Friday, December 6, 2013

Holidays, Autoimmune Illnesses, Pain, Stormy Winter Weather, & My thoughts about Christmas...

WOAH!!  Darned....  It is now thundering and lightening here like it was a Summer Storm! I don't know whether to look for ice or a tornado! Talk about some STRANGE weather! Supposed to be about 31 here, and dropping all day long... raining here, but could turn to sleet and freezing rain (what is the difference)?... anytime... just too weird.... I did get something accomplished yesterday finally. I got almost ALL of my Christmas Cards made out and addressed! :) Still have to finish writing my Annual Xmas Letter though  ;) since it appears I am going to be "rained, iced, and plain cold weathered in" I hope I can take advantage of not having to go run errands. I also fully intend on getting some of these "projects" around this house, and online done and completed! Honestly, I have not put up one Xmas decoration yet. And honestly, with everything going on, I don't FEEL like putting up any Xmas decorations yet... Jim went for the MRI on his neck Wednesday. He has NO insurance so this pay out of your pocket, even with a discount crap sucks. He had to have them start over several times. He said trying to lay with that neck a certain way, just sent him into horrid, unbearable pain (in his shoulder). The pain is NOT in his neck at all... it is his shoulder that is in pain. Kind of like mine... first it WAS my shoulder... they replaced that and THEN it WAS my NECK! So they did surgery on that. I just don't know what to even think... We both just want an answer about the pain. He has been dealing with it now for well over 2 months. And it just gets worse. And as I said above with NO insurance, we don't even know what we will face if there is something that needs to be surgically fixed. I want to hope it is something NOT requiring surgery. But, if I look at it honestly, he is in way too much misery for it to be anything "simple". I just wonder if they have it right. You know, you never know. WE also don't know how long it will be before we have results. From what they told him at the clinic itself he went to it might be awhile. Here I am going into surgery myself on the 30th for this hernia (quite honestly, the right one is getting larger. I just have to wonder if he doesn't need to do both of them)... and I'll not be able to lift, bend, etc... for weeks from what I've read. So, that just makes everything about the holidays feel more stressful... We MAY go to the Casino if weather allows actually and spend the night for Xmas. WE all have 2 free nights rooms... and we can do that, have an incredible Xmas dinner... and not have to cook, clean and so forth. Plus we would have ALL of the "lights" and decorations you can imagine! :):) LOL! everyday in there sounds and looks like a holiday! Now, I want to clarify a bit about how I feel about Christmas. I am ALL about family, love, hope, and what this holiday "truly means", rather than the "commercialized", expensive gift giving, going into debt for year giving, having the biggest, best, and grandest decor, lights, and all of that... I feel that Christmas should be celebrated with an Awe, Wonder, And Glad Feelings of the Birth of Our Savior. It is about the spirit that guides us through this world daily... giving us and unselfish love... that we should pass on daily to others.... Sure I believe in the tree, some gifts, great food, and pretty decor... it is a part of the holiday, as long is it is done in the "right frame work" of what this entire Season of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the New Year means and brings. Our "commercial" world has honestly ruined the true meaning by being so greedy, they can't wait until even the "day after" Thanksgiving, but now ON Thanksgiving to start to open and have people fighting over things to buy!!! They have "Xmas Decor" up with the Halloween stuff! I just don't believe that "employees" especially in the "retail" market should have to work at all on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Especially Christmas... it is a time that NO PURCHASE should be allowed or necessary. No one needs anything so badly that they need to get it Xmas day! Either get it before or the day after... and I get some health workers, and so forth must be on duty... there are some areas where it is a necessity to have a "skeleton crew" on board. But as a whole the retail business has just ruined the holidays for many of us. I hope that everyone finds the "true" meaning and blessing of this coming Christmas! May love win over all!!!!

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