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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Thankfulness" during a World in Chaos, those who do not Value Human Life, and things Life throws our way, chornic illness/pain, yet finding what truly matters most....

As the holiday to be "thankful" grows near, may you find many reasons to be thankful for, from family, friends, to all the beauty life bestows upon us. I realize for many of us, this holiday comes with a very mixed time of emotions. When our world around is so full of hate, terror, harsh, and those that will harm innocent people, trying to look past those actions are very difficult. With the events so fresh in our hearts and minds of those who want to take our freedom away, to scare us so badly, we fear going out and enjoying life... May all of us find that special place within the depths of our souls, to "go forward" and be in reverence of what we do have.... 


As the miles physically are far between us, within our hearts the warmth and joy of family and friends keep us close to one another. As I said on my other page, this is a holiday of thankfulness although with the events that have taken place lately, along with those out there who would rather do us harm than even live themselves, it is difficult to find those reasons why we are truly thankful. I also know that myself and my family included, have experienced some life changing events for 2015. Many of which, we not only unexpected, but turned our lives somewhat into chaos. I certainly know it has for myself and my own family. Thus with those things again, trying to truly find things we are grateful for, can be difficult. We are human, and we at times reach a crossroads that is not what we planned. So, as we come together, whether physically, or mentally and emotionally, may we find those things that bless us, give us reasons to be so thankful for today, tomorrow, and the future ahead of us. May you and your find the peace, love, hope, and faith that shall sustain us... May you be safe, and healthy, and enjoy your family and friends... With Love, and Happy Thanksgiving, Rhia

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