Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Just a look at what I've been working on, even with a right hand so swollen I can barely move my fingers - NEVER let ANY DISEASE make YOU think YOU CANT - YOU CAN!!! (or most of the time you can)

WELL!!! The Living Room is almost done. Of course the ceiling is not painted, and I still have to do the floor, but I got it all painted, and the chair railings all up and finished this afternoon! I am quite proud of my work, although I can see the “mistakes” hopefully no one else will notice. Then the kitchen wall, and I got it almost finished and have the chair railing up in there. Now the “red” blob…

DO NOT make fun of me yet… LOL, When I finish, I hope it will turn out half as well as the hallway did in my house here… I found the “glitter” to go into the gold paint, so I will paint the upper half red, and white on the bottom, same as the others, but I am going to “sponge”, use newspaper, paper towels, possibly rag roll the gold over the red. If it turns out like I can picture it in my mind, along with my red and yellow curtains, plus my bedspread that has all of those colors mixed in,

 I think it will turn out awesome… if not I guess I will be repainting the bedroom! LOL!! That is the ONE thing I figured out after all of my years of DIY at homes, whether painting, fixing, repairing or whatever, if you feel you do not like it, like coloring your hair, just do it over another way! It can be “fixed” ….. anyway, I am exhausted and my right hand is so swollen you can barely see my knuckles.. and that “sawing” was all done by ME, by HAND with a “miter saw” by the way… no electric saw of any kind, it cut all of those railing pieces by hand…. :)

I know I shall "suffer" the pain and swelling, and all that comes with undertaking a project when you are in chronic pain, and living with several chronic illnesses.., BUT AT LEAST "trying" to partially do something you love, whatever that is, is a WIN WIN even if you Can't FINISH it, you are still a winner because you TRIED! We "try" to never allow chronic pain and illnesses to ruin our "want to's" and joys in life...although at times they take over, when we have a fighting chance, we FIGHT!!!!

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