Thursday, December 19, 2013

Introducing the VERY 1ST Patient-Centered RESEARCH Project - IFAA sponsored by Janssen Global

I was so totally thrilled yesterday evening when I got this announcement! Excited for IFAA (International Foundation For Autoimmune Arthritis), for myself as a New Active Volunteer & for ALL PATIENTS out there have suffered too long, waited sometimes years, went through the pits and fires, walked through what seemed like a long black hallway, before finding a real "diagnosis". Sound Familiar? Yes, it describes so MANY of us around the globe!

               Here is the "official announcement" from IFAA of the very

                                 First Patient Centered Research Project!
So, after much hard work by some dedicated volunteers, which story started with one young woman determined to change the Face of How Those with Autoimmune Arthritis would be helped!

As you can see, we have Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. to thank for helping with such an extremely important study! Please take a look at their website to see they believe in patients being their inspiration!

This is truly a new step to the Future of Autoimmune Arthritis being diagnosed early, being treated earlier, less damage, and a better quality of life!

~~~~~~~~~ Congrats! To the both of them!!! This is a remarkable and memorable day ~~~~~~~~~

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