Saturday, December 28, 2013

Only a Couple Days Left to Nominate for WEGO Activist Awards!!!!!

Please be sure you "run" over to WEGO Health and Nominate your favorite Activists!!! From the "best blog", to best health "activist" geek, there is an "award" for many that you may feel that deserve the "accolades" for their vast efforts in the realms of Health and how they give themselves willingly helping to show more people about different illnesses, make others more aware of illnesses, provide enough "pull and push" to get more research, more medications, more doctors, and more activists on board the "WEGO Health Train" and help to try and give more attention to so many health issues that definitely need to be looked into so much further!!!! 

Take a look at the link below and see which of your favorite health volunteers/activists may fit one or more of these Awards! The 31st of December is the Deadline so don't delay!!!!!

Below are only THREE of the 14 Health Activist Awards being given out by WEGO Health for the year's annual awards event!


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