Saturday, September 3, 2016

ANYONE LOCALLY - (Ellis County TEXAS) Who maybe able to assist me with some painting and carpentry work!

I "realize" this is not a "usual post" for here, but I felt as many of us that are here from Ennis, may be able to point me, or point someone to me to help me out with these things. Mom passed away in June as many of you know from an extremely aggressive type of dementia. She was "okay" in January, and by May, was in bed, in diapers, and had no clue who I, nor herself was, or even could get out of bed. So, here is my "post" - anyone who maybe able to help out, please let them know to contact me - Thanks so much Pam Ravishing Rhiannon Steele -

I've just POSTED in a couple of Ennis TX and Ellis County TX posts about needing to hire someone to come in & help me finish the inside painting of the house I am working on. My Rheumatoid Arthritis/Lupus are keeping me from doing this myself, as I wanted to.I can barely hold a paint brush right now. by the way, the house is barely 1,000 sq. ft. & is only 2 bedroom, one bath. I've picked out all of the paints (or most of them and have began how I want it to look.)
 I am looking for someone to put siding on the one car garage, put up some new handrails on the front porch (about 4 or 5 steps) and then put one on the back porch (about 2 or 3 steps) down. I am furnishing ALL of the materials. I will want a new garage door put on the garage also. 
Those are my "MAIN" things If you know of anyone is my area, who can paint & do a bit of carpenter work, is reliable, please tell them to message me here, OR send me an email to I will keep an eye on that email address for anyone, who may help. I thought I would finish the painting myself, but there is just no way, with my health issues, I can continue to do some of it, but I need help. Thanks so much! 
There are some trees and limbs that need to go and an old piece of bus on my back lot, that is FULL OF BEES! They have been here all of the early Spring and Summer, and I've not been able to see the hive, but it must be huge! So, BEES and BUS can go, if anyone wants to haul it off for the scrap metal to sell. 

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