Sunday, September 25, 2016

Information on FM and How the Weather Effects IT - Just like those of us with any type of joint/muscle issues, Lupus, RA, Osteoarthritis & So Much More

Also things We Hope Others that Know Us have Learn about Chronic Pain during Chronic Pain Awareness Month

And The Staggering Toll The Chronic Pain Takes on So Many!

We continue to be a very LONG way from resolving the MANY issues and illnesses that result in so often severe and many times Daily CHRONIC PAIN! Those that have never experienced this type of ailment have no clue as to how it effects every aspect of your life. We are not "insane or crazy"... and we do not have "chronic pain" to get attention. We don't use it as an "excuse" to get out of work, family gatherings, going out or helping with things. We are truly in such pain, that often times just a loud noise can make us shutter in such terrible pain. Whether it be headaches, bone and joint pain, nerve pain of so many types, pain from the back, from illnesses such as FM, Lupus, RA, Osteoarthritis, and lately I have learned that even DEMENTIA can cause "chronic pain". So the next time you see someone that appears to be hurting, or they park in a "handicapped" spot with a placard, and they "seem" to "look okay" - NEVER take that for granted... many of us try to "hide" our pain in public, we don't want anyone to feel sorry for us, or look at us oddly, or start asking lots of questions. So, we find ways to either "hide" that pain for a bit, or we just don't go out and stay behind closed doors until it is where we can make it out without showing the pain.

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