Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More Exciting News & My Blog Posting Helping Elsewhere....

Excited to Blog Elsewhere for An Extremely Important Cause 

Even though I am working to get my "first post" up, since I have been accepted to be a "Blog leader" for IFAA's blog, "Systemically Connected", I wanted to tell all of you! I've been so thrilled about this, that I can't stand to wait any longer!!!! :):) After getting to "graduate" this week from IFAA's "class" to become an "Active Volunteer" for them, I just have to include that I will be posting on their blog from time to time also. When all is in place, I will also have my blog link up in their website, and I'll be listed in the "Systemically Connected" Blog Writers! :):) I am just so overwhelmed, and in a good way about all of it. As just about all of you know, my "advocacy" and helping others fight these autoimmune arthritic illnesses, as well as all of the AI illnesses is NUMBER 1 for me!! Thus my writing, getting a couple of books published, and now as I hope "possibly" to have book number 3!!! able to be published by the end of 2014!!!  (I am not promising anything, because you never know what is in store) but my plan is to try and have it written, and ready for publication late 2014 or early 2015.  That one is so very important because it will be my own journey through the lifestyle of those with chronic illness and chronic pain... and a bit more about my life's path... Anyway, I realize with "health" there are no guarantees... and I fear the Rituxan maybe wearing off sooner than expected. I am having the same pain I had before I had the infusions over the past week, so I pray it is just the weather being so nuts, and not the medication "stopping" to work before the 4 to 6 months it should last. ...more to come... I want to get my blog post on this up and then get busy on a couple more things for today!!!! 

By the way, both IFAA and Systemically Connected have link right on the front page on my blog here. You will see them down on the right hand side below my posts.....


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