It seemed like hours I had to lay there very still, and I recall the imagines, and thinking then just how "out of this world" that seemed. Well in these times, we have advance so far in those realms, that our scans now days can show minute changes in skin, in organs, in our spines, joints, all of our bodies, and do so instantly. Even X-rays. There is no wait in knowing the outcome of an X-ray. Yo know the results usually before you even walk out into the world again. Advances in lab work, in equipment in our Emergency Rooms (save more lives than ever due to the amazing technology), having things like "Care Flight" available, nurses and doctors having better educations, better skills, using computers now for everything from our medical records (enabling doctors to immediately share a patients medical information), to telemetry. We can have kidney stones literally "blasted" to pieces rather than having to undergo being literally "cut almost have in two" as it was not long ago, when my uncle had stones several times. The old fashioned "basket" would not collect them, thus opening up the body was the only way to get them. Surgeries of all types and those changes. Just recently the "De Vinci" surgical computerized system has been introduced. That computer can almost do the surgery in itself. It helps physicians be able to do detailed procedures that once were impossible to do without cutting the body open and exposing the areas that need to be operated on. From pace makers, to internal pain pumps and stimulators. From "open" heart split your breast bone and wire you back to close that incision up to going through a tub inserted into the major groin artery along with a tiny camera saves hundreds of thousands of the once open heart surgeries that were once not long ago a necessity for any type of heart ailment just about. In the complicated world of "autoimmune illnesses" the advancement of tests, medications, and the knowledge now out there has grown by leaps and bounds. I realize that all of us, as patients, feel and know there is NO MUCH MORE work to do about these illnesses and the devastation and have the reek u[on every aspect of our bodies, the physical, our minds, the mental, and the emotional costs are still extremely high. Advancement just in the communication about these illnesses needs to be ramped up by a huge percentage. With early, and I mean extremely early ways to find evidence of these illnesses, we could not only slow down, or put them into remission but actually STOP these horrid illnesses before they ever have a chance to cause any type of damage. Again we have advanced in a huge way comparatively to just a few years ago. The ability to have researchers all around be able to collaborate data from clinical trials. The clinical trials that can now test new advances in medications, that just a few years ago did not dream of having the majority of them or the use of many medications we do have and them being able to be used to treat autoimmune arthritic diseases is saving lives each day. Having "Lupus" even when I was about 35 years old, first of all was a "death sentence basically. LIttle was known about the disease or what it did throughout the body. But, it was known that is was as serious as cancer, if not more. Don't get me wrong, these autoimmune diseases can still be "deadly" and are just as serious, if not more today. But, the difference is the way we are beginning to have so much more knowledge, more doctors that are studying these puzzling illnesses. With our vast changes in the way the world communicates often with the click of a "mouse", moves information to all the world, that once had to be shared by "snail" mail, or written in an article, yet the magazine article may not be seen for a month or more. Now, as soon as the news is out, more often than not, we know all about it via the internet. We are living more years as a whole now. That average age of people has risen dramatically. So, that means not only have we made many advances in all walks of life, but we also have to continue to move forward flowing down that river of human compassion, understanding and knowledge all over the world. WE are no longer just a "nation". We are no longer separated by oceans of water, for we are a united world, that in the blink of an eye, you can be speaking to someone overseas with a few key strokes, the touch of a phone number, or even see one another and speak over the internet on a messenger. Next time you are on Facebook making a post to "friends". Think about where those "friends" are. Whether in another town, another state, or another country, instantaneously you are "speaking" to them, with no "lag time". Each day our world becomes closer together. Each day we should never take that for granted, for it as mind boggling as it is, we even reached to out other planets, to find somewhere out there in the endless vastness of space to find if "life" exists there, and how that may sustain us someday.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stand up for Health Care Reform and a Public Option! Make Congress see what really is happening!

The above URL goes to a petition I created on Care 2 to make is mandatory for Congress, both House and Senate to go spend 2 twelve hour shifts in one of our busy, overwhelmed ER's, or with a terminally ill patient with no insurance coverage. They need to see the real world daily drama so many millions of Americans go through daily! Sitting at a desk on the Congressional Floor does NOT give them a taste of their own medicine! Can you say Reality Check!

Thanks for your time and support! Rhia