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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


My "giving" today will be "giving everyone" an idea of how to give on this "Giving Tuesday!" Whether you are giving a "tip" to your guy that takes the groceries to your car, your beautician a larger tip, giving to one or more of your favorite charities, giving a lift up to an elderly person out of a chair, giving a hand putting a neighbors trash out at the curb.... maybe giving a hug to everyone you see today, and a handshake and tell them you appreciate their "service"... at the pharmacy, the bank, the doctors office... whether you give a lunch today through a local food bank, or donate blood to the blood bank.... it is not how LARGE OR SMALL the gift is... it is the "giving" that counts. Give a compliment, give your heart, give unselfishly, give information, directions, information, there are SO MANY ways, you can give of you, your time, yourself... just give... 

I have posted some places on my Facebook page that are non-profits and so forth that you can give to...whether it be the Arthritis Foundation, The Diabetes Foundation, to AIDS, to the homeless, to the people who need, and to those who just need a smile... give hope... for giving of oneself, is the gift of hope!!!

This NATION and this WORLD above ALL NEEDS HOPE!!!! It can start with "you" and "giving Tuesday!!!!" 

And it would be so incredible if giving Tuesday, turned into giving Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, the holiday, the month, the season, the year.... just one "good deed" can bring millions... so please take a moment, and give... a prayer, a "thumbs up"... Hope... 

With my gift to you today... Rhia... 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

"Resolving Resolutions" for 2014 & Weird Weather, High Humidity in December, & RA/Lupus PAIN!!!

It's Time for A Chance To Touch Others Lives, even through Autoimmune Illnesses, You CAN make A Difference!

As I am deciding as I do each year at this time what I shall decide to try and "change", do more of, less of, try new, stop the old... in other words... what some call my "Resolutions" for 2014, I actually don't like the term "resolutions". Simply said, more often than not, it is a "cliche'" and those things usually don't get accomplished. I'm not saying "we" just make them for lip service, but it has become this tradition to make your New Years Resolutions. Whether it be to eat healthier, quit smoking or other bad habits, visit family more, exercise more, get stress under control, and the list of those things we want to try and do or not do, to make our "New Year" a fresh beginning. As we press forward quickly into the 2014 year, and I do mean QUICKLY; as most of us, I also am reflecting upon 2013. I managed to get my 2nd prose and poetry book published! That was a great achievement! Yet, I am somewhat disappointed as myself because I did not get as far on my "life's battle with AA illnesses" as I wanted to. Last year 2012, I had made a promise to myself to have it ready for the last look overs and edits; then have it ready to publish in February 2014. At that time, the task seemed very possible. I was thrilled to have made myself a goal in date form. So, I put my eyes on the road of writing, yet got wrecked and knocked off that driven path several times over the course of 2013.

As I had begin to say in another blog post, that I still have not "published", I had been writing about our little neighborhood and town in general. Usually right at the first of December, every house on my street has some Christmas lights and decorations, including us. It is like we almost have an unspoken tradition on the block that we all put something up for the holiday, even if it is just lights. We have icicle lights that look amazing on the front of our tiny home. I had decorated my two beautiful planters last year with wrapped "presents", Xmas Flowers in silk, and had lights around those also. I had little sacks that I put the tiny battery operated tea lights in, in every window in the front, and always turned them on all night about the last two weeks before Christmas. A door decoration, our tree with our at that time 10 "sleigh bells" we order each year as a tradition from our very 1st Christmas together, little decorations that I hang up above each doorway in the house, cup towels decorated for the holidays, and my Christmas Bedspread set that is just beautiful with these "golden colored" sheets I use with it. At one time Jim and I even made a new Christmas puzzle together to hang up. It seems we either got bored with those (I have like 40 we put together, put on a backer board, and I have them hung up in the house. I have three "logs" that I had gotten from a huge limb that fell several years ago from one of our trees. I took the saw and cut off a fairly thick section about 14 to 16 inches long or so. Then I take Xmas flowers, ribbon, tiny decorations, cotton for snow etc, and decorate all three of them. One for each room we are in the most. Kitchen, Office and Living Room.

But, as of this morning, one neighbor has his lights up. Not one other home is lit up, including ours. As I began to reflect over the past couple of months in our own little world, there are MANY, MANY of us who just almost "missed" the fact that holidays are here! From the horrible things happening in our nation; destructive storms and weather, to wildfires, droughts, floods, crops destroyed by bugs. People are still hurting from job loss, homes being foreclosed on, trying to just feed a family, money is tight for a huge amount of our nation and around the world. I had a conversation with a close friend of mine. She had told me her husband, who has been with a company for 11 years, had his Christmas bonus cut down to ONLY 10% of what it always was!!!! This company is NOT hurting by any means. It had the financial ability to treat its employees right. Yet, one bad apple in the bunch, with greed as green as a gourd in a "management" position, took away from those who have worked for it, so he made himself look good. Thus his "bonus" is quite "stuffed", and the others that have been loyal employees for years, are facing Christmas, with children, and no idea until the last moment, they are not going to have the bonus they are expecting. GREED! It is all over this world!

As I look around at my sparsely decorated home, and see that we are certainly not alone, it instills in me, that we must open our eyes, and open our hearts to make a difference in this nation in the coming years.

Whether we are advocating for a medical and health causes, government cause, specific health problems, domestic violence, and all of the other 100's of Charitable causes we contribute to, we are giving of ourselves to make a difference in the quality of life for others. To me, giving of yourself, through being a volunteer for an organization you truly believe in, is one of the kindest, compassionate, and self less things you can do.

With "one" person's voice, we can "change" the world! One leads to two, two lead to 10, and from there it grows, shapes, expands and becoming a beautiful thing.

We can all give a bit of cash here they and yonder, but to give of your time, of your heart, and do it freely without an provocation but because you want to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer and who will suffer without OUR voices uniting together!

So, as we reflect on what is truly precious in our holidays activities, or as you think about some of those "New Years Resolutions" give thought to giving of "your time" as a volunteer online to something, someone, any cause that touches your heart and soul! Within those moments that you give of yourself freely, you shall find a peace that does pass beyond all you could ever understand....

Hopeful for a better year in 2014.... Rhia

Friday, December 6, 2013

Holidays, Autoimmune Illnesses, Pain, Stormy Winter Weather, & My thoughts about Christmas...

WOAH!!  Darned....  It is now thundering and lightening here like it was a Summer Storm! I don't know whether to look for ice or a tornado! Talk about some STRANGE weather! Supposed to be about 31 here, and dropping all day long... raining here, but could turn to sleet and freezing rain (what is the difference)?... anytime... just too weird.... I did get something accomplished yesterday finally. I got almost ALL of my Christmas Cards made out and addressed! :) Still have to finish writing my Annual Xmas Letter though  ;) since it appears I am going to be "rained, iced, and plain cold weathered in" I hope I can take advantage of not having to go run errands. I also fully intend on getting some of these "projects" around this house, and online done and completed! Honestly, I have not put up one Xmas decoration yet. And honestly, with everything going on, I don't FEEL like putting up any Xmas decorations yet... Jim went for the MRI on his neck Wednesday. He has NO insurance so this pay out of your pocket, even with a discount crap sucks. He had to have them start over several times. He said trying to lay with that neck a certain way, just sent him into horrid, unbearable pain (in his shoulder). The pain is NOT in his neck at all... it is his shoulder that is in pain. Kind of like mine... first it WAS my shoulder... they replaced that and THEN it WAS my NECK! So they did surgery on that. I just don't know what to even think... We both just want an answer about the pain. He has been dealing with it now for well over 2 months. And it just gets worse. And as I said above with NO insurance, we don't even know what we will face if there is something that needs to be surgically fixed. I want to hope it is something NOT requiring surgery. But, if I look at it honestly, he is in way too much misery for it to be anything "simple". I just wonder if they have it right. You know, you never know. WE also don't know how long it will be before we have results. From what they told him at the clinic itself he went to it might be awhile. Here I am going into surgery myself on the 30th for this hernia (quite honestly, the right one is getting larger. I just have to wonder if he doesn't need to do both of them)... and I'll not be able to lift, bend, etc... for weeks from what I've read. So, that just makes everything about the holidays feel more stressful... We MAY go to the Casino if weather allows actually and spend the night for Xmas. WE all have 2 free nights rooms... and we can do that, have an incredible Xmas dinner... and not have to cook, clean and so forth. Plus we would have ALL of the "lights" and decorations you can imagine! :):) LOL! everyday in there sounds and looks like a holiday! Now, I want to clarify a bit about how I feel about Christmas. I am ALL about family, love, hope, and what this holiday "truly means", rather than the "commercialized", expensive gift giving, going into debt for year giving, having the biggest, best, and grandest decor, lights, and all of that... I feel that Christmas should be celebrated with an Awe, Wonder, And Glad Feelings of the Birth of Our Savior. It is about the spirit that guides us through this world daily... giving us and unselfish love... that we should pass on daily to others.... Sure I believe in the tree, some gifts, great food, and pretty decor... it is a part of the holiday, as long is it is done in the "right frame work" of what this entire Season of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the New Year means and brings. Our "commercial" world has honestly ruined the true meaning by being so greedy, they can't wait until even the "day after" Thanksgiving, but now ON Thanksgiving to start to open and have people fighting over things to buy!!! They have "Xmas Decor" up with the Halloween stuff! I just don't believe that "employees" especially in the "retail" market should have to work at all on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Especially Christmas... it is a time that NO PURCHASE should be allowed or necessary. No one needs anything so badly that they need to get it Xmas day! Either get it before or the day after... and I get some health workers, and so forth must be on duty... there are some areas where it is a necessity to have a "skeleton crew" on board. But as a whole the retail business has just ruined the holidays for many of us. I hope that everyone finds the "true" meaning and blessing of this coming Christmas! May love win over all!!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas Cards to The Troops

For the last 4 years now, I've been participating in this. I just decided I needd to do "something" to show how much I appreciated these brave men and women that put their lives on the line each moment in order that our country, our world and all of us remain safe from those that want to harm us. It is a MASSIVE undertaking and without them I doubt seriously we would have FREE nation!

So, here is the deal, as the link below will explain:

The deadline is NOVEMBER 25th. Just buy some Christmas cards (I go to the Dollar Tree) here but any of your stores that sell things like this less expensive and pick out as many boxes as you feel you have time to write something in and get sent in by the deadline. I always promise myself I will buy them early or buy some at the end of the holidays this year for the next year, so I can get a head start to write in them. It needs to be a "handwritten" note inside the card. As much or as little as you want to write. NO stamps are needed, and you can put stickers on them, even put your email address in if you want, etc… I sometimes have included an email address.  Anyway, the guidelines are also listed in the URL:

This is one of the most precious things I think I do now for the holidays. To give a kind word or a few words to let those who are far away from home, family and loved ones fighting for all of us…

Please even if you only have time to do even a few cards, it is truly worth it. Where to mail them is in the site.