Friday, December 6, 2013

Just to Mention a Couple New things on My Blog...

I am not exactly "patting myself on the back"... BUT I will say that I am eager to know what you truly think about the new "background image" on the top of my page, under the name and description of my blog! I had began working on the 'idea" for a couple of months. But, nothing I could think about or picture in my mind, was exactly what I WAS going to do. I didn't want to do the "same old thing". Yet it needed to be new, fresh and reflect what my blog is all about.

I thought about graphics and photos. But, those would be too MUCH in color. Even if I made the opacity extremely light, it still maybe too dark for others to read the Title and the Description, So, I opened up my "trusty" Photoshop program, that I have not played with or done anything in, for a long while.

Thus I had a picture in my mind of "words", words, turned and kind of "twisted and "turned", arced one way, then the other, much like our lives our and our bodies "feel" when we are afflicted with these diseases.

So I picked a color scheme I felt would match my blog background color, fixed a new file in PS (PhotoShop),  and began doing some thinking and rendering; then came up with a beautiful array of colors that matched the back ground colors of the entire blog page. I made a mistake at first in my "pixel" sizing of the graphic. For some reason I thought it needed to be longer and a bit thicker for it so that way it would match up as it is supposed to. I didn't at first think about resizing from the beginning because at first I figured I'd more than likely be "blurring" the names of the dieseases, or "skewing" it where you could "read" them but it would be more in the background of your mind, while the readers are actually looking more at the title, the blog posts, and so as I began to arc words up and down, turn them in one way, then the other, in rotation.

About 3 hours or so later, plus a couple of questions answered by the "Pro" here in the house, Voila'! A new background Image all of my own making... ;).

It is posted hook, line and sinker on my blog. I am so thrilled to have it up now. I also found out a couple of new things that I was able to also use here, and I hope it will help get me and my blog more out in the advocacy world, where I can hopefully do some good...:)  Pray for good vibes!!!! :):)

Advocacy in the realms of "chronic illnesses", takes a great deal of tenacity to get your thoughts, research, your own experiences with those around you....

Please leave a quick comment and let me know what you think ;)

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