Sunday, December 1, 2013

Just a Couple of Happenings in my World to catch you up on...

YEAH!!!!!! I FINALLY got to finish the project I need to finish!!! My computer crashed out at the very worst moments of my life... I was in the middle of a "graduation project" for becoming an Active Volunteer for IFAA! I was just in the beginnings of working on it, when whatever transformer blew down the street, that took my I-MAC with it! i finally got my new I-MAC in Wednesday, and as I said I think the FEDEX man deliberately waited to bring mine as the very last delivery of the day! He always comes by 3pm. It was like 5pm before he arrived... I thought maybe he crashed his truck or something.. then of course we had to get all of my stuff off of my back up drive and onto my new one. And then settings, mail, you name it, of course, it had to be done. Plus there are SO MANY new features, that I am loving already and more I have to even learn about. So, finally after some Friday, part of yesterday and most of this morning and part of the afternoon, I finished up my research and just emailed it to Tiffany, who was the Founder, and now one of the 4 co-founders of IFAA! I also think I may get to participate in some other activities with another big health advocacy organization! I'll know more this week. PLUS HUGE news!!! I've had a couple of days over the past week almost 500!!!!! people on my blog!!!! I am so thrilled! I am so happy I didn't give up. So, I know it is something that is meant for me to do. I am also going to be a "lead blogger" on another site (one of the Lead bloggers)... there are several... and when that is official I will also post that too.... I finally feel like the work of all the advocacy that I feel it what I am here for is finally coming together! Lots of patience, lots of just waiting until the right moment, the right people, and the right time comes along... I am absolutely exhausted, but I am absolutely thrilled about all of it. 

There are some great things happening and I am honored to share them with all of you. You are the ones that make me keep going. Even when I "see" only a couple of "fans" have been here on one day, those over 400 the next makeup for it! I appreciate every one of you, and my hopes are that each of you will give in a bit off yourself, and comment on some of my posts. It doesn't have to be long and drawn out, but a few quick words about your feelings will always be welcome! As this holiday weekend winds down, and we look ahead just a few weeks until the next BIG TWO are coming soon, I hope everyone is safe, happy, and well. We always hear "take care of yourself", or we catch ourselves saying it, but most of the time, WE think we know better; and for the most part we do know ourselves better, just sometimes we don't "listen" very well!  

I hope to be back on the right track since the new I-MAC has arrived, and we shall see what the surgeon has to say about these darned hernia's tomorrow morning... I'll keep you posted...


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